NEW BLACK PANTHERS Are Back at Philly Polling Station (Video)

Election Day 2012–
Guess who’s back?

The New Black Panthers are back at the 14th Ward in Philadelphia. Local TV stations are aware, the Black Panthers are at the same polling location as 2008.

On election day in 2008 two members of the New Black Panther Party, in full uniform, stationed themselves in front of the doors leading to a polling-place in Philadelphia. One man held a billyclub in one hand that he slapped into the palm of the other.
Today they are back out at the 14th Ward.

The New Black Panthers support Obama. In 2008, they bragged that they delivered Barack Obama to the White House.

FOX and Friends reported on this story this morning.

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  • Bigkahuna

    If Obama and holder had a son. Freaking kick their ass

  • Granny

    No surprise here – Obama’s “Justice” department gave them a pass!

  • CAdolfan

    Will some one call a cop and arrest this guy for loitering.

  • kirok

    Time to make these guys feel the pain of losing. Beat them!!!!

  • Maki

    He’s about to get sacked, and I think the New New Black PantherParty is in for a rude awakening with President Romney. Favoritism? I think not. Trial and possibly jail time, brothers.

    Follow me on twitter @TheMissesHelp

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    If they showed up at my precinct, I’d give them a couple of minutes to leave or lose.

  • Batman

    Like who cares? Notice they left their billyclubs at home. Not to many white people live down there anymore anyway and yesterday was Halloween here in NJ lol

  • mark Soukup

    Obama has made race relations much worse!

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  • Perhaps one of the ex navy seals will stop by that are supposedly watching polling sites….perhaps arrange the baton so it is a bit difficult for the intimidator to walk…

  • Tom

    Help is there a conservative with lots of money that can hire about 6 enormous guys to go over and intimidate that FREAK!

  • whocaresanymore.

    GOP inspectors reportedly kicked out of multiple Philadelphia polling places; Update: Inspector assaulted?

  • Chris W.

    Holder should be in prison.

  • Monocacy

    Here in middle Tennessee we prepared to welcome these guys for the 2010 election. They never showed up.

  • Ed Macdurven

    The New Black Panther Party is a front for NAMBLA. They actually share the same office space for their organizations’ headquarters. That is a fact! The NBPP is so mad all of the time because society will not accept NAMBLA!

  • Looks like Barry will end his rein the same way he started, with intimidation and racisim. Guess he still thinks it works.

  • Bob

    Who cares? The polling places in Philadelphia
    will go for Barry anyway. Let them waste their time as if they have a real job.

  • Adam

    I’d like to see them try that down here in Forsyth county, GA.

  • Tom Kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

    Call in the SEALS

  • Jon

    What a bunch of clowns. Is there some reason the poll operators are not calling the police? This is illegal.

  • dano

    Black Panthers??? More like black sissy boys all dressed up in their make believe army suits. I would LOVE to see them attempt this BS in my neck of the woods.

  • jocko

    So why wouldnt they be? Eric Holder said it was OK and the president said the vote was all about revenge.

  • Bill

    Thank you, osama obama, you Marxist, muslim sack of $hit in the occupy White House movement.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Working people have reached their limit. The NBP shouldn’t test that by standing in their way. The individual in the picture appears not to understand why some taxpayers use the n-word.

  • Limousine Barry

    Good! My Black Panther Thugs will make sure the Typical Whities will not vote!

    I have always said, bring a gun to a polling station! That is my motto!

    Oh, and Davy Axelrod found 406,666 newly printed absentee ballots in Hawaii. And, CNN has already called Hawaii for me. The is no need for Republicans to vote!

    I ask the Mitt Romney concede early and graciously to me. Why get into expensive vote recounts?

    All of my absentee ballots are for cemetery people. They should be allowed to vote!

    If Romney refuses to concede the campaign at this time I will sick the Black Panthers on every Typical Whitie I can find! I am sure Eric Holder will back me on that!

  • Jim

    Just walk past one of them and tell them “I am voting for Romney” and make sure you have someone nearby with a video camera. If they say or do anything it will be recorded.

  • Just disgusted that they can intimidate voters and nothing has been done. I sure hope Romney wins. Obama has really devided the country. Its not that im prejudice. I would love to see Allen West run for President. Its just that Obama has anti- American views and has a war on religion and individual rights

  • Steve

    It continues to amaze me how completely many of you posters and many Americans are misunderstanding what’s happening in Philly. Voter intimidation by The New Black Panthers, is

  • SintwinPI

    Don’t worry early polls will show Barre in the lead, that is until all those hard working republicans get off work! Down with this regime!

  • SweetiePie

    I wish some idiot like that would show up at my polling place. He wants to intimidate right? Well, I think I would be so intimidated and scared that I would have to jump in my car and in my fragile intimidated state…run right over his rear end!!!!

  • What’s this BS about calling in the SEALs? Take a stand and quit being intimidated. These racial scumbags use muscle and intimadation. Take a stand with some of your muscle buddies and do the right thing … excercise your freedom and if need be, DEFEND IT!

  • ddfjmf

    Come on Philidelphia. White sport coat, white slacks, white hat. The time is now. The intimidations are over.

  • Knightflyer

    The black kitty new/old party…Huh.They are only looking for publicity.Don’t give it to them.They are “guarding” a polling place in Philadelphia that is more than likely going almost 100% for Obongo anyways.While they are disregaurding the rule of law,there will be a new AG that is all for upholding the law,not the criminal we have now.So perhaps they should be a tad worried.

  • Guido V.

    A normal occurrence in the City of Brothaly Thugs. When I lived there, I never went anywhere without 2 pieces & fully ready & competent to exercise my rights.

    When you recognize all they have is intimidation, it is ineffective. It’s nothing more than a .45 with no clip & no firing pin.

  • n_bourbaki

    In a nutshell, why Romney would need an outside MOE lead to have a shot in PA. Decision to enter PA was 2-3 weeks late. Just the last of the many strategic errors of his campaign. Prepare for a short, bitter evening and four more years of socialist tyranny.

  • squeaky

    saw this earlier but since it goes hand in hand with other philly incidents…..

  • dwd

    Take your cameras and cell phones to the polls, people!

    Record, capture, transmit, report

    Police are only a call away

  • redrod

    I wore a uniform. Please stop calling this “clown COSTUME” a uniform. It is discracefull!

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  • Xrmyav8tr

    My Uncle Carl was a staunch conservative and voted Republican until the day he died in Philadelphia. Now he votes democrat.

  • Liz

    I’d like them to come on down to Florida there would be some ass kicking going on

  • Mac

    I dare them to come on down here to Texas and pull that nonsense.

    I dare’em.

  • lisa

    I think they should send 3 little old ladies out there to walk with him.

  • David Olsen

    This is voter intimidation, is it not? Would like to see them try that here in South Carolina.

  • LP

    Obama excerpt from his book, “in the event of a religious war, I would side with the Muslim man”. Tells me what I need to know!

  • squeaky

    2013 should be interesting. all those exemptions expiring, etc. a big highlite should be put on just what that exemption was. but then again if social security drops off the face of the earth what will it matter. live for today sha la la. roast up that golden egg laying duck today and don’t worry about tomorrow…that’s for other dopes. sha la la live for today.

  • LTCB

    As long as they’re there to thump the UN observers, we’re all good. If they’re there for any other reason, they need arrested. ALL of these cases need investigated and prosecuted within the first three months of the new Romney administration.

  • blackbush666

    I call for citizens arrest. Grab a bunch of CCL holders and physically remove these pukes.

  • Bob White

    Times have changed, but not his tactics. This is BORING! Send them back to the Mother Ship.

  • squeaky

    alright roast up that duck. it’s the goose you have to worry about. geese are a dime a dozen.

  • larry

    Only traitors vote for Obama and the Socialist Democrat agenda.

  • .

    I put the blame solely on our state governor who should’ve been prepared this time. Either the State Police should’ve been called in or better yet, bring the National Guard to settle this BS.

  • Rachelle

    So how would everyone feel if the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood showed up like this to monitor the voting?

    Let’s have some diversity!

    Pretty much everything these Black Panthers say is the same as the KKK and Aryans if you just substitute ‘black’ for ‘white’.

    Race relations have been tattered under this corrupt and divisive administration.

  • Martha Hughes

    They should have been arrested 4 years ago. But of course, wrong color for Holder to arrest them. Holder would NEVER arrest black Americans!

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  • FedUpWithTheseIdiots

    Ever see pictures of these bean poles? I’d carry a club around too if I was built like these stick-boys. You won’t find them outside of their own neighborhoods. They’re your typical wanna-be tough guys. They know Barry and Holder have their back.

    And they call white people racist? Oh the irony.

  • Darcy Paniccia

    It shouldn’t be difficult to get rid of these Black Panthers. Just show them some drugs, a free phone or a LCD TV. Problem solved!

  • Robodog7

    These knuckleheads are mere decoys, while everyone watches them at the front door, the fraudulant ballots are going in the backdoor.

  • Greg Astra

    Dude looks like urchel?

  • dwd

    Nothing breeds racism like standing outside a polling place in military-ish garb trying to intimidate voters of other races. They have to try to keep racism alive so they always have a ready excuse to fall back on.

  • Richard_Iowa

    I truly wish this was my polling place.

  • Dan

    Once again Obama and holder let out the trash from the zoo to do their dirty work while they turn their heads. Got to throw the trash out of the White House and fumigate it in January.

  • And why wouldn’t they be out. There is no down side for them. And pardons galore if Obama loses.

  • Dented

    Simple, if they assault you, stab them. Enough is enough. If they speak to you, make something up and call the cops, say they threatened you.

    Playing fair in this fight is not going to get these guys moved away from the polling place.

  • Greg Astra

    Are those white house issued uniforms?

  • Marie Browning

    Too bad we do not have a Justice Department. It went missing when Obama was elected. If he is re-elected, it will never return and this will probably be the last election we ever have. Obama will declare himself King of the U.S. and the USA will be dead as we know it. I think it is amazing that all the blacks are voting for Obama when he has done more to harm them than any other President we have ever had. Fearing the worst and hoping for the best.

  • Marlene Klim

    That alone is reason enough to vote for the opposition. Add the fact that the ‘current’ administration runs the country in the same intimidation fashion and the only way to go is to vote for anybody else. It is time to take back America.

  • Hugh

    So wrong! Do not cower to these thugs! No one has the right to intimidate at the polls! Someone needs to enforce the law FOR ALL! He needs to be arrested and thrown in jail. Criminal. NO MORE. We cannot tolerate this intimidation and manipulation!

  • LookingUp

    Will the UN observers be at this one???

  • Max17

    After the Republican landslide, DEMAND your representatives lock up these animals.

  • StaticKlingon

    This tells me one thing. You shouldn’t be able to use food stamps to purchase military apparel. It’s just wrong.

  • steveK

    What a bunch of LGBT sissies in their make believe army suits. They’re just there to intimidate blacks and keep them in line. They’s never have the guts to go to a white neighborhood. The people in line should just bitch-slap them.

  • Benghazi=Obama Guilty of Treason

    Isn’t loitering in a polling place against the law? Philly police need to drop their donuts and DO THEIR JOBS–if they don’t I’d imagine retired SpecOps/SEALS will take care of business as necessary 😉

  • Annie

    One hate group is like another, so it may be time to recruit some Klan members, if there are any left, and have them join their brethren, the Panthers, at the polling sites. While these clowns are sparring, normal people can go vote unimpeded.

  • Joe E in the IE

    POTUS’s peeps, no mo’, no less.

  • IraqVet

    Don’t worry folks, they’re from OweBama’s government and they are just there to help…just ask Fast a Furious Eric Holder.

  • dlbtoday

    Why is this any different than if a guy stood there in a KKK hood?

  • TXVet

    Think they’ll show up at my precinct in TX?

  • bworei

    They are also kicking COURT APPOINTED election inspectors from polling places in Philly! Call the district attorney’s office in Philly at (215)686-9641 and report that COURT APPOINTED election inspectors are being forcibly removed from the following locations. This needs to be all over the news! CALL, PEOPLE!

    Ward 32, Div 13
    Ward 43, Div 14
    Ward 56, Div 1
    Ward 56, Div 22
    Ward 32, Div 28
    Ward 32, Div 28
    Ward 12, Div 17
    Ward 39, Div 1
    Ward 24, Div 9
    Ward 18, Div 25
    Ward 43, Div 14
    Ward 29, Div 18
    Ward 65, Div 19
    Ward 20, Div 1
    Ward 6, Div 11

  • dwd
  • Is it still Halloween? Are these guys trying to dress up and look like soldiers? HAHA. Just kidding. These boys don’t have the nerve, courage or gonads to do that. Just little Obama boys trying to intimidate. It would be easy enough for a ten year old to take that baton away and stick it up their a$$

  • Hojo

    It would be hilarious to station some KKK guys in full uniform next to them. If you have one hate group out you have to have another. Then I will walk up as a hispanic to vote lol!

  • be real

    No surprise here. These guys are obviously unemployed and need to try and force the public to vote for the guy who is going to give them free handouts so they can continue to be lazy. The real problem w this country. People like this.

  • valerie

    Shredding voter registrations, too.

    Perhaps they need to guard those polling places from the voters who could make a charge of fraud stick.

  • Tom EE

    Fellow Americans, lock and load.

    The day may have come that only the Second Amendment, for the short while it lasts, will save the great Nation!

    Go help us win this battle against tyranny!

  • owl

    Snafu at times with this new setup on comments and can’t read but page 1………oh well….first rant of the day…………

    This is what happens when our ELECTED voices sit on their thumbs and do not throw a fit about criminal behavior. Remember it and burn their ears off. After Poop Scooper media, the ones that actually allowed this to happen deserve my loud rant. I have only been saying the same since I watched 8 years of Scoopers/ELECTED do their combined number on Bush/Repub.

    I want to see a group of those same ELECTED voices going down to this spot.



    They dare because our ELECTED voices are wimps. Just a furious unelected voice here.

    Have the Dems really thrown our watchers out?

  • Ron Yeary – IFIRE

    QUICK !!! Bring one of those UN Inspectors over to the 14th Ward !

  • BHirsh

    Get them OUT. They should be totally rejected, and run out of town. Mebbe to Baltimore?


    I wonder if Holder sent them to protect the voting integrity of the people. Maybe we should just have Voter ID… you think Eric?

  • patriot4life

    Man i would Love to see this Black POS try that in the Coal Region in Pa…… Nobama 2012.

  • NoObama2012

    More wasteful unproductive time and rabble rousing by Obama’s ‘boyz in da hood’. Why waste time concerning yourself with scum like these guys, Jay-z and any other buffoon scum like this wannabe know nothing dope that stole an election. The Nation of Islam, Rev. J Wrights ‘low down club’ and Obama supporters are scum bag turds of society …. accept it, ignore them and do nothing to give them an ounce of consideration as equals. Nature has a way of working and weeding these things out

  • Matt

    Where is the local sheriff???!!! This is a freaking crime!!!

  • Monkey Wrench

    Not an issue for me. No Black Panthers at my polling place.

  • Dave M

    it is not the Black Panthers… they are the UN Election Monitors. Why don’t they come on down to my polling place… lets see who gets intimidated.

  • Joe Hite

    Ok, time to get the boys in blue down there with their clubs and German Shepard’s. Some people are just to stupid to learn the first time around.

  • Monkey Wrench


    What is the crime?

  • Joe Seawright

    Why has that guy not already been arrested and escorted to the crossbar hotel??? It certainly appears to me from the photo that he is wearing the silver railroad tracks of an Army Captain (or a Navy Lieutenant), and that is clearly against the law, and disrespectful to thousands of military veterans like myself. I seriously doubt he earned that insignia himself! Surely there is a ex-military cop in Philly with the stones to take him down???

  • dw

    Wow! The party of “family values” and religious zealots seems so violent. Hypocrisy should be the republican platform. Thugs come in all types of clothing, it’s the ones in business suits that have you fooled.

  • ascpgh

    Halloween was last week. Adults who dress up in uniform costumes are usually the creepers that pull over their rape victims in the night.

    What is the black panther need or desire (mommy not love them?) to dress up in commando pants? Really kids, if you need to “serve” that bad there are PLENTY of existing government jobs that will put you in an official Paul Blart rig.

    Liberia is pretty open to immigration if all of this pressure from a democratic republic is too much for your ever-victimous little minds.

  • nfm

    Adam from Forsyth county: I’m also in Forysth. I too doubt they’ll attempt showing up here, but if they do and you hear of it, post a note here, and I’ll be on my way.

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  • Reinforcements on there way folks……..NAVY SEALS FROM TRUETHEVOTE on their way to PHILLY! This was reported over at FreeRepublic……….This could get FUN.

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  • Mitch

    If the citizens of that community choose to be docile and allow these apes to stand outside their polling station, then that is what they have to live with. Wouldn’t happen here in Forsyth Co., GA.

  • RedInDenver

    And people wonder how White Supremacist groups came into being ….

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  • LadyS

    They show up at any polling site, then the KKK has every right to show up too. Oh, and don’t forget the Navy Seals in their uniforms.

  • radrick

    How would the NBPP know who anyone voted for? Unless they look at your ballot before before letting you leave the poll.

  • RedInDenver

    Where are the Hell’s Angels when you need them?

  • Hmmm…guessing MSM news outlets aren’t covering. I’m only seeing Fox and the bloggers. Pathetic.

  • You know, hopefully people are not intimidated, I believe the intentions are good. He is just a Blackman that is not playing, this election is serious business. With so much talk about True to Vote I see why they are there. I wish they were at all the poles in the key battle ground states. Some people are too afraid to tell people to get out of their faces. I promise you every Panther knows all the voting rules and would reassure the people of their right if they get confused. The people I hope who are intimidated is the Tea Party’s True To Vote, as long as everyone gets to vote freely and everyone is protected that is all that matters. Regular folk who are just coming to cast their vote have no need to fear no matter what race they are. Now on the other hand if True to Vote shows up to confuse the people on whether they can vote or not then that might be a problem. : )

  • George

    Of course they still support Obama. They’re still unemployed. How else would they have time to hang out in front of the polling station all day?

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  • Hugh

    Gosh–time to incite violence like the left does at every turn. It appears that following the rules is a losing proposition when your rivals have no problem lying, cheating, stealing, bullying, and obfuscating to achieve their goals and the highest law enforcement officials in the land, tasked with protecting the integrity of the process and EVERYONE’S rights and liberties, stand by (and even facilitate) while they are egregiously violated. These little pretend soldier losers who think they are entitled to intimidate/bully voters at polling stations need to be forcibly removed. It is going to be a very long fight to right this ship. True scoundrels are entrenching themselves in every level of government–violating our rights, and profiteering like the big fat pigs that they are. Vile.

  • Hugh

    #121 Tanya – you are either uninformed or willfully ignorant about True the Vote.

  • Monkey Wrench

    These guys are outside. The voting booth is still private, so they have no way to intimidate.

    If you are upset about voter intimidation, how do you feel about the CEO’s that are threatening to fire employees if Obama wins?

    I don’t think the CEO’s or the Black Panthers will affect the final outcome.

  • So many fearful derps

    Kudos Tanya! The truth and sunlight are disinfectants these mad dogs despise.

  • Joan Barwick

    I bet all the news station would be all over it if Hells Angels or the KKK had posted themselves at precincts to intimidate voters. But it’s of for Obama to post his “HENCHMEN” at precincts to intimidate voters. As a WHITE I would have to think twice about going to vote where Black Panthers had posted themselves to intimidate voters!!!! I agree with Bill, we have had a Muslim, Marxist and a Black Panther supporter in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!! SEND HIM BACK TO CHICAGO TODAY!

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  • bILL

    We really need some Black Panthers to come watch our polling places in Mississippi. Please come see us…..please! I, and many like me, will be there to greet them personally. It would be a visit the survivors would never forget.

  • Jersey

    These “people” will be removed; they can hang out 100 feet away from the polling entrance like anyone else who wishes to hang out. The American people, and I mean both black, white and everything in between should not stand for this nonsense again after 2008. Come on America, it’s time a stop is put to this assinine behavior!

  • Monkey Wrench


    He is in Chicago today to vote. Wonder if there will be Black Panthers at his polling place?

  • Tom Paine

    Well, well, well Barry. If you can’t win on merit, CHEAT! I hope that you burn in Hell.

  • Wendell

    Imagine a Ku Klux Klan member showing up in full white garb outside a polling place.

    Would the MSM suppress that story as well?

    Racism should not be tolerated in any form, nor should voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder’s DOJ’s refusal to enforce voter intimidation crimes committed by the Black Panthers is abhorrent.

    The Black Panthers are nothing more than violent, racist thugs.

    Does Obama really want to win re-election through these thuggish, illegal tactics?

    Might does should not equal Right in America.

  • raybojabo

    These black clowns in “brownie” uniforms aren’t there to scare white folks. They are there to intimidate black conservatives and make them think twice before leaving the Democrat plantation with their vote.

  • ejazzyjeff

    But if it was the KKK or skinheads loitering around, MSNBC, CNN and the other LSM would have this as headline news and demand that Romey drop out of the race.

  • #136…do you think that was revenge?

  • Raz lemons

    Where are all the voters ? Today is election day in Philly there are thousands of people waiting to vote yet the video only shows a lone black man standing by an empty doorway, I’m calling BS on this report the Fox video comes from archived file footage ! Fox news they distort you decide.

  • gman213

    Went to my pollng place today to vote and was intimidated by 4 white guys dressed in white dress shirts and ties wearing bicycle helmets and riding mountain bikes…said they were for poll wtahcers….so there black panthers!

  • #141…liberal troll

  • Flintstone F.

    Hey, at least he’s smiling and not carrying a stick. Happy times.

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  • PhillyPatriot

    Too bad Frank Rizzo isn’t still Mayor. These bozos would be swept off the curb so fast, their stupid beret’s wouldn’t have time to make it into the paddy-wagon!

  • Flintstone F.


    Nice troll.

  • Mad Hatter


    Thanks for showing you’re a far left nut, trying to make himself out to be a Republican. You’re not fooling anyone child, now go back over to the Daily Kook site.

  • Look-Out

    The article has pic of the HUGE mural (COMPLETELY UNLAWFUL) and a bit on the Black Panthers too —

    A Pennsylvania judge is issuing an order to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were ejected or refused entry by on-site Democratic voting chief judges, GOP officials tell Fox News.

    One Republican official claimed that “just under 70” Republican election officials were blocked from Philadelphia polling sites Tuesday morning by Democrats on site. One of them, the official claimed, “was shoved out of the polling place.”

    “For this many inspectors to be ejected from polling places is rare, even for Philadelphia,” the official told

    Further, one polling site in Philadelphia apparently had a mural of President Obama emblazoned on the wall directly behind the voting machines. The mural, at a local school being used as a polling site, contained the words “change!” and “hope,” along with a quote from the president.

    Republicans were drawing attention to the image Tuesday morning, with one Mitt Romney spokesman tweeting: “Voters in Philly’s Ward 35 are being forced to cast their ballots next to this.”

    Read more:

  • Look-Out

    Tweet/get the word out that these BLANK DEMS are at this…it may not be too late to wake up a few more before it’s too late…

  • Ann Ominous

    Dang! Refreshing to see a thread that doesn’t have ‘bg’ droppings all through it, ain’t it?

  • Ann Ominous

    Well I thought surely that would draw her out from under her rock.

  • anti-bho

    A judge has reinstated the Republicans ousted from the polling places.

  • JF

    Is he wearing Captain’s bars on his collar????? If so, what “army” is he in????

  • rileymon

    Just walk up and kick him right square in the Nuts!

  • mg4us

    This is what they do in third world countries like Botswana and Kenya

    We need former State Troopers and National Guard called. . .former Vets and Navy Seals also need to monitor these criminals since Crook Eric Holder won’t.

    In mean time, take pics and vids and make public. . Transparency will help.

    Anyone who supports what Obama has done is disgraceful!

  • Patty

    #6 November 6, 2012 at 12:22 pm
    Patty commented:

    Get a download of this: Funny business in Philly: GOP officials booted, Black Panthers return — and Obama at polling site?

    Read more:

  • Dale

    If I were there, I’d pick a fight – get this MARXIST thug out of the whitehouse now!!

  • Any white citizen who is aware of this and votes for obama in an IMBECILE PERIOD.

  • mg4us

    And though I understand that a mural of Obama is on the wall, they need to cover it up. . use a sheet or something, heck, Obama made Notre Dame cover up pictures of jesus when he gave a speech there. .same at Georgetown University.

    They can remove sheet after election is over.

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  • Pedro

    Why isn’t he at work?

  • Pedro

    I wonder if he took a vacation day from work.

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  • squeaky

    “He is in Chicago today to vote. Wonder if there will be Black Panthers at his polling place?” obama??? if so he already voted although he may prescribe to the vote early vote often chain of thoughts.

  • If I lived closer, I’d get all dressed up and go stand right next to that friendly Black Panther with a big button that said “White Cougar”…and then smile and hand out my leftover Halloween candy.

  • Westerner

    …in full Halloween attire…

    Wonder why they’re not at A-L-L polling places, if they’re so effective…

  • dnb03

    Tell him Halloween is over. Time to get out of your costume.

  • Whitey

    Because “WE THE PEOPLE” didn’t VET Obama, and just closed our eyes and ears, this is what we get! Today “WE THE PEOPLE” must correct this mistake, VOTE HIM OUT!!!

  • High Goon

    This town only has room for one group of goons.

  • Lars

    Global Ugling is real folks.

  • Snooty and the Beast

    Where is the pretty couple from last year?

  • Krissy


    The GOP are MASTERS of voter intimidation! How about the robo-calls that went out telling democrats to vote in the wrong place? What about the billboards posted in lower-income communities?

    You have to fight fire with fire!

    OBAMA 2012!!!

  • anti-bho

    Yeah. FIRE obama!


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  • Miss Peach

    Does anyone know if the retired Seals ever showed up to counteract the Black Panthers ? I had read a report today that said they were going to send out several retired Seals and Vets to the polling places the Panthers were at just to make sure the voters were not intimidated and got the chance to vote. Haven’t heard any follow up reports on whether or not that happened .

  • Lee

    This story was headlined on Michael savage’s site. it said ” Obama’s goons” at pollingplace in phillie. Where’s the smoking gun saying these are Obama’s goons? Sure I’m quite sure their obama supporters but that doesn’t mean Obama hired them or has anything to do with them. If someone’s gonna say these things then they need to have some evidence to support it.

  • Dr pupik

    Is that Obama’s son?

  • Shmendik

    I would throw that animal in jail where he belongs!!

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