Jeff Smith from WSOC TV is reporting that the FBI is busting into Paula Broadwell’s home.

Here’s a photo of the FBI at Broadwell’s home:

(9:54 PM EST) The FBI is still inside the Broadwell home.

(10:05 PM EST) FOX News just confirmed the FBI is at Paula Broadwell’s home.

UPDATE: (10:15 PM EST) Jeff Smith just added: “At first, I counted 6 FBI agents outside Broadwell house. That’s changed. There are several more agents on scene.”

And, the AP said, “Nearly a dozen agents were seen carrying boxes and taking photographs inside the home.”




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  1. she will end up the same place as the video maker. by the way where is he?

  2. Maybe she is a conservative or owns guns?

  3. The General probably did not have an affair. The General was outing the current

    administration and they are cleansing all recipients and supporters.

    All the while doing character assasination on all participants.

    Alynski tactics folks. WTFU Obama is a sick twisted freak.

    His lust for power knows no bounds.

    Obama is just effing evil.

  4. Great! This is what the country needs when the titanic is heading to the abyss. We are still 20 trillion in debt, 9 million unemployed and heading for another recession.

    Please, media entertain us with all this sordid s*x scandal. More and more bit players are popping out for their 15 minutes of fame. We are in for another Clinton circus again.

  5. If there was a real reason for the FBI to search her home wouldn’t it make more sense for it to have been weeks ago during the actual investigation? I mean, why wait until she’s been all over the news?

  6. I didn’t realize oral sex was such a big, bad deal for the 0 administration.

  7. I hope this all gets to play out. Some transparency would be really nice. It all stinks to hell.

  8. there is a certain low brow level of entertainment that comes with living in a banana republic.

    however, it is not, IMHO, worth the loss of freedom, rights & opportunities that come with living under a tin pot dictator.

  9. Now that we have your attention on all this crap and we lie and withold info there and distract on that…. watch us take away your freedom here and ENACT this law, rule, regulation or other red tape BS.


  10. tommy. Read that guy was given a year in the hoosegow.

  11. Rachelle

    When someone gets elected because he made killing unborn babies and birth control for whores a national issue, then you know sex is the major issue here. Nothing else is important.

  12. ++

    drama lama ding dong,

    pallywood and all that hollyweird stuff..

    gotta make it look good, ala the arrest of the filmmaker terrorist..


  13. Doesn’t it seem strange that Petraus would be so indiscreet? Good lord, they are all clones of George Costanza & the cleaning lady, helpless to their urges. You’d expect better from this guy though. As for the conspiracy theorists, the fact that Petraus already fessed up & signed a disgusting mea culpa seems to preclude any such theory.

  14. Stalinesque, dont you think?

  15. She is a Romney Right Wing Plant, this is all a scheme to stick us with a useless President for the next 4 years.

  16. Watch the other hand.

  17. Look, squirrel! (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!)

  18. Want to know what real political power looks like?

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