Michael Reagan: George W. Bush Needs to Stand Up & Stop Taking Blame for Economy & Put It Where It Belongs (Video)

Michael Reagan was on America Live today with Megyn Kelly to talk tax cuts. Reagan said,

The Republicans need somebody to stand up. May I suggest George H. W. Bush stand up and tell the people what really happened to him in 1990, 1992. And that George W. Bush stand up and really stop taking the blame for what happened to the economy and put it where it belongs. We need the two former presidents to stand up just like the three presidents today that are Democrats, are bashing the Bush administration. Bashing their economy. They need to not wait for history to tell the story. They need to tell the story themselves.

He’s right.

Micheal Reagan is right. If the American public is ignorant to the consistent benefits of tax cuts, how can you expect the public to support them? And, it the Republican Party cannot explain how liberty, and capitalism and limited government is beneficial to all Americans, then conservatives need a different party.

For the record…
The Bush tax cuts created jobs.

The Bush tax cuts in 2003 created 8.1 million jobs. (Investors)

Investor’s reported:

From June 2003 to December 2007, the economy added 8.1 million jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate fell to 5% from 6.3%. Real GDP growth averaged close to 3% in the four-plus years after that, and the budget deficit fell steadily from 2004 to 2007.

And despite Obama’s claim, Bush’s policies did not increase income inequality. In fact, inequality was the same when Bush left office as when he came in.

Unfortunately for America, Barack Obama’s ‘Spend your way to hell’ plan did not have similar results.

Since the trillion dollar Obama-Pelosi stimulus was passed the labor force participation rate has dropped to a 29 year low. (RSC)

Since Obama took office the labor force has shrunk from 66% to 63% as almost 5 million American adults stopped looking for work.

The Bush tax cuts grew the economy and paid down the deficit.

During the Bush years, despite the 2000 Recession, the attacks on 9-11, the stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush Administration was able to reduce the budget deficit from 412 billion dollars in 2004 to 162 billion dollars in 2007, a sixty percent drop. In 2004 the federal budget deficit was 412 billion dollars. In 2005 it dropped to 318 billion dollars. In 2006 the deficit dipped to 248 billion dollars. And, in 2007 it fell below 200 billion to 162 billion dollars. During the Bush years the average unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, the economy saw the strongest productivity growth in four decades and there was robust GDP growth.

Not only were more jobs lost initially after the 9-11 attacks in 2001 than in the 2008 market crash, but more jobs were created by President Bush’s pro-business policies and tax cuts than by the Obama-Pelosi “spend your way to hell” Keynesian failure.

It’s just too bad most Americans don’t know this.
And it’s too bad conservative leaders won’t defend freedom and limited government.

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  • MT Geoff

    1. GW Bush and his father have both maintained a dignified quiet after their time in office and I salute them. They have born calumny and insult with calm assurance that they did their best.
    2. Although they were better presidents than their successors, their brands have been sullied by an ugly press and a credulous audience. If they came out in their own defense, the ones who think they’re to blame in the first place would only be more strongly. If the two former presidents speak publicly to defend themselves, they might do more harm than good.

  • http://www.alottatalk.com GregInSeattle

    It drove me crazy during the campaign when Obama would drone on about Romney wanting to go “back to the failed policies of the past”.

    What policies? Cheap money? Encouraging people who couldn’t afford a house to buy a house through Fanny and Freddie? Those policies?

    Romney let the insane allegation pass time and time again. FAIL.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    As if any Rino Bush would stand up for himself or any of us at this point.

  • Joanne

    The truth is they don’t care.

  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.ca Reaganite Republican

    Excellent point, Son o’ Gipper…

  • Joanne

    The democrats liked that Romney was the Republican candidate. I wonder why!

  • Hippies Still Smell

    [“despite the 2000 Recession, the attacks on 9-11, the stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”]

    Not to mention Christmas ’04 Tsunami (250K dead)

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  • Vicky Hernandez

    Right on!

    W’s silence against the Leftist and DinoMedia onslaught was infuriating.

    His silence gave license to the antics of Pelosi, Reed, et.al., when they got into power in 2004.

    Remember Pelosi’s trip to Syria? She acted as if she was POTUS. She defied the Bush WH by meddling in forgeign policy and met with Asaad and said, “The road to Damascus is the road to peace.” Really?

  • Josh

    This has been driving me crazy for a while now. When I tell people that the tax cuts lead to the second longest consecutive stretch of jobs growth in history they look at me with disbelief as if I had just told them that GWB is a smarter guy that Obama.

    I take issue with one thing in this post, though, and it’s a valid point that the lefties make. As I understand it, the federal deficit numbers you refer to under GWB don’t reflect the costs of the wars that we were fighting during that time. Obama claims to have put them on the balance sheet which he uses to explain his huge deficits. A smart play for O because he knew that the wars would wind down and he would be able to claim savings by not paying for them anymore. He has also been able to use that drawdown to hide his increased spending.

    It’s always better to do apples to apples in these cases because it prevents accusations of inaccuracy that allow closed-minded people to dismiss the whole argument.

  • Hippies Still Smell

    The Pelosi-Obama-Reid (POR) Congress took control in January 2007 with Bush-era unemployment at 4.6%. The POR triumverate sunk it to a low of 10.1%.

    In 2008, the public was furious at George W. Bush, not because he was too much of a right-wing tightwad, but because he ran up a series of (what were then thought to be) gargantuan deficits. The result was that under a (allegedly) conservative administration, the national debt nearly doubled, from $3.3 trillion to $6.3 trillion, in just eight years.

    The Obamateur apparently never figured out that he had been elected (in part) because massive Republican borrowing had sickened the American people. So in near-suicidal fashion, he took Bush’s last scheduled budget deficit of more than $500 billion (Bush’s Keynesian concession to get the country out of the 2008 recession and financial panic) and nearly TRIPLED it by 2010!

    The Obamateur’s new red ink adds Trillions more to the national debt– with near-trillion-dollar yearly deficits scheduled for the next decade. All of that will result in a U.S. debt of more than $20 trillion.

  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon

    This could be one reason why Bush has kept his mouth close ,remember all those liberals calling for war crimes against Bush ……. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/aug/31/obama-justice-department-immunity-bush-cia-torturer…..

  • Skunky Choom

    GWB has a tendency toward shutting up at the wrong time. He let the media destroy him and the GOP before ‘The Surge’. He had an utter buffoon for a press secretary during that time as well, and did absolutely nothing about that until the damage was set in concrete.

    What is to be expected from a President whose synopsis of his Presidency went something like,”I’ll just let the historians sort that out.”?

    Expecting GWB to stand up and fight for anything at this point is completely understandable and extremely unlikely. He just doesn’t give a rat’s rear. He took himself out of the game in 2006, forever.

    I voted for him 4 times (2 for Gov. and 2 for Pres.), 6 if McCain and Romney are counted. No more. If the GOP doesn’t nominate a street brawler in 2016, there’s no point in voting for GWB for the 7th time.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Micheal Reagan is right. If the American public is ignorant to the
    consistent benefits of tax cuts, how can you expect the public to
    support them? And, if the Republican Party cannot explain how
    liberty, and capitalism and limited government is beneficial to all
    Americans, then conservatives need a different party.

    Amen GP…

    adding on the following via B/A-AfMR:

    November 27, 2012

    Since “Black” Now Means Supporting Obama Blindly…

    [A few high-profile dissidents is a good start, but not nearly enough.
    Hopefully, rumors of the intention of Black leaders to hold Obama
    more accountable will yield results.

    The 21st Century shouldn’t see us marching lockstep behind people
    because of skin color and silent about a destructive faction, again
    because of skin dolor.

    Just like I couldn’t be part of a subservient Black group in my racist
    hometown, neither can I be part of one now despite racists now
    resembling me.

    No one man should be allowed to define community membership.

    When Obama leaves Washington to return to private life, perhaps
    I’ll start calling myself Black again. The end result of my activism
    was never to be anyone’s flunky- regardless of color.

    I’m Bold, not Black, now that it means “Obama worshipper.”]

    question is, will ignorant so called white “Conservative Republicans” keep
    painting Blacks (and Muslims for that matter) with the same brush, ergo,
    no different than the Blacks who label Black Conservatives ‘Uncle Toms’,
    desecrating both in their ignorance as well..

    ps: November 27, 2012

    Laura Ingraham off air to ‘retool’ program


  • Sam Stone

    He is right. In Bush’s first term the Democrats ran the Senate and the GOP ran the House until January 2003 through January 2007 when the GOP ran both houses. Then the Democrats ran both houses since January 2007 until the end.

    the question to ask and you will never get a good answer is: “What exactly did Bush do that caused this mess he is blamed for, without the Democrats approval most of the time?”

    Looking at the revenues and spending, from the White House’s own site
    it is clear Bush did nothing to screw up what is happened. After his 2 tax cuts the Feds saw RECORD revenue in 2007. Then the Democrats took over both houses and all hell broke loose in spending and the deficit rose dramatically.

    So WHAT did Bush do to cause this mess?

  • Lou Bauman

    GWB isn’t the only one who needs to defend his record – Republican politicians have tolerated the “blame Bush” meme since 2008. When the Dems and BHO blame the financial meltdown and recession on Bush policies, they need to be challenged – which Bush policies? Most of the ones that cause the meltdown and recession have been continued by BHO. The Republicans completely capitulated on this issue and it cost them the 2012 election.

  • Basil Duke

    Bush the Second was as silent as a mime from the moment he took office. Sat mute for eight years while the MSM savaged him and his vice president. Nary a peep from him. And, as the saying goes: “A lie unchallenged….” Infuriating and so very frustrating.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    re: #14 November 27, 2012 at 3:30 pm bg

    November 27, 2012

    A Divorce From The GOP

    by Mychal Massie

    The Republican Party, from its inception in 1856, has stood for conservative
    pro-family and pro-Constitutional values. Those values are what first drew
    me to the Republican Party and they are what have led me to be engaged
    in my unwavering support of same.

    I have opposed those Republicans who support abortion, homosexual
    marriage, expanded government, increased spending and other political
    positions that others and I argue are antithetical to what our Party has
    long stood for.

    But the Republican Party we have supported and fought for is no longer
    the same. We have elected candidates who have behaved – and supported
    policies – more in line with Democrats than those standards we expect
    from true Conservatives. And, specific to that point, we have paid dearly
    as a nation for it.

    Now, in the aftermath of back-to-back humiliating presidential losses, we
    would think that the Republican leadership has learned its lesson and is
    going to turn back to the conservative principles that made the Party of
    Lincoln the Party we once knew. But it appears that isn’t the case.

    The concerns and values of the Party that gave us President Eisenhower
    and President Reagan have been abandoned and, despite the evidence
    that conservative values gave us the greatest off-year election victory in
    decades in 2010 – the Republican hierarchy appears to be committed to
    doubling down on a shift to embrace those issues conservatives have
    always opposed.

    There are renewed calls for what they view as a more “broad-based
    and compassionate” Party. They appear more determined than ever
    to embrace amnesty for illegal aliens in an attempt to erode Hispanics
    support for Democrats. They are increasingly more favorable to the
    spending programs designed to show they care about blacks.

    There is now open contempt for grass-roots activist programs
    and the Tea Party in favor of becoming more like the Democrats.

    We do not need another Democrat Party. The one that exists has
    done nothing but set us on the path to the fiscal and social abyss.

    The attempted transmogrification of conservative values into the values of
    the late John Murtha, the late Arlen Specter, and the former Congressman
    Mike Castle of Delaware are not the values that made this nation the
    greatest in the world.

    We have a decision to make. As Ronald Reagan famously said, “You and I
    have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the
    last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first
    step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children
    and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here.
    We did all that could be done.” (A Time For Choosing; 10/27/64)

    For many of us, that decision is now clear. Capitulating to increased taxes,
    debauchery, the murder of the unborn, big government and increased
    spending, rewarding those who have blatantly violated our sovereign
    borders, courts that no longer adhere to boundaries prescribed by the
    Constitution, ad nauseum – is not the way to restore the great and noble
    experiment called the United States of America.

    Just as a small band of men took it upon themselves to fight to insure our
    freedoms at the creation of our nation, so too must those who agree with
    what I am saying do today.

    If the Republican Party hierarchy refuses to understand that, then our
    decision has been made for us, and we must divorce ourselves from
    them in favor of supporting new paths to electing those who will.

    Barack Obama is not our problem as such – albeit, he is a malignant
    parasite who openly schemes to suck the lifeblood from America in
    favor of government dependency and a Socialist State.

    We are the problem if we continue to support the party and party hierarchy
    who have made this possible. Republicans have made this possible by
    abandoning the core principles that America was founded upon. They have
    abandoned truth for a lie and our children will pay for it.

    If the Republican Party hierarchy refuses to understand that, then our
    decision has been made for us, and we must divorce ourselves from
    them in favor of supporting new paths to electing those who will. After
    all, unfaithfulness has always been adequate grounds for divorce.

    albeit the Democrat Party left me, i did; reciprocate to
    become a member of the Democrat Party part duex..

    i was, and in many ways, still am a John & Robert F. Kennedy Democrat..

    however, i am seeing more and more clearly as to why both they (as i
    recall Ayers Sirhan Sirhan dedication, amongst numerous others, and
    Barry’s long term relationship), and MLK were assassinated, they stood
    in the way of the creation of a Godless New One World Order that will
    eventually be warlorded over by satanical IslaMarxists.. :-(


  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    re: #18 November 27, 2012 at 3:58 pm bg

    i did; reciprocate = i didn’t reciprocate


  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    hard to defend oneself when the entire MSM and your own are eager to take a bite out of you, i mean, how soon we forget he did try, and how much worse they made it for him when he did.. remember who we’re talking about here, a press that applauded Democrats for applauding the failure of SS reform SS, albeit Clinon, and now Obama, suggested the same routs..

    Rep do it = bad

    Dem do it = good

    “what the fascist left have been aiming for is to “equate” good with evil..
    that’s the only way they can appease their conscience in the face of the
    harsh reality they are trying to escape from because it does not fit in with
    their ideological utopian matrix.. if there is no good vs evil, then all is good
    even if [the] all is evil..” – bg

    update: pardon the redundancy:

    the new Reps are the old Dems..

    the old Dems are the new Progs..

    the new Progs are the old Coms
    (by any other name the same)..