Mitt is giddy.

FOX News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron reported today that Mitt Romney is “giddy” behind the scenes and on the plane.

The momentum is definitely with Mitt Romney.

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  1. Giddy? because when someone goes into the restroom on the plane, Romney knocks on the door.

    I think it is having fun and trying to lighten up the free time they have traveling now 24/7.

    Nice to see Romney has a sense of humor.

  2. it’s because he knows.
    polling IS scientific and true, it’s just that all the reporting is agenda-driven.
    the candidates ALWAYS know the Real Deal.
    if you wanna know what the Real Deal is, just watch the candidates- and read between the lines.

  3. the politicos have their obvious agenda, but so does the media with their ratings-driven agenda.
    watch the candidates- where they go, what they say, how they act…

  4. Say what you will about Dick Morris, but he know politics.

  5. the ONLY way Zero can win is if he steals it, but we’ll know if that happens.

  6. Ann Romney is a sweetheart.

  7. Romney is privy to internal polls. Any questions?

  8. Don’t let him get near a pair of scissors.

  9. ++


    OMG, talk about HYPOCRISY!!

    Farrahan has reached the epitome

    6:30 mark: “but now you backing down from an
    aspect of it because people will get offended”


  10. #10 November 3, 2012 at 6:00 pm
    bg commented:


    DON’T NO WHETHER TO :lol: or :(

  11. OT

    Complete List Of Where U.N. Poll Watchers Will Be Stationed

  12. “Giddy” is an odd choice of words. The only time I can recall being “giddy” is when my husband, already terminally ill, got even worse. One day I just started laughing and couldn’t stop. We had fought for his life for so long, and so hard, and were losing, and the enormity of what we faced — what HE faced – just hit me hard. If Romney is “giddy” when he’s not in front of a camera, I would write that off to his understanding of the enormous task for which he has volunteered, or for which he has been called. I would write it off to his understanding of how much is at stake in this election. “Giddy” implies “gleeful.” “Gleeful” brings to mind “gloating.” I just can’t see this man as being capable of either.

  13. Shut up Carl

  14. ++


    not so cool:

    Machines Switching Votes in Ohio, Other Battleground States

    [Imagine going to vote for your presidential candidate and pushing
    the button on a touch-screen voting machine — but the “X” marks
    his opponent instead.

    That is what some voters in Nevada, North
    Carolina, Texas and Ohio have reported.

    Fox News has received several complaints from voters who say
    they voted on touch-screen voting machines — only when they
    tried to select Mitt Romney, the machine indicated they had
    chosen President Obama. The voters in question realized the
    error and were able to cast ballots for their actual choice.]


  15. Giddy? We’re planning on it!
    Looking forward to Tingles reaction when Romney takes the WH from Zero.

  16. You know why Romney is “giddy”? Because certainly far out and definitely within a week, each campaign KNOWS who has won.

  17. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that list. My state is on it, but they are not coming here.

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