Just when you thought you’d seen everything.
A woman in St. Louis announced her abortion on Craigslist.
Here’s her ad:

ok so we’ve been going thru alot and were not even together. you dont trust me? you dont love me? i dont know anymore. i always make you mad. i dont know if youre ashamed of me. hate me? i dont know how you feel about me. you don’t need to respond but you should listen bc i need to get this off my chest…. Austin, im pregnant. and since we have no type of future together im getting an abortion so no worries on your end. you haven’t picked up the phone or return my text so no need to call or respond now. my mind is made up. my decision is final. i feel like its the Best decision for me.

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  1. How sad is it that one must place an ad in an on line paper to contact the person, a man/child to let him know that he has been part of creating a life and will be the cause of ending it too. How sad is it that this young girl feels that her privacy is nothing more then an on line ad to be read by thousands of people. Where is her mind, her thought and her shame ? I am guessing she is not in her right frame of mind, and what we witness now is the tide of a generation w/o shame.

  2. Dear ignorant woman/women/man/men!

    Birth control pills, rubbers, morning after pill, abortion. saucer method, aspirin between the knees method, IUD, patch, implant, shot, sponge, ring, cervical cap, diaphragm, female condom, spermicide and withdrawal method. Oh, yes, and as a last resort, !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!STERILIZATION FOR WOMEN AND A VASECTOMY for the dumb ass man you chose to have sex with! What the hell will it take for you stupid ass people to take responsibility for yourselves?

  3. Wow. Wonder if she bothered to send “I’m pregnant” via text? Then she would not of had to post on CL, however, I think this is probably just an attention thing. The youth are all about “look at me, look at me” and all into DRAMA. Could of just been a dare or a funny or whatever too… they tend to have pretty messed up ideas of ‘fun’. But, if it is true… then I am in agreement with #1. How very, very sad and I hope she does not end up murdering a child just because she ‘does not know how she feels’.

  4. It only takes one party to ruin a relationship or a country. Our great country has been having a giant abortion for decades now. Where is the maturity from the democraps? AWOL

  5. An abortion shower?

  6. Yah, it may be the best decision for her, but what about the life of the unborn. Selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, woman. This is what happens when women give it up for free and men lap it up; marriage has gone out the window and the baby in the amniotic fluid.

  7. How about killing your mother because your boyfriend is a jerk ? …How about going next door and killing your neighbor’s kid as a cathartic relief to get a load off your chest next time a boyfriend dumps you ? …..Liberal morality……The guy I had sex with is a BIG LOSER…so I get to kill somebody weaker than me ..;…because the way to deal with feeling like a used discarded piece of garbage is to pass it on and dump blame onto a baby.

  8. This poor woman- its all about her and the child be damned.

    When you move the levers and turn the dials of the reproductive system, you should not be surprised when the machinery starts to work despite your best efforts to prevent it from doing so. That is why God said the sex was for people who have already set up a family unit, so they would be able to take care of the results of conceptive activity.

  9. Yea, the enlightened republicans ought to abandon the life saving believers i.e. social conservatives because they are so barbaric. Is that Sandra Flute again?

  10. This poor woman is a victom of a culture that stresses unrestrained recreational sex. If only she had learned even the most basic of values she would not have placed herself into such a sad position.

    Yet another total failure of the public education system that stressed passing out ‘how to have sex and why it is a good thing to do training’ instead of ANY moral values.

  11. Sandra Fluke would be proud.

  12. “And Austin, why are you named after a city?’Are you an urbanocentric metrosexual, Austin?

  13. Phew! Bad as this is, for a moment I thought, from reading the headline, that this woman was putting her “fetus” up for sale on Craigslist. Thank goodness this is not that bad, just almost.

  14. So a young woman in a relationship gets pregnant and chooses to end the life because her sex partner is not responsible? What do we do but condemn them both! What a judgmental lot of people we have become! Poor baby who is the real victim!

  15. And here in lies the dichotomy of the abortion issue for me. If one believes that a fetus is an unborn child, and thus killing it is taking a human life, then you have a moral obligation to try and stop this. However, is their ANYONE that thinks that this self-centered, emotional wreak, immature “woman” who makes monumentally poor decisions has any business being allowed to parent a child? She should not be allowed to procreate (or vote). There are other options (adoption) but any child that shares genetics with her is starting out at a disadvantage and it is doubtful that she would take the minimum care of herself during the pregnancy to even bring the baby to term. Abortion is a fact of life, its like gun powder and nuclear weapons. The genie is out of the bottle and he can’t be put back. Without an almost unimaginable shift in public attitude it will remain the law of the land. It has now simply become an issue for the liberals to beat the conservatives over the head with, and was a major factor in the Democrats retaining several seats in Congress. Everyone needs to do what their contentious tells them to do and there is nothing wrong with expressing you opinion and encouraging other to be responsible, but it is time for the Republicans to drop this from their platform. It is divisive and a loser issue. Take it out, don’t mention it, don’t debate it. Change the narrative to be “Why do liberals think that minorities and the poor should not be allowed to have kids? Is this their way of reducing the people they find Undesirable? Why isn’t planed parenthood required to provide counseling for expectant mother that include ALL options including adoption and financial assistance through charitable organizations etc. should a woman want to carry her baby to term. Why do the liberals want to take away a woman’s choice to have a baby?”
    Having said that I’ll refrain with, if ever there was a good reason for someone to get an abortions instead of having a child, this woman is a prime example.

  16. One less Democrat, FTW! Good job, lady.

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