Dick Morris: “This Isn’t Your Father’s America” (Video)

Dick Morris told FOX and Friends this morning, “We are now it a turnout model that is totally different from we’ve ever had… This isn’t your father’s America.”

Morris predicted a big Romney win on Tuesday.

The Politico reported:

“I think that the reason the prediction I made was wrong is that I was criticizing the polling because I said it reflected the same turnout model as there was in 2008. And I said that I thought that was a one-off affair and that it would not continue and it would not be the permanent turnout model for the United States,” Morris said on Fox News.

He added: “What this is saying is this is the new America. This isn’t your father’s America.”

Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, had predicted a Romney landslide.

Morris said that unless the GOP-ers can appeal to some of the key Democratic constituencies, they won’t be able to win again.

“The percentage of single women, minorities and voters under 30 is so large at this point that unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election,” Morris said.

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  • sharon

    So Morris first says the election is going to be a landslide for Romney and now he’s saying the GOP can never win another election. I’ll never listen to the boob again when he’s on Fox.

  • Jeff

    The conservative media spent months lying to all of you about the reality of Obama’s chances at victory and his base of support. Hopefully the chickens have come to roost…. the conservative media is a fraud designed to sell you guys fear (and ads, of course).

    Look back through the archives here and see if you got anything close to an accurate portrayal of what would happen on election night. The ‘liberal’ media (anything that hasn’t declared itself conservative) saw this victory months in advance.

    How exactly you free yourselves from bias by relying exclusively on media that declares its biases is beyond me.

    PS. when America DOESN’T collapse or descend into Marxist dictatorship, all you have to say is “well, guess I was wrong. maybe Obama’s not so scary after all.” It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. It’s just sad to let yourselves be lied to.

  • Sasja

    Don’t feel bad, Dick. Some of us were thinking what happened in 2010 was an indicator the country was moving to the right and rejecting the socialist. Sadly, there are too many people who want the spoils of others labors and vote that way.

  • Granny

    Oh it isn’t just Dick Morris – it was many, many polls and pundits. So many that it strains credulity to believe that all of them were simply “mistaken.”

  • dkallen99

    “The percentage of idiots, morons and absolute fools is so large at this point that common sense can never win an election”

    There. FTFY.

  • Granny

    Odd – scroll down and look at the featured Story –

    Bill O’Reilly:: “It’s Not a Traditional America Anymore”

    and this one –

    Dick Morris: “This Isn’t Your Father’s America”

    Must be the new “party line” that Pravda has settled on . . .

  • RKflorida

    I said last week that Dick Morris has never been right. Well, he’s not right now either.

  • Linda

    Sharon at #1

    I totally agree!!!

  • Freddy

    15 million fewer voters than in 2008. Romney was not the exciting candidate that many pundits pushed for in the primaries.

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  • Skinner

    Well Gateway Pundits, this blog is a fools paradise. Not once has reality been delivered by Mr Hoft. Good luck readers, thus is the ugly side if democracy.

  • ukdon

    This was the death of the Republican Party. Death by suicide. The entrenched elites in this party are no different from the other side. The America I grew up is dead.

  • listingstarboard

    I love Paul Ryan but Romney made a HUGE mistake not selecting a minority running mate–Alan West would have been perfect and he could have been the attack dog on Benghazi. There will be no more White only winning tickets in America.

  • sdfsfsd

    Liberal “Journalists” sleep with one open.
    we are coming.

  • Lindasadly

    The right needs to gather information from respected publications and ignore these extremists web sites run by people making money off your fear. Do your homework folks. The pundits has little no journalistic credibility. This guy is just racking in money off and feeding you misinformation.

  • Ella

    Suck my toe, Dick.

  • Faye

    This is not the same America as it was. We have now flipped to where the takers out number the makers.
    It is time for a divorce and let the USSA have their dream country and the ones who produce and are the problem solvers can take the old constitution and separate ourselves from the socialists.
    Will we have the guts to do it?

  • Hugh

    9-Who was the exciting candidate you speak of?

  • Joanne

    All is not lost folks. God punishes those He loves, and the U.S. is in for a lot more hurting in the few years to come. Every Christian knows that we would be in for alot of hurt, we just didn’t want to believe it was on our doorstep. One thing I do know is that God will bring us to our knees, and there we will beg for forgiveness, turn away from our sins, and God will deliver us. Just know God is in control, and He loves us. Keep His Commandments, statutes, and laws because you Love Him. Put your trust in the Lord.

  • Hugh

    Reagan’a 1986 amnesty and our indifference to enforcement led to this.

  • David

    Romney should have chosen Herman Cain or Marco Rubio as running mate

  • Joanne

    Most of the states in America are red; it is just that the large immigrant states with the larger populations are blue. The tail continues to wag the dog. One thing about biblical prophecy, it is unmoving. Accept those things you can’t change and change yourself to be worthy to escape God’s wrath.

    Obama was right. The U.S. is no longer a Christian nation; it is a nation predominately of heathens. Obama says it is the largest muslim country in the world, and Americans will find out that it doesn’t take a large number of muslims to change and control a people. All muslims are heathens, as are those who deny Christ is the Son of God. Sorry those of the Jewish religion, but you too must accept the Messiah as your Saviour.

  • Sasja

    Take heart, Mitch McConnell knows of which he speaks. I want to slap every fool who votes for these idiots.


  • Joanne

    As for Dick Morris, it is never beneficial to be so cocky to call a landslide victory on any party. It is far better for people to feel an urgency to vote and calling the election a landslide victory beforehand takes away the important motivation of some voters to get out there and bother to vote.

  • RKae

    “The percentage of single women, minorities and voters under 30 is so large at this point that unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election.”

    And that was the plan when the progressives scuttled the culture, destroying marriage and getting minorities addicted to welfare.

    The GOP might have appealed to minorities with Herman Cain, but they shoved him aside because… I don’t know why. He told a dirty joke at the office or something.

  • DMG

    I love Paul Ryan but Romney made a HUGE mistake not selecting a minority running mate–Alan West would have been perfect and he could have been the attack dog on Benghazi.

    Allen West didn’t even win the race he was in. I can’t imagine how he would fare better on a national scale.

  • Jackson

    Morris is a shameless clown. The morning after his epic faceplant, he’s back on the air offering grand conclusions about the next election! In his defense, though, he wasn’t the only one to get it wrong. Of course, the worst part of this election result will be the deleterious impact on this country of four more years with the Average One in the White House. The second worst part is the braying jackass Lefties hooting and hollering about the result-classy as always. The electorate has doubled down on gimcrack ideas and incompetence- the next few years will be very ugly but fascinating for persons like myself who believe we always get the elected leaders we deserve. Obama is a fool, an incompetent, and a second-rater. Yep, this country deserves him.

  • Taking money out of the bank today to go and buy more ammo, a Lot more ammo….Them heathens can get pretty testy ya know.

    At one time I thought the statement above would be laughed at, not no more this is as serious as a heart attack….(sigh*)….

  • DMG

    Romney should have chosen Herman Cain or Marco Rubio as running mate

    Rubio might have helped, but not Cain. A Cain selection would have had a large down side, without offering much of an up side.

  • DMG

    Sorry those of the Jewish religion, but you too must accept the Messiah as your Saviour.

    They must??? What happened to freedom of religion?

  • HeavyDee

    I’m a little confused by all of this rhetoric about how the GOP needs to pander to the Latino community. Isn’t Obama the one who, on numerous occasions, proclaimed that his administration had deported more illegals than any other administration?? Do they just realize that he’s lying, or is it only about getting the “free $hit” from this country??

  • MR.ED

    Hey dick it was not ”This isn’t your father’s America” before the vote but you so called right media pimps said yeh yeh it is close so close open your wallets and hearts give to the r n c give to mittens they will give to SAUDIA owned in part Fox news and they will beg for more of money and they give to me heh heh yeh yeh Guess what Dick we will not have any money next time Saudi owed in part FOX news banned and bocotted in my home and many of the people I know have said the same the mainstream media just lies never will they be trusted again

  • Edward Treadway

    I see Dick Morris isn’t capable of embarrassment. He even has to pay to suck toes.

  • bg


    Romney didn’t go wrong, Americans did.. 🙁


  • bg


    so sick of DINOSAURS..



  • David

    Double white male tickets will not work in a country comprising 35% non white minorities on welfare

  • MustComment

    Dick Morris And DUBS will be just fine. Will we? Thank you Dick Morris for your incorrect LANDSLIDE of a prediction. He is a JOKE!!!!!

  • Really a good plan of how not to sell books, eh Dick….

  • Sally

    Suppression/blockage of the military vote and an unexpected swarming of millions of illegal voters in Battleground states certainly helped. No wonder Mr. Obama just played some basketball and did radio interviews yesterday. The “silent army” of illegals was there for him.

    There were also reports of voter irregularites like people going to vote and told they already had.

    There was no “outpouring of young voters”.

    There was a tsunami (UP from 2008) of voters in “red” areas in battleground states. The turnout in “blue” areas was down- certainly in Ohio.

    Morris, Rove and others were counting REAL votes- early (banked and counted) ones + real turnout that was being reported in “red” counties, vs “blue” counties, compared to 2008.

    The very odd thing is- the total turnout numbers appear LOWER than 2008 for Romney than McCain. This can’t be true.

    The media, (which refused to cover Benghazi nor the Katrina like crisis of this storm) stalled on calling Ohio and Fla until the votes could be made up will tell us now it is b/c we are racist, we are a new, non white country, etc. They will heap the guilt of non inclusiveness upon us. While I agree Allen West would have been the BEST VP pick, Ryan was also a star and WELL respected.

    If this win were truly a result of a surge of LEGAL voters I would feel very proud and realize it is the will of the people.

    The truth is, there were HUGE, real turnouts- on both sides in many cases, but the MILITARY votes were BLOCKED and the ILLEGAL VOTERS were allowed to vote in the millions. Both these things are dispicable! We must be the laughing stock of even the UN observers!!

    By the way- Allen West’s district was completed re-drawn to be MUCH more unfavorable to him. This was done by the GOP, which, apparently was terrified of his candor and effectiveness.

  • Hugh

    When Obama puts in emissions standards and anti-fracking executive orders,wonder what Ohioans will think?

  • dwd

    “The percentage of single women, minorities and voters under 30 is so large at this point that unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election,” says Dick Morris.

    And let’s stop and think about WHY that is…

    Because young single minority (and majority) women shuck out the children and rake in the welfare while living in their public housing. They have turned that into an industry. That is REWARDED and ENCOURAGED now. Why would it ever change, if the incentive is not removed? Frankly, why are they concerned about contraception and abortions, since mo’ kids = mo’ money?

    Our culture and society has gone down the toilet… religion is in decline, marriage is in decline, but what’s on the rise? Single unwed babymaking, legalizing drugs, alternative lifestyles of every variety, and “gimme for free” mentality…

    Nothing good can come of this.

  • mack k

    Mr. Morris is correct. This isn’t our father’s America which was decidedly white-dominated. The times, they are a’changin! Get used to it. It’s the new reality.

  • mack k

    @Sally You couldn’t be more wrong on Allen West’s district (among your many other misguided notions). I live in FL. We have a Republican Gov, and all redistricting was done to favor Republicans. He lost because of how poorly he represented his district.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    We have a Republican Gov, and all redistricting was done to favor Republicans.

    Yeah? Why then, was LTC West’s district redrawn to favor Democrats by four points?

    I suspect it had nothing to do with how he represented his district and more to do with his animosity toward establishment Republicans.

  • snap boy

    Dick Morris brought us the “not your father’s America” by working to elect Bill Clinton.

  • Time

    Ok Dick) you idiot. Love how every last one of you change your stance, come up with azzhole excuses as to what happened. You sir are a moron. You are over paid. Tell the true intent behind the call. This was nothing short of minipulation. New software installed without approval, without testing. Why was that ? Never in all the years of my voting have I seen such fraud perpetrated. How is that Romney fills up stadiums, 30k plus and Obama can’t fill half , this repeated throughout the country even with rock star back up and his numbers are in landslide mode ? Explain that Mr Dick ? Don’t sit and wiggle your azz in the seat and tell us you miscalculated from 2008/2004 and that the Republicans will never hold office again, that young voters are the force behind voting and they are all voting Democraps, communism and for hate of country, more taxes, more welfare, more illegals, … Tell the dam truth. I am so sick of all of you left overs that get paid millions for nothing. When the rough times come and your fear of losing your money, job, for telling the truth, asking the tough questions and taking out the other side for good of country is feared for your own selfish wants and needs, when you have the other side beating your head against the wall and taking every shot they can, lying relentlessly and you all just sit their like polite idiots thinking oh I am the better person while they dismantle everything this country was built on, that millions upon millions died for. Is there anything bigger and better worth more then you ? I am sorry Dick, but I am just tired, fed up listening to people like you that have so much to say but say nothing when there is so much fraud going on and so many are suffering. You secure your own azzz’s and tell everyone else it will be ok. Well most of out here don’t have the elites pay checks and the mansions in the sky, and the bank accounts to hold us over when the chit hits the fan.. I’m done with all of you that claim to be for love of country then sit around and help destroy it..

  • No Dick was right to question 08. What he missed, what I missed was the level of ignorance and greed involving the numbers he is talking about; single women, black and Hispanics.

    We allowed it to slip away. That “tipping point” we all worried and talked about for twenty years got by us in 2008. We thought it was a fluke, instead, it was a signal that America’s time as passed.


    Give the Dems credit for being very accomplished vote stealing, demonizing, special interest hugging “ends justifies the means” a**wipes.

    They’ll kill our nation, look stunned when it goes face up and room temperature.

    Then we’ll have to come back in the future and fix it, if we can.

    It is the cycle of the nation.

    Read my book.

  • whenever people complained about the colonization(called illegal immigration)of the country no politican dared so anything to stop it. also most of the people that come to this site. they didn’t want to be called racist. well a colonization whose purpose is to make a racial group a minority is racist.

    you keep saying that the republican party has to change to attract the new voter. is that the purpose to get elected. is it what party label a candidate has and not what the candidate believes that matters? the problem is that the country has been colonized with people that do not care about freedom or any of the ideals that made this a free country. and you let it happened.

  • in re #49…i hope all those landscappers like cutting grass for the greater glory of the state.

  • Shaw Shaw

    What the heck is he talking about?

    2008 was far worse than last night. Unlike then , we have a good magority in the House
    We have far more conservatives elected.

    The “Model” that was wrong was nominating a yes, liberal Gov from a Liberal state. to speak for the conservative base. who then agreed with most important issues….. Foreign policy, same
    Healthcare , same Gay marriage ..same (leave it to the states) , Abortion ….dont like it but yeah lets do it and no word on who pays for it.

    THAT Model has been losing. The Democrats advantage ? Minorities vote for their race. Period. Policy doesnt matter to them, debates have no barring on them, they just vote because he’s black or brown.

  • DMG

    Yeah? Why then, was LTC West’s district redrawn to favor Democrats by four points?

    Ummm … the district that West ran in favored Republicans by 4%.


  • Bubba

    Suck it, Morris!! You sound like a complete ass clown in hindsight. No credibility at all. FN should fire his fat ass.

  • Hey, Dick! Now would be a good time to STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it your effing JOB to KNOW what kind of America it is when you do your research prior to making predictions??????


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Like John Boehner, Romney caved at the first opportunity afforded to him.

    Some news outlet stuck a microphone in Romney’s face and asked him to concede the election and he did! They did the same thing to Bush II but he didn’t concede and eventually won Florida.

    Romney isn’t too smart… and he’s weak, gullible, and pathetic, in my opinion. Played for a complete fool by the MSM. Agreed to 3 debates which were TOTALLY stacked against him. Sat on his hands when the opportunity to strike a death blow came and went, time after time. And he did so just so that the Democrats wouldn’t hate him more than they already do.

    And THAT’S who the Republican Establishment know-it-alls decided had the only chance of winning this election? I’m out! The Republican Party is dead to me, after 40 years. Couldn’t come at a better time if you ask me. I need to take care of my own instead of throwing my money and support behind people who the RINO Establishment tell me has “the best chance of winning”. Screw you!

    I might even register Democrat just so I can join the chorus of people laughing at the fools of “The Supid Party”… Start drinking the kool-aid, in bulk. Actually, that sounds pretty good. Hey, I didn’t leave the Republican Party, they took me for granted. It’s time to completely re-assess my situation.

    Got to hunker down and take care of myself. We’ve got an economic crash coming with confiscatory taxation rates. Time to hide money into land and such. Already got most of that done. F**k you, Republican Party. Die a painful death. Its been a long time coming. F**k off.