28,000 SUPPORTERS Turn Out in the Cold to See Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania!

28,000 SUPPORTERS Turned Out to See Mitt in Bucks County Pennsylvania!

Romney Road Team

Mitt is pulling in larger crowds – IN THE COLDthan Barack Obama and Bill Clinton – COMBINED!

Philip Rucker

Carl Cameron on FOX News reported 28,000 turned out to see Mitt Romney in Bucks County Pennsylvania.

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  • forest


    Went to the Ryan event in Harrisburg yesterday. The people I talked to most in line were Democrats from Montgomery Co (rich Philly burbs). They voted for Obama and went to his rallies last time. And there was the union guy from York too.

  • bigkahuna

    But hey Mitt doesnt have a chance right??? I mean Obama is a lock to be elected.

    I think we will have a Chi fil e type day on Tues

  • Mad Hatter

    I just caught the speech on Right Scoop. Never in my life have I ever seen this large, and this enthusiastic of a crowd in Pennsylvania for a Republican Candidate.

    The tide has changed.

  • jenny

    U GO Romney!! Come on Pennsylvania!

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  • veryconservative

    Mad Hatter. from ur mouth to Gods ears PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RealMc

    R&R 2012.

  • forest

    Obama won 54-45 in Bucks last time. Romney will take it this year. The margins will be slashed in WB-Scranton and Montgomery Co. WPA and CPA will be high turnout bloodbaths. Romney is taking PA.

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  • Sandy

    Forest #2
    The Dems you met from the Philly suburbs will they vote for Romney?

  • Sandy

    How do you spell recovery Romney/Ryan

  • SM-WI

    Here in Wisconsin—-since my 86 year old mother in law—-life long Dem—who has NEVER voted for a Repub before said she’s going to vote Romney/Ryan. She said she just couldn’t vote for Barry again because of the awful economy, lack of jobs, Obamacare……so not surprised to hear that Dems in other states are coming to the same conclusion!

  • Bill Mitchell

    D+4 electorate my ass.

  • forest

    “Sandy commented:

    Forest #2
    The Dems you met from the Philly suburbs will they vote for Romney?”

    Indeed they will. They were at tonight’s rally and they have a sign in their yard. They said they were getting some flack from their lib-elite friends, but the sign wars were running about even in the neighborhood. In 2008 they said there were exactly zero McCain signs.

  • Jim Scrummy

    Wow! They kinda threw this event together on the fly? Getting almost 30K on a Sunday afternoon/early evening. I am impressed! This truly is a “crawl over broken glass” election against a sitting president. Kind of like 1980? Don’t expect that kind of blowout on Tuesday.

  • bg




    “ditherer in chief”

    [And Obama’s terror of risk contributed to the massacre of Americans by terrorists in Benghazi. We hear that the president did not even convene the Counterterrorism Security Group while the Benghazi terrorist massacre was visually and verbally available in real time. That is like ignoring FEMA during Hurricane Sandy. But once you bring in a group labeled anti-terrorist, you have to acknowledge terror exists, something the president is loath to do.

    My veteran friends are horrified by the Obama-Panetta doctrine. At least 359 retired flag officers support Mitt Romney – only five that I know of support Obama. Some 150 former prisoners of war also support Romney; I know of none who support Obama.

    America needs to listen to these veterans. They understand leadership. They know how to deal with risk in war. They would not want this man with them in combat or crisis. They never left a needy comrade behind. Obama did.]

    much more at link..


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  • Flintstone F.

    That’s clearly 30,000.

    38 hrs. (roughly) and empty suit becomes lame duck. I’ll bet Obama is just as excited as I am (Plenty of time for one more party).

  • Militant Conservative

    Democrats, specifically WHITE Deomocrats, are the ones Obama has lost the most.

    It’s the economy stupid, We are ALL hurting now. Black, White, Hispanic, Male, Female,

    Newly Graduated, Jews, Catholics, Bitter Clingers and just plain joe schmo.

    Obama has caused all of us to look for better days, Romney has done this before

    Obama never has. “It is easier to beleive in that which was, than that which never was”

    Obama is a never was.

  • JohnTels

    Fox News owns all you idiots. Don’t buy their numbers….

  • Steve


    We have the full video posted now on Common Cents…


  • bg


    re ot: #17 – page 1 November 4, 2012 at 7:06 pm bg

    ‘Obama gift-wrapped Libya to al-Qaida’


  • Gary

    I’m so sick of people like Charles Krauthammer going on Fox and pouring cold water on the campaign. For the sake of sounding like the smartest guy in the room, he’s willing to demoralize our side just two days before the election.
    The idea that four years of this crap can be papered over by Obama’s photo op in hurricane Sandy is absurd.
    We already have so many liberal news outlets. Why do we have to hear this from people who pass themselves off as conservative?

  • bg


    Steve #22 – page 1 November 4, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Thank You!! 🙂


  • bg


    Gary #24 – page November 4, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Amen to that!!

    both he & Rove need to retire along with
    our elitist career politicians in Congress..

    TERM LIMITS for guest commenters too!! /semi serious/


  • Barry Boo Boo

    I live 4 miles away from this event. Let me tell you it is really cold, damp and nasty out here where this Romney event took place and the farm is in a wide open area where the wind rarely stops blowing. Also we’ve been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and many of us lost power for days and many still don’t have power. All of this should go to show you how impressive it is for Romney to draw a crowd that huge to this area.

  • Mad Hatter

    Here’s the full speech with camera pans of the crowd reported to be 35,000 by Right Scoop.


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  • bg


    Mad Hatter #28 – page 2 November 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    thank you too.. 😉


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  • Matt B

    There had to have been 30,000+ there, it was packed. I tried to compare it to a sold out Phillies game (~45K). The group I was with had tickets but we did not even make it in. The line to get through security was 1000s deep at all times. We moved about 20 feet in the line in about 45 mins. We probably could have made it in since Mitt’s arrival was delayed by about an hour. I saw hundreds of people leaving the line to watch the event from outside of the secured area. Great time, great energy!

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  • crb from Lancaster

    I drove from Lancaster…absolutely incredible momentum creating forMitt. This event was only annonced Fri afternoon…..in only 48hrs, the word spread like a wildfire to result in a 28,000 Pennsylvanian turnout. Rock On. “PA IS in play.”

  • john b

    I just got back from the rally. Here is some detail on the picture you show: There is a sea of people behind that shot — I know — I was among them. The “main event” started late — there were so many people they could not get them throught themetal detectors fast enough. It was very cold and very windy: low 40s with a very big wind. Yet people did not leave until Romney cam and spoke. We are THAT DETERMINED!

    Traffic was backed the full 1/2 mile to the interstate and the interstate off ramp had a 1/2 mile back up as well (when I got through it).

    the only reason Barky was in CT was to help Murphy beat McMahon for the Senate. Let’s not let that happen either!

  • crb from Lancaster

    Crowd was highly-energized. …absolutely incredible momentum is crestng for Romney crowd chanted “2 more days, 2 more days”. Met decent, conservative people. Several who belonged to churches helping out Sandy victims in NJ. Speaks to the values that Romney embodies in his supporters. Highly enthused massivecrowd. Gates opened at 2 and Miitt’s bus arrived at about 6:30….and it was cold. Pretty impressive…this is the “motivation gap” that should have Obama campaign VERY concerned. Go Mitt!!!!!!

  • Look-Out

    Thanks to all who’ve shared your stories of that wonderful rally!

    You can’t imagine how much it means to us who live on prayers, trapped in our deep blue states.


  • Earl T

    The Lame Stream Media had absolutely no idea that “Chick-flil_A Day” was going to happen! That’s because no one in the Media knows anything about the evangelicals and the Tea Party, since both groups operate under the LSM radar (or is that gaydar?)

    Same phenomenon will happen Tuesday, as evidenced by this “broken-weather” turn-out in a previously predictable “Blue” state.

    The state-sanctioned LSM, their minions and their ilk, can kiss my grits!

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  • Militant Conservative

    #21 November 4, 2012 at 7:19 pm
    JohnTels commented:

    AWWWW, poor lil leftist is sligging mud and thinks we all listen to FOX.

    Son, many of us watch and listen to more news than you have active brain cells.

    John has a room temp I.Q. —- in celcius.

  • bg


    JohnTels #21 November 4, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    don’t have cable:

    Fox News was the last straw..

    but still 100% better than all the rest..

    and we’re idiots??

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!


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  • sam

    I was there tonight, sat (well, stood) in line for close to an hour. After it was all over, sat in a parking lot for almost an hour to leave…
    Definitely did not expect to see so many romney supporters in PA, especially in an area so close to philadelphia (I’m from philly, and I’m only about 20 minutes from shady brook). Such an awesome experience
    “President Obama says you can only change washington d.c. from the outside in..well, let’s give him the chance to do so!”

  • Fionnagh

    #38 Right there with you!

  • Westerner

    To all of you who’ve posted that you’ve gone to these events, in the bitter cold and wind, bucking lines and crowds and all the adversities that these huge events present…I salute you!!

  • Mingo

    See what happens when you crap on our people, little O”boy”ma??

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  • bg


    Mingo #47 November 4, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    i’m not one of your people, whoever they are, i’m am American, you??

    sorry, i don’t appreciate racist remarks, even if they’re unintended..


  • Joseph

    SHOCK POLL: could romnee win CALIFORNIA? and could romnee win VERMON??

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  • Militant Conservative

    Lighten Up BG.

    This just shows how detested this occupant of the WH is.

    America has had it with PC. Speak your mind, it’s America.

    PC is just censorship via speech control.

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  • ratsofred

    Hopefully we can celebrate a victory for America on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning , by soundly defeating obama . Truth be told the battle for America is just beginning .

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  • Tom Roff

    Thank God…. this will soon be over:



  • Bob

    Lifetime Democrat here , my first vote was for JFK, but as a Viet Nam Vet, I cannot vote for Obama, he does not respect our troops,… as a senior citizen… Obama wants to triple the tax on my dividend income … Lets make it a landslide for Romney…. I do not know anyone who is a senior citizen or a veteran who is voting for Obama… Obama is a disgrace to this nation… Go , Romney, Go

  • I pray to God that all the experts are wrong and Romney somehow gets the electoral votes to beat this incompetent empty suit. All Oblamer will do the next 4 years is golf, hang out with his homeies and fly all over the world with his wife and kids on his “goodbye tour” on our dime.