Obama Uses Down Syndrome Woman in New Ad… A Woman Who Would Be Aborted Under Obamacare

Barack Obama used a woman with Down Syndrome in his latest campaign ad.
It’s his latest attempt at manipulating American voters.

But… It is odd that Obama would use a Down Syndrome woman in his commercials.
After all, his administration targets Down Syndrome babies for abortion under Obamacare.
LifeNews reported:

Discussions of HHS’s new regulation have focused on the required availability of free contraceptive services under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The regulation is the result of HHS’s adopting, in its entirety, the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) report on Clinical Preventive Services for Women. Buried in the IOM report is the recommendation for no-cost well-woman visits; these visits include prenatal care–and thus prenatal testing for “genetic or developmental conditions.” The regulation was issued as part of the PPACA’s coverage of preventive services. This prompts the question, how does prenatal testing prevent Down syndrome?

The IOM report defines preventive services “to be measures . . . shown to improve wellbeing, and/or decrease the likelihood or delay the onset of targeted disease or condition.” Down syndrome occurs at conception. Prenatal testing simply identifies whether a pregnancy is positive for Down syndrome–a prenatal diagnosis after which most women choose to terminate their pregnancy. A prenatal test does not decrease the likelihood of Down syndrome in a person; it does allow for a decreased likelihood of a person with Down syndrome surviving beyond the womb. If this is how HHS is justifying prenatal testing for Down syndrome as preventive care, then HHS has ushered in a program meant to target future children like Juliet.

The targeted elimination of people with Down syndrome is, in fact, the goal of other countries that have adopted nationwide prenatal testing programs–a goal some other countries are now realizing. Indeed, according to the Copenhagen Post, Denmark “could be a country without a single citizen with Down’s syndrome in the not too distant future,” due to its nationwide prenatal screening program, in place since 2004.

In other words, Obama is just using this woman for his political gain.

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  • l.barney

    My middle sister has Down Syndrome!
    Nothing is sacred to the great O-not even the truly innocent.

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  • driguana

    As the father of a 30 year old Down Syndrome son, I found this abhorrent….and don’t forget that Obama also made fun of Special Olympics during the 2008 campaign, a gaffe conveniently glossed over by the mainstream media. 98% of known Trisomy fetuses are aborted…..nice. This administration is nothing but ignorant, manipulative thugs……

  • bobdog

    It’s much cheaper to abort mentally deficient fetuses than it is to feed them for years and then execute them later on in concentration camps. It is important to cleanse Aryan blood for future generations and assure that the Fatherland rises to meet its historical destiny.

    Seems like I heard this one before, back when I was a kid, but maybe not. I think it was called Eugenics back in the 20’s and 30’s. It kinda fell out of favor when they got a little carried away with the idea.

  • Finncrisp

    Creepy, very creepy. What genius came up with this angle? Disgusting.

  • bobdog

    I meant no offense to families dealing with Downs Syndrome. God bless the parents of these kids.

  • l.barney

    When my parents found out about my sister, they would not institutionalize her as the doctor suggested.
    The Great O is a two faced liar! Anyone with a relative with Downs MUST think about that come November!

  • l.barney

    We must unite and GET RID OF HIM! After all, this is a man who has said repeatedly that he envies the president of China!

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  • DINORightMarie

    @bobdog – you are correct! It is STILL called eugenics; it is a “cleansing of the gene pool” of “undesirable” or “inferior” lives. Horrible, heartless, eugenics. And yes, the Nazis implemented much of these policies……as did the US under Wilson and other so-called “Progressives” – to our shame.

    Not babies. Not lives. Not people. Not individuals who are loving – and loved. Oh, no. the so-called “compassionate” leftists once again they have evil, dark, dead hearts – made of putrefied flesh-become-stone.

    Margaret Sanger’s dream comes true, in a whole new era, under ObamaCare.

    Repeal it ALL – in its ENTIRETY!!

  • P. Aaron

    This ad produced by the same democrat-pricks that said Sarah Palin should’ve aborted Trig Palin.

    Shameless scum these democrats.

  • Ken

    I have a question about this ad. My great uncle is in a Texas nursing home. He cannot vote because of his condition. He can talk about real events in real time, he’s just slow. I wish he could vote, but the fact is the state took that right from him. How did this girl keep her right to vote?

  • get back to work

    “After all, his administration targets Down Syndrome babies for abortion under”

    Utter garbage.

  • donh

    For every one needy person genuinely dependant on long term care…..there are 99 people like Mo’nique from the movie Precious…… gaming the system for gimme my free gas, gimme my free house, gimme my free air conditioning, gimme my free food , gimme my free grades, gimme my free birth control, gimme gimme gimme my free OBAMA PHONE…> http://youtu.be/plSwQ3GRedc

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  • PlymouthMom

    The irony is that under Obama’s policies, there will be no $ left to pay legitimate social security disability payments to this young exploited woman, as well as thousands of others (including my child) because we are too busy doling out $ to those whose unemployment ran out and are now on disability. This man has no shame…. as a parent of a severely cognitively disabled 16 year old, I am appalled.

  • Captain Kirk

    Margaret Sanger’s dream finally came true…

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  • Flintstone F.

    Am I wrong, or are there self sufficient Down Syndrome adults living their lives. Earning money at a job, paying rent, going to the movies, starring in movies and tv shows.

    Pretty sure I saw some on the high school basketball team and football team. They’re intelligent human beings who tend to enjoy living.

    Bobdog said it:

    36 days.

    (Oct. 1, Gallup has Obama approval at 47%. Oooh, that’s gotta hurt).

  • greenfairie

    There’s no way she wrote that letter, some exploitative hack did while her ideological parents made her the face of this tasteless piece. (Or did they?)

    Poor Brittany doesn’t know that it’s the Democratic party’s policies and Obama’s anti-life philosophy that have resulted in the genocide of her kind.