Top Obama PAC Donor Bill Maher: “Obama Looks Like He DOES Need a Teleprompter”

The debate was so bad for Barack Obama last night that even top PAC donor Bill Maher gave the win to Mitt Romney.

Maher even took a crack at TOTUS.

Bill Maher was not alone in his misery.
Michael Moore may have had the best line of the night:
‘This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach’

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  • AuntieMadder

    I’ve had my local Fox tv news station (Fox 4 Dallas/Ft Worth) on for an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half this morning. It’s with disappointment that I tell you that they’ve only briefly reported on last night’s debate, starting out by reporting that the average polling of the debate shows Romney the winner and then showing a few clips of Romney making brief statements of fact, each followed with a much longer clip of Kenya Boy stating something different or even the opposite, appearing to correct and school Romney. Whether the clips are being played out of context and order or simply giving Kenya Boy the last word, I couldn’t tell you without playing through the recorded debate, looking specifically for each of Romney’s statements and Kenya Boy’s speeches used by Fox4 D/FW. Doesn’t so much matter in the big scheme of things, anyway, because Fox4 D/FW viewers who didn’t watch the debate last night will be left with the impression that, regardless of viewer polls, Kenya Boy made the stronger points last night.

    Oh, and Fox4 D/FW’s earlier report, during the 6am to 7am hour, was followed by a sharing of some of last night’s tweets/twitters, all of which were insults of Romney.

    Impressive creative work by Fox4 D/FW, but disappointing nonetheless.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    But you’ll still carry his baggage right Billy?

  • anti-bho

    Well, don’t forget there is two more debates. Getting over-optomistic now wouldn’t be prudent.
    Romney did wash, wax, and polish obama’s a$$ though, didn’t he?

  • Look-Out

    A CNN poll after the debate: Romney 67 Obama 25

    While Romney said more WORDS (almost twice?) than Obama, BHO got more TIME (almost 5 min.) than Romney: MSNBC reads it as BHO’s “listlessness”.

    Those two (CNN/MSNBC) finally got a good look at their loser last night. Not pretty, was it?

  • mg4us

    According to to the same un-named source used by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN as well as NYT and WaPo, Bill Maher has requested his $1MM be returned on the basis of California’s Lemon Law. . .
    Obama is not what he claims he was and is a lemon of a leader.

    Rather He want’s to donate the funds to the Teleprompter Of The United States (TOTUS)

    More at 11.

  • AuntieMadder

    #3 October 4, 2012 at 8:10 am
    anti-bho commented:

    Well, don’t forget there is two more debates. Getting over-optomistic now wouldn’t be prudent.
    Romney did wash, wax, and polish obama’s a$$ though, didn’t he?

    With Kenya Boy’s t-shirt, at that!

    Your advice about not being overly optimistic is smart.

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  • Bogdan from Australia

    DEGENERATES’ rude awakening…

  • Finncrisp

    It is about time we change the narrative to the true state of the shrinking Presidency of Barry. He looked small and factless for this round. A true reflection of the imaginary benefits of his election.

  • Eye spy

    Gosh, it almost sounds like Maher is lucid!
    I suspect however, the psyche ward is padding the walls in anticipation for pissy Matthews visit.

  • Dave-O

    Instead of John (“reporting for duty” Kerry – perhaps next time they’ll ask Jimmy Carter to prep Obammy.

  • ertdfg

    “anti-bho commented:

    Well, don’t forget there is two more debates. Getting over-optomistic now wouldn’t be prudent.”

    Actually there are 3 more debates… the next one is Ryan – Biden.

    Of course I can see why the Obama/Biden team might want to downplay that one. It probably wont’ be pretty. I expect the NYT to call that one a “draw” as well once it’s over.

  • mg4us

    The Emperor has NO CLOTHES. . .and NO FACTS too!

    He is an EMPTY suit. . .An EMPTY Chair!

    Romney stated the facts 23MM unemployed. . 1 in 6 in Poverty, 47MM on food stamps

    BUT Here is the clearest fact. . LOOK AROUND at ALL THE EMPTY STORE FRONTS

  • averagemelon

    People still have brains and they got the opportunity to use them last night watching an unscripted answering of questions about important issues facing the American people.

    Even my sixteen year old was making incredulous faces at the tv and asking me why Obama kept repeating the exact same acusations that Romney PLAINLY refuted.

    EMPTY SUIT. Maher never in a million years believed what the Conservatives have been screaming for the last FIVE years might actually have been true.

  • Perfected democrat

    Maher is a fool, you would think (for his own “cause”) he would be smart enough to put a positive spin on Oblunder’s snake oil show; goes to show, the Democrats as a group are a bunch of pretentious incompetents…

  • Perfected democrat

    “Al Gore Blames Denver for Obama debate loss””

    What? It wasn’t global warming? The Democrats have become absolutely lame…

  • BurmaShave

    Bill Maher picks and invests heavily in a loser. It’s what Libs do.

  • Joanie

    We’ve just seen the “empty podium”

  • valerie

    BO’s performance was just fine. He delivered the talking points, and in a manner that a person so inclined could find to be credible.

    He did have two problems: 1) The talking points were a pack of lies that anybody with a basic knowledge of recent events could recognize as lies; 2) Mitt Romney pointed out that they were lies.

  • Read Obama’s pity-inducing post-debate email to supporters……….…….

  • chemman

    The problem wasn’t that he picked J. Kerry for his debate coach. The problem is he thinks he can do anything better than those around him. Debate coach! Who needs a debate coach when the “won” is in the building.

  • mg4us

    What is so funny is that Angry Big mama Moochele had encouraged people to tune into the debates last night and see the debate (see last paragraph). . .

    Wonder how many watched it?

    And she said Barack has to work around Congress. . .if so then he has failed. . and Romney will win BIG!!

  • Heh. Million bucks Bill. Great investment. I’ll be sure to always watch where you’re putting your money so I can invest opposite to you.