Election Day 2012–
Guess who’s back?

The New Black Panthers are back at the 14th Ward in Philadelphia. Local TV stations are aware, the Black Panthers are at the same polling location as 2008.

On election day in 2008 two members of the New Black Panther Party, in full uniform, stationed themselves in front of the doors leading to a polling-place in Philadelphia. One man held a billyclub in one hand that he slapped into the palm of the other.
Today they are back out at the 14th Ward.

The New Black Panthers support Obama. In 2008, they bragged that they delivered Barack Obama to the White House.

FOX and Friends reported on this story this morning.




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  1. If Obama and holder had a son. Freaking kick their ass

  2. No surprise here – Obama’s “Justice” department gave them a pass!

  3. Will some one call a cop and arrest this guy for loitering.

  4. Time to make these guys feel the pain of losing. Beat them!!!!

  5. He’s about to get sacked, and I think the New New Black PantherParty is in for a rude awakening with President Romney. Favoritism? I think not. Trial and possibly jail time, brothers.

    Follow me on twitter @TheMissesHelp

  6. If they showed up at my precinct, I’d give them a couple of minutes to leave or lose.

  7. Like who cares? Notice they left their billyclubs at home. Not to many white people live down there anymore anyway and yesterday was Halloween here in NJ lol

  8. Obama has made race relations much worse!

  9. Perhaps one of the ex navy seals will stop by that are supposedly watching polling sites….perhaps arrange the baton so it is a bit difficult for the intimidator to walk…

  10. Help is there a conservative with lots of money that can hire about 6 enormous guys to go over and intimidate that FREAK!

  11. GOP inspectors reportedly kicked out of multiple Philadelphia polling places; Update: Inspector assaulted?


  12. Holder should be in prison.

  13. Here in middle Tennessee we prepared to welcome these guys for the 2010 election. They never showed up.

  14. The New Black Panther Party is a front for NAMBLA. They actually share the same office space for their organizations’ headquarters. That is a fact! The NBPP is so mad all of the time because society will not accept NAMBLA!

  15. Looks like Barry will end his rein the same way he started, with intimidation and racisim. Guess he still thinks it works.

  16. Who cares? The polling places in Philadelphia
    will go for Barry anyway. Let them waste their time as if they have a real job.

  17. I’d like to see them try that down here in Forsyth county, GA.

  18. Call in the SEALS

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