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  • Patty

    This is so great. And her firing is so sad.

    😆 & :(

  • Patty

    This is a full version she is standing at podium on OBAMA CARE MANDATE.

  • Patty

    Honestly, she is adorable and we need to help in some way to get her job back.


  • Patty


  • Patty

    sort of on the same vane. or vein. :)

    This medical device tax is just not going to end well

    Conventional wisdom: If you want less of something, put a tax on it. Obamanomics wisdom: Put a tax on… medical devices?! I.e., add another barrier to the industry whose slightest innovations can directly result in streamlined costs, improved efficiency, better health-care options, and saved lives? What the what?

    Embedded within the shadowy depths of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (sometimes, I like to use its official name just to re-appreciate the irony of “patient protection” and “affordable”) is a 2.3 percent excise tax on the sale of taxable medical devices by the manufacturer/importer — and it’s no small thing. Happening now:

    Medical device executives will descend on Capitol Hill today to press members of Congress to address the 2.3% medical device tax before it takes effect in January. …

    “Without action from Congress, implementation of the medical device tax will cost our economy thousands of high paying jobs,” MITA executive director Gail Rodriguez said in prepared remarks. “These job losses will directly impact patient access to the most advanced, life-saving medical technologies available.” …

    The letter includes support from physician groups, venture capital firms and other organizations asking the Senate to repeal the 2.3% levy on medical device sales, which device makers will start paying in at the start of next year.

    The tax won’t actually hit until this January 1st, but the repercussions are already making themselves felt in the industry. Some more startling details from industry experts, via Politico:

    Medical innovation is key to providing cutting-edge, lifesaving technologies to patients. Between 1980 and 2000, new diagnostic and treatment tools helped increase life expectancy by more than three years. But the new tax will take money from our research and development pipelines, reducing our ability to discover and develop lifesaving medical devices such as heart valves, molecular diagnostic tests and MRI machines. …

    Many of the novel, cutting-edge medical technology innovations come from small companies with very few employees. Unfortunately, the medical device tax will hit these small companies and startups hardest, because it will be applied on sales, regardless of whether a company is making any profit. Small businesses often suffer losses in the early years of operation when they are investing in research and development on new products. Paying a sizable new tax while incurring traditional startup-driven losses will be more than many small businesses can bear. …


    Read on

  • squeaky

    in the end they will need her more than what she would ever need them. unless the janitors do double duty, there is a growing doctor shortage. the cowing of America…Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior that “would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities” fear of injury or harm. It’s not necessary to prove …

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  • Rose

    I saw this earlier on TV – SHE IS FABULOUS! If you are Conservative and consider skipping this video, PLEASE WATCH IT! She did FABULOUS!

  • Vicky Hernandez

    “So Whiskey Tango Foxtrot could possibly go wrong?”

    That was no rant. It was a pithy summation of the whole ObamaCare mess!

  • I

    And those of us that oppose the party may find ourselves without adequate healthcare in the future.

  • crackermike

    By the end of Obama’s “reign”, all will be retaliated against in some manner for daring to voice opposition to “The One’s” dictates. It’s all getting very Soviet isn’t it comrades. Next stop for dissidents, “mental hospitals” or just plain old prison. Just like the poor slob in jail for the anti moslem video.

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  • BobM

    We have almost reached USSR levels of oppression. The media is in the pocket of the government, only the party line please, the schools are indoctrination organizations, the best military in the world is being compromised from the inside out, movies and tv are on board. Soon no decent will be tolerated in any form. Express yourself while you can.

  • JoyO

    I understand Obama is planning on pushing a National Retirement System where the Government will take over all private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k’s. Hopefully, Americans won’t be stupid enough to let that happen. But, we were stupid enough not to vote for all Republicans in order to get Obamacare repealed — so the Obama Groupthinkers will probably support this because their teachers taught them that social justice and socialism ensures equality for all. Unfortunately, if they had inquisitive minds, they would see that it just ensures equal poverty for all except the political elite (e.g., China, Russia, Korea, etc.).

  • janice

    This is ridiculous! Doctors are entitled to speak their minds like everyone else!! I hope she sues the hell out of them!!!

  • bg
  • Tabby

    Janice I agree!
    She totally needs to sue the hell out of them! An example MUST be made because the more we put up with this authoritarianism crap the more they deliver it! Since when did we lose our right to free speech??? Because it seems to have died some time ago when I wasn’t looking!
    Twitter, You Tube & Facebook censoring people because they have something unflattering to say about Obama, a man in jail for insulting Islam & now this…What is going on?!
    Anyway I think she’s great! Saw this when it came out & thought was a great personality she has. Seems she’d be a really neat Dr to have. A nice attitude & sunny disposition is near impossible to find from healthcare service providers today so I’m sure she’ll do great whatever direction she goes in from here…
    I do firmly believe we should support her & put a bug in her ear to get a hold of an attorney ASAP if she hasn’t already. This whole having hell to pay for an opinion thing must stop so an example must be made loud & clear that we will not take any more!

  • Buzzy

    I’m certain that Dr. Bellar would be welcomed in Texas with open arms. It is a fact that Dr’s are flocking to Texas because of the tort reform laws. Actually thousands or millions are flocking to Texas as one of the last best hopes in the nation. Gov. Perry has refused to set up state insurance exchanges mandated by Obamacare. Go Gov. Perry.

  • valerie

    It’s not just Obamacare. Here’s another reason why Republicans are such a cranky lot:

    Wait. Did I just assume that people who hate inefficiency are all and exclusively Republican? I was talking to a guy last night that I know has to be a Democrat and an Obama supporter (this IS California!) but I also know that he is not happy with inefficient, stupid, corrupt government.

    The Republicans don’t get to hold the White House for the next four years, but they do hold the House for at least the next two, and they have a bunch of good, upcoming governors. So.

    What can the Repubs do? I suggest they pick their fights. Instead of just holding the line, I suggest they get very specific about specific proposals.

    As for the TEA Parties, I’d say, even more so.