MSM Ignored Oct. 30 Report Showing US Dropped Out of Top 10 in Prosperity Index

The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index New World Map

By: Rachel Pulaski

The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index found that the “American Dream is in jeopardy” and “The national ethos of the U.S. is under threat.” The assessment of prosperity is based on material wealth and personal well-being.  The Prosperity Index benchmarks countries in eight categories: Economy, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Education, Governance, Personal Freedom, Health, Safety & Security, and Social Capital.

The Unites States dropped out of the global prosperity ‘top ten’ for the first time to the twelfth position in the worldwide prosperity rankings and fell eight places in ‘Entrepreneurship & Opportunity’. The assesment found fewer US citizens agree that  “hard work gets you ahead.”

Business Insider reported:

“The London-based public policy institute pegged the precipitous drop in the U.S. to a decline in consumer and voter confidence, along with a bleak economic and entrepreneurial outlook; four percent fewer citizens believe that “hard work gets you ahead,” and business startup costs as a percentage of Gross National Income (GNI) have doubled in the past two years.
In fact, the U.S. economy sub-score dropped to twentieth and its personal freedom score dropped four points to fourteenth, just above Uruguay.”

The report was first released on October 30, 2012, the group was hoping the report would have “electoral implications” but as always MSM remained silent:

“As the US struggles to reclaim the building blocks of the American Dream,” Gedmin noted, “now is the time to consider who is best placed to lead the country back to prosperity and compete with the more agile countries that have pushed the U.S. out of the top ten.”

List of the top 20 countries:
New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

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  • JC

    The imbeciles that were going to vote for Obama wouldn’t have paid any attention anyway. Just “gimme” my stuff!

  • Amash

    Come on. The lame stream media ignored, and will continue to do so, anything that could have hurt their socialist in chief. It’ll be news when they DO actually say against the imposter.

  • Of course the MSM ignored it. I agree with #1, would not of made a difference anyway.

  • Jeff

    Every nation in the top 10 of this list is DRAMATICALLY more socialist than the United States. They ALL have “job-killing” universal health care. Many have “job-killing” free college. Most have “job-killing” MORE generous welfare benefits.

    Does information like this challenge your assumptions at all?

  • Remco Kimber

    To understand how the MSM was captured, about 100 years ago, by forces which intend to bring about a fundamental change to the USA (sound familiar as a BHO quote), may I suggest a viewing of this video, Behind the Big News,

  • Robodog7

    It will continue to fall for years to come. Thousands of small businesses will close their doors now that the regime hasn’t anymore road blocks as a lame duck. Obamacare will crush business, the EPA will pass regulation after regulation on energy providers. Obama will use executive orders to pass “Card Check”, giving the unions unlimited powers. Finance reform laws will drive hundreds of small community banks out of business allowing the 5 biggest banks to become “to big to fail”. The time has come to “Go Gault”, rather than let the government to slowly choke it to death.

  • Rachelle

    4 more years and we will be lucky to be in the top 50.

    I just realized yesterday that old Sen. Joe McCarthy was right: Hollywood is full of Commies, and so is the MSM.

  • Jeff

    Almost all of the nations on this list have stronger unions and labor movements than the US does.

  • Jeff

    Yawn Rachelle…. according to this list, “commies” are kicking our butts right now.

    How often do you all question your own beliefs? No human is infallible…

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  • Sharon Goldstein

    What happened to all the Benghazi *concern* ?

  • RDP
  • SeniorD

    To all good Marxist Socialist Media (MSM) sycophants, ‘prosperity’ is a bourgeoisie concept.

  • Ghost

    #4 Jeff
    you frikkin’ moron (not sorry, I have no more patience or good will left)

    y’notice something else about EVERY! one of those countries listed?
    They all count on, rely on, depend on the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES to PROTECT THEIR SORRY LAME ASSES.

    they don’t spend any real money on Defense, because they all know that in any pinch or even in the case of a natural disaster they can call 911-USA and we will run to pretect them or bail out their weak, sorry lame asses.

    more later, I have to work for a livingh.

  • Monkey Wrench

    Isn’t the Legatum Group a bunch of Arabs based in Dubai?

  • Jeff

    Ah yes, calling me a “frikkin’ moron”… conservatives are always so respectful.

    I’ll remain mostly polite and just say, Ghost, that that’s absolute nonsense. US military spending has little to no bearing on their higher average wages, higher standard of living, smaller gap between rich and poor, better benefits, higher vacation days, mandatory maternity and sick leave, etc etc etc…. it’s almost like if you treat people better, their lives are better.

    It’s okay to be wrong, guys.

    The jig is up, the conservative media is a sham. This is a heartfelt plea for you all to stop allowing yourselves to be lied to.

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  • Rich

    The top three are the most equal countries on earth: Norway, Denmark and Sweden. All are social democaries that are 100 times more progressive than the Unirted States, and have universal healthcare, universal higher education, and an extensive social safety net. This is why they are the top three. This is also why Norway ranks number one year after year on the UN’s Human Development Index (which ranks societies based on literacy, education, health and per capita income), Denmark is consistantly ranked as the happiest country in the world, and why Sweden ranks as having the most income equality (see the Gini Coefficient). Oh, and they are the most irreligious societies on earth. Could this also have something to do with it? Wake up America.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    So we’ve dropped on the prosperity index.

    Its a feature, not a bug. When will Americans understand this regime does not want prosperity when a beaten down government dependent population is much easier to control.

  • Tom

    I find you butthurt folks rather amusing. I love that you are too stupid to see the irony of showing how countries with the highest taxes, least number of religious people, most socialist would make the progressives look bad. My my my you think getting your asses kicked would have taught you a thing or two but you carry on like the Black Knight in The Holy Grail…”Just a flesh wound”

  • Maybe the top countries are at the top because they have fewer under achieving minorities taking advantage of the social safety net for multiple generations. The asian countries will continue to move up the list as they build real wealth with factories and jobs outsourced from the United States.

  • Anthony

    Jeff has a pretty good point here, guys. Those countries are much more socialist than we are. The reason we are falling, at least according to the article, is higher business startup costs and poor economic outlook.

    One could argue that it is the WAY our specific version of government healthcare has been implemented that is driving up business cost and that our welfare programs need desperate reform, but I would say this proves that a stronger welfare state does not necessarily destroy the prosperity of a nation.

    BTW I consider myself a Libertarian, so I believe in fairly limited government. But Jeff’s points seem pretty hard to refute, doesn’t everyone agree? Repeating the Republican party line does not count as a very good rebuttal, IMO. If we are really a Christian nation like the Right claims, shouldn’t we be taking care of our most vulnerable populations anyway? I have strong Christian beliefs, and Jesus says to care for the widow, the poor, and the orphan.

  • Tom
  • Ghost


    why is your “signature/picture” Red Square? the Kremlin was not available?
    aren’t you far from home, out of place and out of time?

    and your friends too, if all those other places are so damn good why aren’t you there?
    life is short, why are you wasting your years being so unhappy here in this monstrously unfair, racist and all kinds of evil America?

    ohh, you’re here to mooch as much as you can off of America until you can destroy us.

  • Ghost

    why are you Leftists suddenly pouring in here?

  • Tom

    We came with an olive branch to get you to come to the winning side and see that if we all work together like Gov. Christie in NJ and the POTUS did we can really get things done.

  • Tom

    Highest tax rates = most prosperous. Please just admit to the facts and we can make this country great again.

  • Jeff

    Ghost, red’s also the color of the GOP. I’m assuming Mitt Romney’s joining up with the Bolsheviks?

    Instead of a real response it’s back to name calling and silly accusations?

  • Patty


    Planned Parenthood info for teens: It’s great to be a “slut”!

    So, let’s see how encouraging teens to be promiscuous plays out for Planned Parenthood:

    – Millions of taxpayer dollars in PP bank accounts
    – PP executives in top 1.5 percent of household incomes nationwide
    – Kids brainwashed by “sex positive” messages
    – Kids become sexually active at very young ages
    – Their health is ravaged by STDs (more money for PP)
    – Out of wedlock pregnancies result
    – Planned Parenthood goes in for the kill—abortion—generating much, much more money
    – Repeat the scenario over and over
    – Planned Parenthood gets filthy rich

    Now let’s see how this plays out for families:

    – Families have no money because the government gave it to Planned Parenthood
    – Kids corrupted by Planned Parenthood
    – Wedge driven between parents and children
    – Kids’ souls stolen by sexual promiscuity
    – Their health ravaged by STDs
    – Hearts deadened by multiple hook-ups and resultant heartbreak
    – Kids depressed and suicidal
    – They engage in drug and alcohol abuse
    – Children/grandchildren killed inside Planned Parenthood facilities without the knowledge or permission of adult family members
    – America stands on the precipice of depopulation and financial collapse due to lack of younger workers to support an aging population

    It’s a temporary win for Planned Parenthood and a FAIL for families.

    Buy, hey, be careful how you throw that word “slut” around. Only use it for good.

    Visit our website to learn more about how to defund Planned Parenthood today! Stop the madness!

  • Patty


    Four more years–what is going on here?

    Only part of the Judge’s article read more:

    Though I argued during the campaign that this election was a Hobson’s choice between big government and bigger government, and that regrettably it addressed how much private wealth the feds should seize and redistribute and how much private behavior they should regulate, rather than whether the Constitution permits them to do so, and though I have argued that we have really one political party whose two branches mirror each other’s wishes for war and power, it is unsettling to find Obama back in the White House for another four years. That sinking feeling comes from the knowledge that he is free from the need to keep an eye on the electorate, and from the terrible thought that he may be the authoritarian we have all known and feared would visit us one day and crush our personal freedoms.

    Read more:

  • SeniorD

    Tom, Jeff, et al,

    Accepting an olive branch from the Socialist/Communist Left would be equivalent to the Corregidor surrender and subsequent Bataan Death March.

  • Tom

    SeniorD, this article proves that our way WILL lead us to prosperity. Why not just man up and admit you have been wrong, lied to and move to the winning side so we can come together as a country? Obama has a mandate from the people why are you fighting democracy?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I noticed the U.S. ranks a “2” in the health sub-category.

    That’s likely to change as time goes on, and not for the better.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “…lied to…”

    Ain’t that ever the truth.

    The problem is that Democrats rarely ever admit to the deed.

  • Tom

    Blacque they told us “Trickle down” would work, just give the top more and we would do better as a group. I rember when this started in the 80’s and as a high school kid it sounded stupid and I was right then and have been proven right over the last 30 years.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I rember when this started in the 80′s and as a high school kid it sounded stupid and I was right then and have been proven right over the last 30 years.

    Seems to me that over the last thirty years you’ve been running around with blinders on. This country did pretty well over the last thirty years, all things considered. When things started to go downhill is when the government spending increased dramatically, and Bush was certainly a part of that. It’s gotten worse under Obama with his trillion dollar deficits (gee, that cowboy Bush could only manage barely half that under his watch), and unsurprisingly, the economy and people’s livelihoods have suffered accordingly.

    But go ahead, keep on telling us that seizing money from “the rich” and the productive to spread around as liberals see fit is perfectly fine and will somehow result in prosperity, even while economic activity slogs along at an anemic level with no indication of substantial improvement anytime soon, and the millions of currently unemployed remain that way. Our eyes are just lying to us, right?

  • Juice

    Ummmmmm duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the population of those countries as compared to the U.S. is what???????? Do you really want to get into a discussion of the geographical/demographical/socio-economic variances????? Or the tax base vs. the entitlement burdern? This is like comparing apples to oranges. Geez, you leftist need to get off the legal choom. Oh, and there is TRUTH in saying that many of those countries spend literally nothing on defense and its associated infrastructure.

  • subsonic

    Yes, the top three countries are more socialized than the US. They also have populations smaller than New York City. They also have lower tax burdens than we do. If I remember this year’s tax statistics correctly, the US is the 2nd highest taxed country in the world. If Obama can figure out how to lower taxes and provide all these social programs, I’m all ears….but I’m not holding my breath either.

  • Ghost

    Red is also the color symbol for Macy’s Department Store-
    maybe it’s also time to get back to your position in the window?

  • Tom

    The prof is in the prosperity levels of the countries on this list. This is FACT not an idea it has been tested and proven. Trickle dow has been tested and failed, you say things have been good for the last 30 years? Honestly? Wage rates have stayed the same while the people that were supposed to let wealth “trickle down” have had their wealth go up almost 300%. It has been GREAT for the 1% the rest of us have been stagnant at best. Wake up if you are defending millionaires and billionaires you are a fool. They taken from the middle class and given to the rich and you guys think that is a fine idea because you somehow think one day they will let you in their club.

  • Tom

    Subsonic really? I posted their tax rates and they are among the highest in the world…WRONG again, look up and see where I posted them.

  • SeniorD

    Fighting democracy? No, this is a Constitutional Republic. Since you don’t know that simple fact, let’s try something simpler:

    Are you employed by the State or a private company/corporation?
    Are you a member of a Union or not?

    Don’t bother to answer, I think we all know what your response would be.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Trickle dow has been tested and failed, you say things have been good for the last 30 years?

    I worked for the past twenty-five years without a break in my employment until 2009. A lot of other people did better than that. Look at how many people are out of a job now – officially as of October, a little over twelve and a quarter million are unemployed, with a high of close to fifteen million in 2010. Even in ’92 and 2004, the number of unemployed never rose past ten million. Look at the average time spent unemployed – as of now it’s around 40 weeks, almost a whole year. It was never like that before. Know what the difference is?

    …the rest of us have been stagnant at best.

    Who’s fault is that? Did you try to get a better job at another outfit? Did you try doing something to boost your value to your employer, or did you just resent your higher-paid co-workers and/or stew day and night over how cheaply you were paid for all the work you had to do, etc etc?

    They taken from the middle class and given to the rich…

    You sound like one bitter person, the envy eating away at your soul. Did you get passed over for some promotion or something? Or did some rich guy simply take a piss in your cornflakes one morning thirty years ago?

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  • BurmaShave

    MSM Ignored Oct. 30 Report Showing US Dropped Out of Top 10 in Prosperity Index

    Does anyone think that the MSM cares about this? As long as Obama is president they don’t care the US drops out of the Top 200 in the Prosperity Index. At this point it is all about worshiping the personality cult.

  • Juice

    Tom. Care to wager on this? Seriously, why don’t we hook up off-line so I can prove your folly financially? Most real economists agree that the Scandinavian economic model is very hard to emulate. It’s that simple. This model may work in small, rich countries with homogeneous and well-educated populations (who are NOT being overrun on the border)
    and a long history of income sharing. Oh, and those same economists agree that this model will not last forever. Anyway, let’s consider all of Scandinavia and it totals what, 15 to 20 million? This would be the equivalent to a US state choosing to adopt certain socialized programs – and this is probably feasible. But you try to somehow “gerryrig” that system in America, including getting Scandinavian-style socialized medicine health care to over 300 million and boom, DISASTER. It can’t work. Oh, by the way, I was in Sweden last year and the cost of living is CRAZY. By the way, if you dupe progressives would allow us to unleash the TRILLIONS in energy reserves……..Oh, but that’s right, you just won’t talk about that…….because it’s better to waste BILLIONS and BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on subsidies for failed green energy companies then allow the curative effects of energy prosperity…blind fools

  • Tom

    Blacque I speak as the middle class. I personally have done very well but I work in construction management and 90% of my work is government projects or ones funded through grants. I do very well but I see beyond myself.

  • dork lungfish

    A highway billboard sign and bumper sticker for 2013 or 2014:


  • Intellibronc

    Most of these socialist countries can’t protect themselves and have a population of say Nebraska. If we could educate the dumbed down generations we’d be on top once again, but that’s not part of the internationalists’ agend which is why we have what we have occupying our White House. At some point in time, real Americans will not take this marxist dribble anymore and turn things around.

  • squeaky

    “Obama has a mandate from the people why are you fighting democracy?” no he doesn’t.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …but I see beyond myself.

    Typical liberal. A desire to have imposed by fiat on everyone else the brand of social equality he believes in.

  • Steve G

    #14–great comment. I agree. I lived in Denmark, which took 50% of my wages. Whenever I heard America-bashing, I quickly retorted: “You would all be speaking RUSSIAN now if it weren’t for America. The only reason you can enjoy your little cozy socialist state is because you have our protection”. Silence.

  • Ghost

    This is for good people who may benefit from a proper education by noting comments made here on this thread:
    not that we should give a rat’s ass about ‘useful idiots’, but never shy from battle and learn to love crushing these enemies of the Republic,

    #22 Anthony and Red Square Jeff are allies. Anthony claims to be Libertarian while Red Square is an obvious subversive Leftist- how can that be? because they have common goals, defeat Capitalist America and Judeo-Christian values = Constitutional Conservatives.

    Libertarianism is just another disguise, like their hero Ron Paul. (why didn’t Ron Paul run for President as the candidate of the Libertarian Party? why did he have to mask himself?) see below.

    Libertarians mask their contempt for America by pretending to uphold Constitutional values. It’s a ruse, not unlike Maobama’s Alinskyite appeal to the ‘Middle Class’- infiltrate, attract support, then destroy from the inside.

    Libertarians wear a mask (it doesn’t have to be 100% you fools, if this ain’t you just go away, but IT IS your Movement’s Leaders, and your Movement’s cult following- see “Occupy”)
    what they really, truly profess is LIBERTINISM! Dig it, they are Libertines, allied with The Left.

    y’ever notice how ‘Libertarians’ and Leftists demand that you approve their reckless behavior?

    y’ever notice how they both despise Christianity, Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution (except for what they want, desire, lust after) they both demand drug and sexual “Freedom”.

    Yet neither cares much about Freedoms for others, y’know, for people they don’t like.

    y’ever notice how they both despise America’s Strength: militarily and economically, and condemn America for it’s diplomatic and cultural strength.

    For Both, America is always bad. except when we have to rescue the world.

    Never be fooled by their devious, insidious methods. They both mean to destroy America, they’re just attacking from separate flanks.

    Why is Clown Al Franken a Senator? because a Libertarian drew 15% away from a good man, Norm Coleman. That obscene recount theft, along with the dirty tricks used against Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens is the reason Obamacare is now a permanent reality.

    Libertarians also cost us at least a couple Senate seats and Congressional seats this go-round.
    Libertarians are a disease, a pox on our Good Land. They’re just not as obvious as Leftists. But they are allies, they are both ‘useful idiots’ in the service of their Euro Communist Masters and are now allied with Islamists. (another ‘funny’ thing, they all hate Israel, now why is that?!)

    They never miss a beat to attack Capitalism. They lie and distort to build their Utopian Fantasy.
    It’s because they’re never interested in CREATING WEALTH, they only want to redistribute wealth. Truth and Liberty are not their First Values, Egalitarianism and Libertinism are their primary values.
    Thatcher destroyed them with simple, genius statements, remember?

    They claim to help the poor, yet it is Conservatives who consistently outperform their attackers for helping the poor. Conservatives perform out of a sense of individual responsibility. They demand that Government lead, confiscating others’ wealth to do it, and then sit back applauding themselves for being so kind.

    Helpful Hint: Milton Friedman

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  • One word: Greece! Eventually you will run out of other people’s money….

  • rick

    Sure, many of them have horrid socialist policies that damage their country. But, they don’t have 14% negroes. They don’t have 17% hispanics. IF they removed their socialist policies, they would blow us away even more.

    Imagine the USA without the massive destruction, crime, welfare, etc. caused by blacks. Just close your eyes and imagine what would change overnight. 50% of crime would disappear instantly.

    So, the dullard who commented that Norway, with millions of dollars of oil per person, was more socialist than the USA is blind. They are 100% white, with massive oil reserves. Sure, they can be socialist. But, the fact remains that they would be far more prosperous as a more capitalist society.

    Look at the list. Look at the complete absence of blacks.


  • dork lungfish

    Norway, a social democracy like what Obama wants to transform us into, leads the pack, which is ironic. The reason for this position is its thriving North Sea Oil industry. If Obama wanted to have a better economy — even with his progressive agenda — he would unleash America’s energy potential. That he is more radical than the Norwegians is truly astonishing.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    How many countries in the top ten have 300+ million citizens…… just saying……

  • bsimson

    Need some Jared Lee Loughner, James Holmes Patriots to take out the Liberals in the MSM.

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  • bsimons

    IF some people wanted to literally tar and feather some liberal MSM members and record it i will help.
    we cant get in to much trouble.
    PETA throws fake blood on people and get away with it..

  • Summer Love

    Hey guys . Forget about the Scandinavians. Check out Australia NZ & Canada.

    They have stable societies & are still quite democratic . all 3 have stayed with the British style of governance . They do have Indigenous populations but are W H IT E Y .

    Lucky for them they did not bring in slaves from Africa & have strict immigration controls. They get to keep most pests out.

  • Jeff

    Australia and Canada both have more generous immigration laws than the United States as a proportion of population. Toronto is not white at all, Montreal is diversifying in a way that would make many of your heads spin.

    Describing immigrants (HUMAN BEINGS with thoughts, feelings and dreams just like your own) as ‘pests’ is exactly the reason why simply nominating Marco Rubio will do nothing to open up the dwindling conservative coalition.

    If you accept the possibility that you are wrong sometimes, life becomes much less frightening.

  • Jeff, They all have borders, language and culture standards. The USA is a swap meet poisoned with PC and affirmative action. Wake Up!

  • Chris

    They ignored it because it is King Hussien’s dream to make us on an even keel with a third world country. You know…poor, eating rice and living on foodstamps cramped in small apartment buildings.

  • bsimons

    the election was a sham and was staged because the Black thretened violence and to riot if Romney won.. the govt. staged the election, they couldn’t bare the embarrassment of a riot like that..

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  • Lanlan

    Ignorant comments–

    Switzerland is Not a socialist country, not even close. It is a 100% conservative country with its total capitalist system, yet has the best infrastructure in the world and one of the top education systems in the western world. Its universal health care is 100% privatized!. Its direct democracy is much more democratic than America.

    Liberal ideas and socialist ideas are totally different in Europe from what the Americans think of Europeans. America is not a real capitalist country, it has socialist medicare and medicaid system and many other programs. It is like sounth America, corruped, huge gap between rich and poor, no one cares about its future generation as its poor education system can not produce qualified engineers and leaders. All Americans care is to become rich business man overnight, or campaign to be elected as a politician. The country will get worse if the culture and arrogant mentality coninue. Americans don’t know how to run a country, yet want to be a world leader. They spend borrowed money like water on useless things. Very soon, people will realize so called number one American universities can offer nothing in solid education except lots of money (sucked from the poor students) attracting the Nobel winners from oher countries, and its shallow names based on total marketing and bragging. America’s president Obama can only be a politician (a bad one too) as he has no skills or talent at all! All other leaders of other western nations are much more smarter and solid. Further, America is not a democraic country, it has only 2 parties dominating the country, and the president is treated like a king and great celebrity who has lots of power as a dictator, as well as the judges above the people.

  • myohmy

    Nobody care. Welfare recipients just want their free stuff.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Describing immigrants (HUMAN BEINGS with thoughts, feelings and dreams just like your own) as ‘pests’ is exactly the reason why…

    I’ll repeat this again: what we – and by we I mean conservatives – have a problem with is illegal immigration, and the fact that it is not being held in check. The question of what goes on and what the trends are with legal immigrants and what their effects are on the country can certainly be debated, but it is illegal immigration that we are adamantly against.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats and their media propaganda arm (with the help of Republican Party passivity) have managed to associate anti-illegal immigration with anti-immigration period, to the point that there are even those who are supposedly on our side that parrot the line unthinkingly.

  • Garm

    Eh. The Legatum index always ranks the US too high.

    It ranks “healthcare” simply on the basis of how much a country spends on healthcare. So the US problem with spending twice as much money as the rest of the developed world on healthcare with nothing to show for it pulls America up on the rankings.