New Hope for HoHos?… Judge Orders Hostess to Mediate With Union

New hope for HoHos?

A bankruptcy judge today ordered Hostess Brands Inc. to mediate with unions before he would allow the company to liquidate and sell off assets.
Hostess shut down last week after a union strike crippled the company.
FOX2 Now reported:

Hostess Brands Inc. and its second largest union will go into mediation to try and resolve their differences, meaning the Irving, Texas-based company won’t go out of business just yet. The news came Monday after Hostess moved to liquidate and sell off its assets in bankruptcy court citing a crippling strike last week.

The bankruptcy judge hearing the case says that the parties haven’t gone through the critical step of mediation and asked the lawyer for the bakery’s union to ask his client, who wasn’t present, if he would agree to participate.

The case is being heard by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York in White Plains, N.Y.

Hat Tip Ed

Earlier today it was reported that Private equity firm Sun Capital Partners wants to buy the bankrupt bakeries.

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  • Objective Analysis

    You know, it would not surprise me that the Union Bosses probably needed to save face after their comments regarding liquidation became public and then their members began to realize that with 23 million already looking for work and can’t find it, that they needed to try and work with those mean old capitalists owners.


  • westsun

    This is a joke…will not change a thing…mediation…LOL!! Hey Judge the company is BROKE..get off your fat JUDICIAL REAR END and pay the bills….there is no mediation…the Union cannot accept what it would not before and the company does not have the MONEY!! God what part of that does the judge not understand….typical lawyer in a Black Robe…where is the Attorney??…LOL!! Pathetic!

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  • Rose

    Judges don’t have authority to make people stay in business just to give union members fat lazy NON-JOB PAYCHECKS.

    These idiots already have it in their contracts they don’t have to DELIVER WONDER BREAD AND TWINKIES IN THE SAME DELIVERY TRUCK!

    They are JERKS!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    A bankruptcy judge today ordered Hostess Brands Inc. to mediate with unions before he would allow the company to liquidate and sell off assets.

    Mediate? The previous offer is presumably the last one, and the union rejected it.

    What’s there to mediate over?

  • hermie

    The bakers union told Hostess to stuff their offer.

    The union went on strike.

    The union bosses are now crying about Hostess deciding to give up.

    The judge is probably a union flunky who thinks that his little decree that Hostess has to stay in business will make it so.

  • Ghost

    Opening Statement,

    Hostess: you believe me now?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Earlier today it was reported that Private equity firm Sun Capital Partners wants to buy the bankrupt bakeries.

    Out of curiosity, what does the baker’s union have to say about this? Isn’t Sun Capital Partners an outfit similar to the hated Bain?

  • bg


    okay i give, is that Union Thuggery or Judicial
    Activism?? oh wait, it’s an Obama world.. 😛


  • Chris W.

    Michael Moore seen nodding in approval.

  • Jo

    I think Bain should buy it and hire non union employees.

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    US government and state governments

    Can has taken away your property to give to another.
    Has taken your money to give to another.
    Has taken away your right to defend yourself and to own weapons.
    Has limited what you can say and what you are allowed to think.
    Has made certain crime more punishable depending on what your thoughts were at the time.
    Has created laws to support and to attack religions of their choice.
    Has taken away the right of owners to open, move, or close their businesses.
    Has forced you to buy products.
    Has forced you to buy products for others.
    Has helped kill millions of babies.
    Has imprisoned wrongfully.
    Has broken its own laws to financially favor certain groups.
    Has failed to provide security for US sovereignty.
    Has taken the rights of states away.

    The list goes on and on. If you think the Constitution has anything to do with this lawless United States government you are a fool. If you think Republicans are better than Democrats in this regard you are a fool.

  • Stephana

    the judge can not have any say. The company is bankrupt and asked for liquidation.

  • J


  • Economan

    The company already tried to reason with the unions. It’s the union that was unreasonable. Negotiations are over.

  • Dave-O

    #2 and #14 have it exactly right. What part of “broke” does the judge not understand? Yes, management/ownership has certain rights, labor has certain rights, but CREDITORS have certain rights too – chief among them is wanting to get paid!! If management says that things have gone too far to re-establish the business, the judge has no business substituting his “business judgment” for theirs. Does the judge have “skin” in the game?? I doubt it. Let those who DO call the shots – not some armchair quarterback in a black robe.

  • Indiana

    JUDGE….SIR: “Kiss my a$$.”

  • SoLongSong

    It’s a wonder Hostess made any profit at all:

    ……” the striking union, whose 5,000 members pull in as much as $22 an hour plus medical benefits, get nine weeks of paid leave and a company pension. It ignored the warning and Nov. 15 deadline and now will take 100% losses on salaries and benefits instead of the 8% requested by management.”

    Then there are the union bosses…
    FRANK HURT PRESIDENT $262,654.00

  • Rose

    I would love to see the union be forced to buy it at full retail price without the patented recipes – and be forced to run it WITHOUT TAX DOLLARS AT ALL EVER!!!!

    And watch it fold up like Hamas-run Gaza Greenhouses for LACK OF MANAGEMENT SKILLS. And not be worth JACK DIRT.

  • Beth

    Give it up judge. This goose that laid the eggs was eaten up by the unions.

  • democraps suck

    Screw the liberal judge…F the union thugs….game over beeotches

  • Sandy

    How bout the Judge forcing the Unions to mediate with Hostess? Are companies not allowed to go bankrupt anymore? Most they be forced to pay Union Workers when they no longer have the money to do so?

  • Sandy

    I can see it now. Sell your homes CEO’s, take your children out of school you must meet the Union salary demand even if it means you must sacrifice everything to do so.

  • I just hope the mediator won’t be way in the bag for those union Ho-Ho hores.

    I despise spoiled-rotten union thugs who drive a company to wrack and ruin, then continue screaming about the evil fat-cat capitalist business owners.

    My dad was a union pipe-fitter, and my mom was a union worker worker in the powder plant (packing artillery-shell loads). But that was before unions got so much power, greed and arrogance that they became the new de facto slave-drivers.

  • myohmy

    Does the judge how to run a business and what bankruptcy means? Maybe the judge should buy the company. What an idiot.

  • anti-bho

    ” I got 15 Kids.Somebody has to pay for my kids.”

  • oldguy

    I said it would be a mistake to file for bankruptcy as some government employee would rule against the company. They should have just let the strike continue.

  • Buffalobob

    #17 Creditors have rights. just ask the bond holders of GM hat obama stiffed in order to fatten the union pensions.

  • anti-bho

    Sorry kids. Yo Momma needs to zip it up. Would it help if maybe she married one of those ally cats?

  • Grandma Perkins

    Supplies are running dangerously low! Can’t a judge order these miscreants back to work?!

    A steady supply of fresh Twinkies are crucial to the security of our nation!!!

  • Mad Hatter

    Better Sun Capital than the Bimbo company from Mexico.

    I hope Sun Capital closes on it, and tells the Alinsky Unions where to go.

  • Freddy

    Do not take this as some major move by the judge. He is going to try to give them a week or so to find a deal that is better for EVERYONE. The judge is unlikely to try to force anyone into a deal they do not like as it will fail miserably. (Regardless of government officials claiming otherwise, coerced deals never end well)

  • Over at Brietbart michael moore wants people to “throw the rich off the fiscal cliff”.

    I for one, would toss him off first, that dude could create a whole new land mass lol!

  • dnb03

    #19: Where are the feminists when you need them? That list looks suspiciously sexist. I don’t see any feminine sounding names?

  • dwdude

    that twinkie is burnt…move on. let them sell and reorganize in a right to work state…come to florida, i can use a good paying job and i won’t complain.

  • Sasja

    They have bakeries in right-to-work states. We have one and the workers there decided to support the strikers.

  • Highlander

    Since when are judges allowed to prevent a company from closing it’s doors and liquidating it’s assets? Am I still in America, or did someone pull a fast one on me and ship me off to some third world company while I was asleep? Who is John Galt?

  • robert

    Looks like a company finally said “SCREW THE UNIONS”.

    Now 18k are out of a job.

    Wonder if they will continue to pay their dues from their un-employment check?

    Sometimes things have a way of turning around & kicking you right in the @ss!

  • JW

    What a bunch of crap. Who in their right mind would want to go into business with such an anti-business environment? They tried to negotiate, the unions refused, so the business went under. End of story.

    Now, in the USSA, you can not go out of business unless a judge says you can…. Good grief.

  • I see I am not the only person that has a screwball sense of humor, when it comes to Hostess.

    New hope of ho-ho’s. Bahahaha!

  • oops.

    Make that new hope FOR ho-hos… LOL

  • Jsmith

    Hostess should go bankrupt and reorganize without the unions so they can stay in business and provide jobs.

  • Dave

    I am shocked at the outrage toward the unions on this board – well, not shocked because of your political backgrounds, but just shocked that you all see the world in such black and white. Have unions always been the best thing for every worker out there? Of course not – but I can not see how you can blame the unions again and again for this Hostess thing. Let’s look at the numbers:

    As part of the bankruptcy, they were going to fire 18,000 workers and then pass out $1.75 billion in bonuses to 19 senior managers. $1.75 billion! The last time that Hostess and the unions were at the table, the unions agreed to pay and benefit cuts to keep the company going, but Hostess turned around and fired 20% of their employees anyway AND still gave out huge bonuses – WHILE they were already $1 billion in debt. You all moan and cry that the unions are the ones costing Americans jobs, but it’s the executives who are squeezing this company dry while squeezing the workers until they are out of a job – AND since they’re the ones running the company, the top brass are the ones responsible for the debt in the first place! The pattern is, make the workers pay until they’re broke and have no ability to pull themselves up while the few at the top take a bigger and bigger slice. That doesn’t sound much like the American way to me.

  • JoeM

    Note the interesting choice of words in the article. (Although they may just be the reporter’s and not the judge’s.)

    “Judge Orders Hostess to Mediate With Union.”

    “The bankruptcy judge…asked the lawyer for the bakery’s union to ask his client, who wasn’t present, if he would agree to participate.”

    One side is ordered to negoitate the other is asked.

  • Daisy

    I work for a store that has secured product from another vendor. The loss of shelf space will be another problem for Hostess if they manage to restart production.

  • Highlander

    Dave, how many businesses have you owned or operated? Until you can tell me that you’ve BUILT and OPERATED any form of a business, you can take your righteous lectures about “fairness” and the American way and jam them where the sun doesn’t shine. Businesses aren’t in business to be fair, to support the government, to make their employees wealthy, or to stroke your faux patriotism. They’re in business to make a profit. And when they are no longer sufficiently profitable, as DEFINED BY THE PEOPLE THAT OWN AND OPERATE THEM, the owners have EVERY RIGHT to shut them down, liquidate the assets, pay themselves for their troubles, and move on. Despite your opinion to the contrary, it is a PRIVILEGE to work for a company, not a right, and employees or armchair executives like you don’t get to decide how much profit is “enough”. When employees extort money from their employers to the point where the employers decide it is no longer worth their effort to stay in business, they DESERVE to lose their jobs. Period.