Christie Calls to Congratulate Obama… Sends Mitt an Email

They’re buddies.
Via HotAir and Bloomberg:

“We didn’t have a political strategy discussion. I said, `Congratulations on your win last night, Mr. President,’ and he said, `Thank you,”’ Christie told reporters today at a National Guard Armory in Franklin Township…

Asked if he’s spoken to Romney since his loss, Christie said: “No; we exchanged e-mails last night,” Christie said. “We haven’t spoken on the phone yet.”

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  • rhonda

    Springsteen gave him a hug and he caved like a rino always does.

  • Rachelle

    Send fatso another pizza and an Obama badge.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    wouldn’t be surprised if he changed parties. his biggest political supporter is the biggest democratic party boss in the state.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    While I like the guy’s fighting spirit, I wouldn’t cast a vote for him if he ever decided to seek a higher office that required votes from people outside his home state.

  • Dobby

    I never liked the guy. He certainly isn’t Presidential material. I always thought he was as conservative as he was thin. He reminds me a lot of Charlie Crist. Wouldn’t surprise me if he changes party affiliation. I guess his new name is Judas Chris Christie. Hope he loses in the next Gov. race in NJ.

  • RKae

    Christie was one of the worst blind dates the Republicans ever set us up with. “Oh, you’ll love him! He’s just your type! He talks all tough and snarky to unions!” Riiiiight. And by the end of the evening, you find out he’s cozied up to Muslims and Obama (same thing, really). All you can do is sit there wondering when you can pay the check, go home and call your “friend” who set you up with this poser.

  • shadow

    “If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the candidate and we will lose.”
    Ann Coulter

    My how things change. LOL

  • Katie

    donut scented man-whore

  • john b

    Nov 5, 2013: Good morning Gov. Christie.
    Nov 6, 2013: Good morning Gov. Booker.

  • Mad Hatter

    Hey Christie, when Cory Booker runs against you next November in the New Jersey Governors race, and Obama starts campaigning with him, will you thank Obama for that?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    The new Teddy Roosevelt (vomit).

  • ★FALCON★

    Christie is an absolute tub of vomit. Good luck with that quadruple by-pass, lardass.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    He’s a smart politician, which is not the same as being a good person. He’s got to work with Obama over the next four years and he needs the Federal gvt to rebuild. He knows what’s in his hand and how to play it. I don’t think he’ll change parties, but he may try to pull the GOP away from social issues and make a bid for the center.

  • Oliver

    Christie knows how to play the game. The rest of the GOP is too busy being righteous and indignant.

    Too bad more in the GOP never learned the first thing about how politics works. Hint: you hold your nose and do whatever it takes to get elected. Once you’re in office, you do what you set out to do, not necessarily what you promised.

    Sound familiar? Oh yeah, that’s how Obama won. Doh

  • lizzy84
  • Mad Hatter

    One other thing Christie, do you think Obama is going to call and Congratulate you if you’re lucky enough to beat Booker that will be backed by Obama and the Unions?

  • donh

    SOMETHING happened between Mitt and Christie that none of us will ever know about, and it was building before the storm…….. My guess is NJ just suffered a human disaster and Mitt was calling about his next rally….kind of like that ” friend ” who once asked me to drive him to the airport, put some gas in my tank, and when my car crashed later that day came up and asked for his $5 back. The elite upper class is full of inhuman power hungry monsters like Doomberg who go forward with a marathon while storm debris and corpses pile up on the sidewalk .

  • Vixen

    Laurel and Hardy?
    Tweedledum and Jack Sprat?

  • ★FALCON★

    Oliver commented:

    Christie knows how to play the game. The rest of the GOP is too busy being righteous and indignant.

    Too bad more in the GOP never learned the first thing about how politics works.

    Like when Obama slammed ObamaCare with no bi-partisanship? Nevermind he didn’t even allow Republicans into the meetings? And when he went nutso with his budgets – that not even one democrat would support it?

  • libertypatriot

    I heard Christie and Obama are discussing Christies’ appointed as Pastry Czar.