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  • Buck Ofama

    I hope they bled to death.

  • Jeannie

    Masochism in order to be able to commit suicide to be able to massacre innocents in order to have an innumerable amount of virgins who somehow end up being ready willing and able to be eternally plundered and sundered.


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  • King

    Looks like a public park. Wonder if they denied permits to the Boy Scouts or other Christian groups to use the grounds or facilities. Worth checking into. Also what kind of health code violations is the city overlooking with these bloodletting freaks. Special rules for special people.

  • S. Wolf

    This in the U.S.A.? Get those backward barbaric savages OUT of America.

  • American Patriot

    It’s a bold new Obama world. Next thing you know, we’ll have Sharia courts and separate laws for moo-slimes.

  • shadow

    Made me think of Passion of the Christ. I don’t know why anybody would go see something like that, but I bet most here can, and probably did.

  • Wading across

    When you have a works based religion and you think flagellation equals piety and faith… Oh wait, Catholic monks and nuns used to do variations of this… It’s just that Shia Muslims still do it to “honor” their saint, Mohammad’s grandson, murdered by Sunnis.

    Whatever floats their boat. Frankly I find it theologically backward and dumb, but as long as they weren’t breaking any laws, whatever. They can beat themselves to a pulp, it won’t get them any closer to paradise. Works based faith and religion is a theological dead end.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    So long as they keep it among themselves, let them have their kinky fun. Freedom of religion, after all. There are plenty of Catholics to do the same thing on Good Friday..

  • saveus

    coming to your neighborhood soon thanks to the democratic party

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    What an advanced people.

  • RKflorida


  • Camilla

    Ashura in Atlanta, GA too. Video. @ Creeping Sharia….

  • Camilla
  • Roy Rogers

    In the spirit of understanding and tolerance, me and few dozen other retired Marines want to know if we can help them kick their own asses.

    We promise to leave them bloody.

  • Ghost

    are they ‘celebrating’ the 20,000 mark?

  • CR

    I am far less concerned about zealots who kick their own asses than I am about the epidemic of lawlessness caused by people of privileged pigmentation. I can end Ashura festivities with lemon juice, salt, and slabs of bacon. The lawlessness and entitlement attitudes are going to require more energetic materials. One may also interrupt Ashura by phoning police to report a gang fight in the park, with melee weapons and many wounded.

    If primitive muslims want to beat the snot out of themselves, or each other, they should be free to do so. That said – they should restrict their S&M games to private venues or the streets of San Fransisco.

  • Jerry C

    By-Stander: What are you doing?
    Jim Carrey Muhammed: I’m kicking my ass!

  • Francesca

    Why does this have to be done in a public area? Let them gather in someone’s back yard and flail away.

  • MJ

    If we had ANY luck at all, they would have missed their backs, hit their heads and killed themselves