Bill Kristol Surrenders: “It Won’t Kill Us if We Raise Taxes on Millionaires” (Video)

East coast Surrender Monkey Bill Kristol told the FOX News Sunday panel,

“It won’t kill us if we raise taxes on millionaires.”

Kristol has looked election defeat in the eye and decided to immediately surrender.
Who needs Democrats when you have Republicans pushing higher taxes?

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  • dwd

    If they’re going to cave, they need to find a way to target the tax increases on people like athletes and movie stars and musicians.

  • Bronson

    He’s purely motivated by his own self interest

    Time to kick this dinosaur to the curb

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  • Rachelle

    He is a perfect example of why the Republican Party is a modern failure.


    If you wonder why the GOP lost 3 million voters this past election just listen to Bill Kristol.

    The GOP as an organization is done. They stand for no principles. They are ineffective. They have proven to be incapable of handling power when they have it. They are no different than their competitor.

    My vote remains in my pocket. Let Rome burn. I have one grandson and his daughter wanted Obama and dems so be it.

  • bobdog

    Well, as long as Democrats agree to cut the rate of deficit spending increases over the next 20 years, I guess it’s OK to raise taxes in the middle of a self-induced recession. Besides, we won’t have true egalite (that’s Fraynch) until we eliminate poverty by confiscating the wealth of the evil rich until they’re no longer rich.

    Gotta give the little people some hope, after all.

  • Marcy

    It won’t kill them but it won’t help anyone either. The amount collected is not enough to save us. It’s over folks.

  • Big Al

    #2, great idea. If you make your income through any kind of “play” including “play acting” all income over $250k will be confiscated.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I agree. All is indeed lost. We should now be pushing for the accelerated crash of the economy. Raise taxes on EVERYBODY! Raise corporate taxes up through the roof. Raise capital gains to the max. And as the economy collapses, let’s sit back and watch the Dems argue that taxes weren’t the problem.

  • King

    I always thought Kristol was the token Democrat on the panel. Always talked like one. So this isn’t a surprise. Beltway scum bag supporting scumbag beltway ideas that steal more money from Americans and funnel it to the beltway.

  • PegLeg

    I would be all for giving them what to want in order to push the blame onto them!

    Problem is, we will be blamed NO MATTER what is done! As we all know, the economy is still W’s fault and the recovery is non-existent because the Repubs have “obstructed” every move made by the Great One! Just think, we obstructed the Stimulus, Obamacare and Dodd-Frank! They can brag about his accomplishment and deny them at the same time! He can claim to want to tax “milionaires and billionaires” and then set the millionaire mark at $200K! Reagan granted amnesty and fewer Hispanics vote for our side! WE WILL FOREVER BE BLAMED FOR PROBLEMS!

  • donh

    Exactly #2…It is KILLING US in Public Relations imagery to spend the last generation coming off as defenders of corporate employers . The party has a single issue problem where it serves rich employers VERY VERY well holding the tax line, but that is a small population of voters….. and they never do a damn thing for the cut spending, cut welfare, cut regulators, cut the crap voter.

    We sould call the bluff and make Democrats put broad welfare reform on the table in exchange for tax hikes on the entertainment sector. Rich actors and athletes, close tax exemptions for movie production ……..BUT WHY DO THIS WHEN OBAMA IS LEAVING THE COUNTRY ?……BONER LOOKS LIKE A FOOL…..Trying to make deals with a wannabe tyrant dictator who isn’t even interested in compromise. …You made the gesture now LET IT GO OVER THE CLIFF !

  • bigkahuna

    I agree. Lets raise their rates 0.25% Obama told us that the rich can pay a little more.

    He didnt define a little more. Of course those increases will have to be combined with illegals being thrown out, Obamacare being repealed, and 10% cut in spending

  • ★FALCON★

    The larger problem is that Boehner and Cantor are unwilling to defend America from these lecherous Communists.

    If we had leadership I would say that we have the ability to defend ourselves. However, our representatives have clearly sold us out for expediency.

  • Jimstlmo

    Agreed. The crux of our problem is that the cause-effect relationship between the size of government and your pocket book is alien to too many voters.

    They voted for this Leviathan, fine. PAY FOR IT!

    GOP should shoot the hostage (us).

    Seriously, this party is led by people that hate conservatives. Maybe its better that Romney lost, because there was a lot of evidence the GOP wasn’t prepared to do what needed to be done. They were going to tinker on the edges.

    Atleast 80 million people didn’t vote, and the GOP rather than ask themselves why 80 million people didn’t vote, are asking how they can move further left and steal democrat votes.

    I don’t know if this party can be saved. The brand is mud. Perhaps its just time to move our flag over the the Libertarian party.

    You mention the words Republican or conservative to anyone under 30, and you’ve lost them.

  • ★FALCON★

    I agree with some that are calling for an accelerated economic crash.

    I have a better idea – if you can – don’t pay any taxes at all. This would encompass self-employed, independent contractors, and anyone with the ability to form a tax shelter.

    That will speed up the crash.

    One last point – after the last four years, with no budget and a spending frenzy, does anyone truly think that the Feds would formulate a balanced budget with additional revenue? No matter what comes in – they will spend more through spending resolutions.

  • DMG

    they need to find a way to target the tax increases on people like athletes and movie stars and musicians.

    And why is that?

  • DMG

    He is a perfect example of why the Republican Party is a modern failure.

    I think it has more to due with “legitimate rape.”

  • Ripped

    I guess you don’t get it that Federal withholding taxes were supposed to be a temporary thing? Bill Kristol and his fascist neocon Israel-first freaks are on the same side as 0bama they all should be on trial for High Treason.

    Federal Individual income tax withholding was supposed to be a temporary measure to shore up the nation in time of war. Last time I checked that one was still going on too…