Anonymous Claims They Hacked Into GOP’s ORCA & Jammed It on Election Day

Anonymous released a video on November 8th claiming responsibility for jamming up the Republican Get Out the Vote system (ORCA) on Election Day. The online terror group Anonymous said they hacked into the GOP computer system and jammed up ORCA.
Via Gawker:

Of course, Gawker was thrilled to spread the word:

Oh cool, Anonymous (we think it is Anonymous?) says Karl Rove was gonna vote fraud all the Machines, and that’s why he was so flabbergasted and refused to believe it when Fox called Ohio for Bamz, but they stopped him from stealing all the Machines by jamming up ORCA, because it was not actually a GOTV system but a “steal the vote” system, but they stopped him…

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  • Alvin

    Anonymous just took credit for my burned microwave popcorn.

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  • SeniorD

    State Sponsored terrorism. Too bad the Regime Occupying Washington doesn’t have the cajones to send them a nice present.

    Courtesy of a certain group of warriors named after aquatic mammals.

  • ★FALCON★

    Someone ought to send a bunker buster right up anonymous’ ass.

  • dtih

    I thought they were angry over the Youtube video.

  • sean

    Not that I believe ORCA was a steal the vote system, but if we were to take Anon at their word what would stop them from turing the switch from automatic Romney votes to Obama votes? Seems this group needs to be labeled as a terrorist group ASAP.

  • Marsh626

    Yes, the dastardly Karl Rove somehow rigged election machines in order to overthrow the U.S. government. That’s why anon supposedly hacked the social networking program of the Romney campaign.

    *eye roll*

    Notice the wording of how they phrased this accusation. They claimed they’re looking for the data – or “files” on his “systems” – to prove it, which they then plan to hand over to police…

    Wait a second…

    How would you know Karl Rove was plotting to rig voting booths if you didn’t ALREADY have the evidence to prove it?

    Obviously this is nothing more than a ridiculous manufactured excuse in order to justify their OWN form of illegal voter fraud – assuming they actually did hack “ORCA” (is there any proof of this?) – which, as you already noted, the Left is wildly supportive of them doing…

    Hypocrites… The Left does this ALL the time. They pretend we conservatives are evaaaaal and corrupt in order to justify censoring our free speech, hacking our computer networks, destroying our property and even launching terrorist campaigns (Weather Underground – which anon is essentially the digital version of…)

    Whether any of this is true or not, I still loathe the Left and the increasingly openly Lefty “anon”. They claim to be some kind of noble nonpartisan corruption and freedom fighting force. In reality, they’re pretty much just the online version of the degenerate, subversive, treasonous, pro-jihadist, anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-police, “anarchist” (communist) activists you see throwing bricks through Starbucks windows… In other words, your typical libtard…

    The stupid thing is is that I know tons of Right-wingers, especially the Ron Paul/libertarian types, who support both anon and wikileaks – another similarly anti-Western socialist Leftist group. The Left has already gone full retard. The Right is quickly catching up…

  • John H Dorge

    Wonkette, not Gawker. Good lord you’re sloppy and amateurish.

  • Llarry

    ORCA was a disaster that was never tested before it was used. Romney lost because he followed the Karl Rove playbook of never defending himself until it was too late, refusing to hold his opponents responsible for their disastrous policies, and not articulating clearly why conservative policies would work better on personal level for Americans.

    Want proof?

    Remember how the Democrats’ main strategy was going to be Mediscaring? It failed and they abandoned it. Why? Because Romney addressed it with a whiteboard, simply and clearly. He put his plan on one side and Obama’s on the other and compared them. He demolished the Democrats’ argument with one press conference.

    But that was the only time Romney did so. If we’d had First Debate Romney and Whiteboard Romney for the entire campaign, we would’ve won easily. But Rove and his crew convinced Romney that he had to “be presidential” and not defend himself, the way Rove convinced Bush to never defend himself.

    This was an entirely self-inflicted defeat. Romney had terrible advisers and consultants. Remember, the night before the 2006 elections, Rove said we’d increase seats in both houses. Instead, we lost both houses.

    In this last election, Rove’s Superpac had a 1 percent success rate.

    Rove is long past his sell date. Nobody should listen to him anymore.

  • Buzzy

    True or not, we need to require separate paper ballots aside and apart from the electronic voting machine ballots in every future election. If the Republicans don’t take the voting machine fraus seriously they need to be hung as traitors to the Republican party. Throw out every pregnant chad or every ballot that is not marked properly. If you can’t fill in a circle, or push a paper circle through you don’t deserve to vote.

  • Concerned American

    Not that I believe them, but we could use their admission to “fixing” the election to have a do over using paper ballots and requiring Id

  • DW Pepper

    I used to believe in the tooth fairy too…

  • what if somebody sabotaged the democratic party’s get out the vote program would that be okay with liberal america. i thought liberals wanted every vote to count.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Don’t tell me! Anonymous claims they were responsible Superstorm Sandy, too.

  • RKae

    Gotta love the left: “Hooray! The unaccountable, faceless terrorists are on OUR side! So, therefore, we’re OK with it!”

  • Anonymous? Who needs script kiddies in their mommie’s basement taking credit for the GOP’s close but no cigar effort to kick out Hussein when we have millions of fair weather patriots and other cowards like Molon Labe who were too stiffnecked and prideful to vote for Romney even to save their nation from the Left. If you stayed home rather than vote for Romney you know who you are and so do we. Traitors. Hackers, bah.

  • Oliver

    What a perfect way to diffuse any allegations of voter fraud from Team Obama.
    These guys are good.

  • Bronson

    OMG It’s the guy from that movie and he said the evil Karl Rove wanted to steal the election and OMG OMG OMG OMG I believe these kiddies who made a youtube video in their basement or something

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  • Multitude

    If you’re going to continue to back the RNC and their candidates, get used to having your face perpetually stomped on by the boots of the progressive thugs. Romney’s campaign, led by incompetents that the candidate refused to fire, was as adept as the old Prussian generals that were constantly shocked and surprised that the “rash, improper Napoleon would dare launch a battle before breakfast.”

    The political war has changed. The RNC hasn’t. They’re still embracing incrimentalization myths: if we only do a bit more of what we used to do, try harder, raise more money, do it the same old way, but with more intensity, all will be fine. They’re bringing a horse to a tank battle.

    This is 0-2. Tea Party, now’s the time to form something new and abandon the old generals that will never, ever learn. Either that, or get used to failure.

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  • CV1

    Romney lost for two reasons:

    1. There are more uninformed voters than informed.
    2. The media wanted Obama to win.

    Romney ran an honorable campaign and he is a good man. He would have made a fine president.

  • JenBee

    #9 Llarry commented:

    ORCA was a disaster that was never tested before it was used. Romney lost because he followed the Karl Rove playbook of never defending himself until it was too late, refusing to hold his opponents responsible for their disastrous policies, and not articulating clearly why conservative policies would work better on personal level for Americans.


    Also, while I think Anon might have the capability to hack into any computer system it wants, I think if this were true it would have gone online and crowed about it the day after the election instead of waiting until the GOP/Romney camp went out and publicly declared that ORCA failed.


    If I discover a member I swear I will kill them slowly and painfully. Bastards.

  • King

    What will we tell our grandchildren years from now when they see these videos and ask why we did nothing? Why we ignored it? Relegated it to the “to do” pile while we focused on the next election that would never come. The villains out themselves and we talk. And talk. And talk. We are beset on all sides by communists and their anarchist puppets. Violent criminals and traitors. Thieves that would steal our liberty. It must have been a cold comfort to a German citizen who opposed Hitler to look back and say “I told you so.” Are their consciences clear because they pointed out that those brown shirts looked like trouble. I imagine not. Is that our fate? A coalition of radicals mean us harm. They aren’t in the shadows. They announce themselves and mock us. Mock our liberties. The very liberties they seek to destroy. All funded by our tax dollars. Meanwhile we argue whether our top priority should be outreach or inclusiveness. We talk as they kill our nation.

  • Oliver

    #23 JenBee

    It’s not just that Orca failed, he says he hacked it because it was programmed to steal votes. That’s what the right is saying about the left, so he’s flipped the accusation.

    It doesn’t matter whether he hacked it or not, or even why it didn’t work — he’s given the left & the MSM a “credible” out to diffuse accusations of fraud by Team Obama.

    You are missing the entire point.

    Once again, with the help of the media, the Dems will look like victims of the evil GOP. And NO ONE WILL LISTEN WHEN THE RIGHT CALLS FOUL.

  • JenBee

    #26 Oliver, gotcha.

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  • Senior D… I think you may have missed the good news. The Obama administration is still in charge.
    Thank God, right?
    The administration that got bin Laden.
    I know, I’m relieved, too.

  • tysmwest

    Let me get this at least two blue urban areas in 51 districts in Philly and 37 in Chi Town..100% of the vote went to Obama and Romney got none…That is impossible without voter manipulation….that makes this a stolen illegal election…and obama is a crinimal overload in charge of a crime syndicate…I shall not comply.

  • Agent 99

    S. Wolf @ # 16……..>>>>>>>>>>
    Exactly. The Far Right mostly stayed home. (((Via Free Republic and other sites))
    Romney The RINO (according to them) Their belief is that A Candidate in A Presedential NEEDS to be both Fiscally and SOCIALLY Conservative, And they want to Co-Opt (Take Over) the GOP! No way can a Presedential Candidate win with THAT message. Look up SHARRON ANGLE of Nevada. LOST to Harry Reid ((Angle …Scientology and NO Abortion under any cicrumstances)) Sue Loudon (R) Nevada would have been a far better choice.
    They want a THIRD PARTY.
    WHY not Co-opt The DEMS???? The DEM/LIb/ Godless Commies are the ones that need to GO!!!
    And BTW ….Please sign the Benghazi Petition via Senator Graham. ((No takers??) Nope…just sit there and say F#C* Rove and all RINOS.
    ROMNEY was the Best and still is. AND…lots of the Christian Voters stayed home. Not because the DMS say we are a GODLESS Nation ……Nope, because Romney is a Cult Member……aka Mormon. Wow!! Even though BHO is a Muzzie that I believe WE are STUCK with. ……Far-Right WILL try to take over the GOP! So, what do you Expect them to do??
    Cost this NATION Dearly. Just TRY to take over the GOP or WORSE YET organize that THIRD Party. *****Many ambitious ppl run under the TEA PARTY Banner that are USING the Tea Party. I say ….TAKE OVER The DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!Boot the DEMS out.
    One more thing……SARAH PALIN ……”I took on MY OWN PARTY”……..So I guess some Rs really knew the truth in that statement. So why welcome into the GOP with wide open arms??? And NO….I do not Dislike Palin! Quite the opposite. Just SEEING things in a DFFERENT Perspective.

  • I can’t believe anyone would believe this hacking claim since Karl Rove is an honorable man who loves America. But worse yet, look at the facts. George Soros owns the company that provides voting machines. Testers were allowed to take these voting machines home to “test” them. And now someone wants us to believe Rove somehow had access to change voting data? Right, and the moon is made of blue cheese.

    Romney lost because he wasn’t able (or willing) to match Owe’s “gifts” from taxpayers’ funds. Romney is also an honorable man who loves America. Too bad the resident in the WH isn’t and doesn’t.

  • Buzzy

    #31 Agent 99-

    Excellent comment. Shortly after the 2008 election I happened onto a website that was intended for the “team captains” from Ron Paul’s C4L organization. It was clearly stated that they had looked at both parties, and decided that they were closer to the R’s fiscal policy, and that the R party would be easier to take over because none of the R’s wanted to get their hands dirty. They told their team captains to encourage C4L members to try to infiltrate every local GOP, and to become members and delegates so that they could work to get Ron, and their preferred candidates elected into office. If you look around, almost every Ron Paul supported candidate lost their races, and acted as spoilers in some others. Mia Love comes to mind. I’m sure many read the stories about the Paul supporters causing major grief in many states when it came time to delegate selection. They are in your face rude, crude, and demanding. Look at what they did at the RNC convention. They remind me of a kid in a store with Mom, and when they can’t have what they want they throw a tantrum loud and clear.

    Many, even Rush, are now finally figuring out that in order to win elections we have to change the culture, not as much the politics. As Ace had said, culture is the dog, politics is what wags the dog’s tail. The Paul/libertarians/national Tea Party groups absolutely refused to even talk about the social and/or national security planks of the R party. That is because those groups are closer to the liberals “hey if it feels good do it” mindset. Paul’s group hit every college campus they could get onto, and promised the inexperienced, away from parental control and rules, party time, non tax paying citizens, college kids with the promise of legalized drugs, and that they would never have to worry about fighting for their country, or shedding blood to fight for our freedoms. Ron said that all we need is a few good submarines to protect this country, and that anyone who wants to build a mosque has the right to do so. Hasn’t the left already done enough damage with turning our young people into glorified idiots. The only difference between a libertarian and a lefty is that the libertarian will fight to protect his pocket as his leg is getting broken, the lefty will let anyone pick his pocket and break his leg with no fight, and then call himself a victim and you a racist.

  • Coasta

    Ok, where are the hackers to hack into Anonymous? Get r dun!!

  • JoyO

    This article brings to light one of my major concerns about voting via computers. We the People do not, to my knowledge, have a way to go back after the election results are in to ensure that our vote was counted as we voted. I plan on writing my state’s election board to find out what they are doing to ensure honesty in the system. There must be an established system of “testing for integrity” after the votes are counted — this is especially true after this article AND a video of a programmer in Ohio who testified in court that he had “rigged” the program to ensure his side won.

  • Joe Blow

    I would imagine the culprits are really part of this Obama group. You may have to copy and paste to get a link.


    Anonymous and most hackers rely on social engineering and or an inside guy. I imagine there was a traitor in the Romney development team, which was probably outsourced to a company to produce ORCA.

    As to actually doing something about the state of our country….I don’t think it is possible to fix. We knew what those brats marching against the US and using Vietnam as a pretext for violence and Marxism were going to do when they grew up. Today was inevitable when looking at the children of the 50’s as they became the young adults of the 60’s. Our nation is playing out Woodstock on a national stage.

    I have often said that I wondered what it was like to be in Germany as Democracy was destroyed, and now I know.

    To remain civilized and love our brothers means there is nothing we can do. Frankly, we are not willing to be them.


    Oh, about conservatives staying home from the election. I say it is a good thing. Yes, Obama’s policies are worse than what Romney would put into place, but in the end Romney would move the ball further left in the name of conservatism, and we cannot let that happen. I would rather let the US burn and be rebuilt, than be co-opted. As it is the GOP shows their establishment Big Government colors again today which is why I will not vote for any of them again in my lifetime.

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  • valerie

    The Democratic Party is busy pretending that the Republicans were engaged in voter fraud. We all know what that means. When they get out in front with an accusation like that, it’s because they did it.

    Paper ballots. Scanners. Voter id.

    We have the technology to have audit able elections with very short reporting times. A lot of the recent changes have needlessly opened up the system to fraud.

    Credibility counts.

  • valerie

    #34 November 18, 2012 at 8:17 am
    Coasta commented:

    Not to worry. There is no such thing as anonymity on the Internet. “Anonymous” is not really a group. The kids like to call it a “meme,” meaning that anybody can say they’re part of Anonymous for one post or a thousand and nobody knows. It’s like writing “Kilroy was here.”

    There are a lot of young people with decent but naive computer skills, who think they know how to keep their privacy while posting on the Internet. And then, there are all the different security groups. The simple truth is, it takes a bit of work, but not much time, to find damn near anybody. All it takes is a little bit of determination. You isolate the right question, and then move right along.

    If you want to know more, you can head on over to a place called Reddit. It’s an eye-opening experience.

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  • Oliver

    #32 Katablog. You’re kidding, right?

    Millions of people HATE Karl Rove. He’s associated with Bush for starters. And what Team O does best is say what people want to hear. Even if it’s a lie. Doesn’t matter. Many people want to believe that the evil Karl Rove would do this, some nutball (or the media) says he did this, therefore HE DID IT.

    Whether the program was hacked or not IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.

  • Kevin Flynn

    Anon is a fake leftist movement, comprised of children who lack the knowledge they claim to possess. Propaganda with no proof. Real hackers are logical thinkers that DO NOT VOTE Democrat. Ejeets would never support anyone who seeks to censor and suppress the net. Piss off script kiddies, and take your BS with you.

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  • JamesJust

    It is a common communist propaganda trick to accuse you of doing exactly what they are doing. anonymous is cia+kgb. Hussein was so confident because the cia had given him all the software he needed to flip the switch. The cia software was developed ten years ago to flip the east European votes for pro American candidates and Putin gave it to Hussein obama to insure that he would do the Kremlins bidding.

  • Hugh

    Riiiiight. How does anonymous square the 59 or so districts that have not one vote for Romney? And how does anonymous square the fact that the media chose to not report on that but rather one district that only had 3 votes for Obama and to present it in such a way as to imply they were backwards racists. How does anonymous square that? Me thinks anonymous is part of the establishment.

  • Iconoclast

    Seems to me ‘Anonymous’ needs to join the Small Pox category of history. Hard to tell which one has the less social utility ….

  • MJ

    “Anonymous” just took credit for this election being a TOTAL sham

  • #22
    Romney lost for two reasons:

    1. There are more uninformed voters than informed.
    2. The media wanted Obama to win.

    Yep, that’s it in a nutshell.
    The most uninformed electorate in our nations history.

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  • delusional

    Let’s try to find out if any firewall was actually in place.

    Assume for a moment that someone had blocked access from Fox studios in NY, to the Ohio Sec of State website. When they tried to use a fox computer, the SoS website would time-out. Fox would still need that data, and some staffer (maybe Rove himself) would quickly figure out the workaround, forwarding data from some non-firewalled computer, to the fox studios.
    This is exactly what happened, Rove said so.
    Quoted At 1:30 of the video linked below. “… secretary of state website… I have the director of the Ohio campaign for Romney ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE refreshing the page every few seconds.”
    This is positive proof that Rove was firewalled in some manner. The SofS website was operating properly, but Rove could not access it. There is no other explanation for why he was getting this particular data from the Ohio director.

    Moving further, let’s imagine that the people who created the firewall had been quite effectively playing games with the Romney campaign’s ORCA project all day long. They are laughing as Rove stammers “I’m getting my data from Ohio’s campaign director”. What would those people do? They’d firewall Ohio’s campaign director as well.
    This is exactly what happened, Rove said so.
    Quoted At 4:50 of the video linked below. “Apparently the website has been crashed, because they can no longer refresh it.” Now the Ohio director was blocked too.

    This is proof positive that Anonymous should not be underestimated.

  • They’ve lost all my respect as an organization. A bunch of cry baby kids who think they have the power. Pussies hiding behind the mask.