It’s Union Time!

(Labor Notes)

Good News… We now have 44,000 more public sector union members!
The Airport screeners union just ratified their first contract with the government. reported:

The nation’s 44,000 newly unionized airport screeners have ratified their first-ever collective bargaining agreement, giving them more say in what they wear on the job, the shifts they work and the time off they take, whether they can change from part-time to full-time work or back, their union announced today.

The American Federation of Government Employees union, which won the right to represent the screeners in an election last year, said its members voted 17,326 to 1,774 in favor of ratifying the first labor deal struck with the Transportation Security Administration since the agency was founded 10 years ago in the wake of 9/11.




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  1. Molesters and baggage thieves, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. Remember obama talking about building his citizen army, or some such term… hmmm, seems the public sector unions fit the bill just perfectly.

  3. OH, JOY! NOT!

    and the hits just keep on coming

  4. Unionized pedophiles and rapists parasites.

  5. I have refused to fly anywhere that lands me in the US since they introduced the ridiculous TSA screening regulations. Now their unionized — that’s like adding insult to injury. Literally.

    Believe it or not, San Francisco privatized their airport screening and it’s 10 times better and more cost-efficient. Stossel did a segment on it not too long ago.

  6. Ah, something else to remember GW Bush for … compassionate conservation of the Democrap Party.

  7. 44,000 more contributors to the Demo-rat party via the Unions courtesy of tax payers money.

    It’s Hope and Change just so wonderful. =/

  8. Great! The brown shirt goon squad now on their way to great riches and lucerative entitlements at the people’s expense.

  9. Thank You George W. Bush, thank you so-o much

  10. and we gotta get Jeb in there next, and then George P. after that

  11. Are the screeners exempted from ObamaNoCare?

  12. unions…..ANOTHER roman catholic product. What a waste of space…then again the only thing men learn from history is men never learn anything from history.

  13. Gropers United….They need one of those intimidating bully fist logos fascist labor unions like to use in their association emblems ………>

  14. now more democrat voters with unfunded pensions, yippeeee!

  15. We’ll all be in the union soon enough since we will all be working for the government.

  16. 44,000 Democrat votes secured. What a joke these people are. Pathetic.

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