Another Obama success story…
The Drakes Bay Oyster Co. has been in business for 100 years.
Then came Barack Obama.
Yesterday, the Obama Administration shut down the oyster farm. They said it was for environmental reasons.

The farm produced 40% of California oysters.
ABC reported:

Kevin Lunny’s struggle to keep his family’s oyster farm running in Point Reyes National Seashore appears to be over, closing out an era of oysterman plying the park’s pristine waters and ushering in the nation’s newest ocean wilderness.

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s announcement Thursday that he was allowing the oyster farm’s lease to expire took many by surprise — especially Drakes Bay Oyster Co. owner Lunny — whose family also operates a cattle ranch in the park.

“We expected a different decision. We really thought that there was a right and a wrong here, and we expected the secretary to make the right decision,” Lunny said.

Salazar’s move keeps intact a Congressional mandate from 1976 that sought to restore Drakes Estero to its natural state, removing the oyster racks and motor boats used to shuttle the shelled delicacies to and from shore. Environmentalists and the National Park Service said the farm disturbed harbor seal pupping, and damaged native plants.

In the end, after millions of dollars spent on studies and years of heated debate, Salazar decided that returning the area to its natural state was more important than allowing a popular local business to continue operating.




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  1. This oyster farm is nothing compared to the inductrial destruction Obama is heaping on the military industries, on NASA, and on energy. Throw on that the destruction Obama has wreaked on our Middle East alliances. The saddest day in American history was November 6, 2012. Why did America re-elect Captain Destructo?

  2. Can they appeal this one-man decision?

  3. When thinking about trusting the government with promises short and long term please review the history of Native Americans.

  4. Typical of an administration that believes it knows better. Un elected officials with power are simply tyrants

  5. Something stupid and harmful to the United States everyday! ONLY 1500 days left.

  6. How terribly sad, I cannot imagine what these people will do now that all they have known has been forced from their lives.

    #4 All_IS_LOST… exactly! Brilliant point.

  7. That’s weird. Oysters are filter-feeders that clean the water they live in. More oysters equals cleaner water. A lot of resources have been spent in the Chesapeake Bay to increase oyster populations. Expect the same nonsense here.

    The decision can be appealed but don’t expect the DOJ to provide any real justice. Eric Holder and ‘his people’ will maintain status quo. It’s not like we need food anyway. School kids just love their new smaller lunches, right? Leftists will continue to close farms, ban private farming, burn grains for ethanol, lockup federal lands for any use whatsoever, and nothing bad will happen. Bad things don’t happen in liberal utopias, right?

  8. It would be interesting to find out who the owner and workers voted for…

  9. Agenda 21 in full effect.

  10. Yeah Nosmo, w/b very helpful to know if the Oyster farm owners voted for/against Obamao

  11. modern day tea party.

    move thousands of boats to the area and help them keep their business.

    the loons call civil disobedience “terrorism” and “terrorist” that kill people are freedom fighters.

  12. what level of repression of the people’s freedom does it take to initiate the disappearance of these federal officials?

  13. all hail obama the great

    destroying the USA day by day, business by business, job by job, state by state, person by person, dollar by dollar.

    thank you idiot voters
    what will you do when there is no one left to tax to get your free stuff???

  14. #9 and #12 Actually I think it would be more interesting to see if any off the competing oyster companies(still in business) are a large Obama bundler.

  15. Growing up in the area, I’ve often eaten the Lunny’s oysters. They’re very decent people getting screwed by government, but — sadly — it’s a little hard to be sympathetic: the family sold the property to the government with a lease to use it (the ‘sale and leaseback’ many firms have done over the past 30 years to take cash out of a business) and now the government won’t renew their lease. Unless there are contractual issues the stories don’t explain, the lack of a written promise they could renew indefinitely (which would have probably made the sale a sham for tax purposes and would have violated the rule against perpetuities, anyway), they don’t have a legal argument. Lay down with dogs and you get fleas. Trust the government and you get screwed.

  16. Cherokee Indians trusted Andrew Jackson and ensued trail of tears. An example of government social engineering.

    If sold in the 70’s, your parents probably voted for Jimmy Carter.

  17. why don’t they re-open as a green energy business then the government will give them millions and they won’t have to raise any oysters either.

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