You’ve gotta love it.
Watch how the troops match the Miami cheerleaders – move for move.
This was posted today at, via Free Republic:

Have a happy Holiday Weekend!




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  2. That was some funny stuff

  3. There were Military guys in the video ??????

  4. LOVE this!! Hate the song though… but GO US MILITARY! Looks like they had a good time doing this, God Bless Them All!

  5. BEST EVER!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the troop butt shots. L.O.L!!

  6. The guys did a great job, but the girls win with the hair flips!

  7. Them boys have way too much time on their hands!!! HOOO yaaaaa

  8. Love the troops, be safe and be home soon. Some would make a great couple.

    Thank you for posting.

  9. I love our troops, but I hate that song more than Bin Laden.

  10. Great fun watching, but those aren’t US troops…IMO.. I’m going to guess British, but when they had a shirt on it looked foreign to me…not to mention the long-ish haircuts and beards. Happy Thanksgiving !

  11. Are there any real men left? Anywhere?

  12. “Are there any real men left? Anywhere?” there are but for some reason this is the “new”man that will be the standard for all others to be judged.

  13. GREAT video troop! Our thoughts are with you today and every day!

  14. Great video. Happy thanksgiving all. God be with all of our military and, of course, cheerleaders.

  15. Tears running down my face…sooo funny. Thanks guys stay safe.

  16. My daughter is an Atlanta Falcon cheerleader (Cameron A) and is going with a group of gals to the airport on Christmas Eve to greet the troops. Her late dad was a Force Reconnaisance Marine, and her step dad is also a Marine. The team last week (and the NFL in general) paid homage to the troops in a great way, and I’m so proud the NFL and the Falcons support Wounded Warriors, etc.

    Happy Thanksgiving all at Gateway Pundit! Keep ON FIGHTING the GOOD fight!

  17. alternate chorus:
    Hey- I just realized…….
    Your f_cking crazy!
    So lose my number…….
    And keep the baby!

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