Like Clockwork… Libs Play Race Card on Susan Rice Critics (Video)

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) played the race card on Susan Rice critics:
“They are attacking this young African-American woman…”
According to Clyburn, it’s not that she’s incompetent and dense, it’s that she’s black that Republicans are going after her.

Via Weasel Zippers:

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  • owl

    You old racist. I am sick of you calling everyone else a racist while you practice it. You tarnished your hero statis long ago with this hatred.

  • All_IS_LOST

    Yep, I am racist against the race called ‘stupid liars’. This race cannot be seen by the color of their skin, but 90% are registered Democrat, or Independent that votes Democrat.

  • john b

    STFU Clyburn. This Rice is incompetent and a liar. she no condoleeza. Clyburn, you had your chance to speak up about racism as regards “a young A-A woman” when Condoleeza was in office. you did not. I know, I know….. you walked at Selma. SFW? You are a racist, Clyburn.

  • srdem65

    She’s Black? who knew.

  • Sam Stone

    It has been setting up for years. The “You cannot complain about anyone black or your a racist”.

    There will be no holding blacks accountable because anyone who does is just simply a racist.

  • Sam Stone

    Where was racist Clyburn when Code Pinko assaulted Dr Rice as she sat at a congressional hearing with bloody hands?

  • myohmy

    That didn’t take long. Race card to the rescue by the media and race agitators. The most incompetent and la liar gets a coveted position because she is black.

  • Gary

    First of all, there’s not a whole black person between her and Obama.

    Second of all, Obama’s the racist because he almost certainly only appointed her because she’s black.

  • Deanna

    Heck I didn’t even know she was Black. Stupid, yes. Incompetent, yes. Black, no.

  • Gail

    Good God! People are even sicker than you can imagine. Clyburne, you need to do something about your insecurities!

  • Time

    This was all out last night on CNN. Reporter, reported that someone on democrat side, said, those two old guys, referring to McCain and Grahm, let them try and block the appointment of a black African American woman, let’s see what happens. Knew this was going to happen. Affirmative action to highest degree at all cost. There is no longer any where one gets the job based on qualifications, honesty. It is all based on the color of your skin and the corrupt people that control the votes. America, nah, not in this country..It’s time to start saying as they do voter fraud does not exist, well racism does not exist either.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Moonbat: “RACIST!”

    The Rest of Us: “Racist? (Yawn) Zzzzzzzz.”

  • Lilbby

    Yep, they’re predictable…. and pathetic.

  • Granny

    Equal Rights means Equal Criticism. If Susan Rice was male or white or Republican the powers that be and the media would long since have hung her out to dry over this.

  • Aaron G.

    CLyburn would not have his position if not for his race. He is an ignorant old fool.

  • Robodog7

    Coming from a jackass who only gets reelected every term because he is black in a black district.

  • cavt

    This type of dem attack is now so predictable and common that it has no meaning to intelligent people. It’s unfortunate because if a true case of racism occurred, it probably won’t be recognized since they cry ‘wolf’ so much.

  • Robert

    Clyburn can only argue in terms of race, that’s all.

    But he is a hypocrite, because he ignores racial attacks on conservative minorities.

  • owl

    And his meds #10. These goofballs see everything only through race?

    I was mislead back when you were marching Clyburn. I thought you marched AGAINST this type of thing.

    Btw………………..many of us would stay home today instead of helping you with your current march of hate. I do not admire you one iota anymore. You sir, turned into what you accuse.

    Yep. I am old enough to remember it all. You and many more of current crusaders have turned the clock back and destroyed MLK’s work. Your hatred has made you sick and it is a crying shame.

    Or, I can say, You Fool. Can you not open your eyes, look around and see that blacks have held the highest offices in this great land? This is what you deliberately try to destroy.


    I concentrated not on the color of Ms. Rice’s skin but rather the lies she told. Okay, Owe admits HE sent her out to lie to the American people. But I will remind the American people that Ms. Rice was not some low level bimbo, she was supposedly intelligent and educated enough to be the UN Ambassador.

    What Ms. Rice did was treason even if her boss told her to do it. Everyone’s allegiance is suppose to be to the USA, not to the guy in the White House. The American people are Ms. Rice’s ultimate boss and she chose to bald face LIE to us. Deal with it.