MSNBC host Toure couldn’t control himself this week after Obama won reelection:
“Tears of joy for me, the White House is staying black!”
Via Weasel Zippers and Right Newz:



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  1. Just hang that black al queda flag on it and be done with it!

  2. Pathetic… he one of Obama’s buttbuddies?

  3. Lord, so does our country………..

    Third Day – “I Need A Miracle” (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

  4. This partisan hack cannot go beyond the prism of race. Sad day for America.

  5. “Black is black..I want my baby back”—60’s lyrics
    “They smile in your face, all the while they want to take your place, the back-stabbers” —
    More Lyrics…

  6. What a racist clown. How does this guy keep his job?

  7. How is that not racist? Suppose Romney had won and someone said ‘Thank God the White House is white again?’ Being blind to ones own racism is just a side effect of a brain rotted by liberal idiocy.

  8. Yet MSNBC calls everyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist…

    This asswipe is truly a racist.

  9. What if Romney had won and Hannity or Limbaugh had said “tears of joy for me…the white house is WHITE again!”…I can only imagine the terror that would’ve rained down on them…

  10. So blacks are happy Obama gets a second try to do the following:

    Increase black unemployment from 14% to 20% (aka layoffs and business closures will pale what happen in 2010)
    Increase dependency on govt subsidies (disability, food stamps, etc…)
    Increase in crime (you thought Detroit and Chicago were bad)

    A GREAT DEPRESSION LIKE IN FDR DAYS IS UPON US. Stock up on your bible, guns and food/water to survive.

  11. I think the house should go all in on Obama.
    Obama wants taxes on the rich then the House should pass a 99% tax on everyone making more than $1 million a year. When the dems balk than throw their tax the rich lines in their face.
    When Obama talks about gun control. the House should pass a bill for total gun confiscation.
    Let the dems deal with the backlash.
    When Obama talks about extending unemployment for a year then the House should extend them for 10 years.
    We are going downhill so go all in on the dems policies and lets rush this process along.
    Shove their policies down their throats and choke on them.
    Let the party of free stuff reign.

  12. We completely lost the meaning of racism when the NAACP, BET, LA RAZA and Jet were accepted as culturally good, but anything like that for whites would be racist. A white man cannot exist or win with those rules.

  13. Yeah because the color of one’s skin was the most important during the election. I’m so sick of this color crap.

  14. @#12 retired militaryq

    I completely agree with you. Things will be terrible with or without House obstruction. I say we don’t give the media an excuse to blame everything on the GOP. But instead of ‘going in’ for all things Dems put on the floor they abstain unless they are for it.

    The depression was terrible. I believe we are in a depression now hidden by food stamps and government hand outs. What I am recommending will lead to destruction greater than the depression as there will be no WWII to save us, and we will lose the dollar as the world’s currency.

    The depression taught people very hard lessons. It taught people to depend on themselves, not a company or government. It taught people how to do for themselves the basic things needed to live. It taught people that recreation was good in its place and not all the time. It taught hard work was of value.

    My grandparents knew all of this. My father knew half of this. I know a quarter of this. My children know nothing of this. My grandson will either relearn this or die.

  15. What an intellectual light weight….

  16. Racism continues for a reason.

  17. He is forgetting Barry’s white half.

    The White house stayed gold, as in Goldman Sachs.

  18. In other words: “I don’t care how many more black people lose their jobs, as long as I can stick it to the whites.”


    And the layoffs being. When asked for comment, the MSM stated no comment.

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