BIG OHIO UPDATE: GOP Turnout Is Way Up ↑… Dem Turnout Way Down ↓

Here’s the latest from Ohio from campaign sources……..

Quick update – turnout is up in GOP Geauga County, Ohio where McCain won with 57% of the vote and down in Athens County, the home of Ohio University and where Obama won with 67% in 2008. Early vote in Geauga? 125% of 2008. Athens? Down 10% from 2008.

SHOT: GOP county turnout up

· Plain Dealer: Geauga election chief predicts 80 percent voter turnout today
· Geauga County early vote was 125% more than 2008 early vote
· McCain won Geauga County with 57% and Bush got 60% in ‘04

CHASER: Dem county turnout down

· WOUB: Athens County Election Officials: Morning Voter Turn Out Low
· Athens County early vote was 10% less than 2008 early vote
· Obama won Athens County with 67%

RELATED: One Florida County already has Republicans picking up 10,000 votes compared to 2008.

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  • Get on your knees Americans and ask God for a miracle

  • Big Al

    Please don’t jinx this with all this anecdotal info!!

  • Steve

    Caller to Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Show, an immigrant from Russia, on why she fears an Obama Victory…

  • therese

    I have been praying all day for people to come to their senses and Vote the Liar in Chief out.
    I will continue well into the evening.
    Romney/Ryan 2012

  • I hope nobody minds me posting this… Prayer for The United States of America

    Thank You Lord, that in You, America can once again become a “City on a Hill” — Your beacon to the world. We petition You, Lord, to lead us according to Your plan, in Your timing, with the power of Your Holy Spirit. We know You are infinitely bigger and brighter than the darkness before us. We ask that You remind us to keep our eyes and minds focused on what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise. Help us to elevate conversations and relationships to those higher things. May You be the prompter and completer of any daunting tasks before us. In You only may we find our voice to speak, our strength to move. God in heaven, we pray that America may become a great beacon of Your standards. As the world sees Your ways and Your love demonstrated in this great country, may they be drawn to Your Son. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • Mad Hatter

    · WOUB: Athens County Election Officials: Morning Voter Turn Out Low
    · Athens County early vote was 10% less than 2008 early vote
    · Obama won Athens County with 67%


    Athens County is the home of Ohio University, not to be confused with Ohio State Univ.

    If their turn out is low, that’s a clear indication that the college kids are no longer jazzed about Obama, and that’s very good news.

    Also, I just heard Bill Cunningham on the Sean Hannity radio show, and he sounded like he was on a gallon of coffee he was so excited. He’s reporting that Republicans are having a strong turn out in Hamilton County, that’s the Cincinnati area.

    So far, so good, but a long ways to go.

  • FurryGuy

    Doesn’t matter if the polls are up, the polls are down, the polls are dead even. People need to get out and vote as if their very lives depend upon it, because they do.

  • valerie
  • bg
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  • ohio

    The area aroound Athens if full of the welfare, section 8, give me my free stuff. Also the biggest concentration for “pain clinics”. They will vote for the gravy train.
    Not just Hamilton County but do not forget Butler and Warren Counties. They are GOP strongholds. Of course they cannot vote until they get off work.

  • ohio


    That is
    The Ohio State University. Watch it.

  • Sarah





  • NoBama42

    Does anyone have a link for where the state of Ohio is officially providing theie vote count? Would really appreciate it.

    The key to OH is keep your eyes on Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties.

    Cuyahoga: In 2008 Obama won 441,836 to 196,369. This is the Cleveland area. A lower turnout for Obama could spell doom for him.

    Hamilton: In 2008 Obama won 208,802 to 187,862. This is the Cincinnati areaa that went blue in 2008 after being red for years. If this flips back to red again in 2012 … could spell a Romney victory.

  • Bill Mitchell

    My BFF teaches at Ohio University. She went to vote at 2 pm and no waiting at all. Terrible sign for Obama.

  • Sasja

    Steve, I remember that caller. At the time, I thought she must be terrified at the direction our Republic was being driven. Those poor idiots who think socialism, marxism, whatever one wants to call it, is a utopia need a head slap and really need to listen to those like Irina (I hope I got her name right) who have actually lived it.

  • Bill Mitchell

    History will look back on this day as the day America was saved from the brink and we are living it today. They will write about what we did today in the history books.

  • Bill Mitchell

    When do first exit poll demographics start coming out?

  • Sasja

    Sarah, we’re out here calling away.

  • PJ a twin with twins

    Talk about your broken glass voter:

    Southfield Twp. voter appears to die, then asks ‘Did I vote?

    From The Detroit News:

  • Practical Jane

    Loose Lips…
    Ride the Wave and Shut the Hell Up!

  • [email protected]

    I don’t know why obathturd thinks he’s going to get the college vote except from the OWS types who plan to never work anyway and are just in school for the free ride on either their parent’s or the government’s dime. The rest of them would like to be able to get a J O B when they graduate, something which obathturd has made virtually impossible for a highly meaningful percentage of them.


  • bg
  • Spider

    Round on the ends, High in the middle….

    O-H-I-O please do the right thing!

  • Pioneer
  • Fionnagh

    #5 I made the mistake of reading your prayer while I’m here at work. It was a “mistake” because, like I’ve told ya:) your posts make me teary.

    If you have never thought of becoming a minister, you might pray upon that, too??


  • PJ a twin with twins

    Bill Mitchell, we may have walked away from the brink this time but they’re not going to give up and we need to resolve to “Not let this happen on our watch”

  • [email protected]

    Sasja @ 17 – We recently finally managed to move out of the gestapo state of Marxifornia. We had some neighbors who immigrated from East Germany after the wall fell. They were terrified of what they saw happening here, occasionally reduced to tears over it. Mila, the mother, would say things like, “They must be warned. Voters must be warned. Why do the news people not tell what’s going on? Why does the congress not act? This was the last place, the only place to go to be saved from dictators and cowards. This beautiful country. This must be stopped.”

    She was an older lady with no education, but she learned English and could express herself very succinctly. She said all the people from her church, Russian Orthodox, were very worried and speaking out constantly. Her four daughters were in their late teens to early 30s and were very aware of the issues and were very focused on them, which is unusual for people in that age group. I recall one of them telling me about a big argument she got into with somebody at ther job about obama.

    Eastern Euros went through hell for decades. They are not cowards, and they don’t back down from their position. I was proud to have such people join American society.

  • #27 Fionnagh… Glory to God! 😀 Prayer is not mine, I was just passing it along because it touched me deeply as well. You are a blessing to me, thanks for your kind words!

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  • Bill Mitchell

    Raul Ryan just tweeted THIS:

    Pennsylvania is going RED.

  • Geauga County Voter

    I voted today in Geauga County Ohio! I was glad to see that instead of my normal walk in and walk out voting, I had to wait in line over an hour to vote!

  • Ben

    Teachx3, your stupid little prayer is a disgrace to Christians everywhere. Most people with brains know that God doesn’t “care” who wins elections, as the idea of God is far too advanced for our human brains and souls to comprehend before death.

    By all means, pray your head off. But what happens if Obama wins? Was that God’s plan? Think before you post stupidity like that.

  • #34… why do you have to be so hateful? I guess you did not notice, but that prayer says NOTHING about an election. Sheesh.

  • Ben

    I am not the guy who doesn’t know the underlying message beneath that statement because I am conservative and I know all the little tricks. Next to communism, religion is the most dangerous thing the world has to offer.

  • Peggy R

    I am feeling anxious. Drudge is blasting headlines that exit polling favors O in OH, PA, and other key states. God have mercy on our country!

  • zoo

    this is all garbage, it doesn’t even come close to what other more accredited articles are saying.

  • Look-Out

    Heard Rush warning his audience NOT TO BELIEVE ANY EXIT POLLING — trust in Him who will give us no more than we can bear.

    GOD is our STRENGTH. I’m sorry for those who’ve yet to know His loving kindness and mercy.

    Thank you, TeachX3, for that beautiful prayer – tears here too.

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  • Tazman

    I just voted for the first time because this is important! We need to get this jackass out of office!

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  • FactCheck

    Enjoy living in that bubble you clueless goons. Four more years.

  • Highlander

    Let the trolling begin. Don’t you ever tire of this imposter crap Jeffie? We’re just going to ban you again … old thread or not.

    Whack a troll …!!!!!!