Chicago Teachers Union Co-Sponsors “Teachers for Social Justice Curriculum Fair”

The Chicago Teachers Union is sponsoring a conference this weekend… On social justice.
Marathon Pundit reported:
For members of the Chicago Teachers Union there are four Rs: Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic–and Radicalism.
And the Teachers Union is sponsoring a Teaching for Social Justice Forum:

The conference opens tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM.

Here’s the Schedule for the Day:

10:00 – Registration, Curriculum Exhibitors, and Resource Tables** Open

11:00am-12:00pm – Opening Program (auditorium, 1st floor)

Cuban Street Rumba—Yoruba Opening Salutation “Elegwa”
Carlos “Quinto” Equis-Aguila, Cuban Master Drummer
José Morales
Welcome and Introduction – Prudence Browne, TSJ
Brandon Johnson, Chicago Teachers Union
Lorena Jasso, Social Justice High School Parent
Aquila Griffin, Dyett H.S. Student, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
Kuumba Lynx, “Arizona Poli Tricks.”

12:30-1:45 pm – Workshops Session 1* and Organizing (school closings, elected school board)

1:00-2:30pm – Lunch (Cafeteria, 2nd floor)

2:30 – Curriculum Exhibitors and Resource Tables close

2:30-3:45pm – Workshops Session 2* and Organizing (school closings, elected school board)

Closing Program 4:00-4:30 (Auditorium)
Call to Action, Call to Organize

Karen Lewis, President, CTU
Closing Song: Sound of Soul

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  • bg


    ”I am certain nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards
    of individual freedom as the striving after the mirage of social justice.”

    “I have come to feel strongly that the greatest service I can still render to
    my fellow men would be that I could make the speakers and writers among
    them thoroughly ashamed ever again to employ the term ‘social justice’.”

    ~ Friedrich A. Hayek

    newsflash, we’re losing to IslaMarxism, badly.. 🙁


  • bg


    re: #1 November 16, 2012 at 8:27 pm bg

    Apolo Alliance

    [A director of New York State’s chapter of Apollo Alliance is Jeff Jones (no relation to Van Jones). AA’s website describes Jeff Jones as someone devoted to “clean[ing] up toxic pollution in inner-city and rural neighborhoods and revers[ing] global warming.” The website does not mention that in the 1970s Jones was one of the four key leaders of the Weather Underground terrorist organization, along with Mark Rudd, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn.

    The Apollo Alliance has a long list of endorsers, among which are: ACORN; Change to Win (an ACORN entity); the SEIU; the Van Jones-founded Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which claims that the American criminal-justice system is infested with racism; Green For All (another organization founded by Van Jones); the Working Families Party; Greenpeace USA; the League of Conservation Voters; the Natural Resources Defense Council; the Rainforest Action Network; the Sierra Club; the Union of Concerned Scientists; Working Assets; EarthJustice; the National Wildlife Federation; the Progressive States Network; and a host of big labor unions (including the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Teamsters, Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Electrical Workers, SEIU, Sheet Metal Workers, Transportation Workers, United Auto Workers, Food and Commercial Workers, Mine Workers, and Steel Workers).

    Apollo Alliance exerts a powerful influence on the views and policies of the Obama administration. AA helped craft portions of the $787 billion “stimulus” legislation (officially called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) that President Obama signed into law in early 2009. Specifically, AA had a hand in writing the “clean energy and green-collar jobs provisions” of the bill, for which $86 billion was earmarked. This included funds “to build new transit and high speed rail lines, weatherize homes, develop next generation batteries for clean vehicles, scale up wind and solar power, build a modern electric grid, and train a new generation of green-collar workers.” AA recommended that the stimulus bill allocate $11 billion for the development of a so-called “Smart Grid,” which would use digital technology to deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers; ultimately the bill allocated precisely that amount to Smart Grid-related projects, including a $100 million provision for job training related to Smart Grid technology.

    Confirming the magnitude of AA’s role in shaping the stimulus bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in mid-2009: “The Apollo Alliance has been an important factor in helping us [the U.S. Senate] develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in motivating the public to support them.”

    In July 2009, Senator Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed AA Board Chair Phil Angelides, the former Treasurer of the State of California, to serve as chairman of the newly created Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

    In February 2010, it was reported that AA was instrumental in helping to draft a “clean technology” bill that Democrats in the U.S. Senate were promoting. Known as the “Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology Act of 2009” (IMPACT), the bill was sponsored by Senator Sherrod Brown.

    Apollo Alliance has received funding directly from the Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation and the Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation. In addition, AA has been the beneficiary of grants made to the Institute for America’s Future that were earmarked specifically for AA; among these were grants from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Town Creek Foundation, the Overbrook Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, and the Energy Foundation.]

    links and more at link..

    btw, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and
    the usual suspects are also members..

    have i ever told you who we can thank
    for all this environmental profiterring??

    yes, the one and only Muhammad..

    no, not kidding, unfortunately, neither are the powers that be..


  • jenny

    How about teachers for reading, writing and arithmetic? Guess I’m old fashioned.

  • SM-WI


  • there is nothing just about socialism.

  • SM-WI

    We have to beat the leftists at their own game: identifying, registering target voters, get out the vote, involvement in schools, pta, boards, etc….. we have to study the left and outsmart them.

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  • vityas

    It’s very contradictory, isn’t it? How can you say you’re protecting children and in the name of social justice protect the rights of pedophiles to have sex with children at the same time?
    I guess as long as a condom is used, that’s all the protection a kid needs.

  • Oliver

    OT: New reports of voter fraud!

    Hugh Hewitt just said on Hannity that the difference between a President Romney and a President Obama was just 400,000 votes in 4 states. Does anybody really believe the Amazing Obama Election Machine wouldn’t be capable of stealing 400,000 votes?

    This voter fraud site is continually updated with new examples of voter fraud. It now goes on and on for PAGES. There are millions of people who believe Team Obama stole this election, so please check it out and share with others:

  • bg


    re: #2 November 16, 2012 at 8:38 pm bg

    re: Jeff Jones

    don’t know how many times i’ve posted the above, but it’s more
    than i can recall, and we’re still at square one when it comes to
    understanding the true consequences for future generations..

    re: Ayers, Dohrn, Jones et al

    think one, maybe two links are still working here, but as you can see
    more than half the links have been sucked up by Obama’s black hole
    machine, ergo, had to locate new ones…


  • Beef

    There would be no greater blow to the Marxist stranglehold on education than allowing parents to opt out of public school by providing vouchers to send their kids to a school of their choice.

    Which is why the Statists will fight to the death to keep this from happening. We have to want to free our kids from Marxist indoctrination as much as they want to keep our kids chained to their propaganda factories.

    Real education reform, now.

  • Economan

    And these are Obama backers.

    Yes. He’s a Commie .

  • snap boy

    It would be great if rather than “teaching for social justice” they taught for grade level competence.

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  • bg



    re: #1 et al November 16, 2012 bg

    you may be asking yourself ask what any of the
    above has to do with teachers, well here you go..

    Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and
    Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

    Bill Ayers: Teaching And Organizing for Social Justice

    and that’s just a drop in his global scaled teaching bucket..


  • UGH, no wonder they all voted for O!

  • Kl

    10am start time and an hour and a half lunch..that sums it up right there

  • Paul in N. AL

    Why don’t we have terrorists on our side to take care of problems like this?

  • SoLongSong

    #9 OLIVER: I went to that website and for some reason can’t post, but I think it’s very important!

    What I was trying to tell them – and maybe you could – is that the date at the top of the site needs to be changed. Right now it’s November 8 or something like that, and if I hadn’t’ve scrolled down I would have thought it was just another thing that was going to piddle away with no new activity and obama and his minions would once more get away with their crimes.

    IF THERE IS ANY WAY that he could be removed from office, we should do it before the electoral college certifies its votes in December.

    Thank you for posting that website again. I don’t know if I can stand to watch this country destroyed for another four years.

  • bg


    Oliver #9 November 16, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    thanks, i’ve passed that on a few times..


    have you not noticed how deafening the silence has been?? /s/

    newsflash: the RINO’s are trying to figure out a way to expand
    their Oligarchy without alarming US too much, wait it’s coming..


  • Earthmover

    We need to give Schwartzkopf the coordinates of this meeting.

  • Mad Hatter

    There was a point and time when you really had to look long, and hard for the Marxists. Since Obama has been elected, they’ve been emboldened, and are not shy about saying who they are, and what they stand for.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The Chicago Teachers Union is sponsoring a conference this weekend… On social justice.

    So is this where they devise more ways to poison young brains?

  • Oliver

    #20 BG – yes, the response to voter fraud allegations has been pathetic. I’ve sent about 100 emails to Fox, they finally “reported” on the 100% for Obama numbers in Philly, but their “investigation” showed that that’s normal in some precincts. What they failed to report — and this is what’s significant in the story — is that many of those 59 0-for-Romney precincts had 100% voter turnout (or more!!). That part they didn’t report! Jeez. Anyway, just keep bombarding them with emails — I send at least 3 a day to [email protected] and [email protected]. It reminds me of how the media has ignored Sheriff Joe. It’s like they’re afraid of being called ‘tin hatters’. Those Alinsky tactics really work.

  • dwdude

    best not to live near chicago or hire anyone from there

  • How anyone can send there kids to public school is simply beyond me. We sacrifice mightily to homeschool our children. I suggest one figure out a way to do it too.

  • Sorry, I wish this board had a way to correct mistakes…should be “their” not there.

  • Action Now

    The hard left has taken over the major institutions of our society – government, education, and media. We must unite and retake these institutions. We must stand up together. Action Now!

  • Jeannie

    Okay, odds anybody on us getting out this without insurrection and riots…playing right into O’s plan to confiscate guns and place us under martial law?

    Because Rahm is so very very good at disarming but ‘surprisingly’ cannot seem to make even a dent quieting gangs, thugs and unions….

  • Jeannie

    folks, we need to start naming sites with innocuous safe words and somehow get word out on where these sites are.

  • Jeannie

    and people stop using G o o g l e, but use (no ip collecting) or something else.

  • Patty


    please take the time and scroll down this site.

    When you feel down, bookmark this site.

  • Patty

    SAT scores down, participation up–Educators Use Racist Excuse

    I love when educators give excuses for the failure of government schools.

    “California scores declined this year on the SAT test used by many colleges to screen applicants, according to a release from the state Department of Education.

    But the pool of high school seniors taking the test grew — which may have accounted for the lower average scores.”

    If the government schools were working, then all the students would be succeeding, instead of bringing scores down.

    Then the educators became racist. Why are the scores down? “And for the first time, Latinos were the largest ethnic group taking the test in California.”

    Sounds racist to me—isn’t that what President Obama would say?

    SAT scores down, participation up

    California scores declined this year on the SAT test used by many colleges to screen applicants, according to a release from the state Department of Education.

    But the pool of high school seniors taking the test grew — which may have accounted for the lower average scores. And for the first time, Latinos were the largest ethnic group taking the test in California.

    Overall, nearly 70 percent of the students from public high schools in the Class of 2012 who took the test were minorities. Thirty-six percent were Latino, 29 percent were white, 22 percent were Asian and 7 percent were African American.

    Nearly half of those who took the test said that English was not exclusively their first language.

    The mean writing score decreased 3 points to 491 for the Class of 2012 compared to a year earlier; the mean critical reading scores dropped 3 points to 491, and the mean math score dropped 3 points to 510.

  • Patty

    Don’t know where to put this. So here goes. VIEW THEN READ

    DUDE: What the Hell is China Building Here?

    If these guys are building their own Stargate, I’m gonna be pissed.

    Not happy with building mysterious gigantic structures in the desert, the Chinese are now building inter-dimensional portals in the middle of their cities. What the hell is this 515-foot (157 meters) high metal structure in the the city of Fushun, in northeast China’s Liaoning province?

    …It’s made of an astounding 3,000 tons of steel and it will glow at night—decorated with 12,000 LED lights. According to Fushun Municipal Government’s officials, this titanic structure does absolutely nothing except serve as an elevated sighting position. They claim it is pretty “landscape architecture”—like the Eiffel Tower. It uses four elevators to take people to the top.

    …According to Fushun’s Urban Construction Bureau, the “Ring of Life” means “a round sky and a path leading to a paradise in heaven.”

    I’m telling you guys right now: this is a Stargate, I don’t care what they use as a cover story.

  • bg
  • this is what randi weingarten brought to the teaching profession during her tenure as union chief.

  • Patty

    How important is cultural diversity at your school?

    oh, dear.

  • Patty


    This guy will be talking and we will see his hair turn gray in coming years. 😆

  • bg
  • Stella Baskomb

    The address of the school where the event will be held tells me that I am not welcome there.

    Never mind the topic of the “Fair”.

  • gracepmc

    You can’t make this stuff up. What buffoons.

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  • Dennis

    Just look at the art design: A fist. The colors of fire and blood. Jagged shapes. It’s clear these classes are meant to provoke hate, not love.

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