Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the ongoing fiscal talks in Washington DC on Special Report:

“Obama’s proposal to raise rates on the rich is a triviality…It would reduce the deficit from $1.1 trillion to $1.02 trillion. Eight cents on the dollar. It’s nothing. It’s lunch money. It’s a rounding error. And yet it’s all that we’re hearing. He’s not trying to fix our fiscal problems, he’s trying to destroy Republicans.”

And Republicans are helping him.




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  1. Anything and anyone who stands in his way he will roll over. No daylight, just keeps messing with Republicans over and over again.

    Obama had to win this election because he didn’t want to be upped by Bush. Obama is a campaign and when there is not Election left we are left with an incompetent.

  2. Mark Levin thundered away today saying 0bama’s goal is to destroy republicans and capitalism.
    By the way if you haven’t figured it out yet, WHEN the Emperor raises taxes on the rich it will really be a tax increase on the middle class and the poor!

  3. And yet it’s all that we’re hearing. He’s not trying to fix our fiscal problems, he’s trying to destroy Republicans.”


  4. Destroying Republicans is only a side-effect of his rapacious plan to topple the US.

  5. The DNC run media will be the republicans greatest enemies.

  6. Imam Obama will not have to work that hard at it, they are destroying themselves right before our eyes.

    Rand Paul 2016…..

  7. Oh, partisan hacks say the darndest things.

  8. FYI
    Homeowners’ mortgage interest deduction could be trimmed

    Something else to kill the middle class homeowners.

  9. At this point Krauthammer has about as much credibility as Karl Rove. Wake me when he says something new or important.

  10. Then why are we even trying to play along? Why don’t the Republicans let the Democrats draft everything themselves and abstain from voting when it comes up for a vote? That is what I would do. That way nothing can be tied to the Republicans. They can’t blame us for not giving enough tax cuts or choosing the wrong government programs to cut or whatever else they are going to lay at our feet.

    Just stay out of it completely. Ask the Democrats what they want, and let ‘em have it.

  11. HELPFUL CHART: The idiocy of raising taxes on “the rich” (and by that, they mean small business owners)

    Considering the Democrat establishment and the media (but I repeat myself) are engaged in an annoying, fact-free debate over tax rates and government receipts, I figured ‘hey, why not do the job antique media should be doing?’

    In this case, use actual “data” and “history” to come to some conclusions. Yes, out of the box thinking, I know.

    Using data culled from the Tax Policy Center and the National Taxpayer’s Union, I’ve plotted out a historical picture of individual tax rates on the highest wage-earners vs. individual tax receipts received by the federal government.

    So what do facts, logic and reason tell us?

    Here are some observations:

    • The Reagan tax cuts ignited the greatest explosion in receipts from individuals to the government in history. Even Bill Clinton was the beneficiary.

    • And Clinton also benefited from the the invention of the World-Wide Web, which touched off the tech boom during the nineties. The Clinton tax rate would have certainly suppressed growth had it not been for the coincidental occurrence of the tech boom and the massive spending on the Y2K (Year 2000) remediations that required investments of nearly a trillion dollars before the turn of the millenium.

    • After the 9/11 attacks had sucked half a trillion dollars out of the economy, the Bush tax cuts helped revive the economy. That is, until the Democrats’ grand experiment with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and subprime borrowers touched off the mortage meltdown.

    The government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. And raising taxes on the most productive Americans — including the small businesses who employ 54 percent of the private sector — will have a debilitating effect on the economy.

    Of course, facts, logic, history and reason are all anathema to Democrats and the media, which is why you’ll never see any of these issues discussed.

  12. I wonder how bad the United States will have to get before the MSM regrets aiding and abeting Obama’s destruction of our great Nation? They’re going to wake up some morning and they’ll all be out of a job, because the only media allowed will be coming out of the White House.

  13. “he’s trying to destroy Republicans”

    Truer words were never spoken. . .only problem is that cry baby Boehner and McConnell won’t pay attention to what Dr. Krauthammer is succinctly stating.

  14. He is not in the WH just to destroy republicans. He is out to destroy both America & Israel. He put us on a rocket sled to ruin with rampant spending and lit the fuse with socialized medicine. Once we hit the cliff, our military will be drastically slashed which leaves Israel in a very vulnerable position. The only thing that stood in his way was a handful of spineless repubs who could not muster enough intestinal fortitude to stand up to a Chicago street punk who had been brainwashed as a far-left radical. BO has shown nothing but contempt for Israel and is killing both countries and we let this happen.

  15. Krauthammer: Obama’s Not Trying to Fix Our Fiscal Problems, He’s Trying to Destroy Republicans

    No, the Republicans are doing that just fine on their own.

  16. What possible strategy can the GOP come up with for a country that would re-elect an abject failure and habitual liar like Obama? If they fight back & the country fails, they will be blamed for employing scorched earth tactics for political gain. If the concede, the conservative base is further demoralized and weakened for the 2014 mid-terms. And will than have to share the blame for the poor economy that resulted from their concession.

    Not sure how capping deductions on home mortgages helps the real estate industry but that seems to be where the GOP is heading. Eliminating local & state taxes is a kick in the butt to. Just because it screws Californians more than Floridians doesn’t seem like much of justification. But those are 2 areas where they can raise some cash. But for what?

    I think scorched earth may play right into Obama’s hands for complete control in 2014 but don’t see much upside for the GOP to play any other hand.

  17. Of course, facts, logic, history and reason are all anathema to Democrats

    I love facts, logic and reason. Sadly, there was none of that to be had at your link. Just look at the chart that was presented. Revenue was increasing at a higher rate before Reagan cut taxes, and didn’t recover until Clinton restored the top rate to almost 40%. The rapid increase then continued until Reagan wanna-be, GWB cut taxes again.

    Did Clinton benefit from the Dot.Com bubble? Yes, for a while, until the bubble popped and we sank into a recession. Just like Bush benefitted from the housing bubble … for a while. Both created wealth out of thin air, or should I say, out of “excessive exuberence.”

  18. Just stay out of it completely. Ask the Democrats what they want, and let ‘em have it.

    Yeah, but what happens if it works. I don’t think the GOP wants to take that chance.

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