NY Emergency Management Chief Fired After Ordering Crews to His House to Remove a Downed Tree

The Emergency Management Chief was fired in New York after he ordered crews over to his house to remove a tree from his driveway.
The Inquisitr reported:

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo reportedly fired his emergency management chief after learning that the official sent public employees to his house to clear a fallen tree in the driveway in the middle of Superstorm Sandy.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/391386/andrew-cuomo-fires-chief-of-emergency-management-for-misuse-of-workers-report/#odxdOB4WT63KyhoJ.99

Steven Kuhr, the head of the New York Emergency Management Office, was responsible for coordinating the response to disasters, like Superstorm Sandy, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Kuhr was appointed by Cuomo in 2011. Before this, he was the CEO at Strategic Emergency Group LLC. Tree clearing crews like the one sent to Kuhr’s house have been in high demand in the aftermath of the storm, which killed power to almost 8.5 million homes in 21 states. Almost 200,000 homes are still without power, according to the Long Island Power Authority.

Kuhr was in Albany, New York when he learned that a tree had been knocked down in his driveway during the storm. He called the Suffolk County Emergency Management Office and asked them to remove the tree, according to an aide of Governor Cuomo.

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  • thescribbler

    This guy gets fired for a tree, Obama gets re-elected after all he’s done. Sounds fair, right? Not that the guy shouldn’t have been fired. The insane are running the asylum people. I’m thinking a bring on the Zombies, it might be just what this country needs!

  • MVH

    Oh, my. Elitist behavior trickles from the top down… I, me, mine.

  • Tom

    Cuomo 2016

  • Gotta take care of me first…..to hell with public…just like a liberal

  • donh

    Yes and CT Governor Rowland had to resign a few years back for accepting remodelling gifts to his home. Then the mayor of Hartford did the same thing and pushed out….Yet CORZINE can steal a billion dollars from client accounts and NOTHING HAPPENS….billions in green enegy bankruptcy frauds and NOTHING HAPPENS….Clair McCaskill fixing up their slum lord properties with public funds and NOTHING HAPPENS….It just doesn’t seem fair to fire people over petty small change ethic violations when the big fish guilty as sin remain free as a bird. These are just sacrificial show trials communists are famous for distracting the public into thinking they are tough on corruption.

  • kato

    This is how statism works. The state takes care of itself. If this was Europe, the Chief wouldn’t lose his job. His use of privilege would hardly cause a ripple among the put-upon sheep.

  • Copypasta Alfredo

    Is that an actual picture of the tree he had to call in to be removed? Because a simple pruning saw and about 15 minutes would have that tree cut and moved out to the street- less time than he spent on the phone calling to have a crew come out, I’m sure.

  • Granny

    #7 – I have to agree. If this is the “real tree” a couple of teenage girl scouts and a camping saw could have had that out of the way in an hour or so.

  • retired militaryq

    #7 and #8

    remember you are talking about an official under the Obama administration. They cant be bothered to dirty their hands. Remember representative Jefferson during Katrina? Dont think he even went to jail.

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  • Tee Dub

    A toadie gets eaten by his master. Happens all the time.

  • stuart

    In Communist countries- post Stalin- they would, on occasion, demote, and send to Siberia, a member of the elites for malfeasance. The nature of the misbehavior did not matter to the party bosses, but had the added benefit of keeping the nomenklatura in line. I think that’s what we are seeing here. The proles are suffering and a scapegoat is needed.

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  • dries

    And that’s suddenly a “problem”? During past blizzards, NYC honchos routinely sent crews to clear their street first. Some public anger on NY DN & NYP, but life and local politics went on. Everyone got re-elected.