Grover Norquist: Republicans Have Passed Real Budget… Not “Some Essay or Haiku” Like the President (Video)

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, backed the Republican plan today to raise government revenues by growing the economy. Norquist argued,

“Republicans have passed a real budget in writing in legislative form, not some essay and haiku in what they think might be done which is what the president has done.”

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  • ★FALCON★

    Paul Ryan had the only budget passed by the House. Democrats do not want a budget only spending resolutions.

    When Republicans cave in and that looks very likely, we will have the largest tax hike in American history – or spending resolutions.

    What’s the difference?

  • Robert

    And yet the Republicans continue to let the federal budgetary excesses be funded, including increases.



    Exhibit #529 –

  • Nelle

    It hardly seems fair to characterise Obama’s budget proposal that way. I hear he submitted a brilliant plan:
    Tax the rich fat cats
    How else shall we freely spend?
    It’s all math, people.

  • Patty


    6,125 Proposed Regulations and Notifications Posted in Last 90 Days–Average 68 per Day

    It’s Friday morning, and so far today, the Obama administration has posted 165 new regulations and notifications on its website.

    In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.

    The website allows visitors to find and comment on proposed regulations and related documents published by the U.S. federal government. “Help improve Federal regulations by submitting your comments,” the website says.

    The thousands of entries run the gamut from meeting notifications to fee schedules to actual rules and proposed rule changes.

    In recent days, for example, the EPA posted a proposed rule involving volatile organic compound emissions from architectural coatings: “We are approving a local rule that regulates these emission sources under the Clean Air Act (CAA or the Act),” the proposed rule states. “We are taking comments on this proposal and plan to follow with a final action.”

    Another proposed rule will provide guidance for FDA staff on “enforcement criteria for canned ackee, frozen ackee, and other ackee products that contain hypoglycin A.” (Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica; unripened or inedible portions can be toxic.)

    Some of the proposed regulations revise regulations already on the books.

    The website also links to a video of a speech President Barack Obama gave at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 7, 2011, in which the president promised to remove “outdated and unnecessary regulations.”

    “I’ve ordered a government-wide review, and if there are rules on the books that are needlessly stifling job creation and economic growth, we will fix them,” the president said.

    A number of groups, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, expect a rush of new regulations now that President Obama has won a second term:

    CEI expects the EPA to move ahead on delayed rules on everything from greenhouse gas emissions to ozone standards. “Rules from the health care bill and the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill will also likely make themselves known in the weeks to come,” the group said on its website.

  • Patty

    What has American Voters done to our nation.

    Obama is destroying us from within. Sad doesn’t begin to say how I feel.

  • Miss Peach

    But Harry Reid and the Democrat Senate refuse to budge unless anyone making over $ 200,000.00 a year is heavily taxed. The problem is, we will all be taxed. Obamacare will add so many new taxes that we all will be paying for. As it stands now, with all the new regulations that are set to take place, this economy will remain stagnant. There will be no growth and unemployment will continue to rise. More and more people will be reliant on food stamps and government assistance. We have become a Nation of entitlements and laziness. Soon it will all come crashing down. Only then will we be able to learn from our mistakes and hopefully recover and rebuild, God willing.

  • ★FALCON★

    Don’t forget – Obama’s own budget was rejected by every member of his own party. That’s how extreme is was.

    Now, let’s not delude ourselves that the Democrats didn’t want or like Obama’s budget – it was that they didn’t want to be tied to it in an election year.

    With that out of the way – Obama and the Democrats are free to act.

  • owl

    Patty, it actually gets more scary. If you will look at the speech (without questions) Obama gave that said he won and the people voted for his plan, you can see it. I heard it today that they intend to do a couple of rallies.

    Yep. Obama intends to just keep on campaigning.

    Someone better listen to this and then grab our ELECTED voices and make them understand.

    They sat like lumps without voices (sure they passed their go no where bills) and allowed Obama to campaign all the way through. Let him campaign against them in an extra House address. Boy, that impressed me! Were you all impressed? What kind of idiots do this to themselves?

    They have allowed this election to be hi tech stolen. Nary a grunt. It is almost funny. They think they won and Romney didn’t. Oh yeah! If they can’t plot an effective way to get a loud voice, they need to HIRE A DEMOCRAT. At least they are not so dumb they give it away without a fight.

    It has to be brought home to them that they need to pass MANY bills such as CUTTING FUNDS for EPA in HALF. Every week pass another BIGGIE. I do mean BIGGIE. Make a flashing sign and post the numbers. DO SOMETHING to overwhelm them. Have someone study how they do it.

    This is probably their last shot. Dems know how. It has been tested. They are toast unless they can get rid of the machines, get voter ID and set a couple of days to vote.

    Someone light a firecracker under the House. They are on borrowed time anyway.

  • owl

    #8 As soon as they do away with the House majority in 2014, we have seen nothing yet.

    Yes, I honestly believe they will take the Senate & House in 2014 the same way they took the WH. Why not? Give me one reason for them not to take all and be able to do all?

  • Miss Peach

    In 2008, soaring oil prices threatened inflation and caused a deterioration in the US merchandise trade deficit, which peaked at $840 billion. In 2009, with the global recession deepening, oil prices dropped 40% and the US trade deficit shrank, as US domestic demand declined, but in 2011 the trade deficit ramped back up to $803 billion, as oil prices climbed once more. The global economic downturn, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, investment bank failures, falling home prices, and tight credit pushed the United States into a recession by mid-2008. GDP contracted until the third quarter of 2009, making this the deepest and longest downturn since the Great Depression. To help stabilize financial markets, in October 2008 the US Congress established a $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The government used some of these funds to purchase equity in US banks and industrial corporations, much of which had been returned to the government by early 2011. In January 2009 the US Congress passed and President Barack OBAMA signed a bill providing an additional $787 billion fiscal stimulus to be used over 10 years – two-thirds on additional spending and one-third on tax cuts – to create jobs and to help the economy recover. In 2010 and 2011, the federal budget deficit reached nearly 9% of GDP; total government revenues from taxes and other sources are lower, as a percentage of GDP, than that of most other developed countries. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan required major shifts in national resources from civilian to military purposes and contributed to the growth of the US budget deficit and public debt – through 2011, the direct costs of the wars totaled nearly $900 billion, according to US government figures. In March 2010, President OBAMA signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a health insurance reform bill that will extend coverage to an additional 32 million American citizens by 2016, through private health insurance for the general population and Medicaid for the impoverished. Total spending on health care – public plus private – rose from 9.0% of GDP in 1980 to 17.9% in 2010. In July 2010, the president signed the DODD-FRANK Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, a law designed to promote financial stability by protecting consumers from financial abuses, ending taxpayer bailouts of financial firms, dealing with troubled banks that are “too big to fail,” and improving accountability and transparency in the financial system – in particular, by requiring certain financial derivatives to be traded in markets that are subject to government regulation and oversight. Long-term problems include inadequate investment in deteriorating infrastructure, rapidly rising medical and pension costs of an aging population, sizable current account and budget deficits – including significant budget shortages for state governments – energy shortages, and stagnation of wages for lower-income families.

    Thia is all on Obama’s watch ! No blaming Bush.

  • NeonKoan

    “Yes, I honestly believe they will take the Senate & House in 2014..”

    Oh, I’m pretty sure Democrats won’t be taking the Senate anytime soon since, you know.. they already have it and all.

    “.. the same way they took the WH.”

    You mean by winning elections? Yeah, I do too.

  • cc


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  • Illinois Integrity Council

    There was no ballot stuffing, it was done by forklift.

  • Death of Integrity

    We have only the corpses to blame.

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  • valerie

    Not really OT: Repub men should take her comments to heart.

    Jim really wanted to see Akin replaced, and that would have been a good move.

    The reaction to those dumb comments was really strong, because it seemed to confirm what the Dems have been saying about the Repubs all along.

    Our country acts through legislation, and the polls were pretty clear that many people who voted for Obama still have concerns about the economy. So……. we did into the details of each action, and take a position on the legislation.

  • man_in_tx
  • man_in_tx

    More on how Grover Norquist is not to be trusted… along with Karl Rove and others…..