Obama Truth Team: Mitt Romney Is “Shifty”

The latest Obama attack line: Mitt Romney is “shifty”

Let’s see, the Obama team has already called Mitt Romney a liar, a tax cheat, a murderer and a felon… Now they want you to believe he’s shifty, too.

This was sent out this morning by Obama Campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter.

Friend —

Last night, President Obama won the debate and laid out the clear choice in this election. Americans saw a strong, steady and decisive president with a vision and plan to move this country forward. And when Mitt Romney tried to mislead voters — which was pretty often — the President exposed the real Romney.

Romney was shifty when it came to women’s issues. He gave an awkward and dishonest answer about his refusal to stand up for legislation that helps women fight back when they don’t receive equal pay for equal work. While the President talked about women as breadwinners for American families, Romney talked about them as resumes in a “binder.” Romney also didn’t tell the truth about his plan to take away women’s access to affordable contraception by repealing Obamacare, or his support of an extreme proposal to put employers in charge of whether female employees can get contraception through their insurance plan. Today, his campaign called the issue of birth control “peripheral” for most women. Um, ok.

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  • snap boy

    FYI, Team Obama. I’d rather be defined as “in a binder” than “lady parts”…Women are more than objects of s..ual desire.

  • ClinkinKY

    Hey, cut her a break. She accidentally hit the “f” key instead of the “t” key. /s

  • Adi

    This is what I call a “shifty” begging for cash.

  • Tee Dub

    God knows we couldn’t call Obama “shifty”. That’s on the dog whistle, racist codeword list.

  • donh

    Once again Obama’s team lets slip their sicko closet sado masochist sexual perversions by reading a double entendre offense into Romney reading resumes of women ” in a binder “…Yes Mitt was making a subliminal attack on Obama’s mother modelling in tight black leather handcuffs in sleezy 60’s porn mags.

    Only a planned parenthood baby snuffer would think Obama won that debate because he successfully turned it into a 90 minute infomercial for tax funded abortions.

  • Spider

    Ok, women care about these issues, I’m not debating that.

    But these issues can be worked out after we get everybody who wants a job back to work.

    When we’re all jobless, this really doesn’t rise to the priority these nuts are giving it.

  • Joanne

    Welfare tops over $1 Trillion, 47 million are on food stamps, unemployment at 8 – 10 – 15% and upwards, gas tops over $4.00 a gallon, the debt is up over SIX TRILLION more in under four years, bankruptcies left and right, GDP growth at only 1.3% – these are facts Obama can’t dispute, yet he continues to lie and his fools continue to follow him into the abyss.

  • bigkahuna

    Obama passed a bill on day one…enough said…what is Romney supposed to do sign another bill making people pay women more ? Its a joke anyway. Research proves women who have equal time in the workforce are paid more

    The issue is women take time off to get married, have kids etc and therefore are out of the work force for several years in many cases… when they come back to the workforce they are out of touch with codes, latest practices, marketing, business plans, manufacturing techniques etc. But they all get lumped together. If a woman stays in workforce and doesnt have kids or take time off they are often paid more. Women make up a higher percentage of degrees from colleges.

    This whole argument is baseless, a joke and a way to tell women the GOP hates you. Its a lie and a joke just like every other idiotic liberal argument. Keep it up people are catching onto your pathetic excuses.

  • valerie

    So… the current crop of Democrats at the national level prefer somebody who passes a law and then fails in practice to comply with it, to someone who does the right thing in the first place.

    Do those idiots really want to set this one up against themselves?

  • Joanne

    The binder reference was in regards to the number of women provided who were qualified for the job. At least Romney gave these women the opportunity to apply for cabinet positions. Obama just wants women the right to murder their unborn – what perversion is that!

  • ROFLOL that is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!

    Like, OMG, I am SO SURE, thankfully we have obama to tell us what we witnessed with, like, our own eyes, I mean, like, I would not EVEN know how to comprehend, like, the debate without obama’s campaign, like, explaining it to me!

  • Liz V

    There’s few things that get a liberals in a tizzy more than their genitals. Like Michelle Malkin said, “we vote with our lady smarts, not our lady parts”

  • #1 snap boy … thank you

    #6 Spider … I cannot speak for others, but I am a woman, and MY concerns are: the cost of FOOD, the cost of FUEL, the cost of ENERGY, the cost of GODLESSNESS, the cost of HOPELESSNESS, THE COST OBAMA HAS ON AMERICA, etc… yeah, I was yelling a bit, but DANG I am so freakin’ tired of ‘woman issues’ being so far fetched and separate from actual issues facing Americans! I know that you know this, BTW, just venting.

  • Male Silverback

    I can’t stand the fact that some people will vote for a President only because he proclaims that their BIRTH CONTROL should be free.

    This is the most obsurd thing I have ever heard.

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  • donh

    sarcasm tag////


  • Male Silverback

    Actually, after seeing the picture of Acmedinnerjacket with all of his wives, I wonder if Romney had said that he thinks women should wear burkas and head scarves would the left have embraced him. They seem to have no problem with the Mooslims doing it.

  • Spider

    TeachX3, no problem, I defer to you on this.

    Thanks for saying it with some passion and concern.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Wow Romney goes +7 on Gallup. Second poll with NO debate bounce for Obama!

  • dwd

    I’d say the same thing about Obama, except I’d change one letter.

  • valerie

    Oh, let’s talk about “shifty.” Shifty is a US President involved in gunrunning to Mexico for political gain.

    Mexico, at least, has an Attorney General that has some idea of how our government works.


  • Marcy Cook

    This was sent from Liar, Liar Stephanie Cutter? Did you expect her to tell the truth? And I fell off my chair laughing when she wrote “Obama won the debate”….which debate was that? The one he had with himself in the bathroom this morning?

  • Oliver

    yeah, because Ms Cutter is such a pillar of truth. NOT.

    Speaking of shifty, I see team Obama has changed their position on Libya again this morning.

    GOP needs to produce and run an ad called SPIN CYCLE, reminiscent of the little girl in The Exorcist with the ‘spinning head’ … watch her head snap back and forth as she tries to keep up with all the lies and distortions.

  • Daisy

    Of Obama’s top salaried staff, at 172,200, 18 are men and 6 are women.
    In the 150’2 – 160’2 11 male, 6 female
    140’s – 7 & 4

    I don’t have time to do a detailed analysis of this but here’s the website for anyone with time: http://white-house-staff.theblaze.com/

  • donh

    Oliver #24 Stephanie Cutter answers that question of whatever happened to the little girl who did the spider walk down the stairs in the Exorcist….. > http://youtu.be/tbfnWc7vVco

  • valerie

    #8 October 18, 2012 at 11:45 am
    bigkahuna commented:

    Actually, I thought Mitt Romney’s explanation was clear and practical.


    I’m having trouble getting the whole set of remarks, so there is a transcript of the second half of his answer.

    “Now, one of the reasons I was able to get so many good women to be part of that team was because of our recruiting effort, but number two, because I recognized that if you’re going to have women in the workforce, that sometimes they need to be more flexible. My chief of staff, for instance, had two kids that were still in school. She said, I can’t be here until 7:00 or 8:00 at night. I need to be able to get home at 5:00 so I can be there for — making dinner for my kids and being with them when they get home from school. So we said, fine, let’s have a flexible schedule so you can have hours that work for you.

    We’re going to have to have employers in the new economy, in the economy I’m going to bring to play, that are going to be so anxious to get good workers they’re going to be anxious to hire women. In the — in the last four years, women have lost 580,000 jobs. That’s the net of what’s happened in the last four years. We’re still down 580,000 jobs. I mentioned 3 1/2 million women more now in poverty than four years ago.

    What we can do to help young women and women of all ages is to have a strong economy, so strong that employers are looking to find good employees and bringing them into their workforce and adapting to a — a flexible work schedule that gives women the opportunities that — that they would otherwise not be able to — to afford.

    This is what I’ve done, it’s what I look forward to doing, and I know what it takes to make an economy work.”

    The binders were real, as were the resumes in them and the women who took the jobs


    Further, as Governor, Mitt Romney recognized that accommodations to family responsibilities can and should be made.

    Barack Obama, who was preening about him signing a law, was not so hot about equal pay, and had taken heat for it.


    My guess is that he had no clue about the pay scale of his employees, or any other aspect of his expenses.

  • Chris Light

    Birth Control should not be free. We live in a Country, where if your brilliant idea benefits people and becomes highly in-demand, then you reap the rewards. Your innovation and hard work is what led to the breakthrough. And Birth Control is no different. There are chemical patents (drugs) that are old and still very effective. They are also cheap. Yes, there are newer drugs that some may argue are more effective, but if I want the new iPhone, I have to pay the price.

    These people that are arguing for free Birth Control are more than likely paying for plenty of luxury items that they use daily. Yet they can’t afford $8 a month?

  • ray

    Same old liberal game, if you don’t have a record to stand on you lie about your opponent. If you lie often enough someone will accept it as the truth.

  • http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2012/10/17/how-mitt-romney-had-whole-binders-women-for-staff-positions-governor/Fyb4PQrpegAYzSTJd1d8iK/story.html……….Guess this is liberals talking points for week, cause they can’t talk about 3.6 million women are living in poverty today..

  • FurryGuy

    If Mitt is “shifty”, then Barry is positively in the midst of earthquake shaking, the man has flip-flopped on so many issues for purely partisan political advantage.

    Once again the Dems blame their opponents for being/doing exactly what they are; shifty, lying partisan hacks.

  • vonvervengarten

    Because we all know how deeply Obama cares for women…..women’s crotches. When an obviously clueless woman is thrust forward by the Obama campaign to try to convince women that it’s just too bad they are unemployed, their hubby is losing his job, their house is under water and their gas and grocery bills are horrendous, but not to fear…an abortion clinic is near!! We know who is incredibly NOT on the side of women. And the Obama campaign is tripping over itself to reassert their complete distain for what women really want and need.

  • Redwine

    “Truth” Team properly translated: Pravda. Pure propaganda.

  • Contessa61

    OKAY Governor Romney,

    Next debate, make a statement how shifty this administration has been with their statements regarding Benghazi. State that there is an obvious disconnect between the White House and the Intelligence. Then state that as President of the US, you will promise to attend EVERY intelligence daily briefing, that your administration will be on the same page as the intelligence community and State department, and that you will tell the American people the facts as you know they become available to you. BAM!

  • Tom Moeller

    Commies hate manual transmissions! They’re Shifty!!!!!

  • Joanne
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  • BurmaShave

    “Now they [the Obama team] want you to believe [Mitt Romney is] shifty…”

    Talk about projecting!

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  • DRH

    Saaaaaaaay……. isn’t “shifty” one o them racist dogwhistle hatewords?

  • donh

    #41 YES…Cutter is laying a race bait trap…hoping the right will return fire and call Obama shiftless, shady, or spooky and give them the opportunity they seek to cry RACISM !

  • Westerner

    The true difference between the right versus the left…

    The right think on their feet…the left (think?) on their backs!

  • Not retired

    Ms. Cu**er …lead vocals for the “Bottom Feeder Band”

  • Sandy

    When I was in first grade the teacher told us to get a 3 hole binder. I’m stumped what’s so bad about that?

  • bg


    October 18, 2012

    Rise of Islamists in Middle East increases Middle East Threat

    “Americans were shocked to hear of the latest attempted attack against the United States yesterday at the NY Federal Reserve Building. It came just a little over one month after elements of Al Qaeda successfully attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing four Americans and mobs of inflamed Muslims throughout the Middle East attacked American embassies in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. The mob successfully put a salafi flag over the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

    These attacks come in the wake of the Obama Administration presumptively claiming for weeks in campaign speeches that Al Qaeda “is on the run” and “on its heels.” This clearly is not the case and in fact the Islamist regimes that have come to power, and that the administration has embraced, are fueling extremist ideologues in the region.

    All of this points again to the failure of this administration to connect the dots of extremism. Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis attack at the Federal Reserve was not done in a vacuum. The mobs that attacked our embassies were not spontaneous actions in response to a movie.

    It begins with the ideology of Islamism that breeds the supremacist mindset by its adherence that they are divinely inspired. Islamism is the fertile ground for fascists to control the masses. The administration has finally admitted that the attacks in Libya had nothing to do with the film. In Egypt the mobs were not spontaneous, but rather fueled by Islamists state run TV which increased its coverage of the English language Innocence of Muslims that ultimately drove the protests. Those small Islamist mobs were not the millions of the Egyptian “Arab Spring” of 2011. The Islamist establishment of Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Azhar University seized on the film to push an anti-western narrative against freedom of speech and liberty domestically and abroad. The direct link to militant Islamists was revealed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, a former member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood praised the protestors in Cairo as “honest and zealous.”

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center reported last week that Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie had made anti-Semitic statements in the Egyptian state run al Ahram newspaper, calling for a “Holy Jihad” against Israel and stating Jews spread “corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profane holy places, including their own.” Badie is the spiritual leader of The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist party in power.

    In a written letter taking responsibility for his attack, Nafis, like the Times Square bomber and so many others before him, stated he wanted to “destroy America.” This mindset is fed by comments like Badie’s. It is nurtured in a narrative that America is at war with Muslims and Islam.

    By empowering Islamist regimes and movements, the administration has at best appeared weak and at worst facilitated movements that espouse a virulent hatred of America. Unless we change our policy, our natural allies of secular liberals in the region will turn far away from American influence and our real enemies the Islamists will only gain in strength as they invoke more acts of irrational violence and direct attacks on our home soil.”


  • dwdude

    to determine the word that best describes obama, just replace the “f” in shifty to a “t”

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    “Shifty” is racist code word for “White honkey MFin’ cracka’ btch!”

  • Path

    A woman who wouldn’t know truth if it slapped her is calling somebody else “shifty” – pot/kettle.

  • Objective Analysis

    Now we know where Mika of Joe Scarborough got her talking points today from when she was focusing on Romney’s binders comment in the debate.

  • Campfollower

    They are trying to be cool using words like “sketchy” and “shifty” which were both college kid-aged words popular maybe a couple years ago (at SEC colleges, anyway).

    They aren’t going to “connect” with college kids this way and insult their intelligence. These kids are living with their parents, cannot find jobs and are feeling hopeless. I happen to have two college seniors and one recent graduate…they and their friends hate Obama and think Romney is awesome and Ryan is “adorable.” Just one little slice of the pie, but I trust these kids and their facebook posts.

  • Miss Peach

    He’s got Betty Davis eyes !

  • KrakerBaby

    I’ll take shifty over shiftless (not attending daily security briefgings, many etc.s), any day. So sue me!

  • Romney is not and was not shifty on womens issues.

    Obama sees women as serving only 2 purposes: 1) vote Democratic and 2) get abortion.

    That’s it.

  • AmericaWILL
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