Egyptian Leader Mohammad Morsi will visit Gaza tomorrow.

200 missiles have been fired into Israel in the last 18 hours.

Morsi condemned Israel’s “aggression” in a speech today.
Alresalah reported:

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip is unacceptable and will undermine stability of the region.

Mursi said in a televised speech to the nation Thursday: “We communicate with the Gaza Strip and Palestinians , and we stand with them till preventing the israeli aggression. We do not accept in any way the continuation of this aggression and the constant threat against the Gaza Strip.”

“Israel must understand that we do not accept the aggression that affect the security and stability of the region.” He added:.”




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  1. maybe one of their is a missile with Morsi’s name on it.

  2. Mohamed Morsi should be arrested should he step one foot into Israel for instigation and manipulation.

  3. Future news item, JERUSALEM (Capital of Israel). The Israeli government, recognizing the enormous mistake it made in 2005 by voluntarily leaving the Gaza Strip, completed its sweep of all the former Muslim residents of the GS most of whom have gone to Egypt. For its part Egypt is complaining bitterly about the increased crime and grime plus costs of supporting its new citizens.

  4. Israeli aggression??? The writing was on the wall for this to happen when 0bama supported removing Mubarek!

  5. Who saw this coming? Get ready for festivities.

  6. The Israelis should put out live broadcasts of Morsi’s car being targeted by a drone the whole time he is in Gaza. That might temper his remarks a little.

  7. Egyptian Leader Morsi Condemns Israel – Will Travel to Gaza Tomorrow

    …note to Israeli military: READY, AIM,….

  8. obama cheering him on

  9. Does anyone else think there is too much coincidence in the things that are happening under Obama??? We get the muslim brotherhood in Eygpt, Libya and Tunisia. Syria is in a civil war to oust Assad. The king of Jordan is next. NOw, after Obama’s re-election we get Hamas starting another war knowing that the US does not have Israel’s back. The globalists behind Obama had this planned for a long time, IMO.

  10. Dog and Pony show

    We know Egypt is going to go to war with Israel. It’s only a matter of time.

  11. It is time we find out Obama’s true feelings on Israel by demanding the release of the Khalidi tape held by the LA Times.

  12. I’ll look forward to seeing that “little yellow circle” focused on his vehicle. Bebe….turn them all to ice, blow them back to the sixth century where they belong.

  13. The O man-child better get back over to Egypt pronto and give a speech. That will solve everything. This would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

  14. Send a few blockbuster bombs into the Aswan dam, and flush all the this Islamic debris into the Mediterranean!

  15. Morsi meet your 72 virgins. Your mellon head makes a good target.

  16. I would agree. If he steps foot in Gaza I’d blow his vehicle sky high. I suspect it might slow down the flurry of missiles currently being fired into Israel.

  17. I hope they get him.

  18. Like Hitler going to Austria in 1938. How do you say “Anschluss” in Arabic?

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