Earlier this week the online hacker group Anonymous sided with Hamas and declared war on Israel. The radical leftist group bragged on Friday that they brought down over 550 Israeli websites and leaked email addresses and passwords.

Today Anonymous hacked into the Israel Defense Forces website.
Here is the IDF blog as of 10:00 AM EST this morning.

UPDATE: (10:20 EST) The IDF Blog is back up now.



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  1. cyber terrror
    watch out USA
    they can do it to us too

  2. The people of Gaza have heard your roar, they salute you, Anonymouse, no really, they do!

    Would you like to join one of their Martyr’s Brigades?

  3. I hope Israel infected the A’s system with a sophisticated virus!

  4. I am glad Anonymous did this because they are now an enemy of the State of Israel, I would really not leave my house in the next………..ah ever if I were them!

  5. ++

    probably has nothing to do with this, or this, no no no..


  6. Yeah, let’s take a sharp stick and prod the guys who created STUXNET and show no compunction against killing threats. Methinks some of the script monkies in Anonymous are going to mysteriously go offline soon.

  7. ++

    latest ad nauseam cricket news.. /s/

    Egyptian protesters seen wearing ‘Anonymous’ masks

    [Numerous protesters seen scaling the walls of the U.S. Embassy in
    Cairo, Egypt were wearing Guy Fawkes masks, the signature symbol
    of the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

    The mask, a symbol of dissidence and the rejection of tyranny, is also
    worn by protesters associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement
    and by many protesters associated with the Arab Spring.

    Anonymous claims credit for the early support of operations during
    the Arab Spring in Tunisia by hacking government websites.]


  8. You Anonymous folk had better hope you can remain anonymous!
    I’m betting that Israel’s Mossad will be much more astute and effective at finding you!
    You’ve poked the Grizzly Bear in the nose, and you’d better be on your toes!

  9. I second Will’s comment. Just like Santa Claus, they know where you live.

  10. This was a smart idea: let’s take the people in charge of Mossad and the creators of stuxnet and piss em off.

    Darwin award winners in record time.

  11. The end of Anon is near. Israel does not look the other way when targeted.

  12. its hilarious to see all these people saying that Anonymous is going down because it messed with Israel. If Israel was so powerful and technologically sophisticated, they wouldn’t have had their asses kicked by Anonymous. Their most secure websites were hacked in a day, so I really don’t think they can do anything against anonymous.

  13. Finally! Anonymous picked on someone who CAN and WILL kick their a$$. The twits must have been the only ones in the world that didn’t know better than to mess with the IDF.

  14. Not only that the IDF blog has been restored immediately upon discovery of these children, but anon will have it handed to them. Israel registers more patents per capita than anywhere in the world. They also 2nd in aggregate (silicon valley is first). Information technology is its top competitive advantage.
    This time anon messed with the wrong entity. They don’t understand how the Mossad operates. There’s no publicity stunts like those trolls with their dramatic Hollywood statements lol. No, there are only brutal results.

    Watch this space.

  15. it just goes to show how hacking into idf website makes them think that they are so important. if your so proud of what you did, why didnt they leave their name. maybe they are just scared, and they should be. israel is not the usa they take care of business.how boring your life must be, opps guess they dont have 1


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