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  • Patty

    This is so great. And her firing is so sad.

    😆 & 🙁

  • Patty

    This is a full version she is standing at podium on OBAMA CARE MANDATE.

  • Patty

    Honestly, she is adorable and we need to help in some way to get her job back.


  • Patty


  • Patty

    sort of on the same vane. or vein. 🙂

    This medical device tax is just not going to end well

    Conventional wisdom: If you want less of something, put a tax on it. Obamanomics wisdom: Put a tax on… medical devices?! I.e., add another barrier to the industry whose slightest innovations can directly result in streamlined costs, improved efficiency, better health-care options, and saved lives? What the what?

    Embedded within the shadowy depths of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (sometimes, I like to use its official name just to re-appreciate the irony of “patient protection” and “affordable”) is a 2.3 percent excise tax on the sale of taxable medical devices by the manufacturer/importer — and it’s no small thing. Happening now:

    Medical device executives will descend on Capitol Hill today to press members of Congress to address the 2.3% medical device tax before it takes effect in January. …

    “Without action from Congress, implementation of the medical device tax will cost our economy thousands of high paying jobs,” MITA executive director Gail Rodriguez said in prepared remarks. “These job losses will directly impact patient access to the most advanced, life-saving medical technologies available.” …

    The letter includes support from physician groups, venture capital firms and other organizations asking the Senate to repeal the 2.3% levy on medical device sales, which device makers will start paying in at the start of next year.

    The tax won’t actually hit until this January 1st, but the repercussions are already making themselves felt in the industry. Some more startling details from industry experts, via Politico:

    Medical innovation is key to providing cutting-edge, lifesaving technologies to patients. Between 1980 and 2000, new diagnostic and treatment tools helped increase life expectancy by more than three years. But the new tax will take money from our research and development pipelines, reducing our ability to discover and develop lifesaving medical devices such as heart valves, molecular diagnostic tests and MRI machines. …

    Many of the novel, cutting-edge medical technology innovations come from small companies with very few employees. Unfortunately, the medical device tax will hit these small companies and startups hardest, because it will be applied on sales, regardless of whether a company is making any profit. Small businesses often suffer losses in the early years of operation when they are investing in research and development on new products. Paying a sizable new tax while incurring traditional startup-driven losses will be more than many small businesses can bear. …


    Read on

  • squeaky

    in the end they will need her more than what she would ever need them. unless the janitors do double duty, there is a growing doctor shortage. the cowing of America…Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior that “would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities” fear of injury or harm. It’s not necessary to prove …

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  • Rose

    I saw this earlier on TV – SHE IS FABULOUS! If you are Conservative and consider skipping this video, PLEASE WATCH IT! She did FABULOUS!

  • Vicky Hernandez

    “So Whiskey Tango Foxtrot could possibly go wrong?”

    That was no rant. It was a pithy summation of the whole ObamaCare mess!

  • I

    And those of us that oppose the party may find ourselves without adequate healthcare in the future.

  • crackermike

    By the end of Obama’s “reign”, all will be retaliated against in some manner for daring to voice opposition to “The One’s” dictates. It’s all getting very Soviet isn’t it comrades. Next stop for dissidents, “mental hospitals” or just plain old prison. Just like the poor slob in jail for the anti moslem video.

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  • BobM

    We have almost reached USSR levels of oppression. The media is in the pocket of the government, only the party line please, the schools are indoctrination organizations, the best military in the world is being compromised from the inside out, movies and tv are on board. Soon no decent will be tolerated in any form. Express yourself while you can.

  • JoyO

    I understand Obama is planning on pushing a National Retirement System where the Government will take over all private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k’s. Hopefully, Americans won’t be stupid enough to let that happen. But, we were stupid enough not to vote for all Republicans in order to get Obamacare repealed — so the Obama Groupthinkers will probably support this because their teachers taught them that social justice and socialism ensures equality for all. Unfortunately, if they had inquisitive minds, they would see that it just ensures equal poverty for all except the political elite (e.g., China, Russia, Korea, etc.).

  • janice

    This is ridiculous! Doctors are entitled to speak their minds like everyone else!! I hope she sues the hell out of them!!!

  • bg
  • Tabby

    Janice I agree!
    She totally needs to sue the hell out of them! An example MUST be made because the more we put up with this authoritarianism crap the more they deliver it! Since when did we lose our right to free speech??? Because it seems to have died some time ago when I wasn’t looking!
    Twitter, You Tube & Facebook censoring people because they have something unflattering to say about Obama, a man in jail for insulting Islam & now this…What is going on?!
    Anyway I think she’s great! Saw this when it came out & thought was a great personality she has. Seems she’d be a really neat Dr to have. A nice attitude & sunny disposition is near impossible to find from healthcare service providers today so I’m sure she’ll do great whatever direction she goes in from here…
    I do firmly believe we should support her & put a bug in her ear to get a hold of an attorney ASAP if she hasn’t already. This whole having hell to pay for an opinion thing must stop so an example must be made loud & clear that we will not take any more!

  • Buzzy

    I’m certain that Dr. Bellar would be welcomed in Texas with open arms. It is a fact that Dr’s are flocking to Texas because of the tort reform laws. Actually thousands or millions are flocking to Texas as one of the last best hopes in the nation. Gov. Perry has refused to set up state insurance exchanges mandated by Obamacare. Go Gov. Perry.

  • valerie

    It’s not just Obamacare. Here’s another reason why Republicans are such a cranky lot:

    Wait. Did I just assume that people who hate inefficiency are all and exclusively Republican? I was talking to a guy last night that I know has to be a Democrat and an Obama supporter (this IS California!) but I also know that he is not happy with inefficient, stupid, corrupt government.

    The Republicans don’t get to hold the White House for the next four years, but they do hold the House for at least the next two, and they have a bunch of good, upcoming governors. So.

    What can the Repubs do? I suggest they pick their fights. Instead of just holding the line, I suggest they get very specific about specific proposals.

    As for the TEA Parties, I’d say, even more so.

  • dunce

    Too fine a mind to wasted in political office consorting with liberal criminals.

  • SoLongSong

    Yet another assault on Freedom of Speech.

    SHE SHOULD SUE. We’ve got to stop rolling over for crap like this.


    “Athanasius the world is against you.”

    “Then is Athanasius against the world.”

  • mg4us

    Ah the Truth hurst and the Left can’t stand it. . .

    Agree with others that this was NO RANT but a question (let me get this straight) as to what she is thinks Obamacare is all about in one long but accurate sentence.

    Where is the wrong here?

    I say local citizens. .retirees, medicare, vets, republicans and TEA PARTY Patriots need to find out where she used to work and hold a massive rally in front of it demanding answers as to why she was fired. . .Names we want names and to get this kind of behavior on TV so that Americans can see the evil the statists have planned.

  • squeaky

    “I understand Obama is planning on pushing a National Retirement System where the Government will take over all private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k’s.” that idea was introduced back in 2008/2009. i tried to drum up interest or atleast some curiosity at the idea but was poo-poo-d.
    [Free people can treat each other justly, but they can’t make life fair. To get rid of the unfairness among individuals, you have to exercise power over them. The more fairness you want, the more power you need. Thus, all dreams of fairness become dreams of tyranny in the end.]

  • Patty

    Doctor has backbone now, where was it before elecitons:

    Where was this backbone before the election?



    Victor Davis Hanson asked the questions on the mind of many conservatives: who are these women and where do they get their power? One question Mr. Hanson may have overlooked is to whom they owe loyalties and who gave the FBI the authority to investigate top government before the election? This Administration knew about the women and the general for months and had to authorize the investigations. Everything else reads like a well prepared script from “Law and Order “including the consensual midnight raid on a house of former CIA director Petraeus alleged mistress. Who writes this stuff?


    The President and Mrs. Clinton were behind Ambassador Susan Rice in her early effort to play off the Benghazi murders as a result of a YouTube video. She went on five Sunday morning talk show to protect Obama’s appeasement policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has a tendency to hide behind the skirt of his mommy, or a substitute mommy to conceal his insecurities. When by Republican Senators threated to block the possible nomination of Ms. Rice to Secretary of State, Mr. Obama behaved like a child losing one of his favorite skirted shields, and challenged them. In a rare moment of clarity South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham sent a message to Obama “Mr. President, don’t think for one minute I don’t hold you ultimately responsible for Benghazi. I think you failed as Commander in Chief before, during, and after the attack.” Where was this backbone before the election?

  • Stan

    This is the Leftist Elite’s version of the gun store sign in Arizona: “If you dare criticize Obama or his policies, then you are too stupid to work for us.”

  • mg4us

    #26 Patty. . This doctor said this in AUGUST BEFORE the elections. .

    She was fired AFTER the ELECTIONS

    Obama and his Stasi (Axelrod and Jarrett) have given orders to the troops to steal what they can and show revenge. . .

    This doctor is part of revenge! More to come!

    As for stealing, Newark N Schools just OKd a 13.5% increase over three years. . .do the math. .that is over 4% per year with compounding!!

    In this economy, they should be getting zero. . .

    Jobs are being lost. .

    For those residents paying property taxes for Newark Schools (they tax whole county so West Orange pays for it too), this means your taxes will be going up to cover this. . .and with fewer people working or defaulting on homes, expect those who can pay to get hosed. .part of Obama’s ME-ME group of MINE-MINE!

    And wait til you see what happens with gas prices. .reason it is down a bit is because economy suck. . but with QE3 pumping $40Bil of dollars in a month, the value of USD will start to fall fast.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    1. If you speak up you will be punished.
    2. If you sign a ‘petition’ on the White House web site you’ve just been identified as a possible threat to the regime.
    3. Get armed, get trained, have lots of ammo Look at what happened to the English, no weapons and throughly under the rule of the Socialists.
    4. Fight for honest voting and what you believe in.
    5. Teach your Grandkid because most likely their parents are Lefty loons.

  • Look-Out

    Pretty sure she was running for some political office and was defeated on Nov. 6. But she hopes to do both: practice medicine and run again for office.

    Just learned the Dem defeated McSally in Arizona race (close, and final count just made). He was the aide to Gabby G. who was also wounded. It brought to mind ANOTHER suspicious death:

    Judge Roll, who did NOT survive the massacre. This article has some new info for me, but doesn’t mention what I’ve read in other reports; that his personal security had been stopped just days before the shooting:

    Just days before being murdered, Judge Roll had issued a preliminary ruling with intent to rule against the case of ‘United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al’. The subject of the case involved giving the Obama Administration power to seize citizens’ assets regardless of whether or not it could be proven that they committed any sort of crimes. And Judge Roll had planned to declare it unconstitutional.

    Learn more:

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  • Rob

    I agree with Vicky Hernandez; this is not a rant, but a well-thought-out commentary–with an appropriate dose of irony. Excellent!

  • Mitch Rapp

    She should find a clinic and bypass Obamacare with cheaper prices financed by the absence of Obarestrictions, paperwork and guidance by Obamaidiots

  • Tammy

    What happened to the amendment that says we have the FREEDOM of SPEECH ???? She should have never lost her job and needs to fight this tooth and nail

  • Ellen K

    I don’t think people realize how deep this goes.
    Case #1-I pay over $500 a month for a high deductible policy. Every time I go to the doctor and pay my copay, I get a bill two weeks later for $135. My doctor wanted me to get a mammogram. If I use my insurance it’s $311 that I will have to pay out of pocket because we never reach the deductible. But if I pay without insurance it’s $175. Go figure.

    Case #2-My daughter just got married. She had private Blue Cross insurance because the insurance at her company was marginal. Having just gotten married to a wonderful guy, she was seeking insurance that would cover them both and cover all circumstance. Imagine her dismay to learn that policies written for individuals outside the company umbrella will cover birth control, will cover abortion, but will NOT cover pregnancy. Nobody is writing private individual policies for pregnancy. And if they get insured via their workplaces the cost is $200 a month. Ironically, they also cover mental health and drug treatment fully but not pregnancy. So there’s your Real War on Women and now you can understand that Obama’s view on reproductive freedom is more aligned with ZPG than the average person.

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  • Billy

    Has the freedom of speech been taken from us. This is part of the freedom of speech.

  • Has the freedom of speech been taken from us> This is a part of the freedom of speech.

  • Carol

    Free speech has died, replaced by the thought police. I guess the truth hurts. Hooe she sues for discrimination. Where is the ACLU to defend her rights as an American citizen?

  • Evermyrtle

    Dr. Barbara Bella, In my opinion you stand right beside Sheriff Joe as a twin hero. I love it. Come to SC, I don’t think you will have a problem here finding and keeping a job. Where you are now does not seem to be a proper for a lady or a doctor. We love you in SC. # 1 red state.

  • guest18

    The fact that she is an Illinois resident explains why she got fired.

  • LdotLlongwillLlongwill

    Fired by who? If a clinic or medical group, I, in protest of her firing, would take my business elsewhere!

  • Diane

    She said it as close to total truth as anyone I have listed to. God bless her.

  • Peter S. Chamberlain

    It is practically impossible to win a wrongful termination suit, especially where what happens is not a termination but failure or refusal to renew or extend a contract when it expires. The basic rule is that you can terminate an employee for good cause, no cause at all, or for an evil and malicious cause, without liability.

    There is no federal law, and are few, if any, state laws, making discrimination in either employment, or independent-contractor relationships, etc., on the basis of your political views, much less your public advocacy for them, not to mention your running for office.

    As for the suggestion that the doctor move here to Texas, lots of luck. Between pushing the so-called “at will” rule to a point that it becomes very difficult and often impossible to contract for any real protection, “tort reform,” much of which has long ago become nothing more than thumbs on the side of the scale of justice favoring the deeper pocket, including sometimes nit-picking protections for any health care defendant that not even we lawyers enjoy, a unanimously Republican elected Supreme Court of Texas that goes to incredible lengths to find grounds to reverse any jury verdict for a plaintiff, and a well-funded effort, including top office holders, to make “plaintiff’s [tort] lawyer” into an obscenity and prejudice prospective jurors, not to mention arbitration clauses rigged to the gills for the richer party that gets to choose the laughably neutral arbitrator and rules, the party with the deeper pocket ultimately wins 87% of the time even on the cases that don’t get weeded out.

    You basically have to disprove any facially neutral business reason for a termination, etc., by coming up with some really good evidence that it is a pretext.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, hiring someone else who is willing to work for less is a valid business reason and will support termination even if you can prove animus against the employee based upon anything actually or allegedly protected by law.

    The unpleasant reality is that the so-called Affordable Care Act was crafted to give some influential segments of the health and health insurance industry financial incentives to support it, and thus to oppose anyone who doesn’t. Some have invested (bet) heavily on both sides, but now they are maneuvering to get in on the new gravy train.

    I’m a retired Texas lawyer who worked for an insurance-defense firm early in my career and didn’t make much of my money representing civil plaintiffs after I went solo, i.e., became a small businessman, for most of my career. I’m also a life-long conservative Republican on most issues and convinced by the same religious, economic, etc., principles from my education, practice, and life that the current GOP has forgotten its roots and veered off course on a few. Most of the gross abuses I have seen were committed by the insurance-defense rather than the plaintiffs’ bar.

  • The good doctor should sue, sue, sue her former employer for discriminating against her right to free speech. Seems like she would have a pretty good case, and the way to stop this kind of thing is to always hit them in their pocketbook and literally make them pay.

  • joe

    Waa Waa Waa liberals suck.

  • star2brite

    Is it just me, or is anyone else deeply concerned about the fact that more and more people are losing their jobs because they are exercising their right to “free speech”? Why is that tolerated? Please let me know the last time anyone lost their job because they spoke out against Romney, or conservatives, or their support for abortion and gay marriage? We best be VERY concerned, as we’re losing our right to disagree with the group of over the top progressives! We just can’t let them get away with that.

  • Rachel

    The First Amendment only applies to Democrats. Republicans are no longer covered by the First Amendment because it only allows politically correct speech now…not TRUTH speech. We truly ARE living in the Twilight Zone where everything is opposite of what it should be. Right is now Wrong, Lies are now Truth, Truth is now Hatespeech.

  • gavinwca

    That is what Fascist do, try and destroy the compition.

  • Rev Larry

    she can not be fired for what she said the first ammendment says that we still have freedom of speech.

  • Tired Ol Sarge

    That was no rant by any stretch of the imagination.

    All it was was a candidate for office SPEAKING THE TRUTH! It is obvious that “someone” (hint hint wink wink) didn’t want a free thinker speaking the truth nor the ‘masses’ hearing the truth.

    Got yer back Doc…

  • WildBill54

    So….did Illustrious Chairman Obama order the hot, or did Mr. Axelrod?

  • Robert E. Tolimieri

    For Republican Voters. GIVE UP. The masses have spoken. This is America, supposedly. You know you are all racists, but have the intelligence to keep it to yourselves and not be ignorant to expose it openly. If you want to secede, please be my guest. It’s one way to get rid of unpatriotic ignorant voters.

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