For some reason Snoop Dogg decided to insert himself into the political debate this year.
Via Drudge:

‘He a white n****’…
‘Bitch I will beat the sh** out of you’…

Just wondering… Isn’t Snoop a felon? Can he even vote?




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  1. Scrawny a$$ cornstalk mo’ fo writes like a jr. high girl.

  2. Did what he said mean something?

  3. yeah. I know I’d sure want this guy speaking for me. NOT.

  4. Look at this loser’s arms – he “couldn’t beat the sh#t” out of a goldfish. Classless, intalented thug – just like obama.

  5. I’m sure he’ll be invited to sleep in OUR Lincoln Bedroom within a week…….sigh….

  6. Great News: New Black Panther Party Members Plan to Put Their Boots on the Necks of Republicans

    “SOME” blacks are made from the same mold. Racists and when it comes to intelligence I have often thought they must have been schooled by some of the bad teachers who need to resign. ROMNEY WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT. Thank God, the like of Black Panthers and Snoop dog might just SHUT UP. But don’t hold your breathe.

  7. And why is this guy with the Africa ornament around his neck relevant?

  8. Actually, Mitt beat the krap outta the white ni**er.

  9. The sheer eloquence of the statement speaks for itself.

  10. I must remind you, REPORT VOTER FRAUD.

    First call the Police. Then as fast as your fingers can type report this to Fox News.

    Thank you.

  11. Was this article even worth the print? I don’t think so.

  12. I thank my lucky stars my sons had the best education ever.

  13. The nation waits in breathless anticipation for Mr. Dogg to deliver himself of another political analysis. Actually, who is this guy? He looks like someone in the last stages of AIDS but certainly that in itself doesn’t constitute celebrity.

  14. I am confused.

    I thought it was cool when a black person said someone was an N word.

    Does that mean that Snoop Dog is racist?

  15. #11 October 6, 2012 at 12:02 pm
    foreo4 commented:

    Was this article even worth the print? I don’t think so.

    Agree. Need to stop publicizing comments like this. That is the attention they want. I say, don’t stir it up but that won’t happen. But if Obama acts the same way like the recent Daily Caller tape in 07 were Obama speaks in dialect and sounds like Rev. Wright, REPORT IT.

  16. #14 October 6, 2012 at 12:09 pm
    shibumi commented:

    UH! it isn’t racist when black people to it. (sarc) media bias won’t report this garbage that some of these racist say.

  17. So the man who calls himself dogg is a rasist.

  18. nagger!

  19. #7: If this guy is so enamored with Africa, he is free to go there . . . to stay. I betcha he would not last very long there.

  20. Funny!

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