Brussels Bans Annual Christmas Tree Display – It May Offend Muslims

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Brussels replaced its popular Christmas tree exhibit this year at the city center due to concerns that it may offend the local Muslim population.
The Right Perspective reported:

Government officials in Brussels, Belgium banned Wednesday a popular Christmas tree exhibit out of concerns that the local Muslim population found it “offensive.”

An “electronic winter tree,” will take the place of the traditional Christmas Tree and Nativity scene at the city center of Grand Place, reports Brussels News.

The electronic sculpture will stand 25 meters (82 feet) tall and consists of a set of television screens, reports Brussels Expat. “During the daytime you can climb to the top of the tree where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the city,” the website explains. “As soon as it becomes dark the tree turns into a spectacle of light and sound. Every ten minutes an amazing show will unfold.”

City councilwoman Bianca Debaets believes a “misplaced argument” over religious sensitivities has moved Brussels to put up the light sculpture. She points to the fact that it display not be referred to “Christmas” in any way to make her point.

“I suspect that the reference to the Christian religion was the decisive factor” in replacing the tree, she told reporters. “For a lot of people who are not Christians, the tree there is offensive to them.”

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  • briscuit

    I think they should ban Christmas for all except Christians. All Christians can register, buy a tree, decorate their homes inside, and shop at only Christian stores. No other store decorations or Christmas music. And let us watch the economy drop. But hey, the atheists and the muslims will be gleeful.

  • I giant tree of television screens? Sounds like Charlie Brown’s tin trees. Bah!

  • zed

    Well, as a Christian, it offends me not to have it. Perhaps I should voice my displeasure by lighting my house on fire and screening death to belgium

  • Patty

    Many cities in Belgium have thriving Muslim populations. A 2008 study showed Muslims make up 25.5-percent of the population of Brussels, 3.9-percent of Flanders, and 4.0-percent of Wallonia.

    Two Muslims elected to the Brussels city council last month have vowed to turn Belgium into a Muslim state based on Sharia law, as previously reported.

    “Must a historic city like Brussels be sensitive to traditions? And should be a multi-religious city like Brussels not leave room for the individuality of every philosophy?,” Debaets asks.

    Other city officials insists the move was not made to placate Muslims or other groups. Nicolas Dassonville, spokesman for Mayor Thielemans (PS), said the Nativity scene will remain at Grand Place

    The tree’s sponsor, electricity generator Electrabel, made the move to put up the electronic sculpture this year, Dassonville said.

  • Granny

    Have they banned muslim praying in the streets yet? Didn’t think so . . .

  • Patty

    Two Muslims elected to the Brussels city council last month have vowed to turn Belgium into a Muslim state based on Sharia law, as previously reported.

    Now, this is where the people of Brussels have gone very wrong. They are like us. Remember the 1 person who objected about the Pledge of Alliance being said, then I believe it had to go all the way to state court.

    Remember the one bug that stop construction on highway. Remember one person making a BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Now, you are seeing that an entire city and then it becomes a Nation changing their Tradition.


  • Remco Kimber

    World’s longest list,


  • Breaking News!

    Saudi Arabia announces an ecumenical Haj for Mecca next year. In an effort not to offend Christians, Jews or animists, all faiths will be invited to Mecca to reinforce their faith.

    Fat chance!

  • tek

    I think, from time to time, about an elderly Jew I used to work with. He was especially gracious about goofy things, like being asked how Jews celebrate Christmas. For years now, we’ve had a holiday party at work; I don’t celebrate holiday,myself, for religious reasons.

    We need to stop catering to the professionally offended.

  • Hooray for diversity!! I’m so glad we’re more inclusive to our peaceful Muslim brothers. After all, anything that might offend, rightly SHOULD be removed. Of course, within a few years Christianity itself will offend Muslims, so Brussels will be making some more changes to avoid offense…

    Do you think New Your City will stop illuminating the skyscraper green for a Muslim Holiday if I point out that I’m offended?

  • Patty

    Muslim Congressman: American schools should be modeled after Madrassas

    Remember the Muslim Congressman who explained to Muslims that he voted in 2009 to support Israel but not because he supported Israel? Well André Carson is now telling Muslims that American schools should be modeled after Madrassas, you know, the ones “where the foundation is the Qu’ran”: VIDEO HERE

    you don’t like it vote them out. 1 ONE PERSON CAN CHANGE OUR TRADITIONS?

    Better start electing more conservatives. Or stand up.

  • Dale


  • ms Catholic state

    Brussels is evil and is of Satan!! Fight this with all your might. Christ is Our Divine Lord and King.

  • Nobody on this earth has the right not to be offended. I, personally, am offended every single day in one way or another. I’m a follower of Christ Jesus and Biblical laws, I’m conservative, I’m white, I’m female, etc… etc… so, living in this world, how could I NOT be offended?! But I don’t force others to change in order to comfort me. I don’t go around complaining about every little thing that offends me. This world is so full of offensive things, I would have to barricade myself into a little box, just not to be offended. OMGOSH not to mention the fact that I am surrounded by AntiAmerican obama lovers… geeze, I have no where to hide! ugh.

  • Stella Horgan

    It offends me that they the Muslims have any imput at all…tell me what and how they contribute to a better society, tell me about their charitable contributions, tell be how they help the poor and care for the sick, tell me how they fight against abuse of children women and the elderly. TELL ME ONE GOOD THING THEY DO>

  • Laverne

    What the hell doesn’t offend these camel humpers? People better stand up and use your freedom to defend our freedoms because we are losing our freedoms pretty damned fast!
    Stand up for your freedoms!!!

  • The real Wow

    #5 November 10, 2012 at 9:20 am
    Granny commented:

    Exactly what I was going to say. They can do anything. We have to accept. Well Hell no!

  • spudnik

    I wonder if they would see the issue differently if Christians responded to being offended by killing people and burning things.

  • Freddy

    How soon will they be required to remove all Churches as they are ‘offensive’ to some of the people?

    Oddly, this is one of the reasons people have left Europe to come to the US for many years.

    Of course, since we are now embarking on the same path of hatred towards Christians, it is unclear what these people will do once they become the minority in an Islamic culture.

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  • kato

    Belgium is looking to break up into two countries, which will make it even easier for the Muslims to overrun their sick Zeropean culture.

    Don’t buy the hype that Zeropa is turning itself around. It’s digging itself into a deeper and deeper hole. This is what decaying civilization looks like.

  • thescribbler

    I am a proud member of POOP, People Offended by Offended People.

  • Joanne

    Bend over Brussels, because you are getting it in the backside.

    I’m sick of whimpy Christians – ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS. Christians used to fight for the truth and the carrying out of God’s laws, but now we just cower. This coming day we remember our fallen, maybe we should pray for some of their conviction, strength, fortitude, and faith to stand up to the heathen muslims. Everyone should be on a mission to offend at least one muslim a day.

  • Fionnagh

    As goes Belgium, so goes the rest of Western Europe. Very sad. My mother was from Belgium. Glad I got to see the country’s amazing medieval churches while the country was still Christian – before the churches become mosques or are shut down.

  • Lily

    We, who celebrate CHRISTMAS, need to have a year where we don’t buy presents for each other. (we can make gifts or just send good wishes – maybe just give to charity!) The outcry from retailers would be HUGE! Might put a stop to this idiocy.

  • dwd

    What if Christians are offended by Islam? What then?

    Muslims sure are a sensitive bunch… you’re not allowed to do anything remotely related to their religion, nor can you worship your own religion.

    It’s a glimpse of our future.

  • Frank

    Time to ban Brussels, Muslims, and stupidity. And if we can’t ban them, we can at least boycott them. Down with BMS (Bowel Movement Syndrome)

  • Miss Peach

    Coming to America very soon…..really very sad. The sights and sounds of Christmas will soon be a childhood memory. Evil is winning. Are we going to sit there and take it ? When is enough, enough ?

  • Monkey Wrench

    Our church still displays Christmas trees and a Nativity scene on their fron lawn. How long before that is outlawed!! Enjoy this Christmas, it may be our last!!!

  • i don’t get it

    This is just the atheists doing what they’ve always wanted to do, knowing that the blame will be placed on muslims. Just more of the one world government plan being played out.

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  • As a Christian I am offended by Muslims that are offended by anything Christian. Since I am offended, can’t we ban the offended Muslims?

  • Hugh

    It is a sad day when ANY religious symbol is “offensive” to anyone! Good grief! If you are living in a muslim country, are you going to be offended by all their calls to prayer? And if so, should they too squelch their expression and be careful not to display any religious symbols? Or is this only about not offending the delicate sensibilities of muslims when they are in Judeo-Christian countries while offending Christians to do so? Something stinks here–something is VERY wrong here. If these PC idiots don’t wake up and start using common sense, it is going to be too late. I don’t understand this bizarre cow-towing at all. Makes me think these people are suffering from some microbial infection that has seized their brain—and I am not joking. It seems they have no sense of reality.

  • Hugh

    #29, Yes, evil is most certainly winning. I have to admit, biblical prophecy appears to be truly coalescing. And I am not even someone who really even thinks that way–but it is just too weird!

  • shadow

    World’s second longest list,


  • shadow

    Our church still displays Christmas trees and a Nativity scene on their fron lawn. How long before that is outlawed!!

    Do you not know the difference between public and private property?

  • shadow

    Are we going to sit there and take it ? When is enough, enough ?

    What, exactly, are you taking?

  • mg4us

    #34 Fully agree

    What is most amazing is that these “muslims” immigrated to belgium knowing full well the society, country, culture and customs were and when they get there then demand change by the host because it “offends” them (the immigrants).

    Whatever happened to “when in Rome do as the Romans?”

    This is the great travesty. . .there and here. . just go to Dearborn MI

    In the meantime, protest Brussels. . boycott all things Brussels like Brussels Sprouts!

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  • kk41192

    For those who don’t believe in God or celebrating Christmas, let them all work that day.

  • There should be no muslims in Belgium. It’s a disgrace that their immigration policy gives asylum and financial aid to arab and african rotters. They are not immigrants; muslims don’t go to Europe to work. They are invaders. muslims run prostitution, drug trafficking, and other criminal rackets in Europe. I pity the native Europeans and am angry at them for not fighting back.

  • Charlie R.

    What’s next? Will Germany ban Oktoberfest because the sight of people drinking beer might be offensive to Muslims? Will all European women be forced to wear burkas because the sight of women’s faces is offensive to Muslims? Muslims who make a choice to move to Europe should have to adapt to Europe’s culture. Instead, the spineless Europeans keep making one concession after another in an attempt to appease the Muslims. They can’t seem to figure out that appeasement doesn’t work with Muslims because they will ALWAYS make more demands.

  • shadow

    boycott all things Brussels like Brussels Sprouts!

    Perhaps you can rename them Freedom Sprouts, a la Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast.

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  • Monkey Wrench


    You are so right, Shadow! And no more vacations to Brussels. I’ll vacation in Branson, MO instead! Or maybe Panama City, FL!

  • Jim,
    And here we go, another country who believes that it is better to abandone ages long customs and traditions, instead display their fear of what some Muslims might do or say concerning their overly sensitive sensibilities and put up some neutral display that the government thinks won’t “offend” Muslims.

    Here’s the deal. When you go to another country you are under THAT countries customs, traditions, habits, cullenary choices and anything else that exibits who that country is and has been for ages. You don’t move to another country and because you see something that might offend you, you can’t expect that country to change that thing so that you won’t see anything you don’t like. And if it does then something is wrong with that countries people, representatives, and government. No one does that if they care about their own customs and traditions and would never change them just for one group who have laws in THEIR nations that prohibit changing anything in order to accomodate somebody else’s religious beliefs or religious customs, so why would any other none Islamic country change theirs?

    I agree with countries like New Zealand and Holland that say if you don’t like it…..then you are free to leave….if you move here to our country and don’t adopt our way of life, then get the hell out, we don’t want you here raising hell about something that has nothing to do with you and belongs to us, not you!!!

    Belgium, you’re a bunch of pussies!!

  • Annie

    I am offended that Christians do not take a stand against Islam. Somebody tell Belgium that tourism will be down considerably after this.

  • What needs to be done is everytime some Muslim moves to your country then the first thing they are required to do is blend in with the population in that country. No burka’s, no night gowns for men, no turbin’s, no public prayer rugs used by Muslims to do their praying five times a day no matter where they are. What happened to hearing about some airports providing “prayer rooms” complete with washing facilities just for Muslims, but no chapels for Christian’s whatsoever. We used to hear about that kind of stuff going on here in America then you didn’t hear anymore about it. And the opposition to that huge a** mosque in Nashville that American citizen’s don’t want built? That’s the same as the mosque being built at “ground zero” in New York. Why don’t we see more people harrassing Bloomberg about that and the fact that he refused to send the New York National Guard to the areas damaged by Sandy because……..”they had guns.” Can you believe that?

    What’s going to happen when Muslims are killing people and burning towns down because American’s offend them in the world? Do you think it will be bad enough for Bloomberg to send in the N.G. then? Or will he delay help like Obama did in Libya?

    Why is it liberals hate American’s but not what Islam stands for, and countries around the world are surrendering their customs to Muslim’s because they are afraid of what Muslims might do if they stand up to them and tell them to go back to the damn desert where they came from?

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  • Monkey Wrench



    “no more nightgowns for men”! That is so frickin hilarious! I work with some guys from India and sometimes they wear these long flowing dresses. I like your description better. Next time I should ask them if they just woke up, because they are wearing a nightgown! Hahaha!

    Are people from India Muslims? They sure do wear those nightgowns. And a couple of them wear those turbins. I think they are sheiks or seiks? They say they don’t cut their hair ever.

  • bubbah

    so, let me understand this completely, according to the powers that be only the muslims are allowed to do the offending …where do they get their idea of governance ??

  • Truck Monkey

    Will the last sane person out of europe turn out the lights?

  • feduptoo

    This will happen here! Mark my words, some are already trying. Just as the illegals marched in our streets to demand our laws be changed for them……many Muslims are already in Obama’s white house!

  • American soldiers died to remove Nazi chains from Belgians.
    Then Belgians willingly put on Muslim chains.
    What a waste of American lives.

  • Jpct50

    Europe is gone….fini. All that is left to face the ‘offended’ muslims will be America and the Catholic Church.

  • Hening

    Release the Christmas Kracken!!!

  • mister natural

    Brussels just bent over and spread ’em

  • If we don’t want to see more problems than we already have which will eventually end up like these other countries in Europe who have had to abandone their traditions we had better make all effort to reinstate the ban on Muslims coming to the United States. We used to have a ban on Muslims coming to America from any and all Islamic countries who exported terrorists, terrorism, harbored terrorists, and/or supported Muslim terrorists. Well that was about every Middle Eastern country and most in Africa, like Libya and others.

    That was until damn Bill Clinton became President and one of the first things he did was to lift the ban on Muslims coming to the United States. All the Islamic terrorists who attacked us on 9-11 had come here after the ban was lifted. Why do liberals think we had that ban for? Because wiser men who knew liberals didn’t know what they were talking about, understood that Muslims were terrorists and would come here to kill Americans. And that’s exactly what they did, Islamic terrorist came here and killed American’s.

    Now do you dumb a**es see??? Do I need to repeat the saying? Well here it is anyway: “ALL MUSLIMS AREN’T TERRORISTS, BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS!!!” GET IT???!!!

    Now I can hear it now, the same b.s. coming from all you Libertarian’s, “You can’t deport all Muslims from America just like you can’t deport all Mexican’s.” Yeah, but you can make it so uncomfortable for them that they self deport, just like the Mexican’s have been doing. These dumb a**es think that just because Obama has been re-elected it means that they are going to get amnesty. WRONG!! I don’t care how many Presidential Directives Obama signs, the states can rebel against amnesty just like they are going to have to do in order to stop ObamaCare. The states can do alot of damage to Obama’s power by rejecting his authority by standing on our Tenth Amendment rights. 32+ states have voted to stand on their Tenth Amendment rights and reject ObamaCare and refuse to allow any part of ObamaCare to take place in these states health care and we are going to have to do that with Mexican’s and Muslims.


  • Brusselsmussels

    Two facts:

    The United Arab Emirates are so tolerant that Christmas trees are set up during Christmas, and not just simple Christmas trees!

    Sharia exists in the United Arab Emirates, however it only affects Muslims! Perhaps it is not such a problem after all for the Belgian population?

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  • Muslim is a big part of Belgium populations, the government has to take all the concerns.

  • Hamid

    I’m offended by fire-hazard burkahs, defecating buraks and that great mass of the spiritually unconscious – muslims.

    Who is looking out for my sensitivities?

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  • John Siple


  • pete

    Christians and Jews are offensive to muslims. Are they next to be banned?

    The whole dam world better pull its collective head out, or the only religion option will be islam.

  • Joe

    I find their filthy burkas and head wraps offensive! Can we ban them??

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  • Sam Andreevitsh

    Maybe Brussels should ban using of dutch and french languages in Belgium? Cause for Flemish people french language might be offensive and for Walloons dutch language…

  • pete

    Brussels has already caved to muslim bullying without a word being said to them.

    I am a Christian, and I’m offended at the removal of all Jewish and Christian religious symbolism, but my views don’t count because I’m less likely to chop of anybody’s head over some petty self-imposed annoyance.

  • David

    Well and it begins with the tree, how is this going to end?

  • Peter

    We should ban all Muslims in Europe, because it offends me!

  • MRG

    Funk you Brussels Council members!!!!

  • RZ

    What do you expect? In 1940, nearly 70,000 Jews were living in Belgium. Of these, 46 percent were deported from the Mechelen transit camp, while a further 5,034 people were deported via the Drancy internment camp (close to Paris). From the summer of 1942 until 1944, twenty-eight transports left Belgium carrying 25,257 Jews and 351 Roma to eastern Europe. Their destination was often Auschwitz Death Camp. Over the course of the war, 25,257 Jews were transported (including 5,093 children) and 352 Roma over the Mechelen-Leuven railway to concentration camps. Only 1,205 returned home alive at the end of the war.

  • Pat Mulligan

    I am personally not Christian, nor Muslim. I do not find Christmas offensive. I was born in Leicester in 1972 and have enjoyed celebrating Christmas, with my (similarily without faith) family every year since birth. (not that i remember the early ones!!)

    I now live in Bradford, I fully understand, accept and enjoy that I live in such a multicultural city. I am lucky to enjoy socialising with a broad mix of nationalities and backgrounds within my daily network. I do not ‘fear’ a loss of Christmas, as I actually understand many of my Muslim friends celebrate Christmas….not as a Christian celebration, but as a holiday and excuse to get together with friends and family.

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