Corrupt Media Is Complicit in Obama’s Fiscal Lies – It’s Time to Call Them Out

Obama’s solution to the fiscal catastrophe that lies ahead is to raise taxes on the rich.
That doesn’t even begin to fix the problem.

According to the Obama’s own Treasury Department, the tax increases he is advocating would generate $85 billion in new revenue next year. By comparison, the total deficit for fiscal year 2012 was roughly $1.1 trillion. In other words, the proposed tax hikes would still leave us with a trillion-dollar deficit. And his tax hikes do nothing to solve the fiscal cliff of unfunded liabilities.

President Obama knows his plan is not a solution.
And the media is complicit in this lie.

It’s time to call them out.
Via Ace of Spades:

Obama was permitted by the media to claim, or at least strongly imply, that the painful cuts Romney was talking about (and Obama, the Great Leader, was not talking about) could be averted simply by levying a small tax on the “richest 1%.” It was a lie. It was further a lie the media assisted in. All those Fact Checks and not a single column noting that the central pillar of Barack Obama’s Re-Election Strategy was a baldfaced lie that only the uninformed or innumerate could possibly believe.

The media is strongly complicit in this lie.

If I were someone in power, I would make this connection vigorously, and lay the blame at the feet of the media, and inform the public the media lied to them, and if they’re about to get a unwelcome shock, they should write to ABC, CNN, NBC, and the rest of the clownshow and ask them why they chose not to report the actual numbers.

But I’m sure they won’t, because they’re stupid.*

At any rate, the public does believe this (and why shouldn’t they? The President told them the only fix that was needed was a tax hike on the rich and the media vouched for him).

Time to strip them of that misapprehension and force them to confront the actual choice.

Jim Geraghty has more thoughts.

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  • Some inconvenient facts.

    1. Debt Service + Entitlement spending already exceed total tax revenues.
    2. Zero out defense and all Federal agencies (EPA, IRS, FBI, Department of Education) we’re still running a quarter billion dollar deficit.
    3. Raising taxes on the rich, or even across the board, won’t close the deficit.
    4. 10,000 people a day begin collecting entitlements.
    5. The economy is stagnant at best, in recession at worst.

    The country is going to collapse under debt and entitlement spending; just like the Soviet Union collapsed under its military spending.

  • Sam Stone

    What national leader of such a powerful country last had such universal press backing?

  • Sam Stone

    Service costs on our debt was $185 Billion in 2010. In 2015 it will rise to $554 Billion a year.

    The tax increase proposed does not even cover the debt service costs of 2010. It will cover only 15% of the debt costs in 2015.

    Socialist smoke and mirrors. The 99%’s won. Occupyers won.

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  • BurmaShave

    “Corrupt Media Is Complicit in Obama’s Fiscal Lies – It’s Time to Call Them Out”

    No, it isn’t; it is waaaaaaay past time to call them out.

    MSM should be changed to the PMN — Progressive Media Network.

  • Highlander

    “… I would make this connection vigorously, and lay the blame at the feet of the media, and inform the public the media lied to them…”

    Inform the public! How? And where? Right now we are pretty effectively marginalized. The only lasting solution is to do what the leftists have done and begin our own march through the institutions of power. The media, academia, entertainment. Buy up failing newspapers and push a conservative philosophy. Start up more conservative colleges and universities – with degrees in journalism that emphacize real journalism rather than social activism. Create movie studios that make movies from a conservative viewpoint. Unfortunately, this will take decades.

    I can think of no effective, immediate solution for conservatives. We can’t tell the people about a corrupt media that has a virtual monopoly on information. Fox News, Talk Radio, etc., are only preaching to the choir.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    After thier complicit lapdog lies in Benghazi, who is surprised about the media?

    By the way, when was last time you heard the media report on how President “I’m-Taking-17-Days-Off-In-January” Obama’s tireless investigation into the Benghazi murders are going?

    Kinda like O.J.’s investigation to find “the real killer” of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

  • Benson II

    The media is complicit in Obama ever being elected. The media is complicit in giving Obama a Democrat Congress for his first two years allowing them to enact Obamacare without even reading it. The media is complicit in ignoring “Fast and Furious” and “Bengazi”. Tell me one thing the media is not complicit in as far as advancing the socialist agenda.

    Call then out how? Where is the concerted effort to bring together everyone who wants to stop their lying. Show me a plan to bring them crashing down if they don’t start being truthful with the American people. I visit a half dozen conservative sites daily where it’s pointed out in blazing colors the hypocrisy and lying of our press but what good does it do us to know it if we can’t do anything about it. When is someone going to come up with action?

  • bobbymike

    The conservatives and republicans must take on and fight the media. I recommend Gingrich or the Media Research Council give republicans media lesson.

    I would love to here Congressmen start a with, “You know that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard do you actually work for the Obama administration” etc.

  • charles darwin

    This has been a difficult election season for Fox News. Among the most enduring media images of the last few days of the election are Karl Rove late on election night angrily denying that Ohio, and thus the presidency, had gone to President Obama, and Dick Morris only a few days before the election confidently predicting a Romney landslide. Morris later tried to explain away his mistake after the election by claiming he had done it to create enthusiasm among Republican voters. The incidents involving Rove and Morris, both of whom work as both commentators on Fox and political consultants to conservative clients, are obviously embarrassing for Fox, but also raise the question of whether the network has outlived its value, even to the Republican Party.

    Because Fox generally reports news based on partisan talking points and ideological certainty rather than focusing on pesky things like facts, information and events, it has, in the past, been effective in encouraging misperceptions about President Obama’s background, nurturing the growth and development of the Tea Party movement and covering economic policy by referring to any spending by the government as socialism. These things have helped mobilize and misinform the right wing base of the Republican Party. Similarly, during the Bush administration, Fox helped increase support for the Gulf War by repeating White House positions on weapons of mass destruction, almost without question.

    Over the last several years, this has been very helpful to the Republican Party, but during 2012, particularly in recent months, this has begun to change. Fox has now become a problem for the Republican Party because it keeps a far right base mobilized and angry making it hard for the party to move to the center, or increase its appeal as it must do to remain electorally competitive. For example, Bill O’Reilly’s explanation of why the Obama was reelected may, in fact, resonate, with the older and heavily white viewership of Fox, but it is precisely the wrong public message and messenger for the Party.

    Moreover, while Fox helps the Republican Party when it slants its news coverage to the right, it damages the Party when its news coverage becomes too shoddy. A network that cannot get election night right because one of its star pundits simply refuses to accept defeat offers very little reason for potential viewers to watch it. Similarly a network whose pundits are so off in their election predictions will ultimately marginalize itself completely, as Fox is beginning to do.

    One of the bigger challenges facing the Republican Party is that they are perceived as the, to phrase it nicely, less smart of the two major parties. The anti-science perspective, unwillingness to speak out against absurd sounding conspiracy theories, and even the attacks on Nate Silver, presumably because Silver did somewhat sophisticated math, have contributed to this and are damaging the party. It is no coincidence that the Obama campaign had a more sophisticated targeting and turnout operation and better statistical modeling. A party that refuses to take a firm stand in support of evolution or recognizing climate change is not going to draw too many people with advanced statistical training as advisors and consultants.

    Fox contributes to that environment by creating a climate where partisan rantings of people like Dick Morris are indulged while criticism by serious people like Tom Ricks is shut down and attacked. There is no inevitable link between conservatism and stupidity, but one could be forgiven for coming to that conclusion while watching Fox News. As it is currently constructed, Fox News is going to bring in almost no swing voters in the coming years. It will more likely continue to repel them through poor analysis and rants that strike the precise tone the party should be trying to avoid.

    It is in the interest of the Democrats, not the Republicans, for there to be a loud, extremist, heavily white faction in the Republican Party, constantly pushing that party rightward. One of the reasons Mitt Romney was so unable to pivot back to the center was due to the drumbeat at Fox which contributing to forcing him to the right during the primary season. Even after the primary season, when Fox became a big supporter for Romney, the rift between official editorial position and the political feelings of Fox viewers and hosts, was clear.

    Unfortunately for the Republicans, while this is bad politics, it is good business for Fox. By positioning itself as the place where angry Republicans can go for their rhetorical red meat, Fox guarantees itself a sizable viewership, so the incentive for Fox to keep doing what it is doing is substantial, as is the potential damage to the Republican Party.

    Same M.O. applies to Gateway Pundit although there’s clearly less money at stake.

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  • TrickyDick


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  • Malcontent

    Unfunded liabilities is not what is being referred to as “the fiscal cliff.”

    I could make a chart similar to the one shown at top, showing how much is owed on my mortgage vs. how much I’m paying per month, and it would have about the same utility in showing the “impossibility” of ever paying off the mortgage. Comparing the entirety of “unfunded liabilities” going forward over the next century to the annual revenue generated by a modest tax increase is, well, stupid. It merely demonstrates that the person making the comparison either doesn’t know math, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or both.

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  • bg


    ht Black Conservative Political Action

    Time for Presidential Leadership on Entitlements

    via You Tube

    November 30, 2012

    Politicians Know This

    via The Daily Rant by Mychal Massie

    [Even well-meaning, rock-solid conservatives are not willing to take cuts
    to see spending reduced. That is the card that trumps all other concerns
    for those like Obama who are committed to driving us over the fiscal cliff.
    Obama and the members of his “Vanguard Party” understand that this
    issue, above all others, can be the propellant to impel the proletariat
    toward a revolution.

    Obama, like his mentors Lenin and Saul Alinsky before him, has found
    the one thing people are willing to unite against even if it means their
    own demise. People are willing to fight to keep the unfunded liabilities
    in place just as they are even though it is clearly known that doing so
    will cause monumental collapse.

    I believe this collapse is exactly what Obama wants. You can call me
    crazy, but, going back to the early 1980′s, Obama argued there was
    a need for people to revolt. The only question was how to bring it
    about. The answer, it appears, is to let people think they will lose
    that which is already gone: Social Security and Medicare as they
    exist because they can no longer be funded. I debated this very
    issue on Fox Business Channel some time ago.

    Factor in the cost of other entitlement spending and
    there is no way the government can sustain itself.

    Amen, been pointing that and much more out since the
    first time ever i heard the name Obama.. crickets.. 🙁


  • bg



    ht: Black Conservative Political Action

    via: The Other McCain

    Benghazi => ‘High On A Mountaintop’

    truthful, powerful, pass it on at
    least once a day, make it viral..


  • Sam Stone

    Seems Charles Darwin has not evolved into a rational human as of yet.

    The morally bankrupt progressive liberals re-elect a man confined to a mental ward in a hospital for 5 months. A convicted child molester will run and win his seat. Mayor Marion Barry keeps getting re-elected. Barney Frank, male prostitute madame re-elected over and over. Racial idols Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson get passes while Alan West is noosed.

    Evolution has not been kind ot liberal progressives like Charles Darwin.

  • Amber Elmore

    This is an outrage! These elected officials are refusing to stand for the US. Obama is not alone in this.

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  • Cactus