Israel Thwarts 44 Million Cyber Attacks Since Start of Operation Pillar of Defense

The radical Anonymous online activist group has sided with Hamas over Israel.

Israel has deflected over 44 million cyber attacks since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense.
Most of the attacks have originated in the United States or Europe.
ZDNet reported:

Protesting against attacks taking place on Gaza, hacktivist collective Anonymous began a hacking spree that resulted in hundreds of websites being defaced or taken offline, as well as database data being stolen and placed in public file dumps.

However, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said Sunday that although 44 million hacking attempts have been recorded in total since the spree began — dubbed OpIsrael — the majority of them have failed, according to The Times of Israel.

The Minister says that nearly all of the attacks taking place on government and defense websites have failed, whereas successful database destruction generally took place on private websites. Speaking at a press conference at the Government Computing Center in Jerusalem, Steinitz said that most of the attacks were against governmental sites including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Home Front Command, but only one partially succeeded, and was “wobbly for a few minutes.”

Steinitz also said that many of the attacks have been traced back to IP addresses from the United States and Europe, and not from Arab countries.

Carmela Avner, the government’s chief information officer told the publication that “we haven’t seen many attempts to enter sites and steal data. Most of the attacks have been of the type where hackers try to overload servers with excessive data.” In other words, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and email bombing were commonplace, rather than specialized attempts to steal data.

During Friday’s attacks, websites including The Jerusalem bank and Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs were defaced and taken down for a time, although they have now been restored. In addition, a list of websites attacked was released by Anonymous, which stated that hundreds of sites were affected.

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  • mercador

    ” I will bless those that bless you and I will curse those that curse you” that is a promise to Isreal from Almighty God.

  • stuart

    it’s hardly surprising that most of the attacks have come from the US and Europe. The level of technological expertise in most of the Arab world is usually confined to herding goats. If you have ever watched them fight, it would seem that even the proper use of the AK-47 seems to be beyond their capability. It’s spray and pray with them 24-7.

  • EmilyRose

    re: “Steinitz also said that many of the attacks have been traced back to IP addresses from the United States and Europe, and not from Arab countries.”

    Shocked! I’m shocked I tell you…. It sure would be a shame if some little greasy basement dweller managed to get run over by the pizza delivery dude. Yup, a real shame. Furthermore, I wonder how many of these ‘hackers’ are associated with the government? Probably none…or just a few, at most.

  • dwdude

    i just hope the mossad posts the pictures of their bullet ridden corpses

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  • Time

    And who do you think these hacking sensationalist are ? One guess. Should not be too hard to figure out…

  • That Israel has this capability is amazing to me and I applaud them for fighting back in any place that they are attacked.

  • frank

    “We Are Legion”
    wasn’t ‘Legion’ named such because of all the demons that inhabited him?
    (possible explanation for the muzzie fear of pigs??)

    “We Do Not Forgive”
    isn’t that anti – Christ?

    any questions as to who these anonymous types serve?!

  • I know ‘Anonymous’ thinks the lefty hackers are real cutting edge, but they might have met their match in the Mossad

  • bigL

    I think they are in the highest reaches in the US Dept of State

  • bg
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  • bg


    oops re: #11 November 19, 2012 at 12:37 pm bg

    via BCPA


  • bg


    frank #8 November 19, 2012 at 12:04 pm


    Obama, Soros, Rockefeller, and a few others in between..


  • SeniorD

    Don’t these clowns realize the Israelis have made significant contributions to the Stuxnet worm development? All they need is one, count ’em one, URL and the entire Anonymous network gets infected.

  • bg


    SeniorD #15 November 19, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    ‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’

    probably, that’s why Obama wants to know all about it,
    so he can fix it for his Iranian bro’s, no. i’m not kidding..

    [Islamist-allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining U.S. security policy – explains counter-Intelligence expert, Prof. Clare Lopez. Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a network including well-known American diplomats, congressional representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world – with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran – is directing the Obama Administration’s policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East.]


  • Jon Brooks

    Oh how I pray the Mossad 007’s are looking for them in the US and Europe as we speak..I mean type.

  • Chris W.

    Anyone can call themselves “Anonymous”. This doesn’t really fit the group’s MO.

  • i don’t think they will be anonymous for long.

  • bg


    can’t believe there are some people who don’t know who
    or what Anonymous is, or at the very least, heard of them..