Earlier this year the Talban attacked the British Embassy in Kabul. An RPG fired at house used by British diplomats.

Afghan police inspect the dead body of one of the suicide attackers following the 18-hour assault in April. (Daily Mail)

A massive blast sounded near the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan Wednesday morning.
At least two people were killed in the blast.
WTVY reported:

A blast has sounded in an area of the Afghan capital that is home the U.S. Embassy, the international military coalition headquarters and many high-ranking Afghan officials.

AP reporters heard the explosion shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday local time. An alarm started going off at the U.S. Embassy, warning staff to take cover. Kabul police chief spokesman Hashmatullah Stanikzai says that there was some sort of attack in Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood and he expected that there were casualties but he had no further details.




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  1. Now, what will our exalted leader do with this one.

  2. couldn’t have been our “peace partners” could it?

  3. Hope no one has made a video lately.

  4. Islam, the religion of pieces.

  5. Has Air Force One been re-routed to Vegas?

  6. Thank goodness that Dear Leader has terrorists on the run! Did I say the T word? Oops.

  7. Of course, now they’re going to crank it up and scare us off for good

    Shouldn’t take much now

  8. Nuke the site from orbit, because you just can’t be sure.

  9. Obummer, his henchmen and their propagandists media are in denial that their meme “Bin laden is dead and GM is alive” is an EPIC FAILURE.

  10. Who needs embassies?

    The money could be spent of Food Stamps!

    I proved that the Benghazi embassy was “so last century.” And, I am trying to lose this war as fast as I can!

    My pig of a limo is running out of fuel and David Axelrod has a new scam for my government lackeys. It’s the Big Lie scam.

    Who cares about the idiotic government workers they always vote for me. And, they did not build their chity jobs – the government did! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  11. OBAMA CAN’T EVEN SAY ‘RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST’. Lawmaker: President keeps ‘blaming America for having freedom of speech’ Lawmakers have just scratched the surface in their investigation of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, but Congress has made progress on getting to the bottom of the biggest mysteries: Why the State …READ MORE: http://bwcentral.org/2012/11/obama-cant-even-say-radical-islamic-terrorist/


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