Barack Obama promises: “The best is yet to come.”
Bury your cash now or buy something that will not lose its value.

Natural News already has put together “10 dire consequences of Obama’s re-election victory.”



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  2. Trying desperately to think of what “something that won’t lose its value” might be.

    Don’t bother with the cash – we’ll be taking that down by the wheelbarrow full to buy bread. See the 1920ish economic collapse of Germany for a reference point.

  3. Great speech – for a president-elect of the student council.

    But he left out “E pluribus plura”

  4. Two Americas, not on speaking terms

    /Michael Barone


    “One America tends to be traditionally religious, personally charitable, appreciative of entrepreneurs and suspicious of government. The other tends to be secular or only mildly religious, less charitable on average, skeptical of business and supportive of government as an instrument to advance liberal causes.
    . . .
    As a result, there are going to be many Americans profoundly unhappy with the result of this election
    . . .
    Now the Two Americas disagree, sharply. Government decisions enthuse one and enrage the other. The election may be over, but the Two Americas are still not on speaking terms.”

  5. ++

    and to think my chances of missing out on the good
    are growing more favorable day by day.. /s/


  6. Here comes the crash.

  7. The best is yet to come if you happen to be a shiny-faced parasite.

    Free upgrades on those cellphones and lots more redistributing to America’s blight.

  8. A sad day for america, but good for 47% who live off government subsidies.

  9. If I was a business owner,pink slips would be coming. Especially to blacks,hispanics,and single women.

  10. #10 AFLAC already did that to the Obama supporters.

  11. ++

    the 47% are not the enemy, the Government is..


  12. ++

    can’t help but take notice of how well the 1% control the 99%
    who simply can’t seem to help them enslave themselves fast
    enough, that is what the sad sick irony of it all boils down to..


  13. The media is the enemy of traditional America

  14. With the impending market crash in Europe, I suggest to all who have some cash to burn: buy as many Rolexes, Panerais or Pateks as you can. Fast. Transforming your savings account into gold or diamond won’t bring that much. I predict an increase of 300% in the price of Swiss-made watches.

  15. After Obama signed the “stimulus” he said “this is the beginning of the end”

  16. ++

    Congratulations Cloward & Piven,
    posthumously and otherwise.. :-(

    oh yeah, and a huge shout out to Alinsky & the Ayatollah.. /s/


  17. myohmy said “. . . good for 47% who live off government subsidies”


    No one gets government subsidies.

    Governments cannot subsidize anything, because governments have no money.

    What happens is this. Governments take money by force from more productive people (called taxpayers) and run the government with it. In addition governments give some of the money to less productive people – and they call these “government subsidies”).

    Sometimes, some people are unproductive thru no fault of their own. (I think the number of these people is much smaller than 47%.) Most of us want to live in a country where these people get help to meet their needs, whether thru charities or “government subsidies.”

    But the steadily rising tide of “government subsidies” over the past 80 years has not reduced the proportion of less productive people—it has increased the proportion. Is that because there are proportionally more people today who are unproductive thru no fault of their own? Really?

    Even more “government subsidies” in the future will continue to increase the proportion of unproductive people. There is no reason to believe otherwise. Except, perhaps, hope . . . hope being what one falls back on when there is no evidence.

    So eventually the productive will be unable to support the unproductive and the economy will collapse of its own unproductive weight.

    America will have fundamentally changed.

    It will be called a legacy. Not that it will matter then, who is to blame.

  18. ++


    One law for All – Passion For Freedom – Awards 2012

    [Under totalitarianism and dictatorship, one eats “fear for breakfast,
    fear for lunch and for dinner, fear” says Uruguayan writer Eduardo

    Fear is palpable when one lives under an Islamic
    inquisition, even if it’s not experienced directly.

    Even here in Europe – Islamism’s Sharia laws and fatwas of censorship
    and death for everything from blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy become
    secular ones – where the artist or dissenter is not routinely imprisoned
    or killed (even if the threat is always there) but proclaimed ‘guilty’ of
    offence, disrespect, intolerance, and Islamophobia, thereby making
    censorship and self-censorship ‘justifiable’.

    Where it rules, Islamism forbids you to dissent;
    here, it convinces you that dissent is impossible.

    Yet fear is only part of the story; it is
    what we do despite the fear that counts.

    In the late 1980s, whilst working in Sudan, I and a Burmese colleague
    whose name I cannot recall initiated an underground human rights
    organisation opposed to the Islamic regime there. When things got
    tricky, he said the fear was secondary. Taking action – even when
    one is afraid – that is the sign of true courage.

    Though I do often wonder who is really afraid of whom?

    Islamists are even afraid of 15 year old
    Malala who wants the right to go to school.

    It is they who are afraid of the truth. And of us.

    One Law for All – and its Passion for Freedom Art Festival – speaks truth to
    power and demands change, despite the fear. But it also aims to honour our
    artists and our dissenters.

    No society or community is homogeneous. Dissent and great art is
    alive even in the furthest and darkest corners of the globe. As is
    immense courage.

    As Salman Rushdie says: “Great art, or, let’s just say, more modestly,
    original art is never created in the safe middle ground, but always at
    the edge. Originality is dangerous. It challenges, questions, overturns
    assumptions, unsettles moral codes, disrespects sacred cows or other
    such entities. It can be shocking, or ugly, or, to use the catch-all term
    so beloved of the tabloid press, controversial. And if we believe in liberty,
    if we want the air we breathe to remain plentiful and breathable, this is
    the art whose right to exist we must not only defend, but celebrate. Art
    is not entertainment. At its very best, it’s a revolution.”

    One of the artists celebrated at the festival, Ai WeiWei says:
    “If we don’t push”, nothing changes. Clearly, change it must.

    ~ Maryam Namazie]


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