Joe Biden Makes Campaign Stop in Rushville… MASSIVE Tractor Protest Breaks Out!

Last night Joe Biden held a rally at Rushville Middle School.
Only 800 people showed up.

But outside was a different story.
Local farmers organized a flash tractor and crane protest across the street from the middle school. It took them only 24 hours to organize the counter rally.

HUNDREDS of Romney supporters turned out!
(Lancaster Eagle Gazette)

In addition to the 25 tractors there were cranes, spotlights and port-a-johns.
The Lancaster Eagle Gazette reported:

It only took 24 hours for a small group of Romney/Ryan supporter to gather forces and pull together a tractor pull to counter Vice President Joe Biden’s rally Sunday at Rushville Middle School.

In that short amount of time, Joe Young, one of the men who started the event, said they were able to secure a location, food and drink, a 20’-by-40’ American flag and more than 25 tractors and other big pieces of machinery.

“It all started from a phone call,” said Young, of Rushville. “We thought we’d have our own rally and it really blossomed from there. I just can’t believe how quickly it came together.”

As Biden’s campaign set up inside the gymnasium of the middle school, Republicans started setting up their demonstration directly across the street in a field.

Mike Ricketts, the property owner, said he was more than willing to let his fellow farmers and friends use his property.

“We wanted to make a statement,” Ricketts said. “And people just came.”

They also donated equipment. In addition to the tractors, there were also cranes, spotlights and port-a-johns.

Several veterans joined the tractor rally. (Lancaster Eagle Gazette)

The Lancaster Eagle Gazette has photos from the counter rally.

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  • BOsucks

    It’s Obama time again, don’t know whether he’s wrong or he’s right
    But be ready to step right up and kiss Rmoney goodbye
    Yes, this brother’s fine
    We’ll vote women, we’ll vote women in next time
    On the brink of a dive
    Economy goin’ to thrive

    If your daddy’s rich, he’ll pay for your meals
    If your daddy’s poor, he’ll get a good deal
    Say so long to Rmoney
    He and Ryan can return to mundane lives
    They couldn’t swim the progressive tide

    Now we’re in debt to China, Japan, and the Saudis
    Twelve years of war has brought us to our knees
    Spending every penny on those poor Afghanies
    With the Country’s ailin’, the key wasn’t Ryan and Rmoney
    It’s now Obama’s time and now we’ll all be happy
    Makin’ a good livin’ in this here democracy

    Sing along with us dee dee dee dee dee
    Da da da da da, yeah we’re hap-happy
    Da da da, new mac daddy, new daddy O-ba-ma
    Da da da da da, da da da do da da

    Now the winter’s here, think we’re gonna be just fine
    Raise your glasses, wear a smile because this is Obama time
    We’ll all sing again, we’ll be thrivin’
    When the markets are a risin’
    Then we can all ditch Boehner
    Bring all your friends and we’ll all go paint the town red

  • bg


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • May GOD bless THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… land of the FREE, home of the BRAVE!

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  • Fionnagh

    Ah, man, that is just too funny! Good for them!!

  • snap boy

    Way to go, Ohio!

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  • This kind of stuff brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. It gives me hope that we will not hand this country over to the left.

  • Our Lives, Our fortunes, Our sacred honor. God Bless America.

  • ObamaKnowsBest

    Hundreds? I count maybe 12!

  • Lenore

    I live in CT a blue state all the way. I travel 15 miles, 1/2 hour, thru 6 small towns each morning to get to work. In 2008 I saw hundreds of Obama yard signs and bumper stickers on my way to work. This year I have seen one Obama bumper sticker in the last month and 3 Obama yard signs. I do not believe the polls at all.

  • Sasja

    Joe, once again, this songs for you.

    I read you were told you would be taking a vacation soon. I hope part of that time will be spent in the doctor’s office. We worry about you, Joe.

  • This election is between the government parasites, demented Liberals and lifelong Democrats and hard working/tax paying productive Americans that have to pay for EVERYTHING! I hope 51% of the people have come to their senses – but I am not optimistic – too many leeches in this country.

  • Patty

    Just Beautiful.

    “We wanted to make a statement,” Ricketts said. “And people just came.”


    And Tomorrow, we all will come together.

  • Patty

    #12 November 5, 2012 at 3:12 pm
    Sasja commented:

    Thanks Sasja,


  • Practical Jane

    Good Ole’ Boys – Good for Them. God Bless Fly Over Country!

  • srdem65

    Love it. God bless the farmer.

  • More of us need to do this and take a stand to get our country back!

  • sp2012


  • owl

    Good job by hard working farmers! They didn’t need to pay anyone to bring those tractors like we see all those paid protesters loading on busses. Obama and Biden would be surprised to hear exactly how a farmer feels about this mess.

  • kat

    You make mention of the porta-potties several times. Is this on purpose to show the difference between Occupy/liberal Obama supporters who don’t even bother to find a private place to do their business, instead using cop cars as bathrooms, and conservatives/Romney supporters who not only use toilet paper, but think ahead enough to procure facilities, even on such short notice?

  • BurmaShave

    When people show up to protest a Democrat politician it is not unusual for them to be carrying an American flag. However, the people that show up to protest Republican or conservative politicians are often burning American flags or otherwise desecrating them.

    Liberals say we should not question their patriotism. What patriotism is there to question?

  • Bob

    What an awesome display of patriotic expression of our 1st Amendment. People, wise up if Obama get another term, we will see freedoms go away one by one. Romney 2012

  • Look-Out


    What a beautiful sight. THANK YOU!



  • Sasja

    No one will convince me that there will not be a landslide victory for Romney/Ryan. We were just getting fired up in 2010 and are ready to launch in 2012.

  • Joe M.

    Hey @BoSucks You did the get the “say goodbye to r money part right.”

  • Buzzy

    This is one story that will stick in my mind about the 2012 campaign season. Joe Young and all the rest that put this together on such short notice are the real fabric of America. Thank you Joe Young. You people are among my heroes.

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  • bg
  • luminOsity

    Well, one can say that there was a farming implement on stage at the Biden rally.

    A manure spreader.

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  • sablegsd

    ObamaKnowsBest commented:

    “Hundreds? I count maybe 12!”

    You need glasses. Look down the road. See the flags and the people holding the flags?

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  • Rol Farrar

    Wish I could have been there to see it! May God Bless America tomorrow!

  • Downunda

    OBAMA’s networth 11.5 million ALL OFF THE TAXPAYER! NEVER had a PRIVATE JOB!

  • Here is a link to the photos I shot at our rally. We had a great time showing are support for Romney:

  • Shockwave


  • This is RICH!!!! I am posting this for my patriot’s group on Fundamental Refounding! Join us and join the live election night chat!

  • bg



    try counting the people and get back to me, k??


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  • Onevoice

    I think It’s noteworthy that this is One more story in what looks like a trend of Gannett publications jumping off the Obama bandwagon, at one time they were his biggest and most powerful supporters in the publication world.

  • #MoeFarms

    There were not 800 people inside the school for Biden. A sheriff’s Deputy informed us outside we had more people for Romney than inside. The Obama campaign also bused in people ti fill the gym. The Rushville Middle school gym was chose because it was small and they knew they couldn’t fill a high school gym.

  • #MoeFarms

    Buzzy is correct ini thanking Joe Young. I will add some others. Mark Ricketts Brian Oliver, Andy Seals, Darrell Myers & Denny Miller.
    I know there are others….please post others that I did not know of who helped organize.

    I was so proud of everyone who was in attendance drove by showing support including the sheriffs office and the motorcade 🙂 It wasn’t just farmers ! There were all different sectors of the work force represented. Nurses, teachers, salesmen, truck drivers, factory workers, stay at home moms…ect. I will always love the memory of that night !

  • flackjacket5

    Great opportunity for some cowboy frisbee, too…but no one can match Joe for slinging BS.

  • Militant Conservative

    This is a GOD fearing America.

    Obama/Evil has no hope here.

    We are many he is few.