Obama Administration Kills Off 100 Year Old Oyster Farm

Another Obama success story…
The Drakes Bay Oyster Co. has been in business for 100 years.
Then came Barack Obama.
Yesterday, the Obama Administration shut down the oyster farm. They said it was for environmental reasons.

The farm produced 40% of California oysters.
ABC reported:

Kevin Lunny’s struggle to keep his family’s oyster farm running in Point Reyes National Seashore appears to be over, closing out an era of oysterman plying the park’s pristine waters and ushering in the nation’s newest ocean wilderness.

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s announcement Thursday that he was allowing the oyster farm’s lease to expire took many by surprise — especially Drakes Bay Oyster Co. owner Lunny — whose family also operates a cattle ranch in the park.

“We expected a different decision. We really thought that there was a right and a wrong here, and we expected the secretary to make the right decision,” Lunny said.

Salazar’s move keeps intact a Congressional mandate from 1976 that sought to restore Drakes Estero to its natural state, removing the oyster racks and motor boats used to shuttle the shelled delicacies to and from shore. Environmentalists and the National Park Service said the farm disturbed harbor seal pupping, and damaged native plants.

In the end, after millions of dollars spent on studies and years of heated debate, Salazar decided that returning the area to its natural state was more important than allowing a popular local business to continue operating.

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  • JR

    This oyster farm is nothing compared to the inductrial destruction Obama is heaping on the military industries, on NASA, and on energy. Throw on that the destruction Obama has wreaked on our Middle East alliances. The saddest day in American history was November 6, 2012. Why did America re-elect Captain Destructo?

  • Francesca

    Can they appeal this one-man decision?

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  • All_IS_LOST

    When thinking about trusting the government with promises short and long term please review the history of Native Americans.

  • Rebekah Adams

    Typical of an administration that believes it knows better. Un elected officials with power are simply tyrants

  • Earthmover

    Something stupid and harmful to the United States everyday! ONLY 1500 days left.

  • How terribly sad, I cannot imagine what these people will do now that all they have known has been forced from their lives.

    #4 All_IS_LOST… exactly! Brilliant point.

  • CR

    That’s weird. Oysters are filter-feeders that clean the water they live in. More oysters equals cleaner water. A lot of resources have been spent in the Chesapeake Bay to increase oyster populations. Expect the same nonsense here.

    The decision can be appealed but don’t expect the DOJ to provide any real justice. Eric Holder and ‘his people’ will maintain status quo. It’s not like we need food anyway. School kids just love their new smaller lunches, right? Leftists will continue to close farms, ban private farming, burn grains for ethanol, lockup federal lands for any use whatsoever, and nothing bad will happen. Bad things don’t happen in liberal utopias, right?

  • Nosmo

    It would be interesting to find out who the owner and workers voted for…

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  • Robert

    Agenda 21 in full effect.

  • Berry Oakley

    Yeah Nosmo, w/b very helpful to know if the Oyster farm owners voted for/against Obamao

  • dave

    modern day tea party.

    move thousands of boats to the area and help them keep their business.

    the loons call civil disobedience “terrorism” and “terrorist” that kill people are freedom fighters.

  • dw dude

    what level of repression of the people’s freedom does it take to initiate the disappearance of these federal officials?

  • saveus

    all hail obama the great

    destroying the USA day by day, business by business, job by job, state by state, person by person, dollar by dollar.

    thank you idiot voters
    what will you do when there is no one left to tax to get your free stuff???

  • cavt

    #9 and #12 Actually I think it would be more interesting to see if any off the competing oyster companies(still in business) are a large Obama bundler.

  • CatoRenasci

    Growing up in the area, I’ve often eaten the Lunny’s oysters. They’re very decent people getting screwed by government, but — sadly — it’s a little hard to be sympathetic: the family sold the property to the government with a lease to use it (the ‘sale and leaseback’ many firms have done over the past 30 years to take cash out of a business) and now the government won’t renew their lease. Unless there are contractual issues the stories don’t explain, the lack of a written promise they could renew indefinitely (which would have probably made the sale a sham for tax purposes and would have violated the rule against perpetuities, anyway), they don’t have a legal argument. Lay down with dogs and you get fleas. Trust the government and you get screwed.

  • myohmy

    Cherokee Indians trusted Andrew Jackson and ensued trail of tears. An example of government social engineering.

    If sold in the 70’s, your parents probably voted for Jimmy Carter.

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  • why don’t they re-open as a green energy business then the government will give them millions and they won’t have to raise any oysters either.

  • bobbymike

    Just like all far leftists the individual is to be destroyed for the greater good. I really thought America understood this leading up to the election that this is what Obama wants.

    I just cannot believe he won re-election.

  • Donna S

    I live 30 minutes away from Drakes Bay. This company is a fixture to our coast. Everyone loves their oysters. What are these people hurting? What wrong have they done? One man worked there for 30 yrs. and he has five kids. Now he and the others are unemployed. Good god, how is this happening to our country. Such gov. control. It’s like Russia for gods’ sakes. I’m sure this is happening on other parts of our country but of course, this one has me mad as it concerns my neighbors, hard working neighbors. I call B. S.

  • rumcrook

    Destroying businesses, its what this admin does. Over and over and over.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The farm produced 40% of California oysters.

    Again it needs to be said: Elections have consequences.

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    As other locals have noted here, it is to cry. I don’t know how the owners voted, but – naturally – the whiners supporting the “wilderness” designation have tagged them as being “rich.” You know what they mean by that: bad people who deserve to be slapped down “by any means necessary.”

    And the Coast Miwok have been harvesting oysters in this “wilderness” for how many millennia???

  • ag

    more good news, yet again .. 4 more years .. i guess the white house is stockpiling twinkies for state dinners..

  • JDubya

    I would wager that you will see another group, more “eco-friendly” (as well as a bundler) get the lease. This is how the Progs get their wealth: they steal it from someone else, then ride it until it crashes.

  • andre

    You must understand that this is how a socialist government consolidates power. One need only read the history of the former USSR to see how the kulaks as a class of landowning peasants (who also employed people and rented equipment and lent money) were destroyed sent to gulags or elsewhere. Their land was confiscated for collective farms. The collective farms performed dismally and there was famine, but who cares, socialism and destruction of the middle class was well underway.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    I’m sure that Feinstein was behind this. Yet more unemployment in the Peoples Demokratic Socialist Republik of Kaliforniastan. It’s only the beginning of the end. Now the oysters that the Libs will be eating will be from China and be full of heavy metals.

    Just a heads up, the ‘administration’ want’s your 401k, they also want to come in your house and tax you on your assets…again. Of course for the fools that voted for our Dear Leader it’s not going to matter, until it’s too late.

  • Joanne

    I do not believe for a second that the American people re-elected Obama – he stole the election with voter fraud. He is going to pick off employers one by one – this is socialism. They must control the food sources…….but carry on. This same thing is happening in B.C., Canada – closing down small farms by the thousands and then re-labelling the land to residential from farm status and charging taxes so high, people have to sell their land and homes for next to nothing or have to pay thousands in taxes or lose their land and homes. This is socialism – it is everywhere.

  • Flintstone F.

    Obama tracks. They’re everywhere. Usually in association with Obama droppings. Yep, there’s the that stench. The path of destruction heads off that way…

    The industry has been shut down but you can bet your last dollar, Chewy sucked down all she could get her hands on before it was done.

  • CT

    Welcome to the Obamination of America, fight back, make them pay for the tyranny.

  • Look-Out

    Well, don’t we all know…oysters “make you ‘orny, baybee!” —

    wouldn’t want any unplanned offspring…we’ve got too many as it is.

    And don’t worry about Mooch. She’ll make sure her supply of shellfish is only the best and always available. Lobsters…yum!

    The rest of us? We’ll be lucky to afford ground turkey…that is if Mooch allows it.

  • shadow

    I’m sure that Feinstein was behind this. Yet more unemployment in the Peoples Demokratic Socialist Republik of Kaliforniastan.

    Apparently you didn’t read the entire article.
    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and the National Academy of Sciences claimed park officials were trying to get rid of the oyster farm by exaggerating its negative impacts on the environment.

    On Thursday, Feinstein said she was extremely disappointed by the decision by Salazar that will put 30 people out of work.

    “The National Park Service’s review process has been flawed from the beginning with false and misleading science,” she said in a statement.

  • Economan

    Now they’re gonna increase the price of oysters!


  • Black n Texas (@BlacknTexas)

    I use to work just down the road from there. We bought oysters from them on a regular basis. Really sorry to see them fall victim to govt idiots. But I’m sure California won’t notice the closer of another business.

  • greenfairie

    As a sign I saw on the internet yesterday said, “Bend over, here it comes.”

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  • Steve

    House Majority GOP Majority Whip Video: WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

    This is Small Business America:


  • wWooDd

    A mandate from 1976 is the driving factor yet everybody here blames the Obama administration? I’m a ‘foaming at the mouth’ Republican if there ever was one but I cannot blame the current administration for something enacted almost 40 years ago. Why don’t you talk to the Gerald Ford administration about this?

  • Radegunda

    Remember when the Dems (Clinton/Gore) campaigned on the theme of “Putting People First”? When does that start?

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  • Sasja

    They are putting people first. It’s just that it’s their cronies. The great unwashed can just drop dead.

    If only using garlic against libs would have the same effect.


  • Joe Normal

    Dear obummer criminals: Do what you do as fast as you can. Get it over with. Why not just start shooting whitey and burning down houses of people who did not vote for you?? Go ahead and start the killing.

  • dunce

    The family should have known that you can not make a deal with the devil and that is what the government is, a soulless entity,with no moral base. Once again, no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Look-Out

    From the article —

    The national seashore was added to the federal parks system by Congress in 1962, and protects more than 80 miles of California coastline.

    Congressional mandate in ’76 along with the above in ’62…Democrats in control of both houses during those years…just doin’ their thang.

    Team Barry, of course, happy to seal the deal. And our fate.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    On Thursday, Feinstein said she was extremely disappointed by the decision by Salazar that will put 30 people out of work.

    “The National Park Service’s review process has been flawed from the beginning with false and misleading science,” she said in a statement.

    Haw haw haw. Think this will ignite a spark in her tiny little brain that maybe all that unabashed leftism may not be a good thing after all?

    Nah, I don’t think so either.

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  • billntwrk

    enjoy your imported Chinese Oysters

  • Dave-O

    They should simply declare themselves “Native Americans” ala Elizabeth Warren and claim aboriginal fishing rights to these waters.

  • gonzo

    The only thing I can add is with all the Obama mandates, and edicts, and top down demands, there is one thing that is lurking in the background….. and it is a law…….and that law is……The law of unintended consequences…….when there is no balance, of harvesting, overpopulation occurs, then total wipeout due to lack of sustainable food for a species.. give it a few years and the damage will become evident…


    Smells of agenda 21……

  • Rose

    Who believes that Ken Salazar never eats sea food. Let his table in his home and in his office be filled with his own Harvest.

    Let his own plate runneth over with the bounty of his own seed crops.

  • Michael Ward

    #24 said it best. Elections have consequences. Of course the folks that voted for Oblameo could not care less about business. They are still getting their check every month.

  • Reaganquest

    Cutting Americans off from their own natural rescources meand more business for Obama’s buddies in China and Russia.

  • bg


    S. 384 & H.R. 3077 & H.R. 2749 I

    Global Food Security Act, S.384, to give $billions
    to Monsanto, other GMO producers
    April 13, 2010

    [“At the end of the day, the GM mandate has more to do with breaking
    open markets for American biotech corporations than fighting hunger,”
    explained Annie Shattuck of the Institute for Food and Development
    Policy. “To get at the root of the global hunger crisis, we need to tackle
    poverty, something no technological silver bullet can ever do.”


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