Canada Seeks US Workers Left High & Dry By Obama

Obama blocked the Keystone pipeline from Canada.
He diverted North American oil to China and killed jobs.

But there is hope for the American worker.

Canada is hiring.
The LA Times reported, via American Power:

U.S. workers, Canada wants you.

Here in the western province of Alberta, energy companies are racing to tap the region’s vast deposits of oil sands. Canada is looking to double production by the end of the decade. To do so it will have to lure more workers — tens of thousands of them — to this cold and sparsely populated place. The weak U.S. recovery is giving them a big assist.

Canadian employers are swarming U.S. job fairs, advertising on radio and YouTube and using headhunters to lure out-of-work Americans north. California, with its 10.2% unemployment rate, has become a prime target. Canadian recruiters are headed to a job fair in the Coachella Valley next month to woo construction workers idled by the housing meltdown.

The Great White North might seem a tough sell with winter coming on. But the Canadians have honed their sales pitch: free universal healthcare, good pay, quality schools, retention bonuses and steady work.

“California has a lot of workers and we hope they come up,” said Mike Wo, executive director of the Edmonton Economic Development Corp.

The U.S. isn’t the only place Canada is looking for labor. In Alberta, which is expecting a shortage of 114,000 skilled workers by 2021, provincial officials have been courting English-speaking tradespeople from Ireland, Scotland and other European nations. Immigrants from the Philippines, India and Africa have found work in services. But some employers prefer Americans because they adapt quickly, come from a similar culture and can visit their homes more easily.

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  • GotFreedom

    Guess they need help paying into/for their national healthcare system?

  • Linda

    I wonder why Canadians aren’t taking these jobs since the unemployment rate in Canada is presently 7.4%.

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  • RealMc


    Do you have a link for the Jobs in Canada….?

  • accidentwaitingtohappen

    From a proud Canadian currently living in Ontario…I’ll be seeing you hard working Americans in Alberta very soon.

    I look forward to meeting you.

  • Alvin

    Didn’t I see a change in administration policy two years ago making it easier for American employees to relocate to other countries for work. It seemed odd at the time, and Beck brushed upon it as just another anti-American policy to redistribute wealth away from the US.

  • burt

    Lots of jobs in oil. Always have been. I spent a week in Calgary. The town is booming. My wife, a nurse, was constant getting sales pitches to move up. The problem is that their cost of living is much higher than ours. They pay more, but it cost more. Canada has already had its problems with socialism.


    How long before Canada builds a southern fence to keep the Americans seeking a better life from illegally taking residence in their sovereign nation?

  • john b

    I looked into Canadaian income taxes. I don’t know if twhat I put below is the be all land end all (i.e. how do they include Social security and medicare).

    •15% on the first $42,707 of taxable income, +
    •22% on the next $42,707 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $42,707 up to $85,414), +
    •26% on the next $46,992 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $85,414 up to $132,406), +
    •29% of taxable income over $132,406.


    10% of taxable income

    Alberta’s provincial tax is actually tame.
    Check out nova Scotia’s:

    Nova Scotia

    8.79% on the first $29,590 of taxable income, +
    14.95% on the next $29,590, +
    16.67% on the next $33,820, +
    17.5% on the next $57,000, +
    21% on the amount over $150,000

    Because $150K is sooooo much, it is worth a 50% total tax in nova scotia.

  • JenBee

    #4 RealMc, you can go to and search for jobs in canada

    Besides paying Canadian taxes if you work there, if you retain your American citizenship, you will also have to pay American taxes. I know there’s some twist to it – you don’t pay FULL taxes for BOTH countries – but you do pay a share of taxes for both countries. The Detroit-area hospital I work at employs a number of nurses who are Canadian citizens, and they try to explain it to me, but it’s so confusing… and they said it’s the same but reversed if you are an American working in Canada.

  • jesse

    Canada won’t have to build a fence to keep working Americans from getting in there isn’t going to be many of us by then…. we are a tired breed and dying faster every day…

  • JenBee

    #9 john b, re: Canadian tax rate…

    I figured it out for someone who earns $50,000 a year, and it comes out to about $14,000 in taxes, which is just about a third of your income…. which is nearly exactly what I pay right now in federal, state (Michigan), and local income taxes.

    Not too bad at all considering it’s a Socialist country.

    Of course, like you said, there might also be some sort of ‘social security’ tax and/or some ‘healthcare’ tax that’s not included in the above ‘federal’ or Canadian rate.

  • JenBee

    And I’m thinking that with the coming tax hikes here in the US combined with the fact that there are significantly fewer and fewer of us who actually work and pay taxes, by the end of Obama’s next term the federal government might not even allow taxpayers to leave the country. After all, who’s going to pay for all that SPENDING?? I can honestly see a scenario where if you are a taxpayer and you want to leave the country, your wealth – including assets, savings, everything – is taxed at 90%. I can totally see that becoming a reality.

  • Bec

    JenBee is exactly right–if you go to Canada, the good old US of A’s IRS department will expect you to pay taxes in the US on earnings in Canada. And Canada will expect you to pay taxes on Canadian income. The USA doesn’t just go after income eared in Canada, though, they’re more–universal–than that. Any time an American Citizen earns money outside of the USA, the US expects its cut.

    What this means is that you’ll be doing 4 tax returns every year, two for Canada national and US National, one for Canada province and one for US State. I’ve done it–it’s a pain in the rear.

    There are record number of people giving up US citizenship and taking off for just this reason, they’ve earned a lot of money and (fancy this) want to keep it for themselves.

  • pjf

    Here are some (more or less) real numbers from Saskatchewan, Canada (next door to Alberta, LOTS of jobs here. Unemployment somewhere around 4% — some people just don’t WANT a job — “Help Wanted” signs are EVERYWHERE). These numbers are for a part-time nurse (my wife).

    Total Income $59,000
    Net Income $53,000 (total income less pension contributions, union dues, employment expenses etc)
    Federal tax payable (before tax credits) $8,700
    Federal tax payable (after tax credits — what you actually pay) $6,500 (tax credits refund you a portion of taxes payable for things like: living in the Great White North, living a long time in the Great White North, pension plan contributions, unemployment insurance, tuition expenses, medical expenses, charitable donations etc)
    Provincial tax $4,100
    Total tax paid $10,600

    This is around 18% of gross income. This includes Canada Pension Plan required contribution (part of what you folks call “Social Security”). There are no additional taxes for healthcare, Old Age Security (another part of what you guys call “Social Security), etc.

    “Free” medical coverage gets you basic medical care (doctor’s visits, hospital care, etc.) It doesn’t cover dental care, eyeglasses, prescription drugs, ambulance, private hospital room, etc. Most employers offer additional plans as part of compensation packages — or it’s privately available. But my cataract surgery a couple of years ago cost me a total of $387.65 (one test the doc recommended that insurance didn’t cover plus the prescription drugs).

    There is a Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax of 5% on most things (not food) and a Federal Goods and Services Tax of 5% on pretty much everything. No PST in Alberta.

    Yeah, sure, we’re socialist (Saskatchewan and Alberta are somewhat less socialist than most) but hey, we’re certainly not as socialist as you guys are turning out to be (sorry). So take a look. We’d love to have you up here.

    And it may be cold, but it’s a dry cold.

  • dunce

    Our unemployed have voted to stay that way, they have no interest in working for their living. Millionaires and billionaires owe it to them. Obama said so, food stamps, free housing, free health care, free education ( you do not have to learn any useful skills), and free phones, but no there is more, blacks can beat up any white people they chose foolish enough to be in a public place.

  • jesse

    #16 Kudos well said… And going to get worse

  • Mr. Ed

    Can I bring my guns to The Great WHITE North?

  • aprilnovember811

    Americans are getting tired of this. The productive Americans don’t need to stay here, simply to have their earnings stolen. I was looking into Canada myself, simply because I’m tired of living under a man named Hussein in America, I’m tired or having people think it’s alright to take my family’s earnings, and I’m sick and tired of being bullied into submission about my health care choices. If this is the new America, I would rather go where they have a Prime Minister, who’s actually from the country he’s leading, and doesn’t bring third world ideas into his country.

    I don’t want to live in Obamastan. It’s just ugly and disgusting. I need to take a shower, especially with that ugly, creepy, black panther thug picture that’s right below this.

  • aprilnovember811

    Will they accept refugees, if an when we start hearing cleats walking up our streets in the middle of the night? Who can vote for someone named, Barack Hussein Obama in America. It’s just, disgusting. I feel like I’m living in Pakistan. Obamastan.

  • pjf

    #18 Mr. Ed — Uhhhh, we’re a bit pretty sticky on that.

    Handguns are “restricted” weapons — meaning you have to register them and have a “good” reason to own one. I don’t believe that there is anything analogous to a “concealed carry” permit here.

    Automatic weapons fall into the “prohibited” category. Pretty tough to own one of these.

    Rifles, shotguns etc are no problem — subject to fairly reasonable regulations about storage, transport etc.

    Google “Canadian Firearms Program” for details if you’re interested.

  • aprilnovember811

    You give me hope. You look more like America, than America. If states don’t secede, this might be my family’s only option. I live in the South by the way, but used to live way up North, and I love the snow.

  • aprilnovember811

    These jobs are probably for people skilled in the oil industry. If I owned a company right now, I’d consider moving out of America. Who needs this.

  • Nelle

    All this hiring and growing and booming is what we would have, if Obama didn’t hate oil.

  • JenBee

    pjf, that’s some good info there. I spent the morning looking into what it would take to become a Canadian citizen, and it’s pretty involved (as it should be). The thing that would probably prevent it from happening for me is that you have to pass a medical exam, and though it doesn’t say what would disqualify you, I have diabetes and high blood pressure, so they’d probably keep me out. Anyway, I look at Canada and y’all really have gotten your act together under Harper. Your deficit is somewhat manageable, your debt is not nearly as bad as a percentage of GDP as ours is, and your dollar is stronger than ours. Overall good stuff.

  • pjf

    #22 — I have great hope. We do have our problems with the liberal/socialist folks here too, no doubt about that, but I live in a province with a Premier who is as pretty much as far from the socialists as it gets in Canada — not that that’s saying all that much — and he enjoys a 70+% approval rating at the moment — and this in a province that was the hotbed of socialism (and originator of public healthcare) way back when.

    In not all that many years, we went from being a “have not” province receiving large federal equalization payments to a province that’s MAKING those payments to the “have nots” now. I don’t think there’s any appetite to go back. Taxes are lower (and continuing to go down), employment is pretty much full, population is growing, construction is booming, house prices are up, we have (provincially) a balanced budget, what’s not to like? We just need more people.

    I truly fear for your great country. Once, beacon of hope to the world — and the best neighbor Canada could ever hope to have. Now… I’m not so sure. I know it’s not my place to say, but when “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” become “huddled masses yearning to live for free”, something tragic has happened.

    There are a lot of us who desperately want to prevent that from happening here — and we could sure use more like-minded folks. The door is open.

  • serfer62

    For Americans working out of country you get to deduct about $85,000 from the gross income after spending 18 months abroad.

  • serfer62

    Another source of overseas employment is with KBR.

  • Buffalobob

    Do you have to learn to speak Canadian? I’m not referring to the Faux part of Canada, Quebec.

  • pjf

    @29 Nah, we’re a tolerant bunch up here and we even sort of appreciate your odd dialect and spelling. It’d be our honour to hand you your complimentary toque and colourful bunnyhug at the border to help y’all survive the cold — and a whole sack full of extra “u”s to ensure your continued good behaviour. You’ll fit right in. Sounds dandy, huh?

  • pjf

    #25 — JenBee, don’t give up on us until you investigate. I think we are a bit concerned about bringing in too many folks with very serious, very expensive and terminal illnesses. Not sure that applies to you.

    We appreciate your positive comments. Harper is doing well. Still too much debt, but at least we’re not piling it up at a huge rate anymore. Out west here, it’s better. Our provincial debt has been going DOWN — at least until the last few tough years — but we do have a balanced budget this year. Not too many places claiming that.

  • democraps suck

    Looks like a great opportunity for all the illegals to get the he## out of this country once and for all

  • Miss Peach

    Hmmm…are we going to start seeing a massive exodus to Canada in the very near future ? I believe Canada has learned that socialism does not work and they are now trying to become a more Conservative government. They tried to warn us not to go to socialistic healthcare but Obamacare was passed anyway. Other countries to consider….Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia…..low taxes, conservative governments from what I have read.

  • Jim

    Another interesting point is that all that tax revenue from the employees including sales taxes will be going to Canada not the US. Another own goal by Obama and the people who voted for him.

  • Miss Peach

    Switzerland is a peaceful, prosperous, and modern market economy with low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and a per capita GDP among the highest in the world. Switzerland’s economy benefits from a highly developed service sector, led by financial services, and a manufacturing industry that specializes in high-technology, knowledge-based production. Its economic and political stability, transparent legal system, exceptional infrastructure, efficient capital markets, and low corporate tax rates also make Switzerland one of the world’s most competitive economies.

    I have been researching other countries just in case it gets too bad in the USA. I hope it never happens but it is good to have a backup plan.

  • What’s the matter Canada, can’t find enough qualified Muslims who’ll actually work for a living? Don’t give American’s a stupid option of moving to a country that is already Socialist, we don’t need no stinking Socialist country that has taxes three times what they are here, that would be stupid to move up there. And who the hell wants to move to Canada that is winter ten months out of the year? I love America’s seasons. We are in the perfect latitude for everything that can be grown in the world right here in our country if only the envirowachjobs would leave us alone. And I’m telling you right now that there is a way to do it.

    We need to sue the news networks for violation of the 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press. They are obligated to tell the truth, not side with any political party, and are protected by the Constitution and cannot loose their broadcast license for telling the truth or giving all the facts and sides to an issue. Unlike what Ted Kennedy told them was if they didn’t put out propaganda of the Communist Party instead of the truth Ted would see to it the networks had their broadcast license taken from them. That was a lie and no court in the country would uphold the position of the, then Democrat Party, would have that right. So it was an empty threat but since the network heads didn’t know what freedoms and protections they had through the Constitution they took the threat as real. Ted probably told the networks that the Democrat Party would make a law giving them the power to take the networks away by having Ted’s friends on the Supreme Court to do it.

    Yeah, just like the Communist Democrat Party has done since 1968. That’s when they took over the networks.