Eww… Axelrod: Obama Is Closing With His Loins

TMI. David Axelrod told reporters today Obama is closing from his loins.
Political Ticker reported:

David Axelrod described the message coming from President Barack Obama days before Election Day as “coming from his loins.”

“I’ve never seen him more exhilarated than he is right now. He believes in what he’s doing. He believes in what he’s fighting for,” Axelrod told reporters Friday after the president’s event in Lima, Ohio. “You can see in the speech that he’s delivering that this is coming from his loins.”

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  • bg


    😆 ROTF 😆 MBO 😆


  • bathhouse Barry

  • Indiana

    Spin it anyway you want……it looks like panic, fear, and desperation to me, Dave!

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  • Sofia

    Well, that is even more gross than the Lena Dunham campaign ad comparing voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity. What next?!

  • Big Red

    Axelrod always lies his ass off. So when he says Obama is exhilarated it means the complete opposite. In other words, he’s severely depressed. We’ve got this folks. An 11th hour storm isn’t going to be enough to change the outcome so forget the polls. Obama’s done! They’ll probably change by the hour from now until Tuesday anyway. So all we have to do now is show up and vote. Hallelujah!

  • Look-Out

    It’s them lyin’ loins…

    Bathhouse dreaming, Dave? Not you too?

  • SeniorD

    Eye candy photo in the same Marxist spirit as his Good Friend Vlad Putin!

    Why do I always feel the urge to go wash up after seeing David Axelrod? Could it be he reminds me of a slimy wart faced Troll?

  • dwd


    as long as everyone goes out and votes

    don’t assume, don’t trust any exit polling, don’t listen to anything the media says Tuesday before polls close… get to the polls and vote

    do not stay home


  • MrGoodWench

    “You can see in the speech that he’s delivering that this is coming from his loins.”
    Well since Obama’s speeches sound like diarrhea , I think Axlturd is confused about where Obama’s speeches are coming from 😉

  • Highlander

    What is it with these Democrats and their obsession with their loins …?

  • malclave

    So MSNBC is breathlessly Leaning Forward and waiting for the sharp thrust of Obama’s… message?

  • sundrad

    Obama is looking forward to getting out of office and back to Hawaii!

  • Nelle

    I knooow. What is that? I don’t really care where he’s coming from, I just want him to go.

  • sablegsd

    How can those spindly toothpick legs carry him around? I guess the air in his head provides the counter lift.

  • teapartydoc

    Let Barack be Barry. Or something like that.

  • Multitude

    I do not understand Axelrod’s misogynistic imagery. Perhaps it is true: a woman is only a vagina to the progressive powers, one that must not under any circumstance bear a baby that would burden the male.

    You can’t conceal it anymore. Biden’s out there blowing his “full load on ya’all women”. At least Clinton kept it private. Free condoms and abortions, but god help you if you want a job or equal pay. “NEED NOT APPLY” is the sign posted on every White House and Obama Campaign senior position listing.

    If you’re a woman and vote for this kind of treatment, don’t ever ask for society’s respect. We can tell you that you need to dump the abusive, loser boyfriend who’s always treating you like crap and taking your money. At some point, you have to make the decision.

  • bad actor

    I think I’m going to puke.
    After we vote him out on Tuesday, can we just make him leave then instead of suffering through the next 75 days? Please? I can’t stand the sight of him.

  • bad actor

    Axlerod reminds me of Hitler. Only worse.

  • donh

    So that is where Obama stashes his little zip lock bag of COKE.

  • bad actor

    Closing with his loins? Would those be girded loins or ungirded? Just wonderin’.

  • Granny

    We do need to get on the stick and help get some Republican Senators over the wire though. Harry Reid is promising to do absolutely nothing if Romney wins. (I wonder if we can remove him for obstruction?)

  • That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard about the determination of a sitting President. But of course what do you expect coming from a card carrying Communist about a card carrying Communist President.

    Did you know that we’ve become the Soviet Union? Why do I say that? Because look at the disaster in New York and New Jersy, Long Island what with people begging for help, starving standing out in the cold for six hours for gasoline. It might as well be bread and probably will be next.

    And where is FEMA? Bush had FEMA in New Orleans in three days. It’s been three days since Obama said FEMA was going to skip over the red tape, skip over the bureacratic delays, but did he say when FEMA would be in the area? NO HE DID NOT. As a matter of a fact he never did say how long it would be. He just said he didn’t want any delays getting FEMA into the area but did any of you get a sense of how long it actually would take? NO.

    This is Obama. He says something without saying anything at all that you can put your finger on. He says things but doesn’t really give you any information you can count as things that he has done, other than what the aftermath of his word about our nation.

    So New York, Bloomberg, these are the only people you have to depend on and has Bloomberg said about when the people would be getting the help they need? NO. No one has said when the people would be helped in this disaster. But what are the people doing? They are doing what they can to help themselves. And that’s the way it is with White people. They don’t wait around for somebody else to come do what the people can do for themselves. That’s why they will die with their boots on. Some may plead for help, but their pleas will go unheeded.

    If Obama wouldn’t help our people in Libya, and they were important people, how much more will he help White people right here in America, no matter how bad things are. He will only help his people, Blacks and Muslims. If you aren’t one of those you can forget it.

    Why would I use what liberals will think are “racist” remarks about Obama? Because it’s how he really feels about us all. You have been catagorized by the Communist regime. If you are outside one of those catagories then you are screwed.

    Let’s see how high the death toll gets before Obama and Bloomberg get off their butts and actually do what they are supposed to do.

  • tom beebe st louis

    yes DWD, vote or STFU !!!!!!!!

  • bg



    November 2, 2012

    White House blasted for classified information leaks

    ‘Citizens grand jury’ accuses administration
    of using secrets to ‘bolster’ political standing


  • Oh come on, you all knew this would be the tone as soon as BJ joined the campaign.

  • toddski1963

    He looks like a flat chested woman !

  • Tommentary

    His ‘purloins.’

  • Amash

    Just the image alone literally turns my stomach. And coming from Axelrot mouth makes it worse.

  • SoLongSong

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    And #23 WillofLa: I cease to be amazed at the glib way the little man will say anything, doesn’t matter, he doesn’t mean it, not one bit.

    I will be so glad to see the back of his head as he walks away, but alas, I shall keep my eyes closed because I too am sick of looking at any part of him. And LOINS?!!

    Yep, that was definitely barf in my mouth.

  • Sasja

    Emulating Putin again?

  • Hmm. Well, that could explain Bill Clinton’s comment, “I may be the only person in America, but I’m more excited about Obama this time.”

  • oldav8r

    Quick! Get some smelling salts to Chrissy Matthews — I’m sure this has given him the vapors!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    No wonder his final argument is so muddled, it’s filtered through that drunk at pmsnbc’s mouth. Hi Tingles

  • billbob

    Where’s Reggie Love?

  • donh

    I don’t call him Axelgrease for nothin. Obama’s lube man greasing palms with bribes that enable Obama’s shafting of the little guy.

  • BetseyRoss


  • Granny

    Now WillofLa – be FAIR! The Red Cross finally showed up on Staten Island this afternoon – with hot chocolate and cookies! (No clothes or blankets – or even a meal).

  • Sandy

    Obama is eye candy for the blind.

  • Sandy

    You would have to be blind to appreciate this bit of eye candy.

  • Sandy

    Sorry I said that twice.

  • Sandy

    I’ve seen better bodies when Americans liberated Auschwitz.

  • bg


    Axelrod fell down and Obama can’t get it up, what?? 😀


  • Joanne

    There isn’t any man-meat on those loins….yuk.

  • It comes from Barack Obama’s loins
    and is then regurgitated from David Axelrod’s mouth.

    Seems spot on to me!

  • Warthog

    He’s not closing with his loins he’s stepping on it.

    (In his spikiest golf shoes too…)

  • bigL

    I concur with #18. I can’t get to the remote fast enough. If I can’t then it is “surrey with the Firinge on the top”, Or “Poor Judd is dead” I don’t know why those two, but it works until the liar is off the air.
    Recall in yr mind that we never heard GWB’s voice for 8 yrs unless it was a malapropism…
    Or the Press would rephrase what they think he said. but Obama is on the radio evety 15 minutes, at every traffic break and news on the 1/2 and on the hr.I have had it.
    If he is re-elected the cable goes and the radio is off. Talk radio can go out of business as far as I am concerned if they don’t use some clout on the station advertizers.and stop the massive covering of duck-face

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  • That picture proves it, he is definitely the Rump Ranger in Chief.

  • ChipsterNGA

    From his little skinny a$$ loins? Yikes, baby, he couldn’t fill a half teaspoon! You could barbeque both his loins faster than a pair of chicken legs and only use a half bottle of bbq sauce.

  • Sparky

    So, it’s coming from his cojones? And, I’m supposed to be impressed?

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  • therese

    Eye Candy – Puke Eye Candy – Puke Eye Candy – Puke Eye Candy – Puke Eye Candy – Puke

  • Morgan

    #5 November 2, 2012 at 5:57 pm
    Sofia commented:
    Well, that is even more gross than the Lena Dunham campaign ad comparing voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity. What next?!
    HeeHaw, it is appropriate that voting for Obama is likened to being screwed.

  • Hugh

    Utterly bizarre, and gross.

  • bg


    Sparky #51 November 2, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    he has cojones?? 😯


  • RealMc

    Experts Surprised:

    “Hillary opens jar” and gives him back his nads……. heh.

    Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend should be so lucky…..

  • Jaimo

    Yea, Oblabla is looking for sharia in every pot. He certainly knows what he’s doing there.

  • bg


    Axelrods way of telling US Obama’s going to screw US..


  • Patty

    PaH PaH pleaseee!!

    Eye Candy and Loins? Obama and Axelrod are side shows in a Circus, they might catch your eye and then when it is over, you stand there wondering why you wasting your time.

  • Cheryl in CA

    Ohhh…P–UKE… The body…the swagger…ugh!

    #49 Cutlers… Too funny!

  • Kat

    I need an adult, Obama is touching my no-no’s.

  • Francesca

    Do real people talk like that? Yuck.

  • bg
  • Patty

    Yeah mustache explain this:

    Drivers Waiting 6 Hours For Gas in NYC…
    Tempers Rise in Wake of Storm…
    ‘Finding bodies left and right’…
    Restaurant, hotel prices skyrocket…
    CRAIGSLIST: $15 a gallon…
    Utility workers pelted with eggs…
    ‘We have nothing’…
    Residents Furious RED CROSS Offering Cookies & Hot Chocolate, Not Blankets Or Clothes…
    Jet Fuel Supply Fast Becoming Concern At Airports…
    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…
    ‘Please don’t leave us’…
    VIDEO: Stranded New Yorkers Defecating in Apartment Buildings…
    NJ counties enact 70s style gas rationing… Developing…


  • Patty

    #64 November 2, 2012 at 8:29 pm
    bg commented:

    He said something like that in 08! But without the curse words. Funny, since 08 they are getting so desperate they have to curse at YA!!

    They are derelicts.

  • Patty

    Obama campaigns in Vegas while New Yorkers eat from dumpsters

    Barack Obama dropped in for a cup of coffee along the Jersey shore with his new BFF Chris Christie and got what is really the only thing he wanted from that visit- a photo-op. A chance to appear as though he cared. A chance to look Presidential. A chance to appear as though he was doing his job.

    Christie was sickeningly effusive in this praise of Obama.

    Then it was off to Vegas, baby, complete with a newly acquired load of…..er…..gravitas!

    From the Obama flacks at Yahoo:

    NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev.–Gone are the jokes about “Romnesia” and the loose talk of a “campaign marathon extravaganza.” For Barack Obama, the president of a nation reeling from a storm that devastated the Eastern Seaboard, it’s time for gravitas.

    Standing in front of a skyline of red mountains not far from the College of Southern Nevada, Obama’s election address sounded more like the speeches he delivered when he campaigned for president four years ago. His original message of hope and compromise, subdued by four years of a stubbornly high unemployment rate and partisan gridlock, re-emerged Thursday.

    The jokes and the ridicule aren’t playing and it seems Obama has caught on:

    While almost all of his speeches before superstorm Sandy were filled with direct mentions of his GOP challenger, the president mentioned Mitt Romney by name only once during the speech. Obama chose instead to refer to Romney as “my opponent,” “the governor,” or “the guy who’s running for president right now.” He also sought to reclaim the word “change” as his own, hammering Romney as a president who would return to policies embraced by former President George W. Bush.

    Meanwhile- Drudge’s headlines

    Gas Shortages May Not End for Another Week…
    Mile-long lines, price hits $6…
    Fistfights, Guns Drawn…
    Some Siphoning From Cars!
    ‘I’m pretty pissed’…
    Two massive generators power NY media, not masses…
    NYC Official: Red Cross ‘Absolute Disgrace’…
    Looters Dress Like Con Edison Workers to Gain Access to Houses…
    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…
    ‘Please don’t leave us’…

    New Yorkers are dumpster diving for food:


  • Patty
  • MAJ Mike

    “…leading with his loins.”

    Boy, that’s an image I wish I could erase from my mind.

  • Beau Ryker

    Skinny little useless twerp.

  • jacquez

    never sending those bastards at the red cross another dime eva

  • mablanco

    just like CLINTON !!!!! Bring back the Clinton era

  • jacquez

    never sending those bastards @ the american red cross another dime … eva !

  • wal-zing matilda

    From a female perspective…lose the knock kneed bird legs!

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  • UGH

  • owl

    closing from his loins…………………

    Good grief……………Ewwwwwww………run

  • dwdude

    i think it’s coming from his a$$

  • bg
  • Clafoutis

    I want to throw up hearing words about Zero’s loins.
    And even worse, when referenced out of Axelrodent’s mouth.

    President Romney will restore dignity to the office and this nation.


  • bg



    ht Patty

    Mother of State Dept. Official Killed in Benghazi:

    ‘I Believe Obama Murdered My Son’


  • DomesticGoddess

    Are his loins reading the teleprompter?

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  • Miss Peach

    If that means he is talking through his ass….then yes, I agree ! Tingles Matthews must be thrilled !

  • RKflorida

    That is downright lewd and disgusting. We don’t need that kind of sodomite image. Put your shirt on, you disgust me.

  • Sandy

    #22 Granny–Reid will work with President Romney because he is loyal to the power of the Presidency and not to Obama. Success has 1,000 fathers — failure is an orphan.

  • Sandy

    If Obama loses his interview with Steve Kroft will go something like this. I tried to give the people what they wanted. But they hated me because of my color. The children understood but it was their parents who couldn’t accept a man like me as President. But Sir, Kroft says, the economy was in a tail spin and the Middle East was said to be coming apart. Could that not be part of the reason you were fired? NO I killed Bin Laden and gave people free healthcare but they weren’t grateful for these gifts because the gifts came from me.

    In the end it will be all our fault because we never understood the greatness of Obama.

  • workingclass artist


  • Limousine Barry

    Davy Axelrod better start pumping or I am going to cut off his money and his loins!

    My campaign is a Billion dollar disaster! My campaign is floating in the toilet with the logs. I look like crying spoiled child expelling turds in the bathtub!

    If I don’t win – I promise to skin both my donors and Davy Axelrod. Davy Axelrod is going to get the shaft!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Are those things man boobs?

  • Mingo

    “speech…blah blah…coming from his loins….”

    Well, maybe his loins (disgusting as it sounds) make better sense than the lies and crap that spews from his lips!………………… But, surely I jest!

  • bg
  • Perfected democrat

    Axlerod is more pathetic than Soros, the two of you need to do human civilization a big favor, along with the Castro bros and Hugo Chavez, also don’t forget the little weasel Putin, if all of you would just commit suicide together next week, I would be able to think good thoughts about you “folks”…

  • Bitter Clinger

    Thanks for the photo Jim /s I won’t be able to sleep or eat for days now. YUK!!!!!!

  • Kissmygrits

    Lena Dunham may be excited but somehow that torso doesn’t quite go with the skinny legs and face. Photo shop anyone?

  • Cheryl in CA

    I never did like dark meat in my chicken…