Obama brings the pain…

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Barack Obama’s policies are so oppressive that at least one hard-working business owner killed himself after the election last Tuesday.
The Sun-Sentinel reported:

A Key West resident who police say was distraught over the presidential election results and worried about his business has apparently killed himself.

Police say they found Henry Hamilton’s body in his bedroom Nov. 8, along with a living will with handwritten words “Do not revive! (expletive) Obama!” Two empty prescription empty pill bottles were in the dining room.

Hamilton’s partner Michael Cossey told Key West police he last saw Hamilton when they watched the election results together. According to the police report, Hamilton was upset and said, “If Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around.”

Cossey says Hamilton was anxious about his tanning business.

For the record… Democrats and Barack Obama placed an oppressive racist tanning tax in their health care bill to help pay for the plan.




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  1. Key West…Tanning Business…Isn’t that Redundant?

  2. This is tragic. (God rest him, and give him peace.)

  3. So sorry that he felt that this was his only option. Unfortunately, I am afraid he will not be the last one to believe that suicide is the only way out.

  4. [LAUDERHILL, Fla. (WSVN) -- Nearly a thousand ballots that were not included in Florida's final count have been found in a warehouse in Broward County.]

  5. It sounds as if he was gay and Obama drove this man to kill himself… I guess Obama is guilty of assisted suicide.

    Can we prosecute the prick yet ?

  6. This should also be a hate crime

  7. We have to be stronger than this. The Obama cult don’t give a damn if innocent people drop dead from their policies. Its actually their master plan…Why feed their revenge ?

  8. If things go the way we think they are going to go, then it is going to get much, much worse in America. As troubles mount, and oppression spreads, and corruption trumps, there will be more and more who reach what they see as the end. We must share the gospel with all who are not believers, so that they know that no matter the circumstances in life there is hope… not of this world, but in Christ. My heart breaks that anyone feels there is no other choice, but to take their own life.

  9. Patriots! Never, ever turn your anger and despair inwards. We need you.

    Turn your rage towards the forces destroying our freedoms.

    Stand strong and stand together!

  10. This guy was mentally unstable anyway and would have killed himself regardless of who won the presidency. The writer of this article did a horrible job and it was blatantly biased, what you’d expect from the RW media.

  11. Did you just say RW media, you fu(king retard?

  12. Nosmo commented:

    Key West…Tanning Business…Isn’t that Redundant?

    Not really the beaches are over run with deviants and out of control tourists. Depending on which ones you go to and the prevailing tides they usually are choked with seaweed and kelp this time of year as well.

    Maybe this is a sign that the Obama worshiping LGBT community will begin to feel the effect of his reign finally.

  13. Hello….I am a troll and my name is John.

  14. I only wish more conservatives would follow his lead!

  15. I, too, am very sad this man was so despondent, and hope he now knows a peace this world couldn’t give him.

    Meet a communist denier that teaches our young (video):


  16. Just a comment. NOT all gay people are commie’s. My neighbor’s gay but vote’s straight Republican.

  17. AnAmerican:

    What an ugly and dark person you are on the inside…

  18. #10 November 14, 2012 at 5:42 pm
    Truth Teller commented:

    Did you happen to listen to Rush Today?

  19. #15 November 14, 2012 at 6:00 pm
    AnAmerican commented:

    Well, I know you didn’t listen to Rush, today.

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