Michelle Malkin: Obama gets his “revenge,” but conservatives must stand tall

All is not lost.
We still have Michelle Malkin – and other courageous conservative women.

Conservative favorites Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin and Sonnie Johnson headlined the Cleveland rally against media bias in August.
(Politomix has terrific photos from the rally and march.)

From Michelle’s website:

Ohio has been called for Barack Obama. Iowa went for Obama. Colorado went for Obama. Florida and Virginia have not been called yet, but those don’t look good, either. The Romney camp is disputing the Ohio call. Karl Rove on Fox News says it’s not over. But the numbers don’t add up for Romney. He was close. Valiantly close. But not close enough. (Update 12:57am – Romney called Obama to concede and delivered a gracious concession speech.)

The Romney/Ryan team fought well and hard, inspiring Republicans and conservatives across the country to get out the vote and fight for restoration of our founding principles and free enterprise.

We have so much to be proud of tonight:

*Diligent Tea Party activists grew the limited government movement and organized — producing winning candidates across the country at the local, state, and national levels.

*A new generation of citizen activists online helped contribute to the vigilant policing of media bias and White House lies on everything from Fast and Furious to Solyndra to Benghazi.

*Conservative women pushed back more forcefully than ever against Democrat femme-a-gogues and Planned Parenthood promoters.

*Small business owners, Republican blue-collar workers, minority conservatives, young conservatives, religious liberty advocates, and growing numbers of Hollywood conservatives all stood up and made their voices heard.

Once again, we have our work cut out for us. We lost this election, but we still live in the greatest country on the planet and we still have many ways to fight for and defend it.

Read the rest here.

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  • Sasja

    My greatest fear right now is for Israel.

  • Granny

    Not for long Michelle- or hadn’t you heard that we are no longer even in the Top 10 worldwide economically . . .

  • bigkahuna

    And the market plunges 220.

    Wait til sequestration and lots of workers lose jobs. along with those that will lose private insurance and their job and house

  • Gaius Baltar

    A couple of resolutions:

    1) Purge the word “country” and “nation” from our vocabulary (when referring to the United States) and replace it with “union”.

    2) Stop thinking that all solutions emanate from Washington, DC and recapture the idea that our states are our homes and demand that the home state legislatures protect our freedoms – not the national gov’t. Soon professional conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, and Hannity will come to us promoting the thinking that we must look to federal 2014 elections as the end all be all (and 2016 after that). I reject that. We must all start thinking locally

  • Sayitain’tso

    Next up on the Obama agenda is amnesty for 11 million illegals, I’m sorry but we have lost our Great County to these manipulators. They had a plan and they have carried it out to fruition with the help of our propagandist media. It truly is a very sad day for the county I love.

  • MR .ed

    Damn did Colorado legalize dope what the he!! has she been smoking some of that hawaii hopey changey kings gold gungha.the tea party lost West and love and in 2014 will take the house big time.

  • bigkahuna

    Romney ignored the pleas of the conservatives as well. Rarely if ever called into talk shows or talked to Fox. He ignored those voters who wanted a harder hitting campaign and he paid. He chose to play prevent defense after the first debate

  • Granny

    #6 Mr. Ed – you do realize that legalizing marijuana and taxing the heck out of it would both put a lot of tax money directly at our disposal while simultaneously cutting down on a tremendous number of resources we devote to jailing those who smoke it anyway?

    One thing I have learned as a parent – there is nothing so desirable as the forbidden!

  • Shaw Shaw

    What is she talking about? Romney/Ryan inspired 3 million less people. than McCain.

    This would have been winnable if we (they-the GOP machine) nominated a fiscal and constitutional conservative…..and please no, Ryan does not cancel out Romneycare nor does it matter to voters that Romneycare was state level and not federal

  • Jack

    I’m afraid it’s time to ammo up and wait for the collapse.

  • Sasja

    We fight amongst ourselves while the regressives join forces and plan the next 5 or 10 years. When anyone on our team says something idiotic, we can’t wait to line up the firing squad while the left circles the wagons around their idiotic candidate. We lose sight of our ultimate goals while the left forges ahead no matter what. To all those who chose to not vote for our nominee yesterday, do you feel better? Did you exact your revenge on the party for whatever reason? Are you happy that you betrayed your country?

  • morgan

    Stand tall…or sit back and watch this country sink ubder the weight of crushing deficits.

    Go back to 2010 where many here said Boehner had to go. Bachmann fought to victory after being re-districted. Install a fighting conservative as Speaker.

    We have to start somewhere. Bleed the media dry by boycotting their sponsors–won’t be hard because you’ll have less to spend.

    Have a business? Employees who voted for Obama, McCaskill, or comparable degenerate? Adios. And per my sister who is a contractor, don’t fire them, just cut back their hours until they quit.

    Apparently the wrong people in this country are suffering and that’s got to change.


    Turnout was down by 14million. Just doesn’t make sense. Never saw the hoards of people sitting this one out like with mccain. I am deeply troubled and confused. Everything upside down and just plain wierd. I did not spend my youth getting dragged around while my father fought the cold war to see america end up like this. Romney a flawed candidate yes, but less enthusiasm than mccain? I have such a hard time believing this… its like 2010 never happened.

  • Sasja

    I think we need to let all those who want to smoke pot, even take mind-altering drugs, do so. I don’t mind being treated by a doped-up physician. In fact, I think all airline pilots should have a dope-smoking break before take-off.

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  • Hippies Still Smell

    Not to worry. The UN has dispatched their keystone cops…

    U.N. to probe drone attacks by Obama, resulting in civilian deaths

    An independent U.N. human rights researcher on Thursday announced plans to launch an investigation into the use of drone attacks and other targeted assassinations by the United States and other governments that result in civilian deaths or injuries…


  • Time

    I am so tired of hearing people say that at least we live in the greatest nation on earth. Well maybe you need to understand that we no longer have the luxury of a free just nation any more. When we have elections that are manipulated by software, when pollsters are removed and replaced by NBP members to oversee voters, when judges wear attire to voice choice of candidate while polling stations, when murals and graffiti is drawn on polling stations walls, swaying voters votes, when dead people have the right to vote, and illegals do too. It is then we are now not so free, our voices and votes mean nothing. Are no longer considered of any value. We as a nation once stood for fair elections, something that millions of Americans fought and died for. But, as we now have lived and learned it is now all gone, taken away by a system that no longer cares what the American people want and a constitution that they claim is a living document that is out dated. They have eroded our right to a fair and just election. Are we any better then any other country when we can no longer have fair and just elections ? I do not think we are. Everything we have tried to undo, right the wrong we have been blocked by the people we have elected, why ? Because we no longer have the right to do so. The paper called the constitution, and the bill of rights are papers that are just historical documents and are used as heirlooms is museums only. For no other purpose, no longer to be abided by, enforced. I differ from any who say, we lost this election, except it , at least we live in the greatest country on earth. Well do we, when we have Bengazi, Fort Hood, Underware bomber, Fast and Furious, and everything in between. Tens of millions are going to bed hungry, cannot find employment, have no heat, and are homeless, yes we live in the best nation for now. I see a time in our near future when many more will be hungry, homeless, unemployed. Fraud has consequences, not investigating it has bigger consequences, allowing it to continue and looking the other way will have the greatest effect on freedom then anyone can imagine. Be prepared, for we are there now.

  • AuntieMadder

    “All is not lost.
    We still have Michelle Malkin – and other courageous conservative women.”


  • women

    Michelle was proven that she has absolutely no impact outside of singing to the conservative choir.
    She is ineffective.

  • Jungle John

    “All is not lost.”

    yes it is.

  • Jungle John

    America is over.

  • Sasja



  • AnnaS

    Stand Tall?? LOL Conservatives are done for. Republic is over. We are now a socialist state with 1/6 of our economy going to Obamacare. And the SCOTUS going to the liberals.

  • serfer62

    I took down the old American flag today in shame

  • liberalsRstupid

    The time for arguing with Liberals is over. The time to arm yourself and retake America is upon us NOW.

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

  • saveus

    any country that elected obummer twice is no longer great and will never recover

    goodbye freedom
    goodbye liberty

    welcome to the new soviet union

  • Jack

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

  • MJ

    ‘Birthers are a circus’