“Call Me Maybe” – US Troops vs. Miami Cheerleaders

You’ve gotta love it.
Watch how the troops match the Miami cheerleaders – move for move.
This was posted today at Military.com, via Free Republic:

Have a happy Holiday Weekend!

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  • That was some funny stuff

  • bigkahuna

    There were Military guys in the video ??????

  • JenBee

    LOVE this!! Hate the song though… but GO US MILITARY! Looks like they had a good time doing this, God Bless Them All!

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  • katy

    BEST EVER!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the troop butt shots. L.O.L!!

  • dnb03

    The guys did a great job, but the girls win with the hair flips!

  • Injunjoe

    Them boys have way too much time on their hands!!! HOOO yaaaaa

  • Patty

    Love the troops, be safe and be home soon. Some would make a great couple.

    Thank you for posting.

  • Paz

    I love our troops, but I hate that song more than Bin Laden.

  • Rob

    Great fun watching, but those aren’t US troops…IMO.. I’m going to guess British, but when they had a shirt on it looked foreign to me…not to mention the long-ish haircuts and beards. Happy Thanksgiving !

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  • Jaynie59

    Are there any real men left? Anywhere?

  • squeaky

    “Are there any real men left? Anywhere?” there are but for some reason this is the “new”man that will be the standard for all others to be judged.

  • Sam Stone

    GREAT video troop! Our thoughts are with you today and every day!

  • Path

    Great video. Happy thanksgiving all. God be with all of our military and, of course, cheerleaders.

  • Gmon

    Tears running down my face…sooo funny. Thanks guys stay safe.

  • Campfollower

    My daughter is an Atlanta Falcon cheerleader (Cameron A) and is going with a group of gals to the airport on Christmas Eve to greet the troops. Her late dad was a Force Reconnaisance Marine, and her step dad is also a Marine. The team last week (and the NFL in general) paid homage to the troops in a great way, and I’m so proud the NFL and the Falcons support Wounded Warriors, etc.

    Happy Thanksgiving all at Gateway Pundit! Keep ON FIGHTING the GOOD fight!

  • nobody

    alternate chorus:
    Hey- I just realized…….
    Your f_cking crazy!
    So lose my number…….
    And keep the baby!

  • freeus

    So thankful for these guys! and the humor! Very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is hoping the Miami cheerleaders pay them a visit soon.

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