Mitch McConnell Slams Door on Tax Hikes, Bashes Democrats: Raising Taxes Is the “Holy Grail of Liberalism”(Video)

Mitch McConnell slammed the door on tax hikes today saying raising taxes in this economy is the last thing the government should do in America. He also slammed Democrats today on the Senate Floor.

“The only reason Democrats are insisting on raising rates is because raising rates on the so-called rich is the Holy Grail of liberalism, the Holy Grail of liberalism. Their aim isn’t job creation. They’re interested in wealth destruction.”

Good for Mitch!

The Hill reported, via Free Republic:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) slammed the door Thursday morning on Democratic demands to raise tax rates on families earning more than $250,000 per year.

“We’re insisting on keeping tax rates where they are, first and foremost, to protect jobs and because we don’t think government needs the money in the first place,” McConnell said on the Senate floor.

“The problem, as I’ve said, is that Washington spends too much. But if more revenue is the price that Democrats want to exact, then we should at least agree to do it in a way that doesn’t cost jobs and disincentivize rates, as we all know raising rates would do,” he said.

McConnell’s comments came a day after Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) shot down a proposal by a senior GOP lawmaker, Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, to agree to extend tax rates only for families earning below $250,000 and resume the battle against higher tax rates on the wealthy next year.

Boehner said President Obama and Democrats should focus on finding ways to cut spending and reform entitlement programs.

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  • Mark

    Rush is right. Let Barry succeed!

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  • Patty

    And I agree.

  • Patty


    Exclusive: UN Conspires to Expel Prominent Jewish Group from Palestine Vote

  • Patty

    Truth On Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    Obama continues down the seemingly never-ending campaign trail, arrogantly pretending that he is providing tax cuts to the middle class and further pretending to demand a “balanced approach.” He has repeated his limited talking points at every recent use of the teleprompter. Someone might explain to him that retaining the Bush tax cuts which are due to automatically expire at the end of December, does not mean reducing the middle class tax rates. He either has no grasp of what he is claiming, or is knowingly lying to the taxpayers.

    There are no tax cuts on the horizon and there are no expenditure reductions coming. Spending is out of control, and the truth is that tax increases are coming for all levels of society.

    Everyone knows that the mantra “tax the rich” is just demagoguery, . . . well everyone except those with a paucity of common sense. Tax increases for the so-called rich will not put a dent in the deficit. And Obama’s claims of the approximately $10 billion in revenues anticipated from the rich is annoying. He still won’t acknowledge that such supposed anticipated amount is over 10 years. Please, someone tell him. The very rich probably don’t much care, since the increases will simply mean less real redistribution of wealth, but the increase will not impact their lifestyles.

    Obama professes that only agreeing to his demands would avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’, and doing otherwise, “would be bad for the economy, it would be bad for those families (supposedly the whole middle class), in fact it would be bad for the world economy.”

    He’s getting ahead of Republicans on the “message,” so that no matter what happens, Boehner and the Republican controlled House of Representatives will eat the negative fall-out. And the fall-out is coming, but what is not coming is spending reductions.

  • Patty

    Gingrich: House Republicans should stop negotiating with President Obama

    Read more:


  • coolidgerules

    Voters get what they vote for. Let it go over the cliff. We are going to need to cut spending anyway- may as well do it now before it will get worse. And it’s gonna be bad.

  • Patty

    ‘Betrayed Conservatives For The Final Time’: Brent Bozell Threatens To Steer Untold Millions Away From GOP If It Caves On Obama Tax Hike

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    Republicans better recognize this is part of the campaign for 2014. The electorate doesn’t think republicans care or only care about the rich. Every single time a republican is interviewed (and these are great statements btw) the republican has to say how the President’s plan will hurt the average family, or the low income family – and repeat, repeat, repeat. They have to connect with the tangentially involved. “Look, under the President’s plan, the average family bringing in $60,000/yr. is going to be taxed _____ more and that is on top of the $2500.00 per year in Obamacare taxes, $2000.00 per year in fuel costs, and the thousands they spend per year in rising food costs. Someone has to protect the average family and we are.”

  •……… our dear leader and family is going to Hawaii while we go over the cliff…..

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “We’re insisting on keeping tax rates where they are, first and foremost, to protect jobs and because we don’t think government needs the money in the first place,” McConnell said on the Senate floor.

    This guy needs to go. Whether he realizes it or not, regardless of the outcome of these negotiations, in the event that anything negative comes to pass, the Democrat media is going to pound the Republican Party over their heads, and one big, blunt object will be McConnell’s words.

    Remaining silent on the subject and leaving the opposition and their propaganda arm guessing would have been a better approach.

  • bg


    Mitch McConnell YOU LIE!!

    and it wouldn’t be the first time..

    i warn you once again, this is typical
    Congressional elitist kabuki theater,
    make that Kukla Fran and Ollie act..


  • Patty

    Senator Blasts ‘Secret’ Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    In remarks on the Senate floor today, Alabama senator Jeff Sessions blasted President Barack Obama and congressional leadership for holding “secret” fiscal cliff negotiations.

    “I rise today to express my reservations about the fiscal cliff negotiations that are currently underway,” said Sessions. “Over the last two years, Congress and the President have held an endless series of secret negotiations. There have been gangs of six and eight, a supercommittee of 12, talks at the Blair House and the White House. But the only thing these secret talks have produced is a government that skips from one crisis to the next. Everything has been tried but the open production of a 10-year budget plan as required by law and open discussions of the difficult choices.”

    Sessions, the highest Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, saved most of his criticism for the president. “President Obama campaigned on a tax increase of ‘only’ $800 billion,” said Sessions. “But now the White House is demanding $1.6 trillion in new taxes. Don’t the American people have a right to see these taxes and where they will fall? Shouldn’t the President of the United States, the only person who represents everybody in the country, lay out his plan, or must that remain a secret too? Will it just be revealed to us on the eve of Christmas or eve of the new calendar year? We will be asked to vote for it, to ratify it like lemmings, I suppose.”

    The Alabama senator insisted Obama is not serious about cutting spending–or cutting government waste.

    In fact, the President is giving speeches calling for even more spending. On Tuesday, he gave a speech in which he said he wants to use the tax hikes to ‘invest in training, education, science, and research.’ Investment, of course, is just code for spending.

  • Patty

    Obama, aides dismiss compromise with GOP on tax hikes, fiscal cliff

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  • Extirpates

    “MItch McConnell slams door on tax hikes”…
    Unfortunately he was not of the same mindset when he signed the [obama-McConnell Bill],
    That put another $895 Billion in the “o”/Congress flush fund.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Here is what the libtard leaders want. Hell with Fiscal Cliff.

    Democrat Congressman Wants Constitutional Amendment Allowing Congress to Restrict “Free Speech Rights of Corporations” – Video

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  • Patty

    Tim Allen: “You Better Give Your Money Away Before It Gets Taken From You”


    I don’t know what Tim Allen’s politics are. If he’s a liberal, I’m sure I’ll hear about it in the comments, but I doubt that’s the case. He sure doesn’t sound like one here, and I’ve always enjoyed him and his work. Now I have another reason to do so:

    He’s right. Those massive Obama tax increases are a-comin’, and it’s time for anyone who can to take evasive action. On another note, if you were ever considering using Jimmy Kimmel’s accountants, think again. How can a dude making the amount of money he undoubtedly is not know how anything about tax deductions?

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  • Patty

    Reid: I don’t understand Boehner’s brain

    Democrats and Republicans are so far off in their expectations for the next steps of fiscal talks that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) claimed he cannot understand the Republican Speaker’s brain.

    Senate Democratic leaders are growing frustrated by what they say is the lack of a specific plan from House Republicans to raise tax revenues or cut entitlement spending.

    Democrats say the onus is on Republicans to provide a counteroffer to their plan to let the Bush-era tax rates on families earning above $250,000 expire.

    Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has told reporters the ball is in the Democrats’ court and called on President Obama to lead by offering a detailed plan to cut spending.

    “I don’t understand his brain, so you should ask him,” Reid said when asked about the disconnect between him and Boehner.
    read on:

    Reid is an arrogant SOB

  • brian

    Their goal is that the only rich left are those who are high members of the “Democractic” party. Everyone else will live in squalor and starvation, being subjects of the state to be exploited by the state.

  • cavt

    #6 Patty–right on. Best think Newt has said since taking on the idiot CNN guy in the debate. Just wish the GOP had the _____s to stand up to Obama and his cronies.

  • RickZ

    Reid is an arrogant SOB

    Reid is a commie prick.

  • bobbi

    Why don’t the families of the Americans killed on Benghazi sue Obama for dereliction of duty?

  • Owen

    Bitch McConnell will give in.

  • bg


    Patty #5 November 29, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    [He’s getting ahead of Republicans on the “message,” so that
    no matter what happens, Boehner and the Republican controlled
    House of Representatives will eat the negative fall-out. And the
    fall-out is coming, but what is not coming is spending reductions.]

    dang, i could have written that, wait, i have, several
    times, but who listens to me, when it’s quite obvious
    that no one even listens to Obama.. /s/


  • bg


    re: #28 November 29, 2012 at 4:08 pm bg

    should have stated “more or less”
    so as not to rile up my shadow.. 😀


  • mark1973

    Baloney McConnell and Boehner! This Faux fight your putting up against Obama and the dems,is pure theatre on your parts for our benefit. We are not falling for it You’ll end up giving Obama everything he’s asking for,not out of stupidity or cowardice or fecklessness…But Complicity! You’ll cave as you alway’s have because the modern day repub agenda,is the same as the dems agenda. We need a New Party!

  • DMG

    Why don’t the families of the Americans killed on Benghazi sue Obama for dereliction of duty?

    Perhaps they should see what Susan Carpenter-McMillan is up to.

  • bg



    April 12, 2011

    Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City that Outsourced Everything

    [While cities across the country are cutting services, raising taxes and
    contemplating bankruptcy, something extraordinary is happening in a
    suburban community just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

    Since incorporating in 2005, Sandy Springs has improved its services,
    invested tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure and kept taxes flat.

    And get this: Sandy Springs has no long-term liabilities.]


  • bg


    August 11, 2012

    Firm that paid Obama adviser in business with warlord-tied official

    [A South African company in the spotlight for paying $100,000 in speaking
    fees to White House adviser David Plouffe is also in business with a Liberian
    official under U.N. sanctions for his ties to convicted war criminal and former
    Liberian dictator Charles Taylor.

    September 6, 2012

    Susan Rice, a US diplomat who loves dictators By Ephrem Madebo

    again, wow, just wow..

    November 16, 2012

    Rights activists say she’s been dancing
    with African dictators since the ’90s.

    [The long conflict in Congo has sometimes been called “Africa’s World
    War,” because it has led to a staggering 5.4 million deaths — far more
    than any war anywhere since World War II. Throughout it, Kagame has
    appeared to play a clever game of pretending to intervene to impose
    peace and deliver Western-friendly policies, while in fact carving out a
    sphere of influence by which he can control parts of Congo’s mineral

    November 26, 2012

    UN Amb Susan Rice Advised Former Pres Clinton to rebuff
    Sudan’s offer to Turn OBL Over To The US ,is Anti-Israel,
    & ProUN & Redistribution of US$! November 26, 2012 ….

    [“In 1996 Rice helped persuade President Clinton to rebuff Sudan’s offer to
    turn Osama bin Laden, who was then living there, over to U.S. authorities.
    Rice reasoned that because Sudan had a poor human-rights record, the U.S.
    should have no dealings with that nation’s government – not even to obtain
    custody of the al Qaeda leader or to receive intelligence information on
    terrorists from Sudanese authorities. Bin Laden subsequently moved his
    terrorist operations to Afghanistan, from where he would mastermind the
    9/11 attacks.”

    November 29, 2012

    Susan Rice has six-figure investment in
    controversial Canadian oil pipeline company

    [“Rice and her husband own at least $1.25 million worth of stock in four
    of Canada’s eight leading oil producers, as ranked by Forbes magazine.
    That includes Enbridge, which spilled more than a million gallons of toxic
    bitumen into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River in 2010 — the largest inland oil
    spill in U.S. history.”]

    much more at link..