UK Police Arrest Top Anti-Muslim Activists – Throw Leader in Islamic Wing of Prison

British police arrested top anti-Muslim activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ on charges of entering US illegally to speak at a conference with Pamela Gellar. Over 53 people were arrested including leaders of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.

SHOCKING VIDEO: In October Tommy Robinson was attacked by an Islamist in London while driving down the street.

British police are holding him in a Muslim wing of a prison with Muslim cell mates.
British Freedom Organization reported:

We have just heard that Tommy Robinson has been incarcerated in London’s Wandsworth Prison, sharing a cell with Muslims on a wing full of Muslims screaming death threats at him.

This is how the authorities react to those who try to warn Britain of the greatest threat to national peace and security since the Second World War.

The British Government is hereby forewarned that should any harm come to Tommy Robinson in prison, they will be held to account.

The Government has a duty of care to all prisoners, not to go out of their way to place them in potential danger for vindictive or political reasons.

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  • ShawnP

    Actually Romney is wrong you can kill your way out the Islamic problem.

    One bullet at a time.

  • wtd

    Is a Coordinated, Europe-Wide Crackdown on Counterjihad Movements Underway? by Cheradenine Zakalwe @ Islam v. Europe blog

    Is this the much-anticipated post-Breivik crackdown on Counterjihad movements, which never really seemed to materialise at the time, now happening with delayed effect?

    Some indications:

    The arrests of Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston

    Police questioning of Pierre Sauterel, the man believed to be behind the website, which is the linchpin of the anti-Genocide, anti-Islam movement in France, as well as raids on the offices of its website host, putting the main website offline.

    A police crackdown on the Pro Movement in Germany.

    Arrests and calls for dissolution of

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there had recently been an EU-level meeting of interior ministers or their representatives where a decision was made to launch a coordinated crackdown.

    German Government Launches Raids on Anti-Islam Pro-Deutschland Movement

    Among the accused are all five members of the Pro Köln board. In the last four years, they are said to have defrauded the city of a “high five-figure amount”, confirmed the spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office, Ulrich Bremer. Pro Köln rejects the charges.

    Police and the state prosecutor’s office are investigating 15 members and sympathisers of the far-right organisation Pro Köln on the charge of organised and professional fraud. From 8 o’clock on Tuesday investigators searched 17 offices and homes of the suspects in Cologne, Leverkusen and Berlin, including the party’s central office on the Heumarkt and the Leverkusen lawyer’s office of the party leader Markus Beisicht. The investigators searched for documents that confirmed the suspected fraud. The police confiscated computers and written documents, as well as invoice receipts. The material is to be examined within the next few days.

    The investigators are examining indications according to which party functionaries and the so-called expert citizens invented several hundred party meetings in order to collect session money. Members of the board receive a flat fee reimbursement of 17.30 euros per meeting; expert citizens receive 36 euros. “Many sessions apparently existed only on paper,” reported one investigator.

    The investigators confiscated computers, invoicing documents and written statements, which will now be analysed. Interior minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) said to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”: “The fraud charges brought against party members of pro Köln show once again how unscupulously these right-wing extremists want to plunder the democratic lawful state. It seems these psychological firebrands don’t even shrink from criminal acts to finance their inhuman and xenophobic incitement to hatred. Pro Köln’s attempt to avoid the stamp of anti-constitutionality at any price has failed.”

  • l.barney

    all freedom loving people should beware of going to Londinistan- I was in england for a short week, and shocked at how many muslims were there whole blocks of stores with arabic writing on them~ women in hijabs- its sad but true England is no more

  • Tabby

    Holy crap this is feeling like a really, really bad dream!
    Are we suddenly living in Afghanistan?? Iran perhaps?! WTH is going on?!?

  • dwdude

    michael savage banned in britain. you get what you accept…give your tax dollars to the socialist muslim loving government and help them destroy your society. seems all of the revolutionaries left long ago.

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  • mg4us

    The UK is allowing itself to be conquered from within. . .

    Wake up people of England before it is too late. . .

  • Tabby

    Remember folks, America is only a step behind Europe with this stuff.
    This is really pathetic! Why are European Governments choosing these disgusting tyrants that are a mix of Caveman – Warriors & Nazis over their own people?? It’s unfathomable!
    My gosh this is concerning!

  • Walknot

    Muslims vs. IRA…that could be interesting.

  • Practical Jane

    This is what happens when Muslims are allowed positions of authority in the west. From Policemen to Congress, from Judges to Mayors, from Dog Catchers to President no Muslims should ever hold a position of authority in a Western Nation.

  • UK is a soft fascist nanny state, unless something major happens to wake up the indigenous people they will go the way of the previous tribes who have enhabited the british isles and fade away.

    what ive noticed is around the globe every little subgroup of an ethnic identity is entitled to a homeland, and nation states are entitled to determine who and how much immigration if any they will alow…

    unless your european the united states or israel

  • Captain Kirk

    Our cousins are a bunch of retards…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The British Government is hereby forewarned that should any harm come to Tommy Robinson in prison, they will be held to account.

    It’s quite doubtful that any official in the British Government is losing sleep over it. The UK is already the point of safe return.

    A rebellion against the insanity that seems to be descending on the UK is likely to be very, very messy, to say the least.

  • ahem

    MEP Nigel Farage has a must-see video on ZH for those unfamiliar with the current totalitarian condition of the EU, Britain included. This is what we face if Obama gets through in November, the rise of the unelected government.

    Nigel Farage On The Total Subjugation Of Europe:

  • man_in_tx

    Who is that prissy little pr**k who is in charge of England now? He is not worthy to tie Tommy Robinson’s shoes, and history will accord him the appropriate ranking that his deceit and cowardice have earned him. He is disgusting….. But, I suspect that President Romney will druel over him.

  • man_in_tx

    Here is what Weston wrote to Cameron (the prissy one) earlier this month, apparently. It is a beauty:

    Perhaps this is what got him and his cronies arrested.

    Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

  • Jeannie

    #13 exactly. Just as we are just learning that hundreds of top radical Islamists were in and out of the White House so it shall come to pass, hopefully, that the Muslim brotherhood and sympathizers are dug in deep all over England, France, Italy and Spain.

  • donh

    and just who is the new bunk bed buddy of the jailed Innocence of Muslims film maker Nakoula ?

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  • American Woman

    The English have been sold out by the Progressives they elect to govern. It is pathetic, and if the English don’t react to this travesty of justice, England will turn into another Islamic Fascist hellhole.

  • Radegunda

    Jim, please don’t call him “anti-Muslim.” He’s pro-Britain. He’s a very brave man who’s trying to save his country and culture from a hostile takeover by those who want to impose sharia on everybody.

    Calling him “anti-Muslim” just feeds the establishment line that the EDL is fueled by nothing but bigotry. You’re giving the stealth-jihad a weapon that they can use against us.

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  • Militant Conservative

    I do not see this going over too well in America. Gonna be alot of dead muslims.

    You assault me like that and you’ll be on the ground needing serious assistance.

    Your friends show up, even more so. This will not end well. This is why Islam is

    invading “soft” targets not conceal carry states. The Northern states

    will need johnny reb once again.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Worth repeating:

    “Jim, please don’t call him “anti-Muslim.” He’s pro-Britain. He’s a very brave man who’s trying to save his country and culture from a hostile takeover by those who want to impose sharia on everybody.

    Calling him “anti-Muslim” just feeds the establishment line that the EDL is fueled by nothing but bigotry. You’re giving the stealth-jihad a weapon that they can use against us.”


    Tommy Robinson is a hero. As is Kevin Carroll and the others. Atlas Shrugs has more. This is what it looks lieu without (true) First Amendment rights. Will be here unless we stop it now.

  • O:F

    The problem with EDL is exactly what you see in this video, bad language and a street fight attitude, plus they have a hard time distancing themselves from the neo nazi extremists. Constant use of the Israel flag and the rainbow/queer flag, unlike what they seem to think, is not going to wash that connection away. They are too blunt to gain any public acceptance.

    I can understand Pamela Geller’s words “we don’t have the solution for their problems” with UK having a different situation, but I still think involving EDL is shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, I think most people would acknowledge that I’ve tried really hard to bankrupt America but it’s not reflected in the polls!

    I have tried Cash 4 Clunkers, Guns 4 Mexican Gangs, Cash 4 Cronies, Cash 4 Muslim Votes, Lies 4 Benghazi Terrorists, Jail 4 Film makers, Scams 4 Donations, Lies 4 0bamaCare, Cash 4 0bamaCare Waivers, and I still have not gotten my polling numbers up!

    I have almost bankrupted America. I have killed million of jobs. I have sent gas prices through the roof. I have maxed-out America’s credit card!

    I have killed 300 Mexicans. I have killed boarder patrol agents, Ambassadors, and American support people. I have caused embassies to be burned and the Black flag of Terrorism to be raised over our embassies – and it’s not reflected in CNN’s polls!

    I have handcuffed the troops with restrictive rules of engagement. I have tried to lose the war in Afghanistan!

    I have even gutted my own sanctions on Iran. Twenty countries can buy all the Iranian oil they want… and some of may trickle into the US.

    I have completely ripped off and ditched the Jews. I have lied to – and stolen from my donors!

    I have flip-flop on Egypt. I have given Syria to the Russians. I left the Middle East in a civil war. I have tried my best to wreck the world!

    Why is this not reflected in CNN’s polls? Are the CNN’s polls lying? Are the Hollywood Talking Heads giving me hand job? I don’t understand!

  • The UK does not have First Amendment. They, as many other nations, believe if you say nothing about Islamic terrorism, it will go away. Facng the facts with satire and criticism is the only way we will stop jihad.

  • Paula

    I’m sorry but wtf is England doing.I’m of English background who would under no circumstance would go there considering the fact that from what I have seen in news have sum academic of radical Muslims there and for them to throw this poor man in jail and make it known that he will be out in section housing them for gods sake think I will not be considering myself English no more.the English in government seems to have 100%caved in to the radicals.I have no prob with any race but if they are coming into whatever country should abide by laws of that country and should not be able to change that governments laws just like I would never demand ghat someplace should do just because I asked or argued about my having more rights as a citizen of that country.what has this world come to allowing one specific group of people are being raised to a high degree of importance even here in the us lookout Hispanic lol.shame on England fir what they have done

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  • dan

    us English patriots have never seen a good honest politician ,but have heard of people like churchill and powell….since thoses two names where very influential poePLE FOR speaking for the brits…..we have had no one till a sunbed shop owner named of tommy robinson spoke out…,his views where so accurate that he has gripped the world…patriots love him while his enemies are still on the streets wanting to kill him( islamofiacsits and our govnernment supported groups UAF~) the british govnerment namely labour are so weAk they have created a two tier system which lets off ethnics and jails white honest people like tommy…EDL have told the world we will never surrender, so any left wing scum? we are hear to stay so NFSE…..KEEP YOUR CHIN UP SAINT TOMMY

  • Rod Harper

    Yes Tommy robinson and not anti-Islam but anti-Islamification of our country and hence Anti-Radical Islamists who wants to take-over our country.

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