BREAKING: FBI Is Busting into Paula Broadwell’s Home – Photos!

Jeff Smith from WSOC TV is reporting that the FBI is busting into Paula Broadwell’s home.

Here’s a photo of the FBI at Broadwell’s home:

(9:54 PM EST) The FBI is still inside the Broadwell home.

(10:05 PM EST) FOX News just confirmed the FBI is at Paula Broadwell’s home.

UPDATE: (10:15 PM EST) Jeff Smith just added: “At first, I counted 6 FBI agents outside Broadwell house. That’s changed. There are several more agents on scene.”

And, the AP said, “Nearly a dozen agents were seen carrying boxes and taking photographs inside the home.”

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  • she will end up the same place as the video maker. by the way where is he?

  • Fiftycal

    Maybe she is a conservative or owns guns?

  • Militant Conservative

    The General probably did not have an affair. The General was outing the current

    administration and they are cleansing all recipients and supporters.

    All the while doing character assasination on all participants.

    Alynski tactics folks. WTFU Obama is a sick twisted freak.

    His lust for power knows no bounds.

    Obama is just effing evil.

  • myohmy

    Great! This is what the country needs when the titanic is heading to the abyss. We are still 20 trillion in debt, 9 million unemployed and heading for another recession.

    Please, media entertain us with all this sordid s*x scandal. More and more bit players are popping out for their 15 minutes of fame. We are in for another Clinton circus again.

  • AmericaWILL

    If there was a real reason for the FBI to search her home wouldn’t it make more sense for it to have been weeks ago during the actual investigation? I mean, why wait until she’s been all over the news?

  • Rachelle

    I didn’t realize oral sex was such a big, bad deal for the 0 administration.

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  • citizenjane

    I hope this all gets to play out. Some transparency would be really nice. It all stinks to hell.

  • there is a certain low brow level of entertainment that comes with living in a banana republic.

    however, it is not, IMHO, worth the loss of freedom, rights & opportunities that come with living under a tin pot dictator.

  • bigkahuna

    Now that we have your attention on all this crap and we lie and withold info there and distract on that…. watch us take away your freedom here and ENACT this law, rule, regulation or other red tape BS.


  • Sasja

    tommy. Read that guy was given a year in the hoosegow.

  • orisda423


    When someone gets elected because he made killing unborn babies and birth control for whores a national issue, then you know sex is the major issue here. Nothing else is important.

  • bg


    drama lama ding dong,

    pallywood and all that hollyweird stuff..

    gotta make it look good, ala the arrest of the filmmaker terrorist..


  • JT

    Doesn’t it seem strange that Petraus would be so indiscreet? Good lord, they are all clones of George Costanza & the cleaning lady, helpless to their urges. You’d expect better from this guy though. As for the conspiracy theorists, the fact that Petraus already fessed up & signed a disgusting mea culpa seems to preclude any such theory.

  • robm

    Stalinesque, dont you think?

  • Dialla Ingalis

    She is a Romney Right Wing Plant, this is all a scheme to stick us with a useless President for the next 4 years.

  • Watch the other hand.

  • wvkayaker

    Look, squirrel! (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!)

  • Kermit the Frog

    Want to know what real political power looks like?

  • Gayle Spencer

    Looking for stained blue dresses ?

    These people are supposa be among the best and brightest. She’s a Phd; he’s got advanced degrees. Yet they exchange torrid emails despite knowing that anything that goes via the internet gets copied and documented, and those copies never disappear.

    Man, we be leaderless.

  • kato

    It was reported that she had classified information on her computer, and, assuming it’s true, she let the cat out of the bag about the CIA holding prisoners in Benghazi. I would say that it makes it something more than a sex scandal.

    Now let’s watch the subprimers at 1600 and in Justice try to cover it up while compliant media asskissers do their part.

  • Kermit the Frog

    Who is this Jill Kelley?

    At first she was JSOC liaison to State Dept, now social something or other for MacDill…

    JSOC is not at MacDill…

  • Sasja

    Read FBI is claiming there were classified docs in her computer which she turned over voluntarily, I might add. I think the administration is trying to discredit any and all who could be a threat to them; even planting incriminating evidence. These people are lawless and are not to be trusted.

  • sophie

    If the investigation was over 4 days before the election why are they busting in her house?

  • Kermit the Frog

    “The raven-haired Kelley, who has an unpaid position as a social planner for MacDill Air Force Base,…”

    Read more:

    Umm, OK, MacDill AFB is infiltrated.

  • Sasja

    She’s also a graduate of West Point

  • Sydell Stapler

    Just like Clinton n Lewinsky. Diversion.Distraction. What about voter fraud? Stealing the election ?

  • retire05

    Here is a tidbit that no one seems to be picking up on: Paula Broadwell, when writing her book on Petreaus, used a co-author by the name of Vernon Loeb. Loeb was the one to break the [false] story about Jessica Lynch, the American female soldier that was hailed as a hero in a made up story. Loeb hit all the usual shows, even doing a PBS special on Pfc. Lynch’s heroism.
    Only, it was all b/s.

    Once the story was proven to be false, Loeb refused to ever talk about it again. Loeb wrote a number of article on the war in Iraq that wound up being used on anti-war sites as why we were wrong to go into Iraq. Nice, huh?

    Now he is with the Washington [com]Post. So here is the interesting question: why would Broadwell pick someone who is as far left as Loeb to co-author her book on Petreaus?

  • sophie

    Would be nice if those boxes had the 1 million missing Romney ballots in them. We could
    kill a few birds with one stone.

  • Mad Hatter

    This raids reminds me of the FBI Solyndra raid. They came out with boxes after boxes of something. I always believed they were cleaning out important documents that would have hurt Obama about where the Solydra money really went.

    Something tells me the same thing is going on here. They’re coming out with boxes after boxes of something. They’re going to clean out important information that would come back to hurt Obama about the Behghazi attack.

  • bg
  • Mad Hatter

    Is this part of the payback that Valerie Jarrett spoke about during the election? The left never did like Petraeus.

  • thescribbler

    They said that Petraeus’ wife is livid pissed, can’t say I blame her, but what’s up with this woman’s husband? They said she’s married with two small children.

    It’s like a huge puzzle and the pieces are all starting to come together. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, voter fraud….maybe we should all put in a few dollars and offer a reward to the person who puts Obama in prison once and for all. You would think, as journalists, they would want to be the one who breaks the news on some of this corruption. The election is over and the media got their pay off with the billions of dollars spent on advertising for the past year. If they would do their JOBS then things wouldn’t have gotten this far. Obama has always been blatantly corrupt, it still boggles my mind in why so many people are so willing to over look all of it.

  • bg


    tommy mc donnell #2 November 12, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    sentenced in probation case 🙄

    much more here..


  • ★FALCON★

    Better get that duffel bag of dildos out of there before Petraeus’ attorneys enter them as evidence.

  • DomesticGoddess

    WTF??? Obama is worried about something………………

  • Buffalobob

    I betting the boxes are stuffed with discarded Romney ballets.

  • bg


    Buffalobob #38 November 12, 2012 at 9:48 pm


    thanks, i needed that!!


  • donh

    Nikoula Nikoula arrest de ja vu…Another bag over the head night time raid by the Obama police state….at very high profile….I still think it was Leon Panetta who gave the stand down order and his former network at CIA is making Petraeus into fall guy……..>

  • Lawrence Rosenthal

    Trying to find the connection to Rove no doubt.

  • bg


    DomesticGoddess #37 November 12, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    hmmm, couldn’t have anything to do with this could it??
    nah, not impossible, i mean, they’re not thieves.. /sarc/


  • donh

    Its about her knowledge of the prison in the annex…That exploded some heads today.

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  • Terry Gain

    The General probably did not have an affair

    Don’t be so fuccking stupid. Petraeus fuccked her. He fuccked America when he blamed the Benghazi attack on a video and when he let Obama take credit for ending the war in Iraq, when he, of all people, knew that Bush’s Surge ended that war.

  • myohmy

    It used to be that we get entertained with tadwry scandal of the rich and famous and now we get entertained by tawdry love triangle from government officials where they use government resources for their personal use.

    We are leaderless.

  • Edward Treadway

    Another Pubbie reputation destroyed. Dims are loving this.

  • ★FALCON★

    It’s a riot that the FBI can kick in a private citizen’s door in an instant, but couldn’t get into Benghazi in a month.

    Look back and laff. That’s all you can do.

    In the real world we would be trying to get the bastards that killed our Ambassador and solve this murder.

    A lesson for Democrats – other Democrats will allow you to be killed and then they will cover it up.

  • #35 bg…boy that was quick. it takes over ten years to get a terrorist to trial.

  • charlotte

    She knew the Russians were behind the Benghazi attacks That is why Obama didnt allow any help to reach the 4. Then she outed the fact that there was a CIA prison in Benghazi at the annex. Her father says there is another reason NOT the affair and it will come out. The fact it the prison story is out, the weapons running to Syrian rebels is out there.
    If this is revealed the fit will hit the shan because Obama shut the story down before the election
    Petraeus knew, he may have told Paula and they were going to release this info. The Kelley broad is a spy.

  • dwd

    Look how quickly the government can act on a sex scandal, but when 4 Americans (including an Ambassador) are murdered… well… we all know how that went.

    This is all smoke and mirrors. Something bigger is afoot.

  • Terry Gain

    Another Pubbie reputation destroyed. Dims are loving this.

    He’s not a Republican.

  • ★FALCON★

    #49 November 12, 2012 at 10:05 pm
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    #35 bg…boy that was quick. it takes over ten years to get a terrorist to trial.

    Wake me when Obama actually has Khalid Sheikh Mohammed executed.

    I think we’ll be into his fourth term.

  • Kermit the Frog

    They should be hitting Jill Kelley’s house too –

    Lebanese – Jill Kelley was raised in Philadelphia, where her family settled in the mid-1970s and opened a Middle Eastern restaurant after immigrating from Lebanon. Her father, John Khawam, was a renowned organist in Lebanon.

    Violation of fiscal law (by law all civil servant positions are required to be paid) – The raven-haired Kelley, who has an unpaid position as a social planner for MacDill Air Force Base, insisted in a statement Sunday her relationship with the retired four-star general and ex-CIA director was platonic, dating to when Petraeus ran the U.S. Central Command from the base.

    Read more:

  • ★FALCON★

    #51 November 12, 2012 at 10:08 pm
    dwd commented:

    Look how quickly the government can act on a sex scandal, but when 4 Americans (including an Ambassador) are murdered… well… we all know how that went.

    This is all smoke and mirrors. Something bigger is afoot.

    When threatened – overdrive.

    I like watching them prove they have the know how – they won’t be able to deny response in congressional hearings.

  • PM

    So does anybody else remember when the FBI went into Solyndra and took boxes of evidence, ect. and Has anybody seen anything, anything at all regarding that investigation? Anything? Just wondering…..

  • Edward Treadway

    Eric Cantor needs a change of diapers.

  • bg


    can’t help but wonder how often d she visited the WH,
    or even holding her hubby and sons hostage.. *sigh*

    hey, 3 homosexuals connected to Barry via Trinity were silenced
    shortly before he became a Senator.. a Senator who intentionally
    left no paper trail
    , and will leave none should he be removed from
    office before we are invaded by his global forces w/out borders..


  • Mad Hatter

    It’s amazing that the Feds can raid a citizens home, but the Feds can’t raid places where illegals live.


  • Mad Hatter


    I pointed that out in my post at #31

  • Grandma Perkins

    Another twist:

    “The FBI agent who started the case was a friend of Jill Kelley….

    However, supervisors soon became concerned that the initial agent might have grown obsessed with the matter, and prohibited him from any role in the investigation, according to the officials.

    The FBI officials found that he had sent shirtless pictures of himself to Ms. Kelley, according to the people familiar with the probe . . .”

  • Patty

    Yesterday, Sen Dianne Feinstein said that the FBI should have notified the Congressional intelligence committees as soon as they knew that CIA Director David Petraeus was either under suspicion or under threat.

    This may or may not be the reason behind searching her home and computer. Feinsetein sounds furious.

  • donh

    #51….When Obama calls for more toilet paper to wipe his soiled butt, the entire Government runs at ramming speed.

  • Patty

    Feinstein: FBI should have told Intel panels about Petraeus

    “My concern has actually escalated over the last few days,” she said in an interview Monday with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “You can’t keep these things from the people who hold the responsibility for oversight.”

    Of Cantor and Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.) learning of the FBI probe before Obama and lawmakers on the Intelligence panels, she said: “That shouldn’t happen and we need to get to the bottom of it” but that she didn’t want to pre-judge what had happened.

    Feinstein: Concern over affair has ‘escalated’

    Feinstein’s committee plans to investigate the probe into Petraeus, she said, which resulted in his resignation Friday that shocked Washington. Petraeus acknowledged in a letter to the CIA that he was having an affair, and offered his resignation to Obama just two days after the president won reelection.

    Feinstein said as more and more information has come out about Petraeus, it becomes harder to understand why Intelligence panels were left in the dark.

    “I think was a mistake because I think this thing came just so fast and so hard, and since then it’s been like peeling an onion: Every day another peel comes off and you see a whole new dimension to this,” she said.

    Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized the FBI for not alerting congressional Intelligence panels of what happened.

    “To have someone out there in such a sensitive position who perhaps the FBI thought could have been compromised or was under the scope of the FBI investigation who may or may not have been having an affair at the time, that certainly had to have been brought to the president or National Security Council,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Pete King (R-N.Y.) said Monday.

  • bg


    PM #56 November 12, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    another good question as the Nothing from the NeverEnding Story
    slowly but surely darkens our “old white mans world”.. / 🙄 sarc/

    3. Solyndra

    The rise and fall of the Solar Company known as Solyndra turns out to
    be nothing more then a get rich scandal. The FBI is investigating what
    happened with Solyndra, the Chicago based Obama backed Solar panel
    company that received $535 million dollars of Government money then
    instantly went bankrupt costing Americans jobs and tax payers left to
    pay the debt.

    ps: that will also never be answered..


  • Patty

    This has sparks the CIA interests: Report: CIA’s Benghazi Annex a Detention, Interrogation Site

    This is getting someone’s blood a boiling.

  • Sasja

    Kermit, are you trying to insinuate something by your post referring to Ms Kelley and her family as being from Lebanon? The 1970’s were a terrible time for Lebanese Christians and many fled.

  • Patty

    According to the AP source, the FBI discovered Broadwell’s affair with Petraeus while digging into her email account to investigate her harassment of Jill Kelley. The exact content of Broadwell’s messages to Kelley has not been revealed, but the AP included a photo of the Petraeuses hanging out with the Kelleys at a parade in 2010, so readers could make an educated guess:

    That’s David Petraeus in the hat. Scott and Jill Kelley stand to the right of him in the photo. Mrs. Petraeus stands to the right of Jill, who is roughly the same age as Paula Broadwell. David Petraeus is 60, and has been married to Holly Petraeus for 38 years.

    The Kelleys are understandably eager to avoid the media spotlight, releasing a statement on Sunday that said, “We and our family have been friends with Gen. Petraeus and his family for over five years. We respect his and his family’s privacy and want the same for us and our three children.” People who know both families have said Petraeus was not romantically involved with Mrs. Kelley, but perhaps Broadwell thought he was… and initiated the hostile communication that would explode into a scandal that has rocked Congress, the Administration, and the intelligence community.

    Not surprisingly, this former supernova of Internet activity has gone completely dark since the scandal broke. Her personal website is gone. A big birthday bash scheduled for last weekend in D.C. was abruptly canceled. Her last Tweet, on November 5, was a quote from one of Petraeus’ leadership maxims. Translated from Twitter-speak, it reads, “Take performance personally. If you’re OK to be average, so too will be your team.”

    Note this: Not surprisingly, this former supernova of Internet activity has gone completely dark since the scandal broke. Her personal website is gone. A big birthday bash scheduled for last weekend in D.C. was abruptly canceled. Her last Tweet, on November 5, was a quote from one of Petraeus’ leadership maxims. Translated from Twitter-speak, it reads, “Take performance personally. If you’re OK to be average, so too will be your team.”

  • Patty

    She needed to put a sock in it a long time ago. She just kept talking on and on about her security clearance. This sounded like someone who has a big ego. You would think if you had an affair with CIA Director you would keep your stupid mouth shut.

    But having an affair in the first place seems stupid. “all in” THE TITLE OF HER BOOK and why would Petraeus give her permission in the first place.

    McChrystal Must Go

    The general’s poormouthing of Obama’s national security team is insubordination. Foreign Affairs editor James Hoge on why he must be fired—and how Obama is in danger of becoming a wuss.

    Remember this:

    Yes, the Daily beast but there it is.

  • Kermit the Frog

    Feinstein: FBI should have told Intel panels about Petraeus

    Hey Feinstein – they should have told you why Kelley, a Lebanese (not an Gov employee) was hanging round CENTCOM and JIC while pretending to be an “unpaid volunteer”.

  • Patty

    The guy in the pic could be her neighbor the way he is dress.

  • bg


    Patty #64 November 12, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    and i’d like to know why Feinstein isn’t behind bars??

    10. Dianne Feinstein & Richard Blum FDIC Scandal

    Dianne Feinstein (D, California,) introduced legislation to steer $25 billion to the FDIC days before CB Richard Ellis Group (a commercial real-estate firm headed by Richard Blum, who just so happens to be Feinstein’s Husband,) won the competitive bidding for the contract to sell foreclosed properties that the FDIC had inherited from failed banks. Dianne Feinstein is not a member of the senate committee on banking, or housing and urban affairs, which are the ones that has jurisdiction over the FDIC’s decisions. Furthermore the FDIC is supposed to operate from money it raises from bank paid insurance programs and not money from the federal government. This legislation was passed long before Feinstein and Blum made a great move using government money.


    [SEN. Dianne Feinstein has resigned from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee. As previously and extensively reviewed in these pages, Feinstein was chairperson and ranking member of MILCON for six years, during which time she had a conflict of interest due to her husband Richard C. Blum’s ownership of two major defense contractors, who were awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects approved by Feinstein.

    As MILCON leader, Feinstein relished the details of military construction, even micromanaging one project at the level of its sewer design. She regularly took junkets to military bases around the world to inspect construction projects, some of which were contracted to her husband’s companies, Perini Corp. and URS Corp.

    Perhaps she resigned from MILCON because she could not take the heat generated by Metro’s expose of her ethics (which was partially funded by the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute). Or was her work on the subcommittee finished because Blum divested ownership of his military construction and advanced weapons manufacturing firms in late 2005?

    The MILCON subcommittee is not only in charge of supervising military construction, it also oversees “quality of life” issues for veterans, which includes building housing for military families and operating hospitals and clinics for wounded soldiers. Perhaps Feinstein is trying to disassociate herself from MILCON’s incredible failure to provide decent medical care for wounded soldiers.]


  • bg


    they say they found things on her computer that
    shouldn’t be there, but that they had nothing to
    do with Petreaus..


  • Catherine

    Where is “Watergate Hillary”? You do remember she was a staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigations? Why is she not stepping up on this? 🙂

    And remember this:

  • Sasja

    Actually, Kermit, she’s an American and so far as we know has done nothing wrong.

  • Patty

    And my question is with things moving so fast once this damage is out. WHERE WERE THEY WHEN 4 AMERICANS WERE SLAUGHTERED AND WHY DIDN’T THEY WOULD THIS QUICKLY.

    Obama lovers voted for this. Hope America is Happy.

  • Patty

    #74 November 12, 2012 at 10:58 pm
    Catherine commented:

    Wasn’t she who said she was shot down in Bosnia.

    Hillary Shot At in ’96? No Media Mention of Bosnia ‘Sniper Fire’

    Read more:

    She deserves slick Bill, they are award winning liars. And now, she can’t be at hearing she is in Australia. She needs to resign but first get arrested for her covering up what actually happen to the 4 slaughtered Americans.

  • bg


    Terror czar deserves honorary membership
    in the Muslim Brotherhood .. Feb 18, 2010

    [“How can we possibly confront Islamist radicalization if the President’s
    principal advisor on counterterrorism cannot appropriately identify political
    Islam as the problem?” said Jasser. “Al Qaida is merely one of many tools
    of militant political Islam. It is the ideology that they adhere to that we
    must be at war with and counter frontally in the public sector, because it
    is at war with us.

    As we have seen over the past year, the common thread of theo –
    political Islam is what drives militants around the world. Mr. Brennan
    and the President must provide leadership in articulating the real
    threat and addressing the root cause of Islamist terror. The Muslim
    Brotherhood and Islamists can speak for themselves.”

    crickets, time and again.. 🙁


  • Kermit the Frog

    Kermit, are you trying to insinuate something by your post referring to Ms Kelley and her family as being from Lebanon? The 1970′s were a terrible time for Lebanese Christians and many fled.


    Big red flags all over this –

    People with geographic ties to areas of interest are normally held to higher scrutiny than those without those ties.

    For hypothetical example – one such as myself with a government function related to military contingency in korea and married to a korean could not expect clearance wrt korean. (<- that was a period, and no job for me)

    One would be an ignorant fool to assume otherwise. Or all so politically correct. Two sides, one coin, your choice. Suggest you take the fuzzy happy side of the political correct, you will sleep better.

    Furthermore, she has been presented as an unpaid civil servant, which is legal in only rare and fully documented circumstances, and those circumstances do not include hobnobbing with O-10s and SESs. Two red flags unless you like sleep happy? – DIVERSITY!

  • Patty, my daughter goes to community college. Today she overheard many talking about how great obama is and how the republicans are sore losers and racist. They are so happy obama won, they have been floating on fluffy feet this past week while spewing hateful language at all those opposed. Very ugly environment and this is just some small hole in a little country town C.C. … so, I would assume, that yes, there are many who are happy. 🙁 … ‘happy’ and blissfully unaware of reality.

    p/s: my daughter couldn’t wait to leave today, she was sick of the ‘stupidity’ (her word) 😉

  • Look-Out

    From Legal Insurrection —

    To sum up: If the FBI’s involvement was sparked by security concerns, and Petraeus was allowed to remain in his job for months until the election, someone somewhere cares more about politics than about America’s security. Who?

    Let’s rewind 11 years to when the FBI and CIA couldn’t share intelligence related to Mohammed Atta and his 19 fellow 9-11 hijackers on account of that infamous “wall” erected by Clinton’s DOJ appointee Jamie Gorelick.

    Today the FBI reacts to some well-connected woman’s complaints about harassing emails by snooping directly on the head spook…then doing nothing with the actionable intel.

    It’s going to be a long four years.

  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    I love it. More distractions.

  • bg


    Patty, think you forgot her “bust”.. 😆

    but hey, that’s okay, she’s a Democrat, they can do
    no wrong, besides, Republicans have their back.. /s/


  • Patty

    It also appears that the FBI did not inform the relevant members of Congress of the affair before the election. This has led to serious concerns about why they were not informed earlier. Indeed, Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has stated that her committee “should have been told” earlier, and that it will investigate why it wasn’t.

    Feinstein’s complain is well-founded. According to Tom Dupree, a former Justice Department official, “the FBI would have been well advised to notify Congress as soon as it had reasonable ground to suspect Petraeus of misconduct and had begun an investigation.” The reason is clear. As Dupree explained, “given the obvious significance of this information as to whether Petraeus could continue to serve as CIA Director, it is something Congress would plainly have wanted to know given its impact on US intelligence operations.”

    This reasoning applies even more forcefully to the President Obama. If the affair is something Congress plainly would have wanted to know about, it is something about which the President needed to know.

    Thus, if Obama truly wasn’t informed until after the election, this represents inexcusable negligence on the part of the Justice Department. If, on the other hand, Obama was informed before then, this raises another set of very serious questions.

    UPDATE: According to the time line, the FBI didn’t inform James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, about the Petraeus matter until election day. If true, this is shocking, as Clapper oversees the intelligence community.

    Why would Clapper have been kept out of the loop? Perhaps because he would have insisted that Petraeus be removed much earlier.

    See timeline Here:

  • Patty

    #80 November 12, 2012 at 11:07 pm
    TeachX3 commented:

    p/s: my daughter couldn’t wait to leave today, she was sick of the ‘stupidity’ (her word) 😉

    Good for her, sad that youth are so misinformed. They just see a younger black man who is eye candy. Jay Z fan, Fallon there is another that youth love.

    You should tell her this: “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

  • Patty
  • Patty

    #81 November 12, 2012 at 11:08 pm
    Look-Out commented:

    From Legal Insurrection –

    To sum up: If the FBI’s involvement was sparked by security concerns, and Petraeus was allowed to remain in his job for months until the election, someone somewhere cares more about politics than about America’s security. Who?

    😆 I make that guess: Obambi

  • bg


    sad is right, however, it’s not only the “youth” who are morphing
    into Mao red shirts, Hilter brown shirts, and Islamist green shirts
    for Obama.. *sigh*


  • Patty


    National Papa John’s Appreciation Day

    FOX Nation

    A viral Facebook post is calling for a national Papa John’s appreciation day in reaction the company having to cut employee hours because of ObamaCare. From the post:

    The CEO of Papa John’s, John H. Schnatter, has said that he will have to cut employee hours because of Obamacare. Schattner has received intense media scrutiny in addition to being demonized as an evil rich guy by the Left. Obamacare is a fiscal nightmare and because of it, many small businesses aren’t hiring now. Some are even closing their doors. Obamacare is now, as John Boehner said, “the law of the land.”
    In solidarity with John H. Schnatter, we propose that November, 16th, 2012 be National Papa John’s Appreciation Day. The Left thinks we are discouraged; they think they have won. Let’s send a clear message this Friday, like we did on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, that we are here to stay and that we won’t stop fighting. There are over 2,600 Papa John’s stores in the United States. Let’s flood all of them like we flooded Chick-Fil-A.
    How the event works: more


  • Patty

    #88 November 12, 2012 at 11:25 pm
    bg commented:

    Americans are taking things lightly. Trust me I have a personal friend and he is fighting mad. We all are, and it take one and then another and no matter how small or huge we will fight back, it is in our blood.

  • Patty


  • bg


    Patty #86 November 12, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    rotf 😆 mbo!!

    forgot all about that..

    what prudes Republican women are huh, i mean, can you just
    imagine the crucifixion of Ann Romney had she even said she
    was thinking of having a statue of her bust done?? 😯


  • Patty


    Rachel Madcow / MSNBC getting sued for defamation / false reporting. 😆

  • Patty

    #92 November 12, 2012 at 11:30 pm
    bg commented:


    What up with the bust?

    😆 MO in hers needs a support bra.

  • bg


    Patty #87 November 12, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    re: Petreaus

    re: FBI


  • Patty

    #95 November 12, 2012 at 11:37 pm
    bg commented:

    You shook my memory. Wow, yes, he knows everything but the affair. Gosh, darn it.

    I want so bad I can test it the Fall of the Obama administration!!!

    I get it now, bg, I just totally forgot about this, and why hasn’t there been more mentioned or maybe there has, I am sure I heard this a couple of weeks ago but why would he say Video?

  • Patty

    FBI, yes, they are in a hissing now searching for clues at Broadwell!! Then this:

    FBI Spent Only Three Hours Investigating Benghazi & Left Sensitive Documents

    bg, it is so disgusting.

  • Patty
  • donh

    #73 ” they say they found things on her computer that
    shouldn’t be there, but that they had nothing to
    do with Petreaus.. ”

    They found parole violations for Innocence of Muslims film maker Nikoula that had nothing to do with the video.

  • shadow

    When someone gets elected because he made killing unborn babies and birth control for whores a national issue,

    And that is precisely the attitude that cost Republicans numerous races this year.

  • shadow

    I didn’t realize oral sex was such a big, bad deal for the 0 administration.

    Yeah, one might think he was a Republican.

  • shadow

    These people are supposa be among the best and brightest. She’s a Phd; he’s got advanced degrees.

    Hey, even Petraus has a little general, and when he stands at attention, he refuses to be ignored.

  • i read that paula broadwell turned over her computer and records to the fbi during the initial investigation. so why are they raiding her house now?

    anybody know how long the fbi has been investigating domestic disputes?

  • bg


    Patty #93 November 12, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    why are you laughing?? it’s not about homosexuality or pedophilia, it’s
    an outrage against freedom of speech and defamation of character for
    starters.. imho, it’s an extension of BREITBART!!

    btw, he’s 110% right:


    more here and here and here..


    (As a side note, in 2012, a cleric issues a fatwa endorsing sodomy as a
    means of widening the anus in order to pack it with enough explosives
    to kill bystanders in a suicide bombing. As Sheikh Abu al-Dema al-Qasab
    put it, “Jihad comes first, for it is the pinnacle of Islam, and if the pinnacle
    of Islam can only be achieved through sodomy, then there is no wrong in

    of course that was just sample of so much more.. 🙁


  • bg


    #103 November 13, 2012 at 12:27 am
    tommy mc donnell

    don’t rightly know, but i do know they’re doing a more extensive
    of her than they did into the deaths of Americans in
    Benghazi (or anywhere else for that matter)..


  • shadow


    Great idea! You keep your fast food appreciation days, and we’ll keep election day. lol

  • bg


    shadow #100 November 12, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    yeah right, that’s exactly what folks
    like you would like US to believe..

    btw, you’re not a shadow, that’s the nOthing standing over you..


  • shadow

    Rachel Madcow / MSNBC getting sued for defamation / false reporting.

    By Bradlee Dean??? LMAO He’s got two chances, no way and no how.

  • bg


    shadow #108 November 13, 2012 at 1:08 am

    never saw or heard of him before clicking on the link provided, ergo,
    fresh eyes and ears so to speak, that said, i also don’t give a flying
    bats guano what he believes or doesn’t believe, i do believe he has
    the right not to be slandered, especially if his job is threatened by it,
    not to mention himself, and he was threatened via Rachel Maddow’s
    mouthathon in his name..


  • shadow


    No problem. Believe what you like. And by all means, nominate all the Mourdocks, Akins and Walshs that you possibly can.

  • bg


    shadow #110 November 13, 2012 at 1:35 am

    Republicans got greedy, and lost that one for Akin..


  • shadow

    bg #109

    Seems the judge in the case didn’t see it that way. She threw the case out, and made Bradlee pay her legal fees.

    Oops …

  • squeaky

    [The FBI probe into the sex scandal that led to the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus has expanded to ensnare Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced early Tuesday.]

  • carrier pigeon

    #50 has called it…

    other good comments, too

  • carrier pigeon

    Moslem Brotherhood infiltrated the FBI — old news but relevant

    Russians in play in Libya

    shadow: what cost the Pubs the election was:
    1. Soros’ big money behind the scenes. Example: thousands of paid campaign droids and his “Secretary of State Project.”. The SOSs are the ones who can call recounts and who are assigned as preventing voter fraud. Look what Soris et al did to Gessler inColorado for example.
    2. Massive voter fraud. Media calling states for Obama before tallied, people voting multiple times, forcing elderly and non- English speaking immigrants to vote Dem, software manipulation.
    3. Libel against the Romneys all during the campaign, unchallenged buy media.

  • Jimmy C Corn

    Imagine the shame her husband must be going through now. The consequences of decisions.

  • Campfollower

    6:15 am, woke up to the news that another general, Marine John Allen, is implicated in something here.

    Is it just me and my 30-year-in the Corps husband who believe SOMEONE is orchestrating the removal of our top military brass?

    Perhaps in retaliation for something? Or in preparation for something?

    Unsettling is an understatement here. Unsettling.

  • squeaky

    “Perhaps in retaliation for something? Or in preparation for something?” probably both. i’m waiting for this [The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry] and if it doesn’t happen i’d be tempted to believe that there’s something much bigger happening and we’re just along for the ride. the die has been cast.

  • mg4us

    And why is anyone surprised with this sex scandal?. .started with JFK. .
    and hit the pinnacle with BJ Clinton and Lewd-in-ski!

    More pressing is what happened in Benghazi not who slept with who

    By the Way, Didn’t Soviets use SEX and agents to extract info during cold war?


  • squeaky

    “By the Way, Didn’t Soviets use SEX and agents to extract info during cold war?” and so did fidel apparently. that ploy is just so overused that it really does point out the weakness of human nature. a nano second of bad judgement can ruin a life. having heroes is okay but don’t allow yourself to make them larger than life – they’re only human. so’s obama for that matter so listen up obots.

  • donh


  • Sasja

    Broadwell thought this Kelley babe was interested in Patraeus when it was someone else who held her interest?

  • owl

    pigeon#115 “Russians in play in Libya”
    No chit. Amazing they have time to interrupt their overseeing of destruction of our nukes under Obama from day 1. Of course they probably frown on little O taking his Fast & Furious onto their & Iran’s turf.

    So who stole the election? Let me shout it to the heavens as I have been for years…..

    You can not fight a war or clean up corruption or even notify dumb azzz Americans of a
    real problem because of them. General Petraeus vs Media or Media vs Benghazi?

    Who won?

    2. Yes, the Dems do what Dems do and worked for the last ten years to figure new ways
    do what Dems do. Democrats steal elections. Yep. I watched it happen years ago
    when all that was needed was $5, transportaion, and a Dem poll judge on site.
    When did the MACHINES first come up for a major fight? Yep. 2001 and the
    lightbulbs went off in some little Dem brains. No photo ID and machines. What could
    better? How? Raacissst.

    3. We have this group of little ladies and gentlemen in DC. Sure some of them are corrupt
    but they are so NICE about it. They are perfectly mannered. They are perfect fools.
    I call them our ELECTED VOICES. So you hear them? Did not think so……..

  • owl

    (do not know what happened to a few missing words in #123) maybe this machine

  • owl

    #121 Yep. I believe this is making lemonade out of lemons. Even I am amazed by these pros. You combine POOP SCOOPERS with DEMS and look what is possible from just 4 deaths.

    Drudge’s headline is coming from ABC and Martha Raddatz.

    Little Martha of the Martha & Crazy Uncle Joe Show.

  • owl

    I repeat……rant…….scream……rant……repeat……..shout…….

    The American enemy that must be taken down FIRST is old media because you can not reach the other enemies. Why can’t the people in banana republics get control of their governments from the ones that control them? Their politicians sold them out or they were too dumb to fight the threats.

    Our ELECTED voices have refused to fight or even recognize truth (gents to the bone) and they are giving our freedom away. Giving it up without a peep.

  • DWagner

    What is Obama hiding?

  • Tracey Thorn

    Has Jim Hoft realized yet that this story doesn’t help Republicans?

  • Kissmygrits

    Not too bright of P4 to be sending all those emails to and allowing his biographer, cough cough, to have access to classified docs since he’s the head spook at the dept of spookiness. Next time get a burner phone and engage in a little late night back and forth. No wonder terrorists are getting the upper hand. We have no one watching the front or back doors.

  • DMG

    #115 carrier pigeon

    Compared to the Adelson and the Koch brothers, Soros is a piker. And exactly which secretaries of state do you believe are involved in this?

    Face it. Your side lost. Better luck next time. But if you guys keep up the “crazies” next time will look a lot like this time.

  • bg


    shadow #112 November 13, 2012 at 1:41 am

    not surprised, we have no blind justice in America, haven’t for a long
    time now, as a matter of fact, we’re going Sharia.. also doesn’t mean
    that he didn’t have a case, guess they’ll wait and see if someone kills
    him or burns down his house to satisfy the judges requirements.. /s/


  • owl

    #50 Yep. Sounds like a winner, place or show.