More Media Lies: Hostess Workers Would Rather Lose Jobs Than Take Pay Cuts

Here comes the propaganda….
The Obama-media wants you to believe that the Twinkie bakers have no regrets and would rather lose their jobs than take a pay cut.

Well, not these workers. They look pretty upset. In fact, they sound devastated.

But the media would rather have you believe these workers would rather be out of work and broke than take a pay cut.
Reuters reported:

Enough is enough, say bakery workers at Hostess Brands Inc.

After several years of costly concessions, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers Union (BCTGM) authorized a walk-out earlier this month after Hostess received bankruptcy court approval to implement a wage cut that was not included in its contract.

With operations stalled, the company that makes Twinkies and other famous U.S. brands said last week that liquidating its business was the best way to preserve its dwindling cash. It won court approval on Wednesday to start winding down in a process expected to claim 15,000 jobs immediately and over 3,000 more after about four months.

Interviews with more than a dozen workers showed there was little sign of regret from employees who voted for the strike. They said they would rather lose their jobs than put up with lower wages and poorer benefits.

What rubbish.
Ask these same people in a week and see what they say.

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  • democraps suck

    Awwwww boo freaking hooo…unions are nothing but trouble… over paid lazy thugs….maybe obambi will give them a government job or better yet the mooslime will have 18,000 more people on food stamps

  • union proud

    I don’t understand the sob story… the union leadership isn’t losing their jobs. In fact, if they’re like Trumka, they’ll get large raises and bonuses on top of their beefy six-figure salaries.

  • Gayle Spencer

    Here’s another whopper,

    Welfare recepients would rather work than take handouts; if only there were jobs and meaningful work for them.

  • CLN

    Why does their work have to be “meaningful”? Mine isn’t all that thrilling and great but it is meaningful as it provides my living and enables me not to vote for demagogues who offer me obamaphones, obamacare and obamafoodstamps.
    I am not thankful for these parasites, sorry. If God made them for a purpose it was to show the rest of us the wages of sloth.

    And now that I’m at it….shouldn’t teachers be ashamed of their profession. They are no better than these other unionistas. Worse. One can opt to buy twinkies, one cannot opt out of paying for the lazy edumacators to teach hate of country and “diversity” instead of math science and reading. Pox on ’em, even today!

  • squeaky

    “Welfare recepients would rather work than take handouts; if only there were jobs and meaningful work for them..” having 1st hand experience with that segment of society, i don’t like to generalize but there is a good portion that will say they would rather work when they know there are no jobs but when jobs do open up they start listing all the reason that they can’t work.
    and for those hostess former workers….they should probably invest in these to handle the long lines for those scarcer than hens teeth job openings that may come up. a bird in the hand is worth 2 in a bush is lost on them.

  • silent_rage

    They got their wish. They lost their jobs and now will take a low paying job with no benefits.

  • JenBee

    #3 November Gayle Spencer commented:

    Here’s another whopper,

    Welfare recepients would rather work than take handouts; if only there were jobs and meaningful work for them.

    Right on point. I work at a downtown Detroit hospital, and it’s chuck full of welfare/Medicaid recipients who openly brag about their free ride, and there’s no way they’d EVER take a real job when the free ride on welfare/HUD housing/food stamps is so darn good. Why wake up every day and go to a JOB when you get EVERYTHING you need to live FOR FREE??

    Some of these bakers might bemoan the fact that they have no job anymore, but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, the majority are looking forward to the next few years living the good life on unemployment, sleeping in all day, chillaxin’ with their family, even going on vacations. Yeah, life is good on the government dole.

  • YourMaster

    I’m a sure 0bama will offer the fired union workers of hostess jobs in prostitution sucking 37 d*cks each day …as long as they take classes to learn about communism and karl marx and help spread it through the USA.

  • dunce

    I have to wonder why no reports included the actual pay rates in the dispute. These are all low skill jobs so the rate was unlikely to be far away from the free market price for similar jobs. Many times it is what is not reported that is most important to news consumers to understand the story. Is it really just a power play between management and the union? Unions can not force customers to buy Twinkies at higher prices. There are many competing products on the market, it is junk food not gourmet fare.

  • NeoKong

    If that is not the perfect example of how Obama’s “screw the rich” philosophy is fundamentally failed then I don’t know what is.

    Those were two guys with low skills and no education who their union thought should get more and more of the …ah..ahem..pie but the stockholders and investors decided they weren’t some damn charity organization and shut their doors rather than give away their company to an ever greedier union.

    THAT is why you can’t soak the rich.
    When you keep taking away their profits then they just stop working so hard.
    Now the union will learn a hard lesson about their real worth.
    If the BCTGM union is so valuable and integral to Hostess then they should have no problem starting up their own cupcake company and keeping all the profits for themselves.

  • paul52

    I feel for the 10K non-union folks who lost their jobs. They were trapped. It’s a wee bit of fun to watch the teamsters and master-bakers turn on each other, though. I’m sure Trumpka will have ’em all over for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • truth teller

    We need to take these union members aside, educate them in the ways of business and economics and expose the plantation masters they have been serving.

    Once their eyes are lifted to the truth, perhaps they will revolt against the machine that has been holding them back all these years.

    Hey Trumka…F U and your entire family today.

  • truth teller

    Since we are all likely on a “List”, let’s create our own list of traitors…media whores, union thug-masters, snake politicians.

    Let them all wonder how this list will be used.

  • donh

    ALL a sign of the coming Rapture…The Lord’s prayer for giving our daily bread foresaken. A symbol of the communion host and the wonder of all wonder breads struck down . The company attempted to rise from the dead on the 3rd day only to die again. Civilization is entering the Zombie apocalypse …>

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  • crackermike

    #9. Of course the Unions can, through Government mandate, force people to buy Twinkies at any price they desire. That’s what the whole Obamacare Supreme Court decision was all about. They can force you to do anything because Chief Justice John Roberts says anything they order you to do is justified by calling it a Tax.

  • Tee Dub

    My experience with union workers is that they live in a delusional world. After 20 years on the line, they come to believe that they are exceptional employees, usually just because they show up to work everyday. They think that companies hire on the basis of attendance and they will get top wages because, by golly, they’ll be there everyday.

    When they find out the $25/hr jobs for basically unskilled labor are few and far between, it’ll be a rude awakening. Yet, I’ll guarantee that in five years, as they struggle to make ends meet, they’ll still be blaming management and Republicans for their plight.

  • Steven

    NOTE: It was the Bakers union that was on strike that caused the bankruptcy – NOT the delivery drivers.

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  • Buffalobob

    This is what card check will give you if it is passed. Union thugs intimidating the workers into striking. Of course the fearful workers will not speak out and express their true feelings. I’m sure they are all trilled to be out of work while their fat no necked union bosses enjoy their $250,000+ salaries, lavish conferences and getaways, golden pensions and health care, all paid for from the dues confiscated from the sheep.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    They said they would rather lose their jobs than put up with lower wages and poorer benefits.

    Well, that’s what they got. And just in time for the holidays, too.

  • One rumor floating around is that the Hostess “rich fat cats” all gave themselves huge bonuses even while the company was going under and maybe after it filed for bankruptcy.

    Does anyone have info on that so I can rebut the “Progressives” who are floating that line?

    I can check here for further replies, but if anyone has something on it, you can contact me through my website linked through my screen name.

  • Joanne

    I lived in a union one-industry town, and the union leaders and hardliners were always going on strike. You would just get ahead, and then they would put the whole town in a tizzy with people only earning striker’s pay and the businesses going t*t’s up. It sucked big time.

  • Patty

    Hope they can’t sleep at night.

  • Jerry C

    Refused an 8% wage cut and got 100% wage cut. Brilliant.

  • BarbaraS

    If it were true that Hostess workers would rather lose their jobs than take pay cuts would just show how truly stupid these people are. And if they are this stupid they will be on the welfare rolls for the rest of their lives because they probably will never accept another job that less pay and they will never get it. The sense of entitlement in this country is appalling. I come from a generation and a world where if you don’t do your best on the job you will get fired at your employer’s whim. Nowadays, so many groups are exempt from this rule and employers are forced to keep the drones who don’t show up, call in sick or some other excuse and the employer is powerless to do anything.

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  • nick s

    hey jerry did u know we gave back 140 dollars a week 3 years ago,sick time and other various things and the teamsters were willing and did vote yes to the 8% cut amongest other things. feel free to contact me to get the full and real story

  • nick s

    i worked for iit ralston purina(who raped this company),ibc(idiots with bread and cake) and hostess brands over the last 25 years who have constantly shot themselves in the foot over and over again.
    i also have been a shop steward for the last 15 years. all i ask is for everyone that either bashes the union or tries to make this a political issue get the full story before posting their comments.