Earlier today Hamas tweeted this:
“The Qassam brigades declares responsibility for shooting down an #Israeli F16 jet over #Gaza sea”

Israel denied the report that an F-16 was shot down saying, “It’s not true”.
It’s just more terror propaganda.




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  1. Godspeed Bibi.

  2. Is that a flying saucer in the upper right corner of the video? If so, It is the only intelligible and legitimate image in this clip.

  3. Looks more like the muzzy rocket self destructed 50 feet out.

    I don’t think Israeli jets are flying that close to the dirty beards.

    They don’t need to!

    Hey, but when you’re getting your arse whooped and your war implements aren’t working right, simply cover over with dirty beard bravado! Yep, that’ll work!

  4. I’ve seen more authentic-looking versions of Sasquatch home videos.

  5. No video footage of the plane wreckage?

    If true, this would have to be the luckiest shot in history. The Quassam rocket unguided, isn’t it?

  6. So did Hamas learn from Saul Alinsky or are they and the liberals sharing a playbook?

  7. Liar liar burkah on fire.

  8. Here’s the good news – this past spring Israel tested it’s Iron Dome – it was able to successfully shoot down 88 percent of incoming rockets using GPS triangulation. The other 12 percent were geo-sync’d to fall harmlessly into farm lands.

  9. Kinda hard to keep that kind of thing a secret in a tiny nation like Israel where everyone is related to everyone else.

  10. Dirty, filthy apes! And our own Hussein weighed in with this vomitus:

    Obama backed “Israel’s right to defend itself,”

    Er, duh? Way to go out on a limb.

  11. Saw it on Oz TV last night.

    One Pally ape said ‘400 killed — mostly women & children’

    And then you got CNN’s Anderson Poofter and the pedophiles from al BeBeeCeera who show Pallywood flicks……..

  12. In the past, when I saw the Muzzies lying so brazenly, I just found it odd that they saw any benefit in doing so since it destroyed their credibility. Now, having seen the traitor Zero in action for 4+ years, and having seen the adulation of his sheeple, I see a striking similarity between them. People who are raised and indoctrinated by liars either survive with their wits intact or become completely untethered by truth.

  13. Egypt;s Mohamed Morsi and Turkey’s Tayip “Horse Nuts” Erdogan are brokering a “ceasefire”.

    What could go wrong ?

  14. if you want the truth check with jay carney.

  15. God save Israel. He’s apparently given up on America.

  16. Israel Must Level Gaza

  17. I apologize onbehalf of Israel for the death of children, aged and women. Can we see the debris of the jets? HAMAS are blatant liars. But Gaza needs to be rid of those heartles blood-thirsty demons(HAMAS) so that peace can reign in Gaza.

  18. Launcher looks like a “Stinger’ and you can hear the IR seeker growling – I fail to see a hit on aircraft. Didn’t we provide Libyan rebels with Stingers and some thought those SEALS were in Benghazi to track them down? Others say Ambassador was trying to broker a deal to ship arms to Muslim Bros in Syria – think some ended up in Gaza??

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