MASSIVE TURNOUT In Red States Louisiana and Missouri

KMOX radio announced a short while ago that Missouri may have 80% turnout today!
KOAM TV is reporting large turnouts.
That is incredible!
From what I am hearing – the Republican areas outside St. Louis City are seeing massive turnout.
The word on the street is that Claire McCaskill is worried.

Governor Bobby Jindal
was just on FOX News talking about the massive turnout in his state too.
Both states are predicted to be solid Romney states.

Missouri was the only battleground state in 2008 that went to McCain.
Romney is expected to win by at least 10 points this year.

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  • Miss Peach

    Saw lots and lots of people in downtown Minneapolis today with their ” I VOTED ” stickers on and I was very encouraged to see many of them wearing red. Wouldn’t that be awesome if Minnesota turned red this year ?

  • TeachX3

    Jim, I am rural Franklin County. For many elections, our ‘sleepy’ little polling site was easy to get in and out of. Today, it was awesome… tons of people and the workers said that it had been non stop since before they opened the doors at 6am!

  • jj

    I just shed some happy tears. Something tells me this will be an early night. I’m getting a bottle of champaigne on the way home.

  • Aarradin

    The RNC is doing much better under Priebus, but throwing Akin under the bus within a day of his stupid comments was VERY short sighted.

    Just think how the D’s would have handled a similar situation on their side. Compare to their handling of the Anthony Wiener scandal. I defy you to find a single D that threw him under the bus until near the very end. They either stfu and kept silent, or circled the wagons to protect their guy.

    The R’s aren’t called the “stupid” party for nothing. The priority is repealing Obamacare and Dodd/Frank and all the unconstitutional power grabs over the past 4 years. One or two bad news cycles is nothing by comparison.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    i hope this is the biggest blowout in electoral history. the american people need to sent a message to the democratic party, get the marxists out of control of the DNC.

  • Micah Mirphy

    Yep, voted for Romney this morning in Shreveport. Long lines before 6:30am in a state that loves to sleep in!

  • Steve in La.

    I have been voting for 25 years & I waited 30 minutes to cast my ballot. The most I have ever waited was 5 minutes. My voting precinct in Moss Bluff La. was PACKED at 11 am.

  • TeachX3

    #4 November 6, 2012 at 4:14 pm
    Aarradin commented:

    The RNC is doing much better under Priebus, but throwing Akin under the bus within a day of his stupid comments was VERY short sighted.

    Agreed. However, I have a hunch that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. There were NO Akin signs or people talking about him and then the republicans turned on him and BOOM people rose up, started talking and showing support for him, out in my area that is.

  • Ben

    I seriously doubt Claire is “worried”. People with brains voted for the Libertarian candidate instead of this crazy person Todd Akin.

  • jpmn

    Any St Louis Polling stations open late this morning? I ask because it seems to happen every Presidential election, then a Judge orders that the Polling place in question remain open late to compensate for the missed am hours.

  • Judy

    Never saw so many people voting. All day an hour wait in the cold in VA Beach.

  • ohio

    “400pm CST — MSNBC is reporting that Barack Obama is spending time with Reggie Love right now at the East Bank Club, “playing basketball”. I swear that’s not a joke. They’re really talking about him and Reggie spending time together on Election Night as a tradition. Isn’t that something you have with your wife (or boyfriend)…an intimate tradition like this? WEIRD. You’d almost think Obama was gay or something (wink).”
    Read more

  • FurryGuy

    I’d be tickled pink if deep blue WA went purple. 😉

  • Big Red

    “You’d almost think Obama was gay or something…”

    What-no massage from John Travolta?

  • Ben

    I voted today in south city and stood in a big line for a long time, I haven’t been voting for a long time, but the last time I stood in a line like this it was when I voted for Bush in 2004.

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  • myohmy

    Uh..oh..after Akin wins, for those who turn their back on Akin should they eat crow?

  • Linda


  • Annmarie

    Do Not count out Pa. In a very blue area of NE Pa and turnout is huge for Romney. The senior citizen Dems are coming out to vote for Mitt. Not to mention we’re pretty pissed that Ohio is getting all the attention to “save the country”!! Plus the Black Panthers in Philly is really motivating us to negate their cheating and put an end to this sh*t….

  • Martin M

    My aunt and uncle in Springfield voted for Akin.