Mediation Between Hostess and Unions Fail

The Hostess company failed to reach agreement with its second-biggest union today. The company will continue with a hearing tomorrow at bankruptcy court.
The AP reported:

Hostess Brands Inc. lived to die another day.

The maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs said late Tuesday that it failed to reach an agreement with its second-biggest union. As a result, Hostess plans to continue with a hearing on Wednesday in which a bankruptcy court judge in White Plains, N.Y., will decide if the company can shutter its operations.

The renewed talks between Hostess and The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union came after the company declared last week that it would move to wind down its business and start selling off its assets in bankruptcy court. The company cited a crippling strike that was started on Nov. 9 by the union, which represents 30 percent of Hostess workers.

After making its case to liquidate on Monday, the bankruptcy court judge noted that the two sides hadn’t yet tried resolving their differences through private mediation. The judge noted that 18,000 jobs were on the line and urged the company and union to try to resolve their differences. Both sides agreed to hold mediation proceedings on Tuesday.

In a statement late Tuesday, Hostess said it would not comment on the breakdown in talks other than to say that mediation “was unsuccessful.” There was no immediate comment from the bakers union.

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  • Patty

    Thread before this one should be here: Pit bull needs to takeover Hostess, after all Twinkie is running the nation.

    Hostess Mediation Fails, Liquidation To Proceed; Furious Laid Off Workers Now Turn On Labor Union


    This would be a truly fantastic drama, if people’s lives were not at stake. And no, not one former Hostess worker will retain their job at the new company: that much is certain.

    As we said, if only people had a basic understanding of how bankruptcy truly worked, and what the real state of the economy was, then Hostess’ workers may have had a chance and some amicable comrpomise would have been possible.

    Then again, if people in America actually understood economics and simple finance, then the “Ohio outcome”, and many others, would have likely been quite different.

    Now we can only hope we were not correct about the ultimate outcome too: namely that the US government will effectively hijack the bankruptcy process, and in doing so “bailout” a junk food maker, just so 18k votes can be preserved at the expense of creditors and making yet another mockery of the bankruptcy process, and property rights in the US.

    Then again, this is precisely what the Union was likely hoping for all along, because once the government starts bailing everyone out, just where does it draw the line?

  • myohmy

    It is easy sit on a bench and pick your nose as a judge and collect his salary for the rest of his f*cking life. Running a business is hard. The judge should just buy Hostess and re-hire all these union…let us see how long he last.

  • Patty

    I miss Twinkies and I never really had them much. Can think of the last time I did. But powdered donuts, yes, and here they were Butternut company’s best seller.

  • Sasja

    It’s going to be tough for these fools to find employment that pays them anywhere near what they were earning, or would have been earning had the union agreed to concessions. Some may lose their house, move to a cheaper rental, but they’ll always have Barry-Care, food stamps, and
    unemployment compensation.
    It’s a wonderful life.

  • kato

    The bakers’ union didn’t even bother to show up in court when Hostess asked the judge to approve its restructuring plan, according to the WSJ. The other unions, including the Teamsters, went along with the plan. After the court approved the plan, the bakers went on strike.

    Unskilled labor. Unskilled union. Unskilled union lawyers.

    I would not have bought another Hostess product made by these union turds. Hostess is smart to sell its assets to a new owner. One possible buyer is the holding company that owns the Friendly’s restaurant chain.

  • donh

    The DEATH of HOSTESS at this point in time is another tribulation event brought by GOD as a sign of the unfolding Apocalypse…..Scene from Zombieland…>

  • Patty

    Killing The Goose

    All of this was obviously intended to create more jobs for the unions’ members. But the needless additional costs that these make-work rules created ended up driving the company into bankruptcy, which can cost 18,500 jobs. The union is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    Not only are there reasons for employers to pay their workers enough to keep them from joining unions, there are reasons why workers in the private sector have increasingly voted against joining unions. They have seen unions driving jobs away to non-union competitors at home or driving them overseas, whether with costly work rules or in other ways.

    The old-time legendary labor leader John L. Lewis called so many strikes in the coal mines that many people switched to using oil instead, because they couldn’t depend on coal deliveries. A professor of labor economics at the University of Chicago called John L. Lewis “the world’s greatest oil salesman.”

    There is no question that Lewis’ United Mine Workers Union raised the pay and other benefits for coal miners. But the higher costs of producing coal not only led many consumers to switch to oil, these costs also led coal companies to substitute machinery for labor, reducing the number of miners.

  • Patty
  • Sandy

    Maybe Twinkies can now be made in China and called Chinkies.

  • Patty



    Revised bill highlights

    ✭ Grants warrantless access to Americans’ electronic correspondence to over 22 federal agencies. Only a subpoena is required, not a search warrant signed by a judge based on probable cause.

    ✭ Permits state and local law enforcement to warrantlessly access Americans’ correspondence stored on systems not offered “to the public,” including university networks.

    ✭ Authorizes any law enforcement agency to access accounts without a warrant — or subsequent court review — if they claim “emergency” situations exist.

    ✭ Says providers “shall notify” law enforcement in advance of any plans to tell their customers that they’ve been the target of a warrant, order, or subpoena.

    ✭ Delays notification of customers whose accounts have been accessed from 3 days to “10 business days.” This notification can be postponed by up to 360 days.

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  • Patty



  • Truth Teller

    Obama zombies sure feel empowered with their god in the White House…

    Unproductive black mobs terrorizing productive white citizens…

    Unproductive union morons sucking the life out of productive companies…

    Unproductive beware…the productive have been slow to wake, but from what I hear, they are pissed!

  • Rusty in Alaska

    The Zero Hedge article near the top: Baker loses 8% ($200 he claims) salary per week. That’s $2500 per week. Are you F’ing kidding me? A baker at a factory that requires no creativity, efficiency motivation or productivity incentive whatsoever.. and the poor slob has to move because he will only make $2300 a week? Any sympathy I might have had for these workers has completely vaporized.

  • Rusty in Alaska

    I stand corrected, he was a Teamster driver, not a Baker. But my point remains valid just the same..

  • squeaky

    “Unproductive black mobs terrorizing productive white citizens…” the unproductive mobs terrorizing productive mobs. being slugs is now and has been all inclusive.

  • squeaky

    [Bakers Union President Frank Hurt released a statement yesterday after Hostess closed all of its American plants. Hurt said the union knew Hostess could die.] a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

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  • Edward Treadway

    Twinkies going the way of the bustle.


  • Finncrisp

    Twinkie must die 2.0 Unions win a second time in their drive to eliminate jobs. And the rank and file thought that $2000 suit was looking out for them.

    Twinkie must die 3.0 will conclude when the brand is sold and no unions jobs come back. Then the $2000 suit will call a presser and blame Bush. Curtain…

  • democraps suck

    Screw the unions…..bunch of thugs

  • Will


    Dear class,

    Your examination today consists of one question. Please list and describe for me how America’s working-class Unions are identical to Palestinians (and their various factions) in the state of Israel.

    Extra credit will be given to those students who can provide a solution to the problem both of these entities foist on the world.

    You have until the end of today to finish the exam.

    Thank you!

  • Rose
  • Bob

    I am on a full ban of any product or service done by unions. I will never buy another UAW made vehicle and am in the process of buying a new one next month.
    I have had it with the unions. Unions = SCUM.

  • Limousine Barry

    Another 18,000 jobs killed and another 0bama economic hit job well done!

    This election put my job killing plans on the back burner. Now, killing jobs is going to be my number one priority!

    As Che Guevara once said a hungry non-worker is an easily intimidated worker and a useful idiot.

    I say a hungry jobless person is a good Food Stamp person. And, food stamp people always vote for me… if they don’t I will cut-off their food stamps! Ha-ha!

    Here to hoping that Black Friday really is a “Dark Black Friday” with lots of business losses. May your gas prices go higher! Good day.

  • CR

    #10 – “Maybe Twinkies can now be made in China and called Chinkies.”

    That is hilarious – thanks for the laugh!

    Let these union shops fold up and die off. In fact, help them out by avoiding any and all union-made products. Union members pay dues to so-called leaders then claim they aren’t being paid enough. That’s idiotic at best. Sure, management at Hostess hasn’t been optimal but who would do their best just to see union thugs take all the profits via threats and extortion?

    Now unions want to shut down LAX, Portland shipping, and Wal-Mart during the busiest time of the year. Unions and their members are just childish leftists, saying “give me what I want or I’ll break your stuff.” To hell with them. The faster they are unemployed, the better.

  • westsun

    Really….I AM SHOCKED…Calling Sherlock Holmes and Watson…this was a STIFLING CASE!! There was NEVER a chance this would work. The union shoved its butt so far up the rear posterior of ignorance you could not find them with a SHOVEL AND CRANE! They are flying around with Tinkerbell over at Walt Disney thinking some WHITE KNIGHT will come in an just buy the Company and Keep all of them!! No I am not trying to be Jay Leno but that has to be a COMEDIC SKETCH!!

    Listen NONEINSTEINS in the unions….See Unemployment…JANE AND JACK like LINE??? GOOD GO STAND IN IT!! OOPS that is right since many of you WALKED OFF the JOB YOU GET NO UNEMPLOYMENT!! Oh go ask that fat slob Trumka for a handout by the size of that Mental Midget he can spare 100 sides of Beef to feed your families for a year!!

    What will happen is simple….Only a Mexican Company will buy all the assets and then move production to Mexico because of the Sugar Tariffs…if not they will open up new facilities in the US IN RIGHT TO WORK STATES and NO UNIONS!! Get it through your heads…NO COMPANY OR PERSON is going to keep any of these UNION THUGS….Your JOBS ARE GONE FOREVER…you bought this on yourselves.

    Other companies may buy parts and that would be integrated into their current operations. None will buy old facilities and NONE WILL HAVE TO HONOR BAD CONTRACTS! The beauty of Bankruptcy is the UNIONS LOSE…they have no power all their CONTRACTS ARE BYE BYE and the new owners do not have to use them!! I love it!! Capitalism at work…UNIONS ARE SOCIALISM THAT DESTROYS!

    Twinkies will ride again and NO UNIONS will be involved….and if all goes to Mexico…great job Trumka and the other unions…LOL!! Just plain idiots!

    Happy Thanksgiving former Hostess Union Workers!! I will say this I do feel for the Management Personnel and others that were not part of this stoppage and that does include the Teamsters who did work with Management. These people (11,500) lost their jobs because of 6,500 workers in the Bakers Union….truely sad….Management People and others work their butts off only to see certain Union Workers destroy their livelihood.

    This was never going to work….many in the Union are wishing for pie in the sky and guess what NOT HAPPENING!

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  • YourMaster

    don’t worry the 0bama admin will offer all 18,000 fired union members a job to suck his small half-inch cock… at least 10x a day, and give others jobs in prostitution were they will be paid at least 2 dollars ever time they have gay sex with 500 or more arabs/socialists/communists while studying communism.

    0bama will even sweeten the deal and periodically take dumps and market them as the new ‘brown twinkies’ for people like Michael Moore to stuff their fat faces with and devour whole. *lol*

  • Winston Wolfe

    Good. Let it burn.