Catholic Leaders: If Obama Pursues HHS Mandate, There Is 100% Chance There Will Be Civil Disobedience

Archbishop Charles Chaput released this video in October on the politics of abortion.
Chaput mentions “martyrs through the centuries” in discussing the current attacks on the Catholic Church.

Catholic leaders have promised a 100 percent chance civil disobedience if Obama pursues the HHS mandate. reported:

Martin Luther King’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” (April 16, 1963) is one of our nation’s elegant testimonies to the political implications of our Declaration of Independence:

“One may want to ask: ‘How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?’ The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that ‘an unjust law is no law at all.'”

Indeed, there may be more theological letters written from the confines of jail cells in the near future, as the Catholic bishops quickly approach the end of a one-year deadline given to them by the Obama administration to obey the HHS mandate or face the consequences. Not a single bishop has signaled any other intention than to embrace the consequences with the joy of serving Christ.

Was Archbishop Chaput predicting the future in the interview when he concluded, “This has been the story of the martyrs through the centuries”? We know it has crossed his mind: At Chester Springs, he said, but only half-jokingly, “I don’t want to go to jail.”

If the election affirms the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, there is a 100 percent chance that there will be civil disobedience in the Catholic Church, led by its bishops. Whether jail will follow is anyone’s guess.

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  • Stephana

    Just think, the Catholic church operates about 1/4 of the hospitals. This could work out real well for Obozzo if the Church decides to close their property.

  • bg


    yeah right.. 🙄


  • SeniorD

    I’m in!

  • Oliver

    then why are they making Obama figures for nativity scenes in Italy?

    (gag me with a spoon!)

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  • Chairmanxx

    NOW the church steps up! More shallow talk when it is too late. Catholics had their chance to make a change and went with O. Now they will have to take the same med as the rest of us.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    I think a little time in jail would do many of our bishops a world of good. But that isn’t going to happen.There will not be widespread civil disobedience and life will go on much as it always has.

  • T. Thompson

    Sorry Catholics; How can you complain and cry over the HHS mandate on Abortion when the majority of Catholics voted for and supported Obama the Abortionist vs Romney the pro life man—tired of the whining from all of you, total hypocritical

  • DAve j

    Thats funny….why didnt they start with the disobedience by not voting for the despot..?..?

  • Edward Treadway

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn nuns not onboard

    meanwhile in Australia:

    ‘Australia is launching a federal investigation into sexual abuse of children, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced Monday. The decision came after a string of accusations surrounding the Roman Catholic Church outraged Australians and spurred regional inquiries.

    The royal commission will center on institutional responses to allegations of such “insidious, evil acts,” Gillard said, scrutinizing religious and government institutions, schools and other organizations.

    “I believe we must do everything we can. . .’,0,4286907.story

  • Laddy

    Do they really think any of their parishners will give a fig. They voted for Obama and Obamacare. Once the Church quit penalizing its flock, especially the politicians, for deviating from doctrine, they lost all control. They should excommunicate all of the Catholic pols that voted for this, if they really care.

  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    Ok. I cussed and my post got blocked. Sorry. I’ll redo.

    My response…BS….my Caholic church nation wide voted overwhelmingly for Obama. They will follow their new mesiah down any road he takes them. Google Ann Barnhardt if you want to know what our church has become. The same is true for Israel. With 65% of American Jews voting Obmas, they can “stand with Israel” on their own.

  • Kenneth Oscar Kjer

    Put the pedophile protector in jail. Most bishops are hypocrites, who should put in a locked room with the people they have abused.

  • myohmy

    Oh, yeah? Father, you should have ask the faithful to vote Romney instead of huffing and puffing hot air.

  • ★FALCON★

    In some precincts there will be 141 percent civil disobedience.

  • brian

    Although I am NOT catholic, I do think this is the correct move for the catholics. So what if there’s a bunch of “bad” catholics? America historically has always protected people’s conscience. Now the government’s reach has running over people’s beliefs.

    If they’re treading on the catholics here by trying to force them to do what’s wrong, they’ll be treading on you soon too, even if you aren’t a catholic. The gauntlet has been thrown down, this is just the beginning.

  • Kate

    Other denominations will join the Catholic Church and they will probably be the ones out protesting, not the Catholics. This affects all religious; not just Catholics. Obama is trying to take away religious rights. One group at a time.

  • Patty

    Why did Catholics vote for Obama, then. Why is it he won the Majority of the nation’s voters.

    Through Fraud or Other wise. Other wise being, Social issue, he won on that, Not on the fact he failed miserably as a President but because The WEAK in America NEED STUFF and Obama Promised them stuff.

    Who care about Morals, because apparently the Obama voters don’t.

  • Patty

    Obama won Catholic vote, regular churchgoers chose Romney

    So, lazy Catholics who also want free stuff voted for Obama. And those who are true Catholics voted Romney.


  • Multitude

    Civil disobediance? Wouldn’t it have simply been easier to not vote overwhelmingly for Obama, Catholics?

    You’re a dead religion. I can’t wait until Obama taxes your income, your property, and puts an end to your irrelevance as he intends per eliminating “preferences” for nonprofits he doesn’t approve of. You had your chance but “Condoms for Catholics” was more important than the continuance of your religion.

    Don’t worry though… maybe Islam will allow you to convert.

  • Patty

    This is too good not to post!


    ‘Homeland’ Star Says Obama Watches Show While Pretending to Work


  • Patty

    Some leaders in the Catholic Church and especially the priests are truly hypocrites, I have proof.

  • bigL

    Oh no. You had ever chacne to say: “just this once vote GOP. Just this once vote for Romeny”.But oh no. Your Bps and Cards just rattled sabres and clinked chalices and did nothing. That is because RCs vote democrat. Always demo. so 77% went for Obama.
    Your bed, lay in it.
    No civil disobedience…not.gonna.happen. But you wil lbe ok. Because there will be some buffer that HHS or Obama will create.

  • rhonda

    Yes, and where were all these faithful Catholics on Nov 6?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If the election affirms the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, there is a 100 percent chance that there will be civil disobedience in the Catholic Church, led by its bishops.

    I’m curious, what do they mean by in the Catholic Church?

    Does that mean that parishioners who voted for Obie will be excommunicated and fights will break out among them and the clergy?

  • Joanne

    You can’t trust any of the numbers this past election for who voted for who. I’m glad these Catholic Bishops are planning on standing up to Obama, the muslim usurper. This will show exactly who and what Obama is – a muslim who hates Christians… any good muslim. I don’t care who stands up to Obama, just as long as someone does it.

  • Rhonda

    so agree with Kate #19 it will be all other denominations stepping up for the Catholics. I don’t think the Catholic Church is serious anyway. Any church that would cover its icons when obama speaks like they did at Notre Dame really isn’t a serious church.

  • Patty
  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    That is because RCs vote democrat.

    Not this parishioner.

    I have never, ever, voted for a Democrat. They’re all a bunch of sleazy, dishonest, Politburo members-in-waiting.

  • MVH

    I’ve noticed that Catholics who are committed to the faith have an active prayer life beyond the rosary. They pray the Liturgy of the Hours [which is steeped in Old Testament contemplation], take part in Bible study, and participate in the life of their parish beyond the Mass. These Catholics are the least hostile to Church teaching and to the State of Israel.

    The other “kind” of Catholics are “cultural-identity” Catholics. They go through the motions week after week. Catechesis is something that’s done before First Communion and Confirmation. After that, whatever. The closest they come to personal prayer is when they want something from G-d. Bible study for them is what they hear at Mass. These Catholics are easily swayed by emotions, Leftism disguised as Christian “social justice,” and disobedient priests and bishops. Cultural identity comes before Christ for these Catholics.

    Archbishop Chaput and his brother bishops have bigger problems than the Chicago Je$u$.

  • sophie
  • HeavenHelpUSA

    I’m sorry but as a Catholic, we are extremely discouraged by the leadership in the Catholic church. . .they can’t have it both ways. . .they have been very supportive of “universal healthcare”–

    . . .and once the Stupak amendment was added, the Bishops were on board–

    QUESTION TO THE BISHOPS: Did you read the bill before you endorsed it–doubt it and now you are crying foul and expect all of us to stand with you. . .why didn’t you stand with all of us when we overwhelmingly said NO to this HC monstrosity??? We are not sheeple who blindly follow what you tell us to support. . .and you let us down by not doing your homework and finding out what was truly in the bill before they passed it!

    Going forward, our weekly collection envelopes are going in the shredder! You didn’t support us; we aren’t going to support you!

  • JPL17

    I’m a regular reader of this blog, and have to say I’m shocked at the ignorance (and, in some instances, outright bigotry) expressed in these comments.

    First of all, for the information of these commenters, throughout the summer and fall American Catholic Bishops repeatedly and publicly urged Catholics to vote against all candidates who are pro-abortion and anti-religious freedom. Archbishop Charles Chaput went even further, identifying pro-abortion and anti-religious-freedom candidates (including Obama) by NAME. (See, e.g., Moreover, this effort worked at least with respect to church-going Catholics, in that this group, which voted for Obama in 2008, went for Romney in 2012.

    Secondly, Kenneth Oscar “Put the pedophile protector in jail” Kjer is an ignoramous. Archbishop Chaput is an extremely honorable man who has never protected an abusive priest. Indeed, he was brought to Philadelphia PRECISELY to clean up the Philadelphia Archdiocese, which had been involved in a priest-protection scandal under prior leadership.

    Finally, Edward “the bigot” Treadway, what an Australian sex scandal investigation has to do with American Catholics’ voting records is exactly NOTHING. The only reason for you to bring up such a subject here is to flaunt your anti-Catholic bigotry. Well, congratulations, you’ve flaunted it. Now you look like a jerk.

  • HeavenHelpUSA

    #27 November 12, 2012 at 6:32 pm
    Rhonda commented:

    so agree with Kate #19 it will be all other denominations stepping up for the Catholics. I don’t think the Catholic Church is serious anyway. Any church that would cover its icons when obama speaks like they did at Notre Dame really isn’t a serious church.

    That was actually at Georgetown in DC (covered all religious icons/plaques, etc in Gaston Hall). . .an excellent academic school but extremely liberal (not to mention, they have a very liberal lay person as their president, Dr. DeGioia). Don’t be fooled by the fact that Gtown rejected Sandra Fluke’s attempts to get Gtown to change its birth control coverage policy and yet allowed the University’s Public Policy Institute to sponsor her for a speaking engagement at the school–Gtown tries to have it both ways IMO!

  • Patty
  • Noovuss

    What morons.
    Considering the number of Catholics that voted for Obama, they don’t have very many people to work with for civil disobedience.
    Hahahaha, all those years of progressive teaching in the church and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

  • JPL17

    #29 November 12, 2012 at 6:34 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “Not this parishioner.”

    Excellent news, Blacque Jacques! Neither does this parishioner.

  • Fuquay Steve

    But, but the enlightened ones tell us to evolve out thinking on abortion and freedom, in order to win elections? What’s one to do? Oh ok, I know what i have to do.

  • Mad Hatter

    Archbishop Charles Chaput and what army is going to conduct this Civil Disobedience?

    Too many Catholics did this country a disservice and voted in the Obama Clause.

  • Patty
  • Ghost

    it almost doesn’t matter-
    the words “Civil Disobedience” and “Secession/Divorce” are in the air.

    a few of us knew it would come to this because we knew who the Demon Seed was, we didn’t have to wait four years to figure it out because we saw all the information that was available in 2008 and took it seriously.

    but, the nicey-nice folks pooh-poohed that it would ever reach a boiling point, so us Serious Folks just bided our time, waiting for the inevitable.

    I always assumed it was in the back of most people’s minds, so now here we are, using the words out in the open.
    Because now, it’s so frikkin’ obvious. America CANNOT escape the coming catastrophe. This drama is only now beginning. Our ‘Fourth Turning’ has begun in earnest. in sarah too.

  • SM-WI

    The Catholic church pushes “social justice.” It’s one thing for each of us to pursue social justice as a matter of faith. It’s marxism if the government imposes mandates and taxes on us under the bait and switch of “social justice.”

  • Fuquay Steve

    #27 do not confuse Notre Dame and G’town as Catholic institutions – they gave that up years ago. There are however Catholic Colleges that are indeed true to the faith and those are the ones that are exemplary. I’m talking, Christendom College in VA, Belmont Abbey College in NC, Thomas Aquinas in Mass, Ave Maria in Fla and others.

  • Bob

    AS a Catholic…. I would do so with them. Sunday at Mass, I was amazed at the person who had the Obama 2012 sticker on their car.
    I wanted to just ask them what part of forced mandates upon Catholics did you not understand. Yes, Religious Freedoms are under attack, by too many voters are so dumb they cannot see through the smoke and mirros of Obama.
    And today the $3700 more the middle class will likely lose in earning is all part of Obama agendas.
    If you voted for Obama, you deserve it. Good Luck.

  • el polacko

    so they are going to do what exactly ? refuse to purchase any insurance for their civilian employees in their secular businesses if the policy includes coverage for contraceptives ? what sort of ‘martyrdom’ is that ? this is so much ado over not very much.

  • Rachelle

    And yet a majority of Catholics voted for the Muslim.

  • Joanne

    Please watch this video of a black man with more common sense and sight than most Americans. So what are you going to do about it Americans, are you going to let Obama get away with stealing the election or just more talk? It is all too hard to bear to watch, and people wonder why the Jews would just walk like sheep into the gas chambers. Are Americans any different?

  • luckyone

    I call B.S. Catholics voted for Obama.

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  • dtih

    I’m not sure the ‘Catholics voted for Obama’ meme is meaningful. A great many people polled about their voting claimed to be Catholic but don’t understand or follow the church teachings. It’s like people in the DC area who claim to be Redskin fans and then root for Philadelphia or Dallas. The point being that identifying as a Catholic is not a meaningful self-applied title unless there is a ‘test’ of authenticity.

    But that doesn’t stop people (especially the Media) from repeating the ‘Catholics voted for Obama’ meme. I think the underlying motivation is a desire to de-legitimize or destroy the church.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I call B.S. Catholics voted for Obama.

    Kinda hard to ignore the “Obama 2012” sticker on the back of the car belonging to one of the parishioners at the church that I go to. And then there are the other folks that aren’t as overt about their political leanings…

  • Llij

    The Catholic Church is far from a “dead religion”. Unfortunately for your sake you speak uninformed and full of hate? Does it make you feel better about yourself to attack another’s faith and personal beliefs? There will always be those who call themselves Catholic and do nothing to live out the teachings of the Church. They don’t constitute the Church as a whole or define it in anyway . This is about Religous liberty- the whole reason our Country was formed.

  • Bob

    The Catholics don’t care

  • Ginny

    Courage in the Catholic Church has become rare, but there will be those religious that will be sustained by God and will not bend their knees to The Won. Most religious know that suffering humiliation and injustice will conform them to the image of Christ. Yes, I do believe that some bishops and priests will not lose heart and will use civil disobedience to protest unjust laws. Will this Administration have the courage to jail our religious? Ultimately, whether Protestant or Catholic, these dissenters, and perhaps martyrs, will do a great deal to save our civilization. We really do need to pray for all of them.

  • man_in_tx

    Fact: The majority of Roman Catholic voters voted for Obama a week ago — despite this kind of talk from some of their leaders.

  • Susan

    I love the Catholic Church leader’s message however how will the Catholic Church be disobedient toweard the governmnet when 52% of the church flock were disobedient towards their own Church?

    52% of the Catholic flock did not have much of a conscience when they pull the lever for The Democrat Party which booed God and Israel, how will the 52% who voted for blasphemy of God get a conscience now or after they get the Free Government Stuff.

  • Susan

    I love the Catholic Church leader’s message however how will the Catholic Church be disobedient toweard the governmnet when 52% of the church flock were disobedient towards their own Church?

    52% of the Catholic flock did not have much of a conscience when they pull the lever for The Democrat Party which booed God and Israel, will the 52% who voted for blasphemy of God get a conscience now or after they get the Free Government Stuff?

  • MVH

    SM-WI @ #42
    You hit the nail on the head. That’s the bishops “lazy man’s way” to charity and it’s come back to bite ’em. Paul was clear. A Christian gives willingly; there’s no virtue in coerced giving:

    Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

  • Lots of Catholic bashing in these comments. It just goes to show how right Archbishop Chaput was in saying Catholics have a home in NEITHER party. They hate us on both sides. As for me, I’m Catholic first.

  • Kathy from Kansas

    When polls say “XX% of Catholics” vote or believe a certain way, you’ve got to understand that a huge chunk — maybe even a majority — of these people are NOT what you and I would call Catholic. Many people who have no clear religious beliefs will check the “Catholic” box on a survey form just because they were born to Catholic parents. They may not have darkened the doorway of a Catholic church in 20 years, and have no idea what the Church teaches, much less make any attempt to live by it — but they will self-identify as “Catholic” to a pollster.

    So please stop with the Catholic-bashing. I’m a Catholic, and I don’t consider people like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden to be Catholics, no matter how much they may try to claim that label.

  • maryks

    I’m a young Catholic, and I have never and will never vote for a pro-abortion candidate. It’s unlikely I will ever vote Democrat, especially after Obama gets done with the party, especially after the unprecedented attack on religious freedom that is Obamacare.

    I can personally attest to the outrage and loud admonishments from the priests and bishop in my area in the Northeast. I’d never seen anything like it. The fact that all those words fell on deaf ears is despicable and pathetic and I’m ashamed of my fellow Catholics. But they have proven time and time again that politics is more important than their faith.

  • pst314

    I’d like the Catholic Church better if it had opposed ObamaCare before it learned that it would be forced to fund abortions. As it is, the Church showed that it supported a corporatist system as long as thought it could have its privileges. Since the Church does not give a rat’s ass about my freedom, I don’t see the Church as an sincere defender of freedom. At most it can be a temporary ally of convenience, never a true friend.

  • maryks

    #60, Karen, “Many people who have no clear religious beliefs will check the “Catholic” box on a survey form just because they were born to Catholic parents. They…have no idea what the Church teaches, much less make any attempt to live by it — but they will self-identify as “Catholic” to a pollster. ”

    Yes. That.

  • Fiftycal

    I’m sick of the papists trotting out their “objection” to abortion. You don’t like abortion, fine. Do something about it. Quit making statements to rile up the religious superstitionists that blow up abortion clinics to make a “statement”. Do you believe in the Constitution or not? If you do, then there is ONE WAY to do away with abortion. Pass a Constitutional amendment. Gee, in the 40 YEARS abortion has been LEGAL, I don’t recall ONE Constitutional amendment being proposed, much less ratified, in Congress. Why is that? Don’t the papists “render unto Caesar” like gawd told them to? So bring up a Constitutional amendment or STFU.

  • this is for all you bigots that hate the catholic church. i’m 70 years old and this is the first time in my life that the church has even indicated a preference in an election. i don’t know what goes on in your church but as i stated many times before WE DON”T GET TOLD WHO TO VOTE FOR, and thats as it should be.

    the reason that so many catholics didn’t listen to the bishops is because 80% of people that identify as catholic don’t even attend sunday mass. they had no idea what the bishops were saying and just like they don’t listen to what their religion tell them to do they wouldn’t have listened to what the bishops said if they knew.

    as least the catholic bishops are speaking out, i don’t hear any clergy of the other religions speaking out againist obama’s policies. i think the catholic church is easily the religion that most closely resembles conservative values, must more so than the protestant and jewish religions. so leave the catholic church alone and worry about your own religion.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    As for me-I am a follower of CHRIST-
    Denominations mean NO THING to me anymore–
    When power is concentrated to those ‘in charge’ NO THING good comes of it–

    The founders knew it- thus the Declaration and the Constitution

    From a Lutheran -not any more!

  • SM-WI

    #65….. Ralph Reed of the Faith & Freedom Coalition works very hard to educate Christians about the voting issues. Here’s his website: Important for us to work at educating our Christian churches on the issues.

  • Cin

    I gotta agree with Llij here. Like it or not, the Catholic Church is the last line of defense in all of this. The leadership has been steadfast and solid as a rock against this administration. Through every encroachment of the Obama administration, the Catholic leadership has called their bluff. Incan tell you as a practicing Catholic on this: The Church isn’t budging on these issues. SOME of the flock may, but not the heart and soul of the Church.

  • I am Catholic And I never voted for him. There are weak links in every religion, but all need to stand together in this or if we fall then we will be like puppets on a string for him to pull any which way he wants. I am a Scot a Highlander born in Scotland. I am also an American citizen and lived in this great country 48yrs. At one time this was the strongest and most feared and respected country… more it falls behind China with whom we are in debted for a great sum of money. America stands below at least 3 countries no more to be feared or respected. What happend to the service mans vote that came in one day late? did New York get a vote in? I love this country and sad to see what has happend to it, but I will not be dictated to or told what I should believe in .

  • currently

    Blah, Blah

  • Nancy

    Call Catholics are not the same. I am Catholic and would shoot myself before I’d vote for hussein. Anyone who calls themselves “Catholic” and voted for hussein, because of his position on abortion, if for no other reason, should be excommunicated. I agree on the hypocrisy. But, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There are still a lot of very good Catholics out there. Did you know the Catholic Church was infiltrated by Communists? That might explain why “some” who call themselves Catholic voted for obama. ,

  • Disclaimer: I’m not a Catholic, nor do I play one on TV. But I have been married to Catholics before, and the current Mrs. Venomous is one, as well. Take all that with as many grains of salt as you wish.

    Now. A point I’ve been searching for throughout this thread, but have yet to find:

    If there exists a consensus – and I’m not saying one does here, even amongst us, but still – that there were extreme voting irregularities, if not outright vote fraud & election theft…then how do we know for certain that a percentage certain of Catholics voted for Bambi? (IOW, how do we know for a fact that it was a majority?) Are we not being told this by a Lame Stream Media™ whom, by its very nature, is highly untrustworthy? How do we know we’re not being outright lied to again?

    Feel free to discuss.

  • Kelsonus

    51% of Catholics voted for Obama ( I was in the minority)
    Until the hierarchy can sway their own, the only disobedience that will happen will be internal

  • mg4us

    As a Catholic, I am deeply disappointed by the Church’s passivity this past election and how it didn’t push harder for more traditional & conservative values.

    And though Libtards like to quote bible references on fairness keep these few points in mind:
    JESUS NEVER mandated the STATE do the work that we as individuals ought to do freely by our own conscious.
    JESUS asked us to care for the poor but as individuals sharing from our riches not our riches confiscated by some faceless bureaucrat.
    JESUS NEVER said FREE the SLAVES. . rather JESUS taught all to HOPE & Believe that their rewards in Heaven will be great.
    and JESUS asked that we LOVE one Another not divide brother against brother like Obama has done.

  • Martak

    Screw the Catholic church (and I was a Catholic until last month). Screw the Jews also, they all knowingly voted for Obama.

    I will enjoy the sounds of their sobs when the inevitable happens with religious freedom and with Israel.

  • Idiotic! The Church said, “Vote religious freedom.” If people who called themselves Catholic voted for Obama, that is their sin not that of the church. Can a parent control the moral choices of its wayward adult children? Ask liberal Juan Williams. His response to his son’s being Republicans, “Oh well, what are you going to do?”

  • Kristen

    I am sometimes ammused, but mostly troubled and offended by the amount of anti-Catholic screed on the comments section on any article from either side of the social or political spectrum. I’m a practicing Catholic, and I don’t know any PRACTICING, INFORMED Catholics who voted for Obama. I even have one extremely liberal catholic friend who even voted Republican for the first time, and my diocean priest, as well as our Auxiliary bishop, flat out said that voting for a pro choice candidate is a mortal sin. That said, Catholics aren’t robot zombies controlled by their priests, and not every priest spoke out this boldly from the pulpit, and only about half of baptized Catholics obey the Third Commandment (show up on Sundays); like everyone else, we are products of our consciences, and many consciences these days, sadly, are formed more by a rotting culture than the Church. There isn’t a “Catholic vote” as such any more; the split is found between practicing and non-practicing Catholics and Christians. You will see civil disobedience from the practicing set, but unless we have help from other people of good will and the Holy Spirit, it may not be the overwhelming tide we might hope to see as a large percentage of “catholics” are uninformed, lazy and in thrall to the government – much like the rest of the country.

  • Bravo MG4US! I have never read any explanation for subsidiarity explained so well that even the simple minded can understand it. Charity begins with each of us not mandated for us by an all powerful national government. When we die, Peter at the pearly gates will ask if we have been good stewards. If the answer is, “I voted for Obama and his redistributive agenda,” the answer will be, “I want to know what you did not your government.” These are your decisions, but if by your vote, you participate in your government’s sin (abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage) you will be responsible for that. Individually, voter by voter, not collectively. I see much civil disobedience over at least the next four years. Bravo for everyone who chooses to be in that number.

  • Black Glen

    To the people that think all Cathlocs voted for Obama, I DIDN’T and I’m a PROUD BLACK MAN!!

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Jail? Chaput, yes. Dolan? lol

  • Kelsey Matchen

    Is that last bolded section a quote from an actual Church authority or just part of the article. It seems like that last part is just the reporter’s own reflection on what Bishop Chaput was saying. Therefore the title of this article is deceiving because it comes across as if the 100 % quote is a direct quotation from a Church leader.


    I will join the Priests and nuns even though I am a confirmed Protestant. It is no shame to obey God rather than men.

    Rev. Stephen Cakouros
    Chaplain Evengelical Presbyterian Church


    The mandate for Catholic institutions to provide free contraception and abortion coverage to women, is against the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion of the Catholic Church.
    That being the case, the law is unconstitutional and thus null and void. The Church can refuse to obey the mandate, and also refuse to obey to pay the penalty/tax the mandate requires for refusal to obey.
    As Obamacare also calls for access by the IRS to personal and business accounts, it would be wise for all of us to withdraw our assets from our accounts.

  • Dave Dowler

    The Catholics will now get what the rest of us are going to be getting! Half of Catholics voted for Obama, Catholics now own this debacle with everyone else…… I don’t want to hear the fained outrage from the liberal Catholics anymore. Where were you Catholics when the county needed you to step up for what you claim to believe? Get ready for you place in the Obamacare line with the rest of the non free American Citizenry….. Take your number and sit down and wait for your Doc to call on you after a couple hours sitting and waiting….. Ie your everyday DMV office

  • William

    I may have to convert to Catholicism.

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  • junie

    Look up the facts on
    most of the votes were never counted.
    leave the catholics alone
    11 Million Hispanics voted for Obama ( They are mainly from Roman catholic background)
    16 Million White votes were not counted.
    Romney had 0% votes in some states.
    underaged, kids voted for Obama in many states.
    Videos shown in school with out parental consent
    Votes were counted in Spain.
    Military votes arrived 1 day late or were burned up in planes.
    Eric Holder- EX Black panther, is his wife involved in an Abortion clinic?
    The enmies of America made sure that this would be the norm.
    Deep South will never give up Bible, or Guns.
    America is doomed.

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  • Patty M

    I am a faithful Roman Catholic who voted for Romney, the pro life candidate. My whole family voted for Romney.(And since we are good practicing Catholics we love children so we have a big family.) All of our friends voted for Romney.
    Our priests spoke from the pulpit more than one Sunday about voting prolife and against the HHS mandate. I came across a letter from our Bishop to vote prolife and against the mandate in the weekly coupon flyer! We went to rallys, put signs in our yard for all of the prolife candidates in our district. And we prayed! Then we voted. What more could we do other than go door to door? Faithful Catholics did indeed vote for Rhomney. Please do not lump us with the likes of the false ones namely: Pelosi, Joe Biden, Harry Ried and others who claim to be Catholic but whose actions show their falseness. We faithful Catholics are weeping along with other good American Christians over this great loss.God bless America and give us strength and courage to do what needs to be done now. Amen.

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  • Redbud

    Maybe the Bishops should question why 52% of the Catholics voted for our Muslim President.
    Being a Catholic, I am truly ashamed of this statistic.

  • Donny

    Speaking as a practicing Catholic who voted for Romney/Ryan (even though Romney isn’t truly pro-life) I could never have voted for Obama. There are a great deal of Catholics who vote the right way and listen to their bishops and consciences. Many millions in fact. Remember that our clergy couldn’t tell you who to vote for, they can’t either direction. I know my pastor reminded us to vote for life, for Gods intention of marriage and for the social good. Its as clear as they can be, and its pretty clear. Obama fits none of those things. Catholicism seems to be the religion you pick when you need to check a box, I would wager that many of the “Catholics” who voted poorly a: don’t go to mass much or at all, and b: don’t believe what the Church believes. In any event they wouldn’t listen or care what any bishop says, including their own. Their are many of us who are right in step with what Archbishop Chaput said. This may be a time of refining for our church, the good stuff will be tested and strengthened, the weaker stuff will burn away. If the real number of Catholics who voted for Obama is around 77% I’m as disgusted as all of your are. Many of our bishops have been doing a great deal to combat the garbage going on in this world, in house and in our nations and governments. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt some of you to give them a little slack and not place the sins of their predecessors squarely on their shoulders. The Catholics here ought to encourage our clergy to be more heroic and speak out, not make them the object of scorn. In any case, I’m one “RC” that won’t cave to liberal nonsense and will stand by our good Archbishop Chaput in defiance to any and all unjust laws.

  • Kay

    I’m practicing Catholic and voted for Romney. I have a friend who claims to be Catholic and voted Obama. She doesn’t attend church and thinks gays should be able to marry in the church. She was raised Catholic but I was not. I started Protestant, was received into the Catholic church Vatican 2 church in 2006 and am now attending a Tridentine Latin mass. I wish that they had more Vatican 1 churches because I drive 30 minutes to mass. I’m going to pray for this hhs mandate and for the spiritual battle ahead of us.