Insane!… Black Friday Shoppers Fight Over Phones at Walmart (Video)

It’s Black Friday and the shoppers are at it again.
At Walmart a massive mob was fighting over phones.
Via WOAI and Drudge:

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  • Sasja

    Oh for Pete’s sake.

  • Pjay

    Doesn’t THAT put you in the Christmas spirit…

  • Y’know. Every once in a while a light bulb goes on over my head. Not has often as when I was younger, but still a get a “click” and I get it.

    We, including me, thought Romney had a chance to win. Why? Because we thought people in America had some sense of responsibility, restraint, understanding and willingness to do the right thing in the face of the opposition just handing out free crap for votes.

    Had I thought for a second, I would have remember moments like the video we see, where people are pushing and shoving and harming each other- not for food or water- but for a phone.

    And they think it okay human behavior and even proper. Nothing embarrassing about it to them.

    And we thought we had a chance to get those people to vote for someone with self-restraint.

    Idiots… not them, us.


  • ★FALCON★

    If these dummies only knew they could go to the Federal Communication Bureau and get a free ObamaFone none of this would have happened.

  • Will

    As it was in the day of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.

  • OldSailor

    I get what you are saying Archer.

    These people vote. We are so scr**ed.

  • More people fought over phones than showed up for the Black Friday union walkout.

  • Jim

    This is where we have arrived! Staying up in a line all night to rush in and fight over a cheap ass Chinese phone! God help us!

  • Spot on Archer, spot on.

  • bartdp

    I think its time for a nice quiet cabin in the higher elevations of Utah.

  • Edd

    bartdp I’m with you on that one.

  • ironbill

    Ditto to Archer.

    There’s a part of me that wants to wax philosophically about materiality and the American soul, but after I watched the clip for only about two seconds I had to stop it. I was overcome by a sense of real sadness.

    This is the place we are.

    Getting out of this place will not be easy.

  • donh

    and every one of them is paying with a welfare EBT card. This is what the gimmi gimmi gimmi free stuff culture of cannibalism is coming to …a Zombie apocalypse…>

  • Truth Teller

    Look how crazy these people behave for low-price merchandise…

    Imagine how they will behave for food when Obama’s economic collapse comes…

    Prepare to stack your front yard with horizontal morons when the mobs come…

  • cecil dildine

    Wait for the “free health care” mobs….oh the humanity!

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  • Truth Teller

    It’s funny because the left actually believes they can dictate equal outcomes:
    -Affirmative Action
    -Amnesty for Illegals
    -Equal Pay for Women (the biggest lie…women are paid more than men)

    What actually happens with all of these actions is a decrease in national productivity, thus lower economic growth, thus less wealth to spread. Eventually, the machine grinds to a halt and survival-of-the-fittest kicks in. Guess whom is most fit? The one’s the libs were trying to hamper all along…they will naturally rise to the top again.

    You can’t keep bubbles from rising through sewage.

  • Wolftech

    Not every Walmart was like this. The one in my hometown saw people being pretty polite, not a lot of shoving and no people taking things away from others. I was at the video game pallets and those in front were handing games back to people behind because we had a plan to make sure everyone got what they wanted and we didn’t act like savages to do it.

  • Truth Teller

    What was the racial mixture, #18?

  • carrier pigeon

    What archer and bartdp said…

    Without the Rule Of Law in people’s hearts there isn’t much of a chance. When O’s goodies run out, it’s not hard to see what will happen.

  • Indiana

    It’s an Obama world now.

  • EDBigCon

    With the re-election of Obama that just shows me that the only thing almost half of the USA is only concerned for themselves and what they can get or take from others. If this was supposed to be getting the name of a person,family or animal to help right now do you think we would see ANY FIGHTING TO GET IN THERE AND GET “THEIRS” FIRST????? LOL This is what most of the country will be looking like in 2013/2014 as the healthcare and taxes go into place. Looking like Greece huh?

  • mg4us

    #3 Archer fully agree with you and other who ditto’d you. . .

    This speaks volumes as to the kind of country we have become. .
    And what happens when one removes GOD from our lives. . .
    So that all we become are secular materialistic egotists seeking our own needs first.

    The one thing I disagree with you and others on is that Romney had the message. . I actually think he was too watered down. . need to be fore forceful about Constitutional Principle and American values. . . and the alternative we as a country and as individuals for choosing wrongly. . .

    Well now we will have four years to see . . .

  • monocas

    Animals dressed like humans….!

  • Sasja

    This is nothing new. Apparently some have forgotten just how it was when a department store would have their white sales. Women would be pushed up against the doors waiting for the store to open. My grandmother told me it was like watching a herd of cattle in a stampede.
    The only difference today is it is caught on tape.

  • Deposit54

    Archer 52 Said:

    “We, including me, thought Romney had a chance to win. Why? Because we thought people in America had some sense of responsibility, restraint, understanding and willingness to do the right thing in the face of the opposition just handing out free crap for votes.”

    Except that most of the people in this video voted for Romney. So there goes that theory…

  • Lilbby

    Slaves to “stuff”…. I’m no angel in this regard and sometimes find myself too stuck on a “thing” over what’s important, but I’d never stoop to such idiocy to buy something. ONCE I waited in line at a Toys R Us to get a Wii for Christmas. It was orderly. I got up, got in line, got my ticket, bought my Wii and left, went back to bed, and on Christmas morning we played a Wii together. And if I didn’t get it? I’d have gotten in my car and left and bought something else for Christmas morning. No big whoop.

  • #26. I doubt it.

    Remember 52% is just over the halfway mark. In any battle, if you want to take an objective in an assault you need to be three to one or better advantage in soldiers.

    We have 48%, they have 52%. We’ll not retake the ramparts. That is over. All we can do is hold on in a siege manner and prevent them from getting out into the countryside- so to speak- and wait until they starve themselves out.

    Unfortunately, as some of you have noted, when that time comes, their answer to the failure will be to come and get your things. Never will it cross their minds that maybe working, saving and taking responsibility for their own lives would be an option.

    That means three events. The failure of the system or the tightening of the budget- which will result in the same effect. The violent reaction to those changes. The government’s and your reaction to the violence.

    It is going to get “sporty” sooner or later in certain areas of our nation.

  • paul52

    Must be one helluva phone. Won’t be long and these scenes will be replayed re. food, basic clothing, etc…. My hometown Wal-Mart was quiet at 9:30 this a.m. NO lines anywhere in store.

  • vityas

    Imagine food shortages.

  • Buffalobob

    How many pockets were picked in the making of this film?

  • scituate_tgr

    Sad. Just sad to think these are my fellow countrymen.

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  • ratsofred

    Low life forms on the move . Call the exterminator .

  • Mad Hatter

    We never went this crazy over Van Halen tickets going on sale back in 86 to 92. We were orderly, and not wanting to hurt one another in the process.

    This video, and others like it shows how we’ve sunk to a materialistic society.

    These people worship the Golden Calf, but are too blind to see it.

  • Lance o Lot

    I know I’m late to the party but…

    Aren’t Obama phones free?