Former DNC Chair Howard Dean is already making excuses for losing,
“The only way we lose is through fraud.”




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  1. We knew you all would be throwing this against the wall, too. Just so you know, Howie, we are ready. You’ve enter the ring with the with grown-ups this time around, sport.

  2. No Dick. It’s the only way We lose. Romney/Ryan

  3. I wonder which party this gun-waving gentleman was voting for… wait, no I don’t.

  4. No. It’s the only way We lose. Romney/Ryan

  5. the only way obama got elected was through fraud. dean is one of the biggest fraudsters in american politics. that this communist is a major player in the democratic party is cause for every freedom loving american to leave the party. his goal is one-party elections like we have in the small communists states of inner-city america.

  6. “The only way we WIN is through fraud.”

    Fixed it for you, Howie.

  7. By the way. Rush mentioned the internal poll the Romney campaign supposedly put out yesterday. Not theirs.

  8. Typical soar loser that can’t be man enough to admit that his side is the losing side.

    Too many excuses and not enough logic. Stay classy Dean.

  9. ++


    guess Mr. YEARGH! hasn’t been to Phillie.. /s/


  10. The only fraud I know is a fraud named Dean….EEEEEEEEHHHHHAAWWWWWWW….

  11. Agree #6. . .Fraud is the modus operandi of Democrats. . .

    Starting with Judges that suppress Voter ID laws and dilute votes of real law-abiding registered Americans.

    People have 4 years between elections to register. . .why not

    Then they use propaganda MSM to tout their lies. . .

    And print phony ballots like MN did with Al Franken or Bridgeport CT did recently.

    Dean is a loser and soon will be a SORE LOSER!

  12. Fraud…….he would know what it looks like since it is the way of the democrat.

  13. Ever notice how much Howard Dean looks like the guy in Men in Black that stretches his face over his skull? The bug wears him like a suit, Edgar. His neck skin is too loose and his chin tucks in just so. He’s an alien! :)

  14. pretty sure fraud is how Barry won 4 yrs ago

  15. Actually, the only way Obama can WIN is through fraud. He’s just helping to lay the base for the installation of Barack Obama as Emperor by claiming voter fraud; declaring Military Law & suspending all free elections “until further notice”. Obama will not relinquish his reins of control until the USA is totally transformed into the USSA (United Soviet States of America) & a 3rd world country. Then he hopes for world governance via the UN. Please pray that I am wrong & that Mitt Romney wins & restores American values to America.

  16. Howie baby, Don’t forget RACISM. RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!
    I’d elaborate but I have to go. Time to take my white sheets to the laundry.

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