CNN Poll: Public Would Blame GOP if Fiscal Cliff Talks Fail

A new CNN poll shows Americans would blame Republicans if a deal is not reached on the fiscal cliff.
Democrats want to take more money from working Americans to fix the problem and continue their record spending. Republicans are against tax hikes.
The Hill reported:

A new poll finds the public views the looming “fiscal cliff” as a serious crisis for the nation and would blame Republicans more than President Obama if Washington fails to reach a deal.

Forty-five percent surveyed in a new CNN/ORC poll said they would blame congressional Republicans if there is no agreement, with 34 percent pointing the finger at Obama.

Two-thirds say the U.S. would experience serious problems if the combination of tax rate increases and automatic spending cuts expected in January take effect.

One in four says the country would experience a crisis, with 44 percent expecting major problems if a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is not found. One in four says the fiscal cliff would cause minor problems, with 7 percent saying there would not be any consequences.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe their personal situation would be affected if the U.S. fell over the cliff.

And, of course, the flip side to this poll is that if a deal is reached Obama will get all of the credit.
With the GOP and the liberal media it’s always – Heads, we win – Tails, you lose.

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  • Sam Stone

    It is the Obama Press Office at CNN CBS ABC NBC MSNBC that are the power brokers now. The people do not stand a chance.

    We have lost to the fifth column.

  • Remco Kimber

    Well, so what? The GOP is in the perpetual dog house in any event. Go off the fiscal cliff and let the Dems try to figure out what to do.

    The GOP has nothing to lose at this point. We thought we had a chance with Mitt, but now that that has been removed let the leftists hold the bag.

  • Militant Conservative

    Meh, pedal to the metal spending. Lets trash this place under Obama.

    It’s gonna happen,” might as well lay back and enjoy it”.

    Pre ordained events cannot be avoided, but you can prepare for them.

    We are circling the drain and the only thing keeping us afloat is the printing

    of money. Soon this will have to stop. Printing just makes the crash worse.

    History tells us this, it NEVER works. Evil (Obama and company) have their roll

    to play. THEN justice happens. Sorry, it will happen, you cannot avoid it only prepare

    your household and soul for the inevitable.

    powder is dry

  • NeoKong

    Who the hell cares….?
    It is time to let the public live with the govt. they voted for.

    Fiscal cliff….?

    Bring it on baby!

  • Tim Tomlinson

    Shocking! /s

  • Jeremiah Lloyd

    Not that republicans ever make a smart political calculation, but their seats may not be vulnerable for the most part in the next election. That’s all the leverage they need in this situation.

  • Finncrisp

    More socialism is a victory? These twisted freaks are not to be listened to , or trusted. A six month shutdown of all government activity would be preferrable for being blamed for not being co-oped in to more socialism.

    I say blame the Republicans and the Tea Party and we will wear that badge proudly.

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  • FurryGuy

    Why are the rescinding of the Bush tax cuts such a big deal? After all most Dems and the media agree that taxation in the Clinton era was “fair”, so why the whining of going back to that? After all nearly everyone had “skin in the game” as opposed to 47% who don’t pay any taxes now.

    And why the whining about looming spending cuts? Let’s go back to Clinton era spending where supposedly there was a balanced budget.

    Funny how the Dems and media DESPISED Bush for the tax cuts and (rightly) spending increases, but now they whine that since both are under threat of being slashed the country is going to zoom off a fiscal cliff at warp speed.

    We are being lied to by both the government and the media, with the truth being treated as falsehood, just as what happened/happens in Socialist/Autocratic societies. Yet most Americans still believe they are free.

  • donh

    So its a lose lose for the GOP……what else is new…?..That SHOULD make it easy…DO THE RIGHT THING …Show the base who support you that you are competent, that you are trying, and willing to put up a credible fight for our rights and our long term prosperity. Keep proposing offer after offer, putting a variety of options and compromises on the table, let Generale Obama be Mr. arrogant iron fisted NO…Let it fail…dive off the cliff…be all the blame…and good people will support you.

  • Skandia Recluse

    The republicans should just vote ‘yes’ on everything the democrats propose.

    Call it bipartisan.

  • Big Al

    well of course they would….and CNN will make sure they do

  • AnnaS

    Who cares what the CNN public thinks. Republicans had better buck up. Time to save the country not the party!

  • Freddy

    The headline is a bit off. It should read …

    “cnn will blame GOP for everything”

    IF the vast majority of voters wanted the Republicans to simply adopt the Obama economic plan then Nancy Pelosi would be the Speaker of the House.

    After YEARS of cnn propaganda and hate towards every Republican member of the house, cnn was UNABLE to put Pelosi back in charge.

    There is absolutely NO REASON for Republicans to care about any of the propagandist claims of the msm. The msm has already reached their fraudulent peak. A peak that was far short of regaining control.

  • dave

    Blame me.

    Balance the budget.
    Defend the Constitution.

  • SM-WI

    The Repubs need to start working on the next elections by identifying voters, getting them registered, building effective gotv….we were out organized by the grand poobah of organizers…voter fraud, etc, etc. But, we need to get to work for the coming rematches…

  • serfer62

    The Establishment GOP should simply step across the isle & become Kommiecrats…no differance

  • Walknot

    Doesn’t matter what they do now, the country is going off the “cliff” as we speak.

  • bigL

    Doesn’t matter as the GOP will do nothing.They are donk-lite,now.
    Anyway CNN has only about 188,00 viewers at night

  • Rachelle

    And CNN propagandists would do their best to make sure the GOP was blamed for all of Obama’s screwups.